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Swingers Cruise

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It finally happened, we get to take our dream cruise on a swinger ship. My wife, Tina, another couple and I booked passage on the liner U.S.S. Sexual Seas. It will be a 10 voyage through the Caribbean, Florida Keys, and Mexico. My wife is 5'7? dark hair, 40D boobs and an ass to die for. She is in great shape and very sexual. I am 6'0? light brown hair, athletic build, football lineman type. 7? thick cock very oral. The friends that came with us are new to the scene. Linda is a 5'6?dirty blonde with 38C tits, great ass and friendly, mischevious smile. Gene is 5'?9 barrel chested, bald(by choice) with a 9?cock.

We check in and get our room assignments. We requested adjoining rooms with a door between them. We decided that we would be totally open with each other about everything. We are experienced swingers with some biexperience and they are new but very curious about the lifestyle. Before the ship can set sail all passengers must go through the safety course about fire, abandoning ship and all that. We get back to our room and answer questions from our friends. they wanted to know about the rules of swinging, limits and other important stuff. We tell them that no means no and that each couple has their own limits. They ask how do you get things started if you are interested in playing. Instead of telling them we show them.

I walk over to Linda and give her a deep kiss that last for a while. When we break , Gene is doing the same thing with Tina. the kissing continues with me taking the lead with Linda and Tina being a guide for Gene. The ladies are wearing very little in the way of clothes. Linda is in a cut of shirt and shorts with nothing underneath as i remove her shirt to get to her tits. She has large nipples that beg to be sucked and pinched. She moans in response to my attention as I suck and fondle. I move my hand down to remove her shorts and she has already unbuttoned them making it easy. Her shorts come off revealing her shaved smooth pussy. I rub a finger up her already wet slit. She says she need to feel something in her now as she is getting hotter. I inserts 2 fingers into her pussy working them in and out as I continue to suck her tits.

Meanwhile on the other end of the bed Tina has taken off her shirt and shorts. She as also got Gene to his birthday suit. He is greedily sucking her tits and fingering her as fast as he can. She slows him down telling him they have plenty of time. Gene grins at her as she moves him to his back and she strocks his very hard cock. She takes the head of it into her mouth and begins to give him and incredible blow job. Tina is a professional at cock sucking, bringing many men to their knees with her talent. It is not long till Gene is in heaven moaning how good it feels. She deep throats him many times and tickling his balls while down there with her tongue. She stops sucking when she feels he is close to cumming as she is finished with him yet. She intends to have that cock in her before long.

Over on the other end Linda is pulling my head into her twat as i give her some serious tongue action. She has a sweet tasting pussy that is very wet. I lick around that magic button known as the clit as I taste the rest of the pussy and get some of her juices. When i flick her clit she gasp as it is very sensitive at the moment. While licking the pussy I insert two fingers into her looking for that g-spot. I find it at the same time I attack that clit and get an immediate orgasm. She cums and shudders for a very long time while I suck up that juice.

Tina has Gene on his back and is finally mounting that cock. He has waited for this for a long time. She guides the cock all the way to the base as she is wet. She starts slow moving up and down as her plays with her tits. She moves her hips around and squeezes his cock with her pussy muscles making him moan in pleasure. I move up between Linda's thighs after getting a good taste of her juices. She is asking to be fucked hard and now. I insert my already hard cock into her well lubed pussy. She is so wet it goes balls deep in one thrust. She is tight as I have ever felt. She thrust her hip up to meet mine going down as we get into a quick hard rhythm. She wants to cum again. She cums pretty quick after a couple minutes of hard fucking.

Tina has cum pretty hard with Gene but is not done yet. both ladies get on all fours where they are facing each other. We men get behind and start fucking them doggy style causing their tits to sway to the fucking. Tina ask us to slow down a minute from banging them so hard. Tina says she can not wait any longer and gives Linda a deep wet kiss while Gene and I are still slowly moving in and out of their pussies. After the kiss breaks Tina says to commence with the pounding again while Linda is trying to catch her breath. Tina is as good at kissing as sucking cock. Wait till Linda is on the receiving end of Tina's tongue. After several more minutes of serious fucking the ladies cum at the same time and the men not for behind.

