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Preferred place to finish?
FORUMS > General Discussions > Open Forum > Preferred place to finish?       02-14-2017 10:04 AM
Unless we discuss it prior to getting started, I'll quietly ask the lady where she wants it. Mostly, the ladies want it inside or on their breasts. Sometimes on their tummy or outside on their vulva. Only one girl wanted it in her face and mouth. The most sensual wife I've ever been with was a very sweet lady who usually wanted it on her breasts, then have me rub it into her nipples and then fingerpaint her lips with it. Then, she would languidly lick her lips. Didn't take long to be ready to go again with her. Her husband would quietly sit naked next to the bed, holding her hand. We became good friends and remained so until her sudden passing. I met them here on SLS.
A Shout Out to Single Males and Their Emails
FORUMS > General Discussions > 3-Some > A Shout Out to Single Males and Their Emails       06-20-2016 10:46 AM
Well, I'm glad you two understand that for the most part, everyone really is polite and well-mannered. A nice, polite inquiry from a single man really does deserve a courteous reply, whether you are interested or not. Good for you that you do. Most couples in my area don't respond at all and a very few respond in a nasty manner, even though their profile seems to match well with me. I don't understand this behavior, but I am thankful that I found their true nature early on. For these, I mark their profile accordingly.
Why Do Some Husband Invite A Guy Over TO Fuck His Wife She Dont Know About It Or Agree To It?
FORUMS > General Discussions > 3-Some > Why Do Some Husband Invite A Guy Over TO Fuck His Wife She Dont Know About It Or Agree To It?       03-21-2015 02:33 AM
A good number (most, actually) of the men who post this garbage about wanting to surprise their wife by having some stanger show up at their hime, without the wife's knowledge, to have sex with the wife, DONT HAVE A WIFE!! They are single men or married men.....both types trying to game others into their twisted sex fantasies. Others are trying to lure single men into s homosexual encounter. Fact is, this site is not a friendly place for single men.
FORUMS > General Discussions > Fantasies > Pegging       03-19-2015 18:55 PM
Kylo It's not supposed to hurt! Too bad if it wasn't a very pleasurable experience for you.
Am I a Female Cuckhold?
FORUMS > General Discussions > Senior Swingers > Am I a Female Cuckhold?       03-15-2015 14:12 PM
Let's put this into another perspective: Why don't you two invite the female half of the couple over to play with your husband and you find nice, clean respectful single guy over to play with you separately? Tell the male "friend" to stay home and watch old John Wayne movies or something. Your husband can send her home glowing. Everyone is happy.
New Site Preview
FORUMS > Suggestions > Website > New Site Preview       03-15-2015 11:19 AM
Regarding: "If the IM should be Online but returns to Offline (and remains there) whenever a new page is loaded, please report that issue to CustomerService. Before doing so, please try a different browser to see if the behavior is the same in both." I'm still experiencing this issue. Please fix. I'm using a current Apple iPhone (Safari browser) to acess/run the site and have been selecting the "new, responsive site" each time on startup (I have not selected "make the new responsive site" as my startup default. The new site runs slower and there are more steps involved in navigation. Pressing the "go back button" (one time) often takes this user back several "windows/frames" or "responses" instead of to the immediately previous view. Please be aware that the comment related to functionality that a change, "is common to current web design practices" does not necessarily mean that design is the optimum for the site (or ANY site), or acceptable, for your users, who suffer in silence.
FORUMS > General Discussions > Fantasies > Pegging       03-13-2015 21:50 PM
A girlfriend of mine really enjoyed gently plowing my ass with a long curved toy while sucking and licking and biting at my thighs, cock, balls and that strip (perineum) between my balls and asshole. She'd get a magic grip on my balls and squeeze and milk them. She'd go on forever, prolonging it. It was a veritable mystical out-of-body trip when I came. Of course she'd lap it all up. She would bring over a bottle of pineapple juice and a teaspoon or two of cinnamon for me to drink up an hour or two prior to starting, to give my semen a nice sweet taste. Of course she'd work my cock up hard again and I'd give her a marathon tongue and cock lashing to her vagina, asshole and mouth. She would about suck my tongue out of my mouth, she loved having her ass cheeks licked and spanked, her nipples sucked and tweaked, and she enjoyed being fucked in the backseat of my car like a high school girl. She had been a gymnast and could assume some amazing positions! And, she would squeal like a coyote when she'd come, which was maybe a dozen times, once we got going! She took a much better job several states away and we couldn't make it work. She was a very bad girl!!! I do miss her....a lot. But "pegging?" Yes, that can be fun!
