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How we started swinging

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Catherine and I had been married a long time. Our kids are grown and we now enjoy our grandkids from time to time. We’ve found being emptynesters kind of fun. We get to sit around naked if we want and the weather permits.

I don’t know if it was a mid-life crisis or just turning 50 that kicked my mind into overdrive, especially about sex. Catherine was only the second girl I had been with and I have never strayed our entire marriage.

These feelings that I might have missed something kept growing and growing inside me. I really love her and would never cheat on her. I know how much it would have hurt me if I found out she cheated on me.

I have this young friend at work and her and I talk about everything. She’s actually younger than my oldest son and is more like a daughter to me in a lot of ways. One day at lunch, we were talking and I blurted out how I felt about missing sex with others.

She took a long look at me and said, “Catherine’s too good a friend to me for us to play around on her.” Trying to gather my composure, I stuttered and stammered that I wasn’t talking about her and I playing around, it was just a feeling I get that I might have missed something. I swear I could feel the red glowing from my neck up and felt like everyone in the restaurant was staring at me.

She said, “Yeah, like what? Can you explain what you’ve missed?” You know, she had me stumped. I explained it was just a feeling that I got from time to time. Without even looking up from her plate she asked me if I’d ever thought about swinging.

I admitted that it had crossed my mind but that Catherine would never go for it. She said, “Well, I have a couple of friends that are swingers and they really enjoy it but you’ll never know how she feels unless you ask her!”

At home, I did some searching on the web and found several swingers sites and did some research. I started chatting with some swingers and discussed my thoughts with them and got some ideas on how to best approach her.

After dinner one evening, I fixed drinks and we adjourned to the deck and our hot tub. After some playful kissing and petting (she had cum several times), I asked my wife if she had ever thought about swinging.

She sat straight up and had this panic look about her. She glared at me and said, “Are you having an affair?” I assured her that I wasn’t. She had these tears welling up in her eyes and blurted out, “You don’t love me anymore!” I held her and said, “If I didn’t love you, I’d be having that affair and we wouldn’t be having this conversation.”

I’m still not sure if that was the right thing to say but at least it stopped her tears. I told her that I loved her more than anything in the world but had these overwhelming feelings of missing something and thought that by swinging we might add some spice to our own sex life.

It took several months for me to finally get her to agree to go to a swingers dance. She was apprehensive but after we had a few drinks, we enjoyed the dance. Nothing happened other than meeting some couples and a little dirty dancing, both with each other and with others but the ice was broken.

Catherine had stated that if we played, it would be as a couple only; no separate meetings or rooms. We met a couple, Jack and Kristi that were very interested in us but Kristi was bi and kept trying to get Catherine to go upstairs for some play.

Jack and I were ready to go and watch the two of them then join in but my wife was dead set against having sex with another woman. Another fantasy shot to hell, oh well.

Kristi reached over and pulled out Jack’s cock which was quite a bit bigger than mine and took a quick lick. She asked Catherine if this would like a taste or would like to ride him but she declined.

Jack then whispered in Catherine’s ear, apparently asking her to go upstairs with him but again she declined. After they left our table, I asked her what he had said and she told me that he said, “Let me rock your world. I guarantee I can do it.”

I asked why she hadn’t gone upstairs with him and she said, “He’s way too big, I like them your size.” I accepted that but secretly wondered how many ‘my size’ she had been with and how she knew she didn’t like big ones.

We enjoyed some more drinks and dancing the rest of the evening. When they were giving out door prizes, we won a free pass to the next months dance so I convinced Catherine decided we could give it another try.

Next month at the dance, we met a nice couple, Bob and Mandy who seemed interested in getting to know us and understood we didn’t want to play on the first meeting. We wanted to get to know a couple before we played.

We went out to dinner a few times and met at each others for some naked hot tubbing. Nothing more than some friendly talk and drinking went on at these encounters the first couple of times.

One Saturday night after some good food and several drinks we were sitting in our hot tub and after a while Mandy said that she was getting too hot. I whistled at her as she stepped out of the tub which brought a big smile to her face.