We all collapse on the bed with the girls facing each other. Me behind Linda with an arm over her and propped up so i can see Tina and Gene in the same position. I ask them what they thought of their first swap. They both just smile and say ?what's next ?? We tell them there is much to do and on this ship there is it will not be a problem finding out. Gene mentions that he wished we had set up a camera it would have been nice to record the first time. I point out that all the rooms have cameras over all the beds and all we have to do is start the recorder which I did. Each camera is hooked up to a DVR so you can record with out trouble. This ship also has a transmit switch so if you want others that have the in-house TV system on the right channel can watch. That was not on, yet. Only about 100 rooms can transmit, plus the party rooms and lounges.

As I am laying behind Linda and lightly playing with one nipple and laying playing with the other, we discuss our plans for the night. Gene is looking at the ship schedule, totaling missing what is happening between the women. They are playing with each other tits giving each other looks that say they are ready for more. Gene finally stops reading the schedule when he hears sucking sounds and moaning. The ladies are sucking each others nipples and rubbing each other. I motion Gene to sit on the couch where we can watch the action. Tina turns around so their are heads are in the same direction giving us a good view of the action. Tina is kissing Linda and playing with her tit with one hand and rubbing her clit with the other. Tina starts to suck on nipples letting Linda breath and moan very loudly. Tina has been wanting to play with Linda for a long time, since they moved in next door. Tina moves down Linda's body till she get to the twat and goes to work. Like I said before Tina is fantastic at oral sex. Pussy is no exception.

I know Tina is going to want her toys for this, especially the strap-on. It is really one of those new harnless strap-ons that inserts into the pussy giving both women pleasure. While Tina is eating at Linda, I put the rubber cock in Tina making her squirm as i work in and out of her. She finally slaps my hand away as she fixes it so she can use it on Linda. Linda has already cum again and thinks that is it. She is in total shock when Tina enters her with that dong while kissing her. Tina turns on the vibrator that is part of it. Linda loses control again as tina fucks away at that already orgasming pussy. We guys are hard again and wanting in. I tell Gene to go over and let Linda suck his cock while she is getting fucked. He moves to her head and she takes it in her mouth.

The three of them are on the bed in a wild three way that we have only talked about. Tina is fucking the hell out of Linda as she is giving the best head that she has given to Gene. I sit back on the couch watching all this play out. I notice movement out of the corner of my I and see one of the ship's maids in the other room watching. She had come in to put towels in the room when she saw all of us on the bed. The ship maids wear very short skirts and tight tops. They are also allowed to participate in any action as long as they get their work done and don't take money for it. This is a swingers cruise not a hookers ship. I don't say anything to her not wanting to scare her off. Linda meanwhile is on all fours again getting fucked by Tina and still sucking that cock. The maid steps into the room some more to get a better view. She notices me sitting on the couch and starts to leave. I motion for her to sit down which she does on my lap. Tina is now laying on her back with Linda now between her legs eating her for the first time. Gene is now getting sucked by Tina and sucked dry. She pulls him out of her mouth and has him cum on her tits. Linda then finds Tina's slit and get a squeal of delight out of her. Tina loves to have clit nibbled and sucked. The maid, Mary, is playing with her own tits and pussy getting her self off. I suggest she let Tina help her with her pussy. Mary moves onto the bed putting her pussy in Tina's face which she starts to eat with gusto. Mary is on Tina's face facing Linda. Linda looks up and notices the newcomer getting eaten. She puts the strap-on in starts fucking Tina at the same time sucking Mary's tits.

This is getting wild. Three hot women on the bed sucking, fucking and kissing. Mary by the way is a redhead with 36C tits and a shapely ass and legs. All the ladies cum about the same time. Mary cums all over Tina's face as she cums to the fucking Linda is giving her. Linda cums from the double headed vibrating dong she is using. The ladies lay there on the bed for a minute. Mary gets up giving the ladies a deep thank you kiss and giving me a few strokes and kiss. She tells us she gets off duty at 9 and would like to see us later. She leaves very content as Gene ask, ?now what ??

We decide we need to get cleaned up and get ready for diner. So we go to our respective rooms leaving the door open as agreed. We all shower, get dressed and head for the nearest buffet.

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