MFM: Single male profiles with no pics and or profile detail
FORUMS > General Discussions > 3-Some > MFM: Single male profiles with no pics and or profile detail       05-27-2014 01:53 AM
I have my photos locked because I live in a small community and I am a very discreet individual. Further, I don't like having homosexuals perusing my photos, copying them and doing with them whatever it is that they do with photos of othr men. I feel my profile is pretty straightforward, and informative. It says who I am and what I think. It's enough that if a couple or a single woman is interested, they can contact me. I always respond promptly and give access to my photos if they show their photos. If I initiate contact, I give access to my photos first or include one in my SLS Mail. I do not give Certifications to others, nor do I solicit them. This is not, as they say, rocket science. If someone is interested in me, I'm very responsive and expect them to be also. Once contact in made, they or I are either interested or not. If not, we move on. The problem usually comes when the male half of the couple, thinks he holds all the cards and makes demands that I'm unwilling to meet. For instance, I never have or will, send nude photos of myself. That will never happen. In tha case, I suppose that guy and his wife wind up with some other single male that is willing to submit to his ego. From my perspective, I feel like I've dodged a bullet. I am willing to send photos, supply information about myself, which may not be in my profile, etc. to make a couple feel comfortable with me before I meet. I like to have a face-to-face first at a quiet place to see if we really match. All this does not take long and is never a big deal. I've never met with a couple who did not want to play with me, but I did meet one couple that I was very uncomfortable with and chose not to play with. So, there's only so much one should put into a profile and while it shouldn't be vague, neither should it be an autobiographical treatise with a complete photo layout, either. I feel that those who are put off by my not having my photos visible should query me with their photo and I'll gladly make mine available. What's the big deal?
Single Men are Not Warm-up Acts
FORUMS > General Discussions > Men Talk > Single Men are Not Warm-up Acts       05-22-2014 21:03 PM
I think the situation you describe is reason to tell the couple to either: ---reschedule for another time when their dance card isn't full (using those words exactly) or, ---simply ask them where they learned their manners(?), that you think it best that all concerned just forget about meeting. I've refused to meet with people like this. There are enough good people out there that you don't have to.
What's your favorite swinger terminology?
FORUMS > General Discussions > Open Forum > What's your favorite swinger terminology?       05-10-2014 22:28 PM
North Florida's Dirty Little Secret
FORUMS > General Discussions > Open Forum > North Florida's Dirty Little Secret       05-04-2014 23:31 PM
Truthfully, I wondered when this kind of nonsense was going to rear its ugly head. "Preference" may or may not be a word that denotes a couple's or person's desire to play within a specific racial or ethnic group, but whatever it is....it's their business and trying to embarrass or bully them into doing otherwise is rather foolish in my view. It would be my cue to show the door to anyone who tried that crap with me. Ditto with the term "African American." The manner in which that term is used today, in my view, is and of itself, devisive and racist. And, I believe that the term is falacious and meaningless anyway. When I hear someone use the term, the first thing I say is "What country within the continent of Africa were you (or your friend) born, anyway?" "New York City? Why, that makes you an American, not an African American." If such a person actually does feel the need to be devisive and to distingush their race, the term, "black American" makes more sense, don't you think? What? Do these folks think others can't determine their race? Ditto with "native American." Hell, I'm "native American!" I was born here in the United States. A more meaningful term would be "American Indian," which many well-respected American Indians are more comfortable with. My personal "preference," is to be with people that I like....I don't zero in on their race or ethnicity. An asshole is and asshole, no matter what their (oh!!! here's another one from years past......) "persuasion." And, a sweet woman and a nice guy are just that.
are the single men in here a bunch of losers?
