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The Casting Couch

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My name is John and my wife is Rachel. I think my wife is a knock out. She's very shapely with a firm pair of loves bubbles and a sex drive to match. She's just as hot as she was when I met her in her early 20's. We are in our mid thirties and have been involved in the lifestyle for almost 10 years. A few years back when we were planning our vacation, I came up with a novel idea. We had gone to various swinger resorts and while we thoroughly enjoyed our time there, I was restless and wanted to try something different. This is what I thought of. We could go to sunny California for a week. I wanted to set up an audition for new porn starlets. I ran this scenario past my wife and she was all for it. I did a little research and three weeks prior to going I acquired a new cell phone and took out an ad in an underground LA rag. It stated interested actresses for amateur exotic films and the cell number. It was amazing after a couple of days the phone started ringing. I must have received 40 or 50 calls the first week. I filtered the callers. They had to be virgins to the industry due to it being a series for 1st time "Amateurs on Film". I told them the auditions would be in a couple of weeks and they would need to send a bio, pictures and what ever info they thought might be relevant. After we screened the applicants then we would be back in touch. The mail showed up 3 or 4 days later. I couldn't believe what we got. The pictures were one thing, some with clothes, lots of pics in bikinis but a few were totally in the raw. And the stories were really interesting too, a few even touted some of their unique talents. One pretty little thing only sent a picture of herself with her mouth sucking the head of an enormous cock. Her name and birthday on the back of it. Her name was Pam and she had just turn 18. I was very intrigued. We put her on the schedule. Rachel and I selected some we thought were hot and I called those back and scheduled one per day. We had rented a condo by the beach and told them that was where the casting interviews would be. To sound official we told them they needed to bring a form from their Doctor that stated they had been tested for STD's and some nude portfolio pics. We set up six different girls each day giving us a break during the middle of the week and a will call list in case of a no show. Our trip was set.

We were both very excited as we checked in for our "vacation". We tried to think of everything and set the condo up accordingly. We brought lots of toys and such. We had refreshments and sundries in the bathroom. My wife would be wearing a business suit and carried a clipboard to take "notes". She had a pair of glasses on and her hair was worn up. She looked hot in the classic fantasy secretary garb. Around 4:00 that afternoon our first girl, the 22 year old dark haired Ginger showed up. I introduced Rachel as my assistant. We offered her a drink and made some small talk to put everyone at ease. Ginger was wearing some tight jeans and a tee shirt. She had a great figure and nice big breasts and I could tell she wasn't wearing a bra. She didn't seem shy at all and after looking over her pics and doctor's report we all moved to the bedroom to start the "interview". Rachel had her sign a consent form and then had her set down on the bed. She turned around to face me and the camcorder and proceeded to say "Ginger interview take one". She was playing her part perfectly. I told Ginger I was going to ask her some questions and for her to be frank with us. I told her we were looking for girls for a first time amateur video and if she had ever done anything in the porn industry on film. She told us she had been taped having sex with her boyfriend once but nothing professionally. I asked her things like her sexual orientation which she told us was bi but had never been with both at the same time. I asked her if she liked anal and she said she did but preferred straight. I asked her what her favorite fantasy was and she said it was a threesome. This was getting better by the minute. Finally I asked her to get undressed that we needed to see her body on film and she stood up right away and removed her clothes. I knew she wasn't wearing a bra but she didn't have on any panties either. This girl was amazingly sexy. I had her slowly turn around in front of the camera to get a good look at her entire body. Her breasts were firm and protruding and her ass was small and tight. Oh the joys of youth. Her pussy was either shaved or waxed with a small line of pubes directly above her clit, porn style. I had her crawl onto the bed facing away from the camera on her knees to expose her cunt and ass without actually asking her to spread them. I then told her to look back at me. With her backside exposed and her beautiful face looking over her shoulders she was