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First Time - A Girls Tale - Part 1 (First Time)

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Hi. Part 1 of my first story posted here. Please take the time to read it and, if there's enough interest, I'll post other parts. Thanks for looking!


My First ? A Girls Tale

My name is KattieLynn (not my real name, by the way). I?m 21 years old, 5? 4? tall. I weigh 105 lbs. I have dark brown hair, blue eyes, and a good complexion. I work out 3 times a week at a local health club, tan twice a week at a tanning salon, and I?m strictly hetro. I?ve never been with another girl (despite several ?opportunities while I was in college) and have no interest in that sort of encounter. Nothing against it ? it just doesn?t appeal to me. I like guys.

I?m from a small family, with a traditional mother and father and one younger brother. We moved to a town in the mid-west when I was a kid and before David (my brother) came along. Dad is an electrical engineer for a small manufacturing firm, Mom is a teacher. David, as a ?little brother? was (and remains) a royal pain ? but I wouldn?t trade him for the world (just don?t ever let him find out that I feel that way!).

I tell you all this about me in order to assure you that I?m about as normal a girl as you?ll ever meet. Nothing really kinky, nothing out of the ordinary ? just a small town girl.

The events in this story took place when I was 17, or about four years ago. I was a senior in high school, into all kinds of clubs and activities. I played soccer and girls basketball for the varsity teams. My experience with guys was limited, and with sex nonexistent. Sure, I had found the joys of pleasuring myself (what girl hasn?t?) when I was about 13. That started with simply squeezing my thighs together, and then progressed to touching my breasts (which had started to appear after my first period) and finally finding the magic that could be unleashed by fingering my clitoris and slipping my finger into the opening below. All this, of course, in the privacy of my own room or in the bathroom with the door locked against my little brother.

At first, I was curious and didn?t fully understand what was happening to me. Running my fingers over my abdomen and down to the mons, spreading the lips of my vagina, and slipping my finger inside while rubbing my thumb over my clitoris packed a lot of pleasure into a dull evening! I found that I could bring myself off just about every night, as long as I didn?t have my period (that would have been disgusting!). As I grew older, I compared notes with my friends (yes, guys, girls do talk about this sort of thing ? and are even more graphic then most of you think we are!). I found that all of them did the same things ? touch their breasts, squeeze the nipples, touch themselves down there and finger themselves to orgasm. Some of us were able to achieve several on any one night ? some only once a night. I managed to hit the right spots few times a night if I tried, but was usually satisfied with one climax before sleep.

Something was missing, and I found it when I first starting dating (I was about 15 when Mom and Dad allowed me to start ? as I said, it was a traditional family, with very traditional values). All through my sophomore year, I went out on group dates ? no less than several couples, usually to movies and dances. The most action we ever got was a few sloppy kisses and an attempted quick feel (quickly ended) before the porch light came on and I knew it was time to get inside.

Junior year was different. I got more freedom (I was 16 by then) and had my license. Dad gave me his old car (a very sedate SAAB) and taught me to drive stick shift. I started taking the car to school and picking up my friends. We would share our experiences over the weekend. Beth (my best friend) was a lot more advanced than I was. She was engaged in a ?serious relationship? and had given her virginity to her boyfriend, Brad, over that summer. She was on the pill and was ?getting laid? (her rather graphic description!) just about every weekend. She insisted that it was great ? but I had my doubts. Brad had a reputation for hitting on girls at school and, in my opinion Beth was blinding herself to this.

Dating got a lot more adventurous that year. Now I was allowed to go out alone, with older guys. I went with a few during the school year, but nothing serious came from it ? a little wet faced kisses, a little ?tickle and slap?, when they got too fresh or wanted more than I was prepared to give. Beth finally caught on to Brad when she found him hitting on one of our mutual friends and when one of his friends tried to get her to go out with him. He told her that Brad was telling everyone about how he had balled her all summer and through the year. They broke up and she was devastated for a few weeks. She started seeing other guys after winter break.