She grabbed my hand, pulling me from the tub and said, “Mike, could I talk you into massaging my back. It hurts from all the horseback riding I did today.” Then she led me like a puppy into the house, as the hot tub is on a privacy deck immediately off of our bedroom. Mandy lay down on our bed, face down and I began to work on her back.

I grabbed some lotion and straddled her legs and was working the knots out of her back from her cute butt up to her shoulders with my legs straddling hers. I was getting quite an erection massaging her but didn’t want to do anything because Catherine was right outside the door in the hot tub.

Apparently I hadn’t fully closed the door as splashing water caught my attention. All of a sudden I heard that all too familiar moan as my wife began orgasming. Apparently Mandy heard it too and commented, “Sounds like those two are hitting it off alright.

Then she asked me if I could scratch an itch for her. I said sure, where does it itch. She spun around under me so she was face up and pointed to her pussy. I bent over and gently kissed her and our tongues intertwined like a couple of mating octopi. I shifted my legs inside of hers as she stroked my shaft and guided it to her moist pussy.

My wife was getting more and more vocal and part of me wished I could be out there to watch her but here I had this horney sexy woman guiding my cock into her wetness so I sure wasn’t going anywhere. She grabbed my waist and pulled me tightly to her, forcing my shaft deep inside of her. Soon we were in a good rhythm and both enjoying each other.

Our fun was briefly interrupted by the sound of talking as Bob and Catherine came inside. They both stood there drying off, watching us for a bit and I looked at my wife to see if she was alright with me having sex with another woman. I didn’t see any signs of concern on her face so I didn’t stop.

Bob said, “We decided to join you. That little wild cat of yours was about to drown me out there. This brought a giggle out of my wife and she headed to her side of the bed and lay down. Bob crawled up and buried his head in her crotch which brought out a gasp from her. I told Bob, “You just think she was drowning you before. You get her cumming good like that and she will really drown you.”

Bob removed his mouth for a second saying, “But what a way to go!” Catherine was cumming like a broken slot machine and isn’t shy about vocalizing when she’s doing it.

Mandy on the other hand was very quiet and it was sort of difficult to tell what she liked or didn’t like. I decided to see if she would open up more if I went down on her and I moved down and gently sucked her clit into my mouth.

I bounced it gently back and forth with my tongue and she was rubbing her nails in my scalp and seemed to be enjoying it but I really wished she had given me more sign as to what she liked. She would occasionally bite her lip but other than that, didn’t really let me know if I was satisfying her.

Bob moved up and grabbed my wife’s legs, putting them up on his shoulders as he guided his cock into her again. She was enjoying it and I enjoyed watching her have fun.

I moved back up and re-entered Mandy. Bob began pounding Catherine real hard and he moaned as he shot a load into my lovely wife. I don’t know if it was because of being with someone different or nerves or what but I couldn’t cum even though I really wanted to. When Bob rolled off of my wife, I got off of Mandy and we both looked down on our well fucked wives.

Catherine was the first to speak, “I don’t know about you guys but I’ve really worked up a thirst. Sweetheart, will you get us all something to drink?” I headed out to the kitchen to make up a big pitcher of iced tea.

Bob joined me out in the kitchen, drying the sweat off of himself with a towel. He said, “Man, that is sure one wild ride you have there! You’re sure one lucky fellow.” I was actually kind of jealous because his wife didn’t seem to get that excited but I figured maybe next time.

After they left, Catherine and I were talking in bed. “How did you like her?” she asked. I said that actually she didn’t seem to get turned on and that it was a little frustrating for me and I didn’t cum.

I asked her what she thought of playing with Bob and she said, “It was OK I guess. I don’t see what the big attraction about swinging is. He’s smaller than you and you make me cum better.”

I said, “You sure could have fooled me with all the noise you were making.” She playfully smacked me and said, “You be nice or I won’t relieve all that built up pressure you have there,” as she gently stroked my still hard cock.

With that she climbed on and I felt her very slippery, cum filled pussy slide down on me. She knows exactly what I like and it didn’t take her very long at all and I was seeing stars as I gave her another big load for her pleasure.

