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Finally gave in to my husbands desires!

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When I met my husband 14 years ago, he had been a swinger for years and of course, I loved to hear the stories. After a year or two, I finally decided I wanted to explore with him. In the beginning, we discussed each other’s fantasies. His was all over the place and it included me taking another man’s cock. I was interested in everything to do with other women but was not interested in other men as he had hoped.

After years of some swinger parties, and an incident or two with some close friends, I had only gotten sexual with women. We shared beds with other couples, but no play with other men. I could tell my husband always wanted me to take a cock, but it just didn’t happen. Finally, on his 50th birthday, I surprised him by sucking the cock of one of our friends while the four of us were sharing a bed. My husband went crazy and as I sucked this friend’s cock, my husband was fucking me from behind. I must admit, I surprisingly enjoyed it much more than I thought I would. For weeks after, my husband and I had some great sex as we would bring it up often. My husband continues to regularly hint around about me taking a cock. One afternoon, a co-worker of mine, who had been flirting with me for weeks says to me, “I’m game for some fucking if you ever are!” I looked at him, thanked him for the compliment and told him, “I have all I need with my husband.” We laughed a little more and exchanged a few flirts before ending our day. That night, I shared the incident with my husband. Of course, he smiled and said, “you should give it to him and rock his world!” I laughed and said, “no honey…I have you!” I could tell by the look on his face, he was again disappointed with my lack of interest.

After weeks of continued flirting and a few descriptive conversations from my co-worker, I began to wonder what he would feel like inside of me. I was surprised I was thinking this way. This flirting had now turned into curiosity and coupled with my husband’s desires; the possibilities started to occupy my mind more often. I found myself dressing sexier when going to work and even taunted my co-worker with a few short skirts and a flash of my panties. One day, I had intentionally worn a short skirt, and as I knew he was coming over to my office any moment, I intentionally bent over to go through my filing cabinet. As he walked through the door, he said, “goddamn, your ass looks amazing…my cock just grew a few inches.” I giggled a little and looked back at him and replied with, “is that so”, and before I knew it; he stepped up, grabbed my waist, and pushed his hard cock against my ass. Oh my god, I could feel his hard dick through his pants, and I instantly felt dirty, sexy, and wanted him. As he pushed; I pushed back and started grinding on him for a quick minute of two. As we were grinding, I could literally feel him growing in his pants. As he stepped back and I stood up, we both looked at each other and knew we wanted to fuck each other.

After a few moments of starring at each other in silence with our minds racing, he left my office. As I sat down, I could feel the incredible wetness those few moments created and knew I wanted him. My husband always said that the right moment would occur where I would want to cross the line and finally enjoy another man’s cock inside of me. This is that moment for sure.

I spent the remainder of my workday thinking and visualizing what it would be like fucking my co-worker and how much my husband would enjoy it too as he has been so patient with my lack of interest in other men.

As the day was coming to an end and I was preparing to leave, my co-worker walked into my office, shut the door, and locked it. He said, “We are the last ones here…and I need to fuck you right here and right now!” Before I could even finish processing what he said, he pushed me up against the wall and starting passionately kissing me. As we were kissing each other with incredible passion, I felt his hand go up my skirt and in one motion, he pulled my thong off and let it drop to the floor. He then immediately began to finger my now, soaking wet pussy. His fingers were soft and long and after a few more minutes, I began to feel my first orgasm building. As we continued to kiss, he slowly began kissing my neck, and after a minute or two, I whispered, “I am going to cum” and as I started to cum, I could feel my fluids running down my leg. He continued to work my pussy through my incredible and intense orgasm, pushing his fingers deeper and deeper into me while I remain pressed up against the wall. This was so exciting and sexually intense. As my orgasm slowly faded, he pulled me off the wall, bent me over my desk, and whispered in my ear, “I’m going to fuck you now until you cum again!” As he finished those words, I heard his pants drop to the ground. I then felt his incredible cock push up against my soaked pussy. He repositioned himself and then pushed his cock into me. I could not believe how incredible his dick felt. It was long and thick and filled me so well. He started fucking me with long, slow thrusts. It felt amazing as he slowly began to move faster, and his breathing was quiet but intense as he continued to push deeper. After a few more minutes of his deep fucking, I starting to cum again. As I began to cum, I could barely stand up as the orgasm was so intense. I could not believe how good and dirty it felt. As my orgasm hit its peak, I hear his breathing get louder and he says, “can I cum inside you?” Without a second thought, I blurted out, “YES…give it to me” and he immediately pushed in deep and began to pump me full of his cum. I could feel his cock erupting inside of me. I could not believe how amazing this was and how I can’t wait to share this experience with my husband. As his orgasm and cum starting to slow, he pulled out of me, took a step back and stood me up. He turned me around and asked if I wanted to taste him. As I replied with a yes, he lowered me down to my knees and pushed his cock into my mouth. I could barely get my mouth around his amazing cock, which was still oozing cum. He moved slowly back and forth, and I was enjoying the sensation of his cock in and out of my mouth. After a few more minutes, he slowly pulled his cock out of my mouth. He stood me up and said, “that was incredible, and you were amazing. He reached down, picked up my thong, handed it to me, and said, “we will have to do this again!” He pulled up his pants, kissed me one last time and walked out the door.

I immediately stuffed my thong in my purse and walked out to my car for my quick drive home. I could not wait to get home and share what just happened with my husband as he fucks me over the end of our couch. I was so turned on I could barely contain myself. As I am pulling into our garage, I could feel his cum start to leak out of me and onto my seat. I quickly shut off the car and moved quickly into the house. As I walked in the door, I walked up to my husband and said, “I just got fucked, and his cum is dripping out of me! I want you to bend me over the couch and fuck the shit out of me!”

All I hear my husband say as he is bending me over the couch is, “fuck yes, finally…you dirty wife!" Not another second goes by, and my husband is deep inside of me fucking the shit out of me. He is fucking me so deep and hard; I feel him hitting bottom as his balls are pounding against me. His cock was so fucking hard, and he was moaning louder than I have ever heard before. He was fucking me so hard, the cum left from my office fuck was squirting out of me, and down both of our legs. He continued to fuck me for what seemed like an eternity. As my husband was fucking me, I came on his cock a few times before he shouts, “I’m cumming!” He starts to cum and as he is dumping a lot of cum inside of me, he continued to pound me from behind. Normally he cannot fuck through an orgasm, but this time he is fucking me like crazy. A minute or two goes by and he shouts’ “I’m cumming again baby!” and lets out a loud, long moan as he unloads more cum into my swollen pussy. As he is cumming, his body is shaking, and I can feel large amounts of cum running down my leg. After a few more minutes of slow fucking, he slowly pulls out and collapses onto the couch. As he is sitting there, he says, "damn honey, that was hot…fucking you after another man!” I leaned down, kissed him, and said, thank you for an amazing life honey. I’m going to shower, and then I’ll share the details in bed tonight as you fuck me all night long.” As I walk away, I am in total bliss as I’ve just been fucked by two men; I can feel their cum running down my legs; and I know there is so much more to come. My husband was so right…I love it and want more.

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