About March, I met Jack, who was a year older than I was. Our first date was fun. Jack was a wrestler on the school team and played football. His father was a County Sheriffs Deputy and Jack planned on following this career after college. On our second date, we made out in the car (his Mom?s station wagon). Nothing but kissing. I was too afraid to let him get any further, although he did try. By our forth date, he was feeling my bra covered breasts and I was enjoying it thoroughly! When he tried to open my jeans, I stopped him. I didn?t want him to know how turned on I was getting, but I?m sure he had an idea.

When I get excited, I (like most girls I know) get very wet. The fluid that we secrete from our pussy (sure, we know the technical terms for it, but we also know the slang ? girls talk a lot dirtier than guys when they?re with girl friends!). is both slippery and has a certain ?smell?. I know my smell (I?ve played with myself often enough to know what it?s like) and I would get a whiff of it when we were making out in the car. I?m sure he smelled me as well and knew just how excited I was getting.

The first time I made a conscious decision to let him go further was about our sixth or seventh date. It was May, getting warmer each day, and I didn?t need to bundle up anymore. I wore a skirt, knowing he would try to get his hands under it (until this point his best shot was rubbing my mound through my jeans and slipping his fingers between my legs). A new experience for me and, again, one I really got off on! I would come home so wet down there from these dates, my panties really damp. I wanted Jack?s hands there, but wasn?t ready for anything else just yet.

Anyway, the evening went pretty much as planned ? and we wound up parked with me sitting crossways on his lap, one of his hand cupping my left breast, his other hand running up and down my leg. Every few strokes sent his hand higher and higher, pushing my skirt up a little each time. I didn?t stop him ? I really wanted to be touched down there, to feel what it was like to have someone else do what I had been doing to myself for the past few years. I wasn?t going to be disappointed.

His fingers slipped along my thigh, now running along the top, now sliding to the inside. I let my legs open slightly, to give him access. His next move was to rest his fingers lightly on my panty-covered pussy. I was getting wet even before he made contact. His fingers lightly stroked the slit through the thin silky material, brushing my clit with his thumb while pressing inward between the lips. I wiggled around, opening my legs a little more, trying to send him a signal that this was what I wanted him to do.

His next move sort of surprised me but I figured, ?What the hell ? it?s what I wanted him to do!? He slipped his fingers under the elastic of my panties, pushing the moisture band to one side. In doing so, he caught a few hairs. I let out an ?Ouch!? and jumped slightly. He pulled his hand back, looking at me. ?Sorry! Did I hurt you??

?No?, I replied, ?just pulled a few hairs. Ummmm ? where were we?? I wanted him to continue. It felt so?..different to have someone else do what I had always done myself.

His hand was back on my thigh, his fingers resting on my now very wet slit. I wiggled around again, letting my legs open a little more, inviting him to reach his goal. The band on my panties was moved aside (this time without pulling any stray hairs!). Now he was moving his thumb around my swollen clitoris, lightly pressing the area around the base of it, sliding over the top. His fingers were resting on the outer lips of my vagina, softly running around the outside of the slit between them. I was really getting turned on! I was so wet and the feeling of his fingers, as they gently massaged the lips and the button above them was getting to me in a big way.

Now I felt him slip his finger into the slit, probing for the opening into my body. My legs were opening now, seemingly of their own accord, giving him greater access to my very wet pussy. I wanted his finger inside me, wanted this feeling to not end. I felt my face starting to flush as he broke our kiss. I looked down at my lap, my skirt pushed up to my waist, the band of my panties pushed aside, his hand buried between my legs, one finger slipping into me, his thumb alternately pushing and sliding over my clit.

I felt myself starting to build to a climax, wanted desperately to come. I also felt the bulge in his pants pressing against my ass. I scooted down slightly, as he readjusted his own body. By now, I was leaning back against the door, my head on the window. One leg was resting on the seat, with my knee flexed upward, the other was sideways with my foot resting on the seat. My knees were wide open, my skirt bunched around my waist. He started to flex the finger buried in my pussy, drawing it in and out while he still massaged my thoroughly aroused clitoris. I started thrusting forward with my hips to meet thrusts, and opening my legs even further, trying to get more of his invading finger inside me. He took the hint and slide his middle finger into me, rotating it around the walls of my cannel, my fluids wetting his palm where it rested flat against my vaginal lips. By this point, I was moaning softly as he brought me closer and closer to that magic moment of release.