A couple of weeks later, Bob was online and we were chatting. He had been intimating for some time how he’d sure like to get together with Catherine again. He asked me if we would like to go to a house party he was putting on. My wife walked into the room so I asked her how she’d feel about going.

To my surprise she said, “Sure, why not,” so I accepted. At the house party there were six other couples, mostly our own age except for one couple that was in their early fourties, Steve and Julie. She was this cute blond and latched onto me almost as soon as I got there and led me into one of the bedrooms.

As soon as the door closed, her clothes hit the floor, I say clothes but she was really only wearing this silk blouse. I quickly undressed and got on the bed next to her. We kissed for a bit and she pushed me back, going down on me, much to my surprise.

She was sucking like a vacuum cleaner. I told her that if she didn’t slow down, I was going to fill her mouth. She looked up, giving me this evil grin and said, “But what if that’s what I want?” I pulled her up to my face and we kissed and I tasted myself on her tongue.

She climbed on, guiding me into her tight little hole and began bucking like crazy. Now this was more like it. She was cumming and cumming. We kept at it for quite a while until she was satisfied. She rolled off of me and said, “You didn’t cum, did you? Give me a minute to catch my breath, and we’ll get you off too.”

She looked so sexy that I leaned over and began gently suckling her nipples, first one then the other. Then I softly kissed my way down to her belly button. My tongue slowly circled it for a bit then I moved down to her honey pot.

She had a long clit and I sucked it into my mouth and played with it with my tongue. Every time I sucked on her clit, she would moan loudly and arch her ass high off the bed, trying to get more of me into her pussy. I began taking long strokes with my tongue from deep inside her all the way to her clit and ended up each swipe sucking on her clit.

This was driving her crazy. She was bent almost in half, her ass was so far off the bed my arms were almost straight up supporting her butt as she went higher and higher. I was having a ball getting her off when all of a sudden, she let go with a flood of cum, filling my mouth.

I slowed down at her request, watching her face, framed by her nice titties and heaving stomach. I rolled on my back and she returned the favor. I was so primed that it only took her a few good strokes with that sweet mouth of hers before I was filling it up.

I looked at the clock and we had been in there for over an hour. Suddenly I got this bad feeling about leaving my wife out there alone for so long. We exited and I found her out in the hot tub with Bob and Tom.

Julie and I joined them in the tub and she quickly got Bob and Tom’s attention and they went back into one of the bedrooms with her. Catherine looked at me and said, “Have fun?” I smiled, and said, “Yes, how about you?”

She told me that she had fended off the other guys but finally went into the bedroom with Bob but that again, he left her wanting. She told me that Bob told her that Julie had quite the sexual appetite and usually had all of the men at these parties, some twice.

Much to my surprise, I had quite an erection again and after a few strokes from my loving wife’s hand, she mounted me and we made love in the tub. Afterwards, we dressed and went home. Once in our own bed, my wife cuddled up to me and she quickly fell to sleep. My mind was racing with all the events of the evening but I eventually drifted off.

Bob kept asking to meet again and also invited us to other parties but each time my wife declined. About a month went buy and I got an IM from Julie. I was taken aback since I had never chatted with her before.

We had some general small talk for a while about family and such. She wasn’t too happy as her daughter and granddaughter had moved in with them due to her son-in-law being sent to Iraq.

She didn’t mind having them there but it was putting a crimp on their lifestyle fun. Finally she asked me if Catherine and I would like to go down to a house party that she was co-hosting. She said that since she couldn’t have one of her own, they were helping another couple put one on at their place.

Julie said that Brent and Rhya had a large home with several bedrooms and we could spend the night if we wanted. They live about 90 miles southeast of us but it is mostly freeway driving. My wife wasn’t home and I said that I would ask her that evening.

When Catherine came home I asked her how she’d feel about it. She told me that she wasn’t sure because she really didn’t see any guys that turned her on at Bob’s party. I said, “Well, we can’t find your prince unless you go to more parties.”

She finally agreed on condition that we get a motel as she didn’t want to spend the night in a stranger’s home. I let Julie know and she sent me directions to the party.