FORUMS > General Discussions > 3-Some > are the single men in here a bunch of losers?       01-29-2014 03:01 AM
I read your profile and I think it needs work. Your tangent regarding sensory perception is ??? and more slanted toward your ego than a comfortable threesome. Also, you "pique" someone's interest, you don't "peek" it, but that's a minor point. Yeah, I know. You could pick my profile apart, too, but this forum topic is about trying to help you be successful on SLS. Don't take my comments too personally. In short, if you are a couple looking to have threesomes with good, honest single guys and you've worked as hard at it as you say you have, then, were I you, I would turn inward and evaluate what it is that makes my profile message or what I'm saying to them after the initial contact, unattractive to the point that they break off communications with you. Sure, there are a lot of very strange people lurking in these swinger sites, but I do not think for a moment that those types outnumber the decent, normal folks who want to enjoy one another's intimate company without drama, ego problems, trepidation and surprises. My guess is that something you are doing is upsetting that dynamic and your prospective male swing partners are losing interest.
Cop Fantasy
FORUMS > General Discussions > Fantasies > Cop Fantasy       12-15-2013 03:28 AM
My advice to you is:; "Be careful what you wish for.";
Who is the sexiest female in the site Cast votes here!
FORUMS > General Discussions > 3-Some > Who is the sexiest female in the site Cast votes here!       12-15-2013 03:05 AM
This original topic post for this one was posted over eight years ago.; Seems to have been languishing somewhere in the ether for a long time and was resurected a few days ago. How'd that happen?;
When was the last time you thought about throwing in the towel.
FORUMS > General Discussions > Open Forum > When was the last time you thought about throwing in the towel.       11-25-2013 01:27 AM
What do you mean by, "throwing in the towel?";
One word that describes you
FORUMS > General Discussions > 3-Some > One word that describes you       11-15-2013 03:38 AM
In a word, as it relates to swinging:; Satisfying; ;
When we swing, I love to hear them say
FORUMS > General Discussions > Fantasies > When we swing, I love to hear them say       11-13-2013 02:17 AM
:-)"magnificent erection? that sounds too corporate, too serious, too professional. how about... that big fucking cock? "; No, really.....that's what she said. I thought she was bs'ing me or teasing me or making a joke. I'm just average, but maybe thicker than most. Her husband was a lot smaller than me. They had never done this before and maybe he was her only previouslover, I didn't ask. Justtreated them nicley and they asked me back every couple weeks for a while.; I guess the point is ......... it was very nice to hear her saythat. And, they were a sweet couple. So it was nice.; ;
When we swing, I love to hear them say
FORUMS > General Discussions > Fantasies > When we swing, I love to hear them say       11-09-2013 03:02 AM
"Oh, please fuck me with that magnifcent erection!"; Ihesitated for a second because I thought she was teasing me. Nope. She had that sleepy, glazed look on her face and that dopey smile. Very sweet. Her husband was sitting there close, but out of her line of sight, silently giggling. Those two were a lot of fun.;
Adult Theatre sex
FORUMS > General Discussions > Fantasies > Adult Theatre sex       11-09-2013 02:45 AM
Cubbii,; Why don't you pre-screen a few guys and have a private gangbang at a hotel. Get a couple bottles of wine and make an evening of it.; The movie house thing does seem pretty dangerous from a STD perspecive.;
Creepy Meeting with Couple for MFM
FORUMS > General Discussions > 3-Some > Creepy Meeting with Couple for MFM       10-20-2013 01:59 AM
Swgoldencouple, In the two instances you described, I think both those guys were high on some type of drugs besides pot. In the case of the stranger calling you by name, who knows what? You maced him and he just walked away. Normal people don't behave like that. The ex boyfriend with the strange odor? My guess is that he had been smoking some street-drug chemical substance. Stay safe. SLO
Creepy Meeting with Couple for MFM
FORUMS > General Discussions > 3-Some > Creepy Meeting with Couple for MFM       10-18-2013 23:17 PM
"sextus, You're way too vague...you need to better explain yourself. You felt they had a mask over their bodies? So they weren't nekkid........... lol... " I didn't think I was being vague. it was as if to me that under their skin was something else, entirely. In other words, they were not who or what they seemed to be on the surface. Has anyone ever experienced anything similar, where there was no overt threat, per se, but the overwhelming thought or fear that something was "not right" in a big way?