Somehow, he had managed to get my blouse pulled out of my skirt and was pushing my bra up and over my left breast. The bra slipped up, my breast popped free, to be captured by his hand. He bent and took the nipple between his teeth, gently biting down on the hard tip while squeezing the body with his hand. I wrapped both hands around the back of his head, thrusting my breast into his face. He released the nipple only to capture it again with his lips, drawing it into his mouth and sucking on it. All the while, his finger continued to probe into my pussy, his thumb rolling my clitoris around like a marble in a pool of oil. My hips were bouncing up and down to match the rhythm of the thrust of his hand against my vagina.

I felt my climax starting to build, the pressure like a balloon inflating in my abdomen. By this point, the feel of his hands on my body, his finger buried in my vagina, the attention he was giving my clit, and his sucking at my engorged nipple had brought me to the point of no return. He had executed the launch sequence and I was headed to outer space!

I came with a shudder, my hips bouncing against his lap, my world concentrated to a point somewhere down below my belly. I had never come like that ? never experienced such an overwhelming climax. My moans were stifled only because I was biting down on my lower lip. I felt a great flush spread throughout my body as he continued to stimulate my clit and slid his fingers in and out of my drenched pussy. My head fell back against the window. I was completely spent.

Jack wanted more, but I didn?t think I could take anymore that night. I looked down at my wide spread legs, the smell of my sex thick in the car. I moved off of his lap, pulling my skirt down, tucking my breast back into my bra and my blouse back in my skirt. My panties were sopping wet. Reluctantly, he drove me home. No one was awake as I let myself in and went upstairs. I went into my room, removed my cloths and dropped them in the hamper. My panties reeked of sex, so I washed them quickly in the sink of my bathroom (as the girl in the house, Dad had installed a bathroom off my bedroom when David got older so we wouldn?t fight over who got to use the guest bath first).

I got in bed, thinking about Jack and what we had done. I knew this was only a step in a progression that could only end up with my giving him my virginity, something I wasn?t sure I was ready to do, and certainly not in the back seat of his mother?s station wagon! I wanted my first time to be special. Right now, I pictured us in the car, my legs wide open for him, his fingers buried in my pussy. I felt very wanton, strangely excited, and still aroused by the feel of him.

I rolled over on my stomach, raised my knees towards my chest, lifting my butt in the air. I spread my legs and reached back between them, running my fingers over my hair covered mound, lightly touching my clitoris. It felt tender and was still very sensitive from the attention Jack had administered a few hours ago. The outer lips of my vagina felt sticky from my secretions. I could still smell the scent of my sexual arousal. I softly stroked myself, not trying to build to a climax, but it felt so good to lay there, my face turned to one side, one hand thrust above my head, my breasts flat against the cool smooth sheet, while the other hand pleasured myself. My fingers danced over my aroused clit, one slipping into my vagina from below while continuing to slide over the hard button of my clitoris. I was seeking the same spots Jack had so recently stroked and probed. I found myself inexplicitly building towards yet another r climax, strangely missing the hard male presence of Jacks hands. I turned my torso slightly, lifting one breast free of the sheet and moved my free hand to cup it, pinching the nipple while continuing to stroke and probe my wet pussy.

I swiftly built to a climax, feeling the familiar rush through my body, my hips bouncing up and down to meet the movement of my hand against the open lips of my pussy, my finger sliding in and out of my love canal. My clit was tingling, my vagina throbbing. I bit my lower lips to stifle my moans of pleasure. I sank down flat on the bed, lowering my hips and sliding my sex drenched hand out from underneath me. After a few minutes, I got up, went back into the bathroom and washed myself off, getting ready for bed. I was exhausted. As I lay there, I tried to compare the climax I had just induced myself to the one Jack had given me a few hours before. What was different about them? The one Jack had given me was so much better ? it involved another person and was deeper and more meaningful.

As I lay there, drifting off to sleep, I knew I had to decide if I would let Jack take my virginity and, if so, when. The school year was almost over and I knew Jack was off to a summer job upstate, one that would keep him away until September. His plans to go to school were not an issue as he was going to a local two-year community college majoring in Criminal Justice, so we would have plenty of time. Should I wait ?till he came back in September or give myself to him before he left? Decisions, decisions?..but that?s another story.

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