Before the party, I took my lovely wife out shopping. I bought her this sexy see through red blouse, a black leather mini skirt, a red garter and matching stockings and this red bra that has the nipple area cut out, also some red high heels to complete the outfit.

The afternoon of the party, she went out and had her hair and nails done up. I wanted her to wear her outfit all the way down there but she said she wasn’t going to chance us getting in an accident or being stopped.

I chided her saying that if she wore that outfit, if I got stopped, I’d bet the officer would trade sex with her to let me off. She didn’t see the humor in it so I let it drop. After checking in at the hotel and unpacking, we went down and had dinner then went back to the room to get dressed for the party.

When I came out of the bathroom, she was looking at herself in the mirror. DAMN, she looked so hot my cock sprang to attention. I moved up behind her and ran my hands up her stockings and under her short skirt and found bare skin under there. She turned and kissed me and said, “Like?” “Like it, I love it!” I said.

Then she lifted up her skirt and I really had to keep myself in check as she had shaved off all of her pussy hair. My fingers headed to her and found it all wet and warm. I tried to pull her down to the bed but she wasn’t having that. “Maybe later, if you’re real good,” she said. We headed out following the directions Julie had e-mailed me.

We headed up into this very ritzy neighborhood. I’d bet the cheap houses were over a million. We pulled up at the address on the paper and this mansion loomed above us. There were Jaguars, Porches, BMWs, and all sorts of exotics there. Kind of made our Accord look out of place.

As we started up the steps, Catherine held my arm tightly and said, “It’s not too late to turn back.” All I could think of was getting that hot little Julie in bed again and really wasn’t listening.

At the front door, we could hear music and laughter coming from the inside. I rang the bell and this drop dead gorgeous raven-haired beauty answered the door. “Yes?” she said.

On a scale of 1 to 10 she was about a 12. She had this black clingy silk dress on that was slit to her waist. It was obvious from the way it fit that there was nothing on underneath. It looked more like someone had poured a thin layer of plastic on her.

My wife pulled back and said, “We must have the wrong address, sorry.” The beauty spoke, “Wait, you must be Mike and Catherine; Julie told me you two were coming. She has been delayed but is going to try to get here later. Apparently, she had to take her granddaughter to the hospital.”

The inside of this house was like something out of Homes of the Rich and Famous. I know I felt like I was way out of my league here. “I’m Rhya, your hostess.

I’m very glad to meet you two. Julie has told me a lot about you two. Well, more about you Mike!” she said as she squeezed my arm. This tall, very handsome young man came up to her and Rhya introduced him as her husband, Brent.

He leaned over and gave Catherine this long slow kiss. “Very glad to meet you,” he said, never even looking at me. He obviously liked what he saw in my wife. I thought I saw this hungry look in my wife’s eyes as she broke their kiss too.

We took the drinks we brought into their immense kitchen then Rhya showed us around a bit and my wife whispered to me, “Notice something, dear? All of the other couples here are our kids age, or younger.” I then began looking for someone nearer our age but all of the guests were probably in their mid to late 20’s with only a sprinkling of those in their early 30’s. Granted there were some very beautiful people but I was beginning to wonder if any of these young hard bodies would be interested in us old fogies.

Rhya led us up this massive staircase to show us the bedrooms. She began telling us the ground rules, “First and foremost, women rule here. This is a place to have fun, if you can’t relax and enjoy yourself, you shouldn’t be here.

Second, no means no, if there’s something going on you don’t like, speak up. Third, the master bedroom on the main floor is off limits; it’s reserved for me and my husband’s use only.

If you’re in a room and things are getting out of hand, yell out. Someone will come in and assist you and escort the offender out. There are no locks on any of these upstairs bedrooms.

A closed door means the same thing as if it’s locked. If a door is ajar, you are welcome to open the door and watch. You can also ask to join a couple but again, no means just that, no.

If the door is fully open, that is an open invitation to join them. For those more adventurous, there’s an exhibition area down stairs in the main playroom.

Rhya opened one of the slightly ajar doors and the three of us watched as one woman was going down on another woman while this guy was giving it to her from behind.