smoking hot. I noticed Rachel squirming in her chair as she was obviously getting turn on. After filming a close up of her pussy and ass I had her sit down on the bed and asked her if she thought she could have sex in front of a camera with several cameramen and others in the same room. She said she thought she could. I told her we needed to see how she would do and I asked Rachel to come over to the bed. My wife jumped up immediately. She sat next to Ginger and gazed into her eyes as she removed her glasses and let down her hair. They were both in to each other and they soon started kissing as my wife was being undressed by Ginger. It was all very sensual. Rachel dropped down to Ginger's sweet breasts and in no time she had her nipples erect. She dropped lower and was at her lovely triangle. Ginger spread her thighs apart and I moved in for a close up. My wife teased and licked her pussy gently until Ginger's moans told us that she wanted more. That's when my wife devoured this little nymph's cunt. Ginger laid on the bed withering from my wife's oral assaults. I moved up towards Ginger's head to film my wife's face while she was eating her pussy. My bad boy was rock hard by now and Ginger must have noticed the bulge in my pants. She gasped for me to take it out. I dropped my pant quickly. Now I'm not hung like a porn star but I do have nearly 8 inches and some girth. Ginger remarked how nice it was and grasped it with one hand. This little hottie was caressing my rock hard cock as she squirmed on the bed as Rachel brought her close to orgasm. I felt her squeeze my cock as her body tensed up and she let out a loud scream, "AAaahhhh!" She came long and hard and finally let go of my cock as she lay still in post orgasmic bliss. I looked to Rachel in disbelief and a big smile came over her sex soaked face. She came to me and shoved her cum covered tongue deep into my mouth. Ginger's sex tasted so sweet. As we kissed I felt a mouth cover my cock. We both looked down to see her sucking my dick. Ginger asked me if I remembered her fantasy which was a threesome. We had just hit the jack pot with this girl. I became the "director" again and had Ginger move her ass to the edge of the bed. I had the girls 69 with my wife on top. I filmed both ends of this for awhile and then set the camera on the tripod down by Ginger's ass. I ripped off the rest of my clothes and got in front of Ginger's wet cunt. My wife was well on her way to cumming but she raised her top half up and pulled Ginger's legs back for me. Ginger's ass was in perfect position for me to fuck her slick pussy. I press my dick's head into her wet slit and shoved it in. As wet as she was it was still a tight fit. When I shoved all 8 inches into her, she let out a guttural groan, "Aaarrgghhh!" Rachel and I had not had sex for the week prior to our trip due to all the sex we were anticipating. I was in completely fuck lust and this was no time for pleasantries. I pounded her cunt hard. She took all I had and yelled all the louder. Rachel was in her own world sitting on her haunches on top of Ginger's face. As she ground her cunt against Ginger's mouth,the expression on her face told the story of someone who was close to cumming. She finally let out one sharp shriek, "Yeesss!" She came long and hard and ended up collapsing on the bed next to Ginger. I was still fucking her as fast as I could and she was already close from my wife's lickings. She beat me to it and her pussy convulsed around my thick cock, "Fuuccckkk!" I continued fucking as she lay there. I told my wife to get the camera. I told Ginger we needed the "money shot" and I was going to pull out and cum in her mouth. "Do it," she panted. I slammed her even harder as Rachel had the camera in position. Pulling my cock out of her sweet cunt was one of the hardest thing I ever had to do. But I did and crawled up to her face. The first squirt hit her square on the lips. "Open your mouth," I ordered and she did. I pour shot after shot into her open mouth. I gave her a weeks worth of male semen in the span of about 20 seconds. Some of it missed and hit her cheeks and long strands ran down her face. When I finally finished she gasped the base of my cock and squeezed.the remnants of my cum to the top of my dick and took it all into her mouth. She sucked it for a second and when I pulled the sensitive head back out she had swallowed all the cum I had deposited there. She turned to the camera and licked her lips clean and smiled with cum still covering the rest of her face. This slut was going to have a long career in the porn industry. She cleaned up and left soon after. We told her we'd be in touch and as the door shut, my wife said to me," This could be our best vacation ever." I knew she was right and thought about fucking her right then and there. But we had 5 more interviews set up this week and I wanted to be ready for all of them. I went to check who was on tomorrow's schedule.