Creepy Meeting with Couple for MFM
FORUMS > General Discussions > 3-Some > Creepy Meeting with Couple for MFM       10-18-2013 19:06 PM
I had a meeting with a couple from about 50 miles away from here earlier this week that was completely off the charts from anything I’ve ever experienced. We met and I was immediately turned off by this pair to the point of being fearful, literally. They seemed to be normal in every way, but it was as if I was watching the entire interaction amongst us on TV or from some other place. Like an out-of-body experience, I could see myself being pleasant and friendly and so were they. However it was as if they had some mask over their entire bodies. I just couldn't figure what was "wrong" with them. There was some menacing aura about them I can't explain. The entire meeting with them was creepy and made my skin crawl. After one drink and about 20-30 minutes, I told them that I didn’t think we were a good match. I complimented the lady and explained that it was just me. I couldn’t get up and get out of that saloon quickly enough. I shuddered as I left there and when I hit the cool air outside, I cleared my lungs and I looked behind me to see if they were following. I drove away quickly and kept checking my mirror. What the hell was going on? I never felt such a thing before. Just writing about it right now is giving me goose bumps. Have any of you ever experienced such a thing???
FORUMS > General Discussions > Open Forum > Tattoos       10-18-2013 18:24 PM
"Seduction4-2 Who keeps bumping this stupid fucking thread? Jesus Christ, just stop it! " -- Ditto -- this and your other comments regarding tattoos. Tattoos have evolved from being a marker of the lower class to being acceptable ... generally because of the low class music industry and the sports industry types who have become popular and who others have tried to emulate for some reason (I have my guesses as to why). Further, the only tattoos that were acceptable were military tattoos, and even those had their limits. My guess is that in the near future, the pendulum will go the other way and tattoos will become, again, a stigma, rather than being cool. How about the tattoo on some redneck's belly, of a cat, looking back at you with it's tail up and the cat's vagina being the redneck's belly button. Explain that when you are 65+ years old, dumbshit. Women with "tramp stamps" across their lower back, next to their ass cracks, do not leave me with a good impression, nor do most other tattoos. I like unmarked women. No one with any brains will EVER critiize you for NOT having a tattoo, whether you are female or male.
My thoughts on the polite no thank you
FORUMS > General Discussions > 3-Some > My thoughts on the polite no thank you       09-18-2013 03:26 AM
I am sympathetic as well, that you had someone write a note to you two, such as you describe. You do not say if it was a paid member, over 35 member, etc. Those kinds of assaults (and that IS what they are) cannot help but to be traumatic. I agree that you should demand that SLS administration take punitive action against that UserID. I think that people like that are misogynistic sociopaths and could become violent. SLS should take swift, punitive action against that kind of behavior. Not to make it worse, but it's a good thing you did not by accident, welcome someone like that into your swing life. That's why you should screen your potential swing partners, don't give your real names in the beginning and meet at a public, neutral restaurant or social bar, then go home and discuss before you decide to take them home or meet at a hotel. Legitimate single guys won't take offense to that and will certainly respect your caution. Good, legitimate singles expect a civil reply and your not being your usual self in responding in a civil manner means these idiots have taken something from all of us, in my opinion. But, you probably already know all that stuff and seem to be screening possibles well already, without my advice. But, I will add, "Don't be discouraged." SLO
First time threesome
FORUMS > General Discussions > 3-Some > First time threesome       07-29-2013 17:01 PM
Hey, if you were with a single guy who made you feel uncomfortable and used, then it's HIS fault and not yours. You just got one of those single guys that is unable to communicate with a woman and whose interests are self centered. He probably acts the same way with single women. So, you have gotten plenty of advice about how to go about selecting a single male partner, so I could hardly add much, except to say that you aren't buying a new toaster oven when you "shop" for your guy. You must feel a chemistry with your prospective partner. If that isn't there, just pass. You need a guy who knows how to make you both relax and takes his time. He needs to know what your expectations are and you need to know his.
The YouTube Thread
FORUMS > General Discussions > Open Forum > The YouTube Thread       05-17-2013 02:09 AM
Here are two. You can't help but laugh. :-) “My Dick” youtube dot com/watch?v=WIGQArdu7Qc “My Puss” youtube dot com/watch?v=F5BtLDcJOzQ There are several versions of these on youtube, as you'll see.