I playfully asked my wife if that looked like something she’d like to try and she forcefully stated that she wasn’t into that, meaning bi-sexual play. Rhya pulled the door back and led us downstairs.

She showed us the massive kitchen in detail then led us into the formal dining room where this huge cherry table was filled with snacks and fruit. Several of the dips and such were in the shape of genitalia. Catherine took a chip and was afraid to take a swipe out of this pate’, molded into the shape of a huge penis.

Just as she was about to dip her chip, this voice yelled out, “Mrs. Scott!” My wife just about died. I saw this deer in the headlights look from her. Since no one knew our last name, it was kind of a shock to me also.

This tall muscular, long haired young man came running over to her and gave her this big hug, lifting her off her feet. She finally got free and asked him, “Do I know you?” “It’s me, Tony. Well you knew me as Anthony. I was in your class about 10 years ago.”

Now my wife is an elementary school teacher and she was turning even redder than her outfit. Catherine turned to me and said, “Let’s go, NOW!” Tony said, “Wait: please don’t leave. I had a crush on you so bad when I was in your class.” She turned to him and said, “You couldn’t have been in my class 10 years ago. That would make you 16 or 17 and it’s obvious you are older than that.”

He told her, “Remember, I was your high school aid. I was in your class for extra credit. You know my mother, Angela and my sister Gloria; they are both para-pros in your school. Hell, it was you that made me want to be a teacher. I’m teaching freshman English now and you had a lot to do with it.

No one here is going to cause you any problems. What goes on here is our little secret. There are people here that have a lot to lose if it ever got out that they were in the lifestyle.” Now my wife was looking a little more relaxed and began talking to him about his mother and sister.

Catherine and Tony were reminiscing about prior incidents in the classroom and it was clear to me that Rhya was not really interested in their conversation either. I turned to her and asked if she’d like to show me more of her beautiful home.

We left them talking and walked down this hallway filled with works of art, some quite erotic. We got to this set of double doors. She opened up the doors to her bedroom.

Now this is what I would classify as a master bedroom. It was about 25’ by 30’ with this huge four poster canopy bed being the centerpiece. A fireplace with a loveseat in front of it was off to one side as well as lots of manicured plants by an indoor waterfall. There were two huge walk-in closets and his and hers bathrooms. Her bath had a big soaking tub which was directly on the other side of the double fireplace. This was opulence of major proportions.

Rhya walked over to the curtains and opened them up exposing a set of French doors which led to a private garden area with an in-ground hot tub gently bubbling away, just waiting for some occupants.

I said, “This wonderful hideaway and no one is using it?” Rhya said, “Want to join me?” as her dress hit the slate walkway. I gulped as her beauty took my breath away. I mean she was model material and she was inviting me to hot tub with her.

I got out of my clothes and threw them across one of the wrought iron chairs nearby. The water smelled like tropical flowers and the glow of the tub lights made the surrounding plants take on a surreal look to them.

It was almost like being in a dream. I sat down in the bubbling water next to her and she moved to me and we kissed, softly at first then with a growing hunger. Her hard breasts were pressing against my chest and her hand went to my cock.

She straddled me and guided my hardness into her silky pussy. She began slowly rocking herself on me and as she began orgasming, she started bucking faster and faster until she had a real big one and kind of collapsed in my arms.

I was still hard and I moved her off of me. She lay down on her tummy over the edge of the tub so I figured she was offering it to me and grabbed her hips and started up again. It was like my shaft had a mind of its own and found her love canal on the first jab.

Rhya began moaning like crazy and was pushing herself up on her arms. She said, “Pull my hair”, so I did. “Not that hard” she said so I eased up finding this kind of kinky behavior a little exhilarating.

She came so hard she pushed me back and I lost my balance, falling into the water. She helped me up saying, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to do that.” She stroked me a few times and I was again ready to go and really felt the need to cum.

She again mounted me, facing me and we were going at in earnest when seemingly out of nowhere, a pair of woman’s hands grabbing her breasts and caught us by surprise. I looked up at this cute redhead as she began tugging on Rhya’s nipples. This caused her to turn her head to see who was doing it and as she turned, this cutie began kissing her.