I will just touch on some of the highlights of the week. The next afternoon Gwen showed up. She was an attractive brunette who told us she was a gusher. I had never witnessed a female who could ejaculate in person before and we were both curious. She arrived and had all her "paperwork" in order. We went to the "casting couch" in the bedroom and again filmed the interview. She told us she had first gushed while masturbating as a teenager. She never knew anything was unusual until her 1st boyfriend told her that most girls didn't cum like she did. She told me she could gush multiple times but each one would be deceased in volume. I asked her if she could give us a demonstration and she was happy to oblige. I asked her if she needed any props. She said she didn't need any toys and then undressed for me. I had her go through the same routine as before and these girls didn't seem to have a problem with the body check. Being 19 her body was one of an emerging adolescent. She had a slender body and her breast were small but ample. If she had put her hair in pigtails she would have appeared under aged. Her pussy was completely shaven. And when she got on all fours on the bed for the ass shot I barely was able to resist sticking my dick into her. She set against the head board with her feet flat on the mattress and legs spread wide apart exposing her vagina for all to see and started rubbing her cunt. She would rub her clit and play with her titties at the same time. I offered her some lube but she just dipped a couple of fingers into her juicing cunt to rub some of her sex onto it for more lubrication. Her clit started to engorge and I mean it really was getting big. It was amazing watching it grow to the size of the tip of her pinky finger. It was the largest clit I had ever seen. I asked her if she needed someone to eat her and she looked at me and told me, "That would be nice." I turned to my assistant Rachel and told her to eat Gwen. As Rachel let down her hair and undressed, I could tell Gwen seemed a little uncomfortable. "Is there a problem?" I asked. "Well, I thought YOU were going to eat me, I've never been with another woman before." she replied. I knew that look on my wife's face when she knew she was going to fuck a newbie and I bet her cunt was already soaked. "You're going to have to be able to do scenes with other women," I stated in my best director voice. "Oh, okay." she responded. Rachel crawled between her legs and began to eat her out like the pro she was. "Ohhh, hmmm, that feels so nice." Gwen purred. I moved in closer with the camera on one side to again get a close up shot of this pussy munching duo. My wife was tonguing her slit occasionally but mainly sucking her swollen clit. I asked Gwen if she could gush from getting cock fucked and she could only grunt affirmatively as she was well on her way to climax. I told her to let me know when because I wanted to be able to get everything on film. She got close in the next few minutes and yelled, "Enough!" and pushed Rachel's face away. She reached down with her right hand and rubbed her clit vigorously and grunted, "Uuugghh!" Everything happened so fast, in a split second I saw her straining like she was taking a shit. Her anus actually protruded out some and then she started spraying one big gush. Her watery ejaculate could have reached over the end of the bed if my wife wasn't in the way. The spray hit her mid neck and it was shot out like from a water hose. It splashed off Rachel's body all over the bed spread and ran down Rachel's breasts like shower water. Gwen strained again and this gush was much weaker and but it still soaked the bed. She squeezed off one more weak stream and was done. It was incredible exciting to see spray coming out of her cunt and I was glad we caught it all on tape. She fell back exhausted and my wife and I couldn't believe what we both had just seen. The gush was dripping off my wife's erect nipples and I was curious and wanted to taste it. I started licking her nipples and it tasted watery with a weak hint of salt. It didn't taste like pussy or urine just really weak salt water. As I sucked her breast Rachel reached down and started fingering herself being quite turned on at the point. Gwen interrupted us and quipped, "Did you want me to gush again?" Did I? I had her get on all fours at the edge of the bed. From this position I could stand up and fuck her doggie style. I told Rachel to film us and I entered this young girl's cunt. Her cunt was wet but not slick so I proceeded slowly. The gush must have rinsed out her juicy pussy. But she soon juiced up and I started fucking her faster. I noticed my wife putting the camera on the tripod directly behind us. She stood next to me and rubbed her pussy and made a begging look on her face. I understood and said to Gwen, "I want you to eat my assistant's pussy as I fuck you." My wife scampered onto the bed in front of her and Gwen obeyed and