Bar pick up wedding ring on or off
FORUMS > General Discussions > 3-Some > Bar pick up wedding ring on or off       12-28-2012 19:31 PM
Bridgetender: "Seriously, SLO? Married women aren't allowed in bars or dance clubs unless they're there to play? Interesting. I'm hearing those echoes again of why MCs avoid/block SMs. " Okay, here we go...............! Look, this is a forum where text is belted out quickly and without a whole lot of explanation, sometimes no editing, mostly no spell check, etc. However, NOW, I'M beginning to understand why everything has to be spelled out in capital letters, double spaced and endlessly edited so that anyone who has the ability to READ (never mind having comprehension skills) at a freshman level can follow it. (Unfortunately, the text editor doesn't allow for attention-getting devices, such as underlining, italics, etc.) Anyway, ...... WHY WOULD ANYONE (NOT JUST WOMEN) GO TO A BAR OR CLUB, WHO ISN'T GOING THERE TO PLAY.....ONE GAME OR ANOTHER? IF YOU'RE JUST GOING THERE TO DRINK, THEN THAT'S A DIFFERENT ISSUE. AND, IF YOU'RE HEARING ECHOS, CHECK YOUR BATTERIES.
Bar pick up wedding ring on or off
FORUMS > General Discussions > 3-Some > Bar pick up wedding ring on or off       12-24-2012 17:27 PM
===roc-em-soc-em "I am serious though, I use to wear a fake wedding ring because was sick of getting hit on when I was at dance clubs, bars, etc and I ended up getting hit on more!" === Is that a joke? What were you doing there if it wasn't to play?
Do you like to give more or receive more
FORUMS > General Discussions > Open Forum > Do you like to give more or receive more       12-24-2012 17:01 PM
Giving, of course. There is nothing quite as wonderful as a satisfied woman and giving her what she wants is very satisfying to me. So, sometimes it's difficult to tell the difference between giving and receiving. Pleasing a woman in a sexual encounter is always my first priority. I just love to see that smile....
Knocked up
FORUMS > General Discussions > Open Forum > Knocked up       12-13-2012 00:18 AM
"What an odd and seriously fucked up topic! " I agree.
FORUMS > General Discussions > Open Forum > Desired       12-13-2012 00:14 AM
s42 "Their reason for swinging is that they feel desired, and feeling desired makes them feel young, attractive and sexy. I was surprised, because for as long as I've known them, they ..........." I like the idea of connecting the reason for swinging to a longing to be desired. Probably, many swingers would not characterize it that way and might deny it altogether, however I think it is well-put and the concept makes sense to me. Also, I do not think one must have low self esteem to enjoy being desired; I think the desire to be desired is basic to being a "normal" human, from my point of view. We are hard-wired as social creatures and that spark of desire on the part of another for us, I think sparks a reciprocal desire on our part. It sounds like your friends are a very intimate couple.
Who pays for room
FORUMS > General Discussions > 3-Some > Who pays for room       12-11-2012 01:13 AM
"I'm not prostituting myself for a 85.00 room and Mr Sav isn't going to auction me off to the highest bidder." "I bid one really, really nice bottle of wine. ;-) " "Just how nice is nice??? lol " ================== Now that they've established THAT, looks like now, they're just haggling over price! :-)
Inviting a vanilla SM for our first MFM
FORUMS > General Discussions > 3-Some > Inviting a vanilla SM for our first MFM       12-09-2012 21:50 PM
CAMZWIFE, You know, something maybe that didn't get said before, is that when you do your "interview" with the SM, you should discuss a wide range of topics over a period of an hour, at least to draw him out. If he has a mean, creepy or weird side that makes you uncomfortable, it will emerge and you can signal CAM and gracefully exit. With most guys, "when you know, you know" they'll be good for you. If you don't get that vibe, well ... maybe they're not. No reason to take chances. You're the girl and you hold all the cards. slo
FORUMS > General Discussions > 3-Some > LOOKING FOR LADIES FOR 3 WAY       12-09-2012 21:41 PM
"Why are you not picky? " That's a great question.