They were French kissing as she rode me. When they finally broke their kiss, Rhya said, “Mike, say hello to Bonnie, Bonnie this is Mike.” I would have said hello but I was blasting off inside of Rhya and talking was the last thing on my mind as my moans of pleasure were all that escaped my lips.

After depositing my load in Rhya, I managed to say hello to her. Bonnie reached over and kissed me whispering, “Don’t let her wear you out. Be sure and save some for me.” My head was spinning from all this attention, or maybe it was the heat of the hot tub.

I got out and took some towels off the table for the ladies and myself. Watching these two lovely young women drying off, I suddenly got pangs of guilt as I had left Catherine by herself. I quickly dressed and headed back out to find her.

I went first to the dining room because that’s where I had left her talking to Tony. Then I went into the kitchen but she wasn’t there. Feeling very thirsty after my session with Rhya, I made a couple of tall drink and headed out to find Catherine and give her one as a peace offering. I went down stairs to the large playroom but didn’t see her. There were several couples out on the dance floor, some were sitting around the pit which has two king sized mattresses connected together. There was a couple just finishing up on the mattresses. A little concerned, I went out to our car but it was still locked and there was no sign of her outside. Then I headed upstairs, wondering if she had found someone to play with but no luck there either.

Upon re-entering the playroom, I spotted her dancing with Tony in the far corner of the room and sat her drink down by her clutch purse. Apparently I must have had missed them on my first trip down there.

Tony had her blouse undone and was playing with her nipples as they danced. His other hand was caressing her butt. Occasionally I could see that he would slip it under her skirt rubbing bare skin. I decided to sit in the shadows and just watch them.

When the song ended, they headed to one of the couches across from me. Catherine took a big swig out of her drink, and leaned across Tony to put the glass back on the end table. He took this opportunity to kiss her and it was clear that she was responding.

They made out for a few minutes then Catherine straddled Tony’s legs to make it easier for them to continue making out. Tony pulled her blouse off but when he went for her bra clasp she stopped him. He was massaging her back and would slip his hands under her skirt, rubbing her bare butt.

Catherine was playing with his hairy chest with one hand and I watched as her other disappeared down his crotch. Soon his hand was in her crotch and the two of them were getting very turned on.

I was enjoying my wife’s actions with Tony, figuring that maybe she was finally getting into the lifestyle. Tony wrapped his hands around her waist and picked her up, and sat her down on his cock as her hand guided it home. I could see that he was about my length but very thick.

Catherine has this unmistakable moan as she cums and she was doing it almost as soon as he entered her. Tony’s head bent down taking one of her nipples in his mouth. She was going crazy riding his dick like no tomorrow.

Tony reached back and undid the zipper on her skirt and pulled it over her head. This time when he went for her bra clasp, she didn’t object. Here was my now almost nude wife, riding this young stud half her age, with about a dozen people watching and she didn’t seem to care. That wasn’t typical of her normal behavior.

Tony scooted to the edge of the couch and leaned forward and stood up. Catherine had wrapped her arms around his neck and legs around his waist. His hands were under her butt cheeks, sliding her up and down on his cock as he moved over to the mattresses in the pit.

He backed to the edge of then and just fell back, never missing a stroke. Catherine untangled her legs and began riding him in earnest. She wasn’t more than 8 feet from me but made no indication that she even knew I was around.

I could hear Catherine telling Tony that she wanted him to cum and fill her up. With this, Tony rolled over now placing her under him and began really stroking her in earnest. I watched as his cock slid in and out of her and figured I’d join her as soon as he was done.

This was not to happen as Brent lay down next to her and began sucking on her nipples while Tony kept fucking her. Tony let out this yell as I saw his balls pucker up when he shot his load into my now very turned on wife.

As soon as Tony rolled off of her, Brent took his place. I was a little shocked when she grabbed Brent’s cock and guided it home. Brent wasn’t as thick as Tony but a good inch longer. Catherine was having the time of her life and I was getting my own semi-private sex show.