started eating her first female muffin. I wanted my wife to cum but she was going to have to hurry as my loins were starting to burn. I tried to direct again but it was difficult with my cock embedded in this hot slut,"I want you two to cum first." And cum my wife did, she grabbed Gwen's hair and shoved her cunt hard against her face and screamed,"Aaarrgghh!" Her body shook for awhile as she ground her pussy against Gwen's mouth and then she collapsed. One down and one to go. As my wife lay there panting, Gwen started shoving her ass back against me hard. "Fuck, fuck, fuck," she kept repeating. She soon started grunting loudly and I felt a warm sensation bathing my cock. She was cumming and gushing on my dick this time. The sensation was exquisite and I spread her ass apart and rammed my cock balls deep. I could see her asshole pouch out as she continued gushing.That's all it took and I exploded inside her. I pumped load after load of hot cum into her cunt as her warm gush ran down my balls and thighs. When I finished I released her hips and pulled out. White cum seeped out of her cunt and fell onto the bedspread in large clumps. It continued to ooze out as she lay flat on the bed and gave the camera a great creme pie take. Later after we all recovered Gwen cleaned herself up and headed home. As she went out the door she told me she wanted to used a stage name. I asked her what she wanted to be called and she answered Flo. We all laughed at that one. As soon as the door closed Rachel and I raced back to the bed and started fucking. I made sure the camera was positioned correctly to get it all on tape. No one was on our schedule tomorrow so I decided to fuck the little woman. She was in need of some hard dick and did we fuck. We were both totally exhausted and fell asleep early that night.

The week past quickly but we enjoyed all the wet pussy and tight ass we could handle. Our last interview was with the girl at the end of the huge dick, Pam. She showed up on time but her boyfriend Dave was with her. I thought to myself, shit, especially with everything going so smoothly up to this point. We had a few drinks as we got to know them. They were from a small mid western town. They were high school sweethearts and moved here right after high school. They were barely making ends meet here in LA. They had decided to get into porn to make some extra money. "I've been practicing," quipped Pam. I explained that we didn't usually allow boyfriends to come to the castings. That's when Pam told us that Dave wanted to break in to the business also. They produced their forms and wanted to get started. I decided what the heck, at least we would be able to film the both of them fucking each other. They signed the consent forms and we went to the bedroom and got started. Again my wife set them down on the bed and told them to be frank for the interview. Pam said she had never had sex with anyone but Dave. They both felt they wouldn't have problems with watching each other have sex with other partners though. Pam was not opposed to anal but hadn't achieved it due to the fact it was too painful. I was soon to find out why. We had Pam undress as usual. She was a blonde beauty. Her breast were perfect for her hour glass figure. Her pubes matched her blonde hair and although she was not shaven her bush was nicely trimmed. On all fours her asshole was almost invisible and I even had her spread her ass apart just to see her minuscule asshole better. The whole process didn't seem to bother Dave. Her ass was water tight and I thought that was why it hurt so much. Then Dave got undressed. When he turned around after dropping his trousers I saw the reason anal hurt Pam so much. Rachel actually dropped her jaw and clipboard to the floor when she saw his monster cock. Dave was a porn star in the making. Even in it's soft state his dick hung down nearly half way to his knees. I figured hard he had to be 10 to 11 inches easy. He also had a massive amount of hair surrounding his dick. I realized I was starring and quickly started asking director questions. He told us he could cum 2 or 3 times a night with no problem. I told the both of them they needed to have both their bushes shaved for the visual effect on film. I asked my wife to show them what they needed to do. I informed them Rachel had been in the trade. In the bathroom Rachel pulled out some couchy creme and told Dave he could shave in the shower. She had Pam get up on the counter by the sink. While Dave was shaving himself, Rachel spread Pam's legs and lathered her up. She shaved Pam in no time leaving a smooth bald cunt with a small triangular patch above her clit. When Dave stepped out of the shower his shaved cock now looked even larger. Rachel dried him off and examined his dick, muttering nice, nice, over again. I couldn't tell if she was commenting on the shave or his cock. I'd put my money on his cock. We went back to the bedroom and I directed