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A Submissive Journey

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A submissive Journey

The door handle slowly started to rotate, silently turning full circle until it reached the end of its travel.  For long seconds nothing else happened. The room was silent except for the sound of soft even breathing coming from the bed.  Those with the barest of protests from the old hinges, the door began to open.  Slowly the door inched forward revealing nothing behind it except for dark shadows in the unlit hallway.  As the door opened fully a tiny movement of air made the candle on the bedside table gutter before flaring boldly back into life.

Not a sound came from the house. It was as if the world had suddenly gone into a time warp - suddenly time stood still.  Noiselessly, a shadow detached itself from the doorway and glided across the room to stop beside the bed, where it began to take the form of a man dressed in a full length black coat.  The keen eyes of the cat curled on the bed, glowed as its lips slowly curled back in a feral snarl, hair standing on end as it’s back arched in terror. Hissing softly, the cat slowly got to its feet and carefully inched its way backwards off the duvet it had been quietly sleeping on. 

The dark figure slowly reached down with his strong masculine hands and delicately grasped the edge of the duvet and drew it softly downwards, till the naked form of Kris was revealed lying on her side with her beautiful red hair cascading over her shoulders and softly caressing the creamy skin of her breasts. He had seen this beautiful sight of her more times than he could count, but every time seemed as if it were the first. Stepping back to admire the view of the figure before him, the dark figure removed his long black coat and sat on the chair located in a dark corner of the room. He proceeded to remove his shoes and stepped into the dressing room to change into more comfortable clothing so that he could work on this beautiful creature.

Kris seemed to be sleeping deeper than he had ever noticed before and was an advantage to him. She had not been expecting company so he was careful not to startle her out of such a deep sleep. Retrieving his bag from the doorway, he sat it up on the corner of the bed and removed several items, laying each item carefully beside the bag. Each item served a specific purpose and would make for a meaningful evening for Kris. Carefully, not to wake her, he placed a leather cuff on each of her ankles and then did the same to her wrists. She let out a heavy breath, but did not wake. He then picked up his restraining straps and attached her two wrists together. The next step would be to attach the spreader bar to her ankles. As he did so, Kris slowly rolled onto her stomach, which not only made it easier for him, but was right where he wanted her to be.

Kris awoke realizing that she had been partially restrained and began to struggle free from the bonds. Placing his knee on the small of her back to restrain her even further, he applies his razor strap across her buttocks, leaving his mark immediately. She squeals and proceeds to protest even harder and again he applies another stroke of the strap, this time crossing the last. Clenching her fists, she begs to know who he is as the candle lit room does not allow her to see her intruder, yet he does not speak. He proceeds to adjust the spreader bar and then attaches her wrists separately to the bedposts so that he has total control over her. Scared, she demands to know who he is and why he is in her house. Rather than answer, he proceeds to shut her up by placing a ball gag in her mouth and a blindfold across her eyes. Would this stranger hurt her? Kris wondered. Why did her Master pick this week to go out of town? Who knew he was away and that she was alone? The sound of a buzzing noise broke her questioning train of thought. Feeling his warm fingers in the crack of her backside, she began to tense up. He applied another slap across her bottom with his strap causing her to release the tension long enough for him to place a small vibrator in her bottom. Unable to protest at this time only intensified her fury, but the stranger seemed to be enjoying every moment of seeing her struggle.

The stranger proceeded to give Kris what he thought she needed that evening. After several strikes across the bottom with his razor strap, she was a little more willing to cooperate with him. He slid his hand between her legs and slid one finger inside of her, taking notice on how wet she had become. He then removed his finger and replaced it with another vibrator, and turned it on. He then placed something on her and attached it around her waist. She could not make out what he had put on her but he was releasing her arms from the bedposts at this time. Placing his arm under her waist, he pulled her up on her knees and hands and moved in front of her. She took notice that whatever it was that he attached seemed to be keeping the instruments he had applied in her bottom and vagina in place. He then removed the ball gag from her mouth. Using her hair to guide her, he forced her face to his groin and put his cock in her mouth. She was hesitant at first. This did not stop him from pumping her mouth in such a fashion that made her take him in deep. He proceeded to pump her mouth faster when he reached his climax and shot his load in her mouth. Once he had removed his cock from her mouth, she begged him to speak to her, demanded to know who he was…..but got no answer.

He placed two pillows underneath her and pushed her down over them. She could feel the pressure from the anal intruder as well as the sensation of the vibrator he had placed in her vagina. Her concentration was broken as he removed both of the toys from her holes, leaving her open to do as he pleased. She could feel his fingers around her bottom hole, lubricating it, plunging his fingers deep inside of her. He crawled up behind her and pressed his cock against her bottom and she could feel him working his way to her virgin hole. Before she could object, he plunged into her behind, causing her to cry out, but it did no good. He continued to plunge in and out of her tiny hole. As much as she wanted to resist, she could feel a climax coming on. Her body was betraying her feelings. For the first time that evening, she heard a noise come from his lips. “Cum little one,” he growled. She could not resist any longer as she shuddered and cried out from the intense orgasm she had reached.

The sun was brighter than ever as Kris awoke, feeling unusually refreshed. She thought back to the night before and thought she must have been dreaming. She looked around the room and took notice that nothing had changed nor been disturbed. “Must have been a dream,” she mumbled to herself as she got out of bed. “One hell of a dream,” she added. She headed to the bathroom for a nice long hot shower. Her mind steadily roamed into the night before. It had seemed so real, so exciting. She could feel the water changing in temperature as she had lost track of time. Stepping out of the shower, she wrapped a towel around her and stepped back into the bedroom to get dressed. She had decided on a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt to lounge around the house in for the morning. After brushing out her hair and pulling it back, she decided to go down to the kitchen to brew some coffee and read the morning paper. As she stepped into the kitchen, she noticed that coffee had already been brewed and a rose lay on the counter with a piece of paper underneath it. Kris’s stomach did flips as she walked towards it. Kris reached down and picked up the note and read, “Be ready at eight tonight, night gown only, no panties. Signed, Master.” A smile perched upon her face as she had realized her dream had not been a dream at all.

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