Brent was taking long strokes and Catherine’s long red nails were digging into his taut butt, pulling him deeper. This caused him to lose it and I saw his shaft making several contractions as he sent spurt after spurt into her. Brent rolled off of her and she looked so sexy, her eyes closed, breathing heavy, all covered with perspiration and cum running out of her reddened little pussy.

Well, now it was going to be my turn. I stood up but wasn’t quick enough as this red flash beat me to her. It was Bonnie. She had on this strap on but instead of mounting her, she bent down began licking the cum out of her well fucked pussy. “Oh my fucking God. Oh fuck! Oh fuck yes!” Catherine was moaning. She began an almost non-stop series of orgasms while her hands were rubbing Bonnie’s red hair. I guess Bonnie must really know how to lick a woman, I thought. Catherine let out this shriek that I thought would bring the neighbors and she pushed Bonnie’s head away from her pussy.

Bonnie took this as a sign and began a series of kisses up my wife’s belly, hitting both nipples before moving up and trying to kiss her. Catherine turned so as not to kiss her on the lips but when Bonnie’s double ended strap-on found its mark, she opened her mouth wide to moan and Bonnie’s tongue went in.

As Bonnie’s ass bounced up and down, I saw the dildo sliding in and out of both of them. This was one of the most erotic things I think I’d seen so far and I had this tent pole in my pants needing attention.

“Looks like you need some help there, sailor,” this soft voice with a southern accent said. I turned and this young hard-bodied woman with only a chemise on rubbed my leg and up to my crotch. Her hands went for my zipper as she knelt before me.

Things were getting a little crazy I remember thinking but that sure didn’t stop me. “I just love the taste of cum. Ya’ll aren’t going to disappoint me, now are you?” she said as her mouth engulfed my shaft. My senses were being assaulted visually, mentally and tactilely.

This streaked-blond head was bouncing in my lap as Bonnie finished with my wife. I really wanted to join my wife and feel my dick in her well fucked pussy but this young blond was trying to suck me dry and I didn’t even know her name.

I was about to move her head away from me, when this very tall, very handsome young man walked up and stood at my wife’s feet. His cock stuck out in front of him like a flag pole. I mean it was about 8 to 10 inches long and about 2 inches thick.

“Hello,” he said, “I’m Robert; would you like some of this?” I figured that Catherine would decline but much to my surprise, she said, “I don’t know if I can handle that much but let’s take it slow and see how it goes.”

Now this really blew my mind. At first he lay next to her, kissing her and caressing her all over. I watched her small hand rubbing and stroking his black shaft.

When he felt she was ready, he positioned himself over her and began rubbing her pussy with the underside of his long shaft. He wasn’t entering her, just rubbing her clit and pussy lips with it.

She was leaking like a sieve. Even though it was kind of dark, I could make out a puddle under her about the size of a basketball. After several minutes of this, both of her hands went to his shaft and guided it into her pussy.

True to his word, he was very gentle and only went in a little at a time. About the time he had half of his shaft in her I could see her hands pushing on his chest, indicating to him that was all she was comfortable with. Robert picked up the tempo and I watched as his black shaft dove into her and pulled her almost inside out as he slid out.

I heard Robert ask another guest something but couldn’t make it out. This guy tossed him a bottle of lubricant and Robert withdrew his shaft and covered it. Looking down at my wife he told her, “We wouldn’t want you to get sore, now would we? This is supposed to be fun.” He also poured some on his fingers and then worked them into Catherine’s pussy.

I watched as those two long black fingers massaged her G spot while his thumb worked over her clit. Her stomach was heaving as she had another really big orgasm.

Afterwards, Robert again mounted her, this time there was little resistance as his thick shaft slid into my wife. He began going a little deeper and deeper and I realized that the room had now filled up and there was quite an audience that they had.

Rhya came over to me and touched my shoulder. “Looks like you two have found some friends,” she said. Looking up I asked her, “I don’t want to seem insensitive but could you tell me this lovely young ladies name?”

This brought out a laugh from both of them and the young blond looked up at me and said, “Sorry darlin’, I’m Alicia. Didn’t I introduce myself?” Before I could answer she went back to sucking my cock, this time deep throating me all the way to my balls.