my wife to show Pam a few things. She had Pam get down on her knees with her as they both set between Dave thighs. My wife stroked his cock and told Pam to just follow her lead. She stroked and kissed Dave's shaft and brought Frankenstein to life. Pam mimicked everything Rachel did and soon their lips would meet at the top of Dave's dick. Sometimes they would kiss each other at that point. Pam was a quick study. Pam spoke up and told me she had been practicing taking Dave's cock deep down her throat and went down on his dick. Dave was not only long but super thick too. Pam had to open her mouth as wide as possible to accommodate him. She could only get a little more than half down her throat before having to back off. She did gag a few times. Rachel then tried the same thing and although she got more of it down her throat no way she was going to get all of his 10 inches down her throat either. But Dave was thoroughly enjoying it. I asked him if he ever had two girls suck him at the same time. "Never," he gulped. I told him that he needed to let me know if he was going to cum so we could either slow down or even stop since the cum shot was so important. He said he would. Rachel stood up and laid on her back and pulled him on top of her. I could tell she was wanting him to fuck her with his huge dick in the worst way. My wife actually let out a loud sexy groan as he filled her cunt with his massive cock. Dave began fucking my wife and she was in heaven. I told Pam to move up next to Rachel and to kiss her mouth and/or suck on her tits. When I saw my wife's ass coming of the bed to meet Dave's thrust I knew she would becoming soon. "She's close, fuck her harder," I ordered. Dave followed my instructions and drove my wife's ass into the mattress. Her legs wrapped around Dave's hips as she let out a prime evil scream and came as hard as she ever had, "Yeeaahhh!" When she finally stopped cumming her legs released him and she lay motionless. I think Pam was amazed at what she had just witnessed and I told her that was how it's done in the porn business. I asked Dave if he was ready to watch his girlfriend get fucked. He pulled his cock out of my wife and shook his head yes. I set the camera up at the edge of the bed and told Pam to suck my cock. I stood by the bed so the camera could get a good profile shot of us. As Pam sucked me I told her to look into the camera from time to time. This slut could suck cock. Rachel was stirring by this time and I told her I needed her. I asked my wife what her professional opinion was of how good a fuck was Dave. She just smiled. I pulled my cock out of her mouth and had Pam lay down on her back this time. I told Rachel to eat her pussy. I explained that although I was sure Pam's pussy was plenty wet that sometimes we use a "fluff girl" to warm the stars up for certain scenes. Rachel ate out Pam and the moaning commenced immediately. Her expert tongue had Pam cumming very quickly. "Aaaahhhh!" she screeched. I could tell Dave was getting off to his girlfriend's first lesbian encounter. "I'm going to fuck her now," I informed him. I pulled Pam's ass over the edge of the bed and drove my mere 8 inches home. Her pussy was pretty tight considering Dave must have fuck her with his massive dick more than 100 times. I fucked her hard right off the bat and her motor was back up and running in no time. I'm sure Dave saw what the camera was filming. With her ass angled off the edge of the bed my cock filled her tight little pussy for all to see. I told her to say some sexy things for the camera. "Fuck me good and make me cum," she cried. She continued moaning and then this little slut came for the second time this day. When her breathing returned to normal she offered to suck me until I came. I was tempted but I wanted to fill her ass with my first load. Rachel went back to Dave and pushed him down on the bed and crawled on top of him. She had his dick back inside of her in light speed. I told Dave I wanted him to cum and get it on film. My wife's ass looked like a jack hammered and her cunt worked over his long shaft. Up and down, up and down, her vaginal lips were clinging to his thick shaft. My wife's cunt was being stretched to the limit and she only wanted more. I had Pam get her face in the scene and told her when her boyfriend was going to cum to jack his cock off on Rachel's butt. Dave soon let us know he was close. "Not yet, I'm almost there," my wife pleaded. I told Pam to squeeze the base of Dave's cock to keep him from cumming. Rachel pistoned her pussy even faster and she came hard again. "Fuuuccckk!" she screamed. As her cunt twitched around Dave's dick I had Pam release her grasp. Dave immediately started raising his ass off the mattress as he pumped my wife's cunt. I heard him yell out, "Now!" I ordered Pam to take it out. Pam pulled his cock out of my wife's stretched out cunt and stroked the base of it. The first squirt shot straight up