kids finding out about your life style
FORUMS > General Discussions > 3-Some > kids finding out about your life style       12-09-2012 21:37 PM
I had a girlfriend some time ago who used to call my cell and leave cute little nasty messages, including what the two of us were going to do that weekend with another couple or a single guy. Well, I would never reciprocate when I called her home and got her machine for a good reason...I never knew who might listen to the message. (I rarely called her at work or on her cell at all and never left messages because she was a very busy senior executive type and always in the company of others.) Point is, I called her place one day and no answer. I was going to leave a cute message but did not. I just left a short, "hi, i'll be in san jose next week for a couple days and wonder if you will be free for dinner on thursday or friday? Call my cell, please." Good thing. Her grown son was staying with her that week, but did not answer her phone. Had I left an intimate message, it would have told him things he had no business knowing about. She always said her son would ask probing questions occasionally, and her reply was always, "I am a single woman and what I do privately is just that! Mind your own business! I don't quiz you about your private, intimate affairs and I never will. For you to inquire after mine is disrespectful and creepy. Mind your manners!" ....(or close to all that, anyway.). But the phrases, "I don't quiz you... " and " ...disrespectful and creepy" are spot-on accurate to what she said and I agree with them completely In my opinion, you do not owe anyone an "honest" answer, or even a dishonest answer, regarding these things and discussing these intimate affairs with anyone who you do not do them with is only opening the door for problems for yourself. It IS disrespectful for anyone, never mind your kid, to demand answers to questions regarding your private, intimate relations. In my opinion, you should ask your kid to leave and don't come back if they can't behave in a respectful manner toward you.
kids finding out about your life style
FORUMS > General Discussions > 3-Some > kids finding out about your life style       11-29-2012 18:44 PM
Gina, My "detailed, weird conversation" was a facetious statement, essentially saying, "Well, DUH!!" I wrote it because I was surprised to see that someone (the op) would seemingly be uncomfortable about being questioned regarding their lifestyle (God, espeically by their kid!), while at the same time posting (on their profile) recognizable photos of themselves for public view; especially photos with the lady looking very naughty, as in the case of the op. Did they think it was invisible to those they would not wish to see it? Did they think their kid was still a child and would not cruise sites like this? Who would do something like that if they actually had something to lose by doing it? Well, in theis case, the op. I thought that my intent was clear, but maybe not.
500 mill
FORUMS > General Discussions > Open Forum > 500 mill       11-29-2012 11:53 AM
Okay, I'm one of the big winners. Where do you guys want to party? SLO
500 mill
FORUMS > General Discussions > Open Forum > 500 mill       11-29-2012 03:00 AM
QUESTION: "What would you do if you hit today's powerball?" Why, I would finance my own solar energy company!
kids finding out about your life style
FORUMS > General Discussions > 3-Some > kids finding out about your life style       11-29-2012 02:54 AM
"Really, (insert son's name), why would you come here asking a question like that? I don't consider that any of your business. Do you belong to a swing site?" "No, dad, we don't belong to a swing site. I was browsing a couple out of curiosity, found this one called SLS. It was easy enough to become a free member, so, I entered some local data in the search screen and guess what? You two showed up, easy as pie! I'm asking you this, dad, because I'm pretty upset that you would be silly enough to put photos of yourself, fully clothed, and my mother, dressed like a hooker, accessible to anyone who wanted to cruise the site, like I did. Why the hell would you do something like that!!? Surely there are some safeguards to keep your photos away from general view, aren't there? I can only guess what your 'private pictures' look like!!"
FORUMS > General Discussions > 3-Some > Jealousy       11-29-2012 02:40 AM
Real jealousy? Yes, I have experienced that.
Male Anorgasmia
FORUMS > General Discussions > Men Talk > Male Anorgasmia       11-28-2012 00:04 AM
Sorry this is so long, but you asked for "any help". I have a bit of experience dealing with chronic, long term pain in a family member. Dealing with pain can be a nightmare if you trust your doctors blindly to do the right thing. They can ruin your life with drugs. So, listen up, do your own research, check on whatever a doctor tells you to verify accuracy and to check on what they are NOT telling you. I don't know what your meds are, but maybe only one is causing this issue or maybe some combination of them is causing the problem. Do research online regarding side effects of the medications you take. Then talk to your pharmacist, too, as verification to your research. Tell the pharmacist everything you'd tell your doctor and if they don't know about the drugs (hard to believe), ask'em to check. Pharmacists more often than not will know more than MDs about medications' primary uses, secondary uses and side effects, especially in conjuction with other drugs, diet, sunlight exposure, etc. Also, if you are taking anti-depressents for pain, there should be a better alternative, because they certainly will cause sexual disfunction in many, many cases. They will also cause personality disfunction, lethargy and (!!?) depression! I suggest you just do not take them but don't take morphine or any derivitive of it, either. Gabopentin (aka, Neurontin