I let out a low moan as she did this and felt another load of seed ready to explode. Rhya motioned to the direction of the mattress and said, “Your wife is quite a lady. I tried Robert and had trouble but she’s sure enjoying herself.”

By this time, Robert had worked about 2/3rds of his manhood into her and her legs were up around his back, giving him a better angle. This view caused me to lose it and I warned Alicia that I was about to cum. She never slowed down a bit but only sucked harder. I shot off one of the most fantastic loads I have had in years.

Just as I was recovering, I heard Robert start making almost as much noise as my wife and he held himself deep inside of her and blasted off jet after jet deep in her pussy.

Robert rolled off of Catherine and another man stood at her feet to take his place and she yelled, “Someone please help me up. I need to pee!” I quickly stood up and helped her to her feet. She was so weak she couldn’t walk without me helping support her. Her legs were like rubber.

I guided her down the hall to the bathroom and sat her on the toilet. She let go a torrent of pee but was holding onto me around my waist, her head pressed against my stomach. “Sure looks like you were enjoying yourself,” I said.

She looked up at me and there were tears in her eyes. “I’m sorry,” she said. “For what?” I asked. “For letting myself get carried away. I was pissed at you for leaving me alone with Tony. It was as if you were telling me, ‘Go fuck him!’ You had been gone with Rhya for a while and I asked Tony if we could go find you.

He said that knowing Rhya, she was probably fucking the living daylights out of you right now. I went to the car but it was locked and you had the keys so I came back in to the house.

I fixed myself a stiff drink and just sat in the living room for a while. Several young men approached me but I kept declining. Tony brought me another drink and said, ‘At least go dance with me’ so I went downstairs with him.

When you came in I decided to fuck him to teach you a lesson. The rest just kind of happened.” I cradled her face and kissed the tears from her cheeks.

“I love you. You were one sexy thing out there. I’ll bet they’ll be talking about you for a long time.”

She was sort of laughing through her tears and I kept re-assuring her that it was alright. She finished up but couldn’t even get up off the seat so I helped her up.

As we opened the bathroom door, Bonnie was there with Catherine’s clothes. “I thought you might want these,” she said as she kissed her on the cheek.

“I hope you and I can get together again, soon!” then she pinched her nipple and left. Catherine didn’t answer her. “Would you like to play with her?” I asked. “Not really. I was just caught up in the moment. It was OK I guess but I’d rather be with a man,” she said.

After I helped her get dressed, we headed back to the playroom where the stairs were. I was still supporting her walk as she said her legs felt like wet noodles.

As we entered the playroom, there was this big pile of flesh on the mattresses as about 10 or 12 people were doing everything imaginable. I asked my wife, “Want to join them?” She shook her head saying, “All I want right now is to go to sleep. I’m so sore I don’t think I’ll be able to have sex for quite a while.” “You mean I don’t get any tonight?” I said and she playfully slapped my arm.

On the way back to the hotel, Catherine fell asleep and I actually had to carry her to our room. I placed her on the bed and got her out of her clothes. The last items I removed were her nylons. I had a great view of her pussy and there was a little cum running out of her pussy and I so wanted to plow my again stiff shaft into her but decided against it. I crawled in next to her and cuddled up to her and held her until I drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, I was dreaming of her riding me, or at least I thought I was dreaming until she gently pulled on my nipples, waking me. She was riding me like a wild woman.

I was surprised that she felt as tight as ever. “I don’t know when I’ve been this horney,” she said with this evil little grin. “I thought after last night that sex would be the last thing on my mind for months but I woke up and you were hard so I just couldn’t help myself.”

I told her, “Well I’m sure glad that you changed your mind. I was afraid I’d have to take care of it by hand. “Not while I’m here you don’t,” she said. Then she gave me this funny look and asked me if I was ok with what happened last night and I smiled and nodded yes. “Sweetheart, you were the hit of the party,”

I said then pulled her down and kissed her very passionately and we made love until we both blasted off together. My how our lives have changed.

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