and fell on the top of Rachel's butt. Dave came again and again. He blew long ropes of white cum over and over. Dave just never stopped cumming, he could be the next Peter North. The white hot cum started running back down the crack of her ass and he still continued pumping out more. The huge volume of cum seeped over and around and into her freshly hammered engorged cunt. It was an unbelievable sight and I got it all on tape. He came for over 30 seconds. I was going to tell Pam to suck his cock after it stopped cumming but she beat me to it. She sucked his now cum covered cock like a good little porn star. Pam looked at me and asked, "Didn't he do a good job?" My wife answered before I could, "Yes, He was grreeaattt." I put the camera on the tripod and lifted Pam off her knees and told her it was her turn. I had her get on all fours and started fucking her doggie. I desperately needed to cum but I wanted to be the first to cum in her virgin ass. I told Rachel to get some lube. As I fucked Pam, Rachel poured lube down the crack of her cheeks. She rubbed it around her asshole and begin to slide her fingers into her ass. She had to get Pam to relax as at first her butt hole tighten up something fierce. When I saw Rachel finally slipping two fingers past her sphincter I withdrew my cock from her cunt and had Rachel pour more lube on the head. I assured Pam I would take it nice and slow. I eased the head of my dick into her very slowly. She accepted my offering and my head slipped past her anal ring. She whimpered a bit but without screaming. I let her acclimate and then pushed some more. My lubricated cock continued it's journey into her virgin butt. I stopped at about 4 inches and started fucking her slowly. Her whimpering increased so I stopped. But she seemed determine to take my dick up her ass and she reached back with both hands to spread her ass further apart. I shoved again. Her butt felt so tight and wonderful at the same time and when she stopped whimpering I increased my pace. "Eat her cunt," I ordered and had Rachel get beneath Pam and to tongue her pussy. As my wife worked her pussy over I began to fuck her butt a little harder. My hands held and spread her ass cheeks apart as I drove my cock deeper."Ugh, ugh, ugh," Pam groaned with each thrust of my rock hard cock. I poured more lube down the crack of her ass and eventually got all eight inches into her. Then I slowly started deep fucking her. I was mesmerized watching my cock slide almost all the way out of her tight ass. Her anal ring wrapped around the shaft and covered it like a long sleeved shirt on every back stroke. I savored the sensation of fucking her virgin tightest hole. Pam was enjoying my wife's tongue in her cunt and soon she was moaning with each stroke, "Ohh, ohh, ohh." She looked over to her boyfriend watching from the side of the bed. "Dave, can you see his cock inside my ass?" she asked. "Yeah baby, it looks hot," Dave replied. "Just talk for the camera," I directed. Pam started talking dirty and told me to fuck her like an anal slut. "Your huge cock feels so good stuffed up my ass!" she screamed. "Do you want me to cum in your ass?" I yelled. "Yes, cum in my ass. I want to feel it." she replied. I felt that old familiar feeling welling up at the base of my cock and I slammed into her up to the hilt. My balls rested against my wife's chin as she continued to eat Pam out. I felt my cum jet up through the entire length of my shaft and spew into her tight ass. I grunted like an animal as I came, "Uuuggghhh!" "I can feel it, it's so warm, aaahhhh!" Pam cried out as she came also and her sphincter spasmed around the base of my shaft. I gave her another couple of short quick strokes and my cock just kept squirting. I dumped a quart of hot gism into this convulsing slut's ass. My orgasm was so intense it almost hurt. When I finished I released her and saw my hand prints on her soft round ivory butt. I relished the feel of her ass and left my cock in her. I shoved her forward and collapsed on top of Pam and we both laid there for a long time. I vaguely remember hearing my wife screaming as she was fucking Dave's huge cock again. Her pussy was bound to be sore tomorrow. She yelled out,"I need another cock over here." Her yells got me going and I began to feel my semi hard cock growing inside Pam's ass. I withdrew it out of her reemed out butt and headed over to my wife. Dave and I fucked these girls late into the night. We tag teamed and Dped them. We used them like our own personal whores. I came a total of 3 times that night and Dave came four times. Dave and I left no holes unfilled. They only left when the girls' cunts and asses couldn't handle anymore. My wife was to weak to even get up to see them out. As they walked out the door I told them they would do well in the porn industry. Our "casting couch" was finally empty. At least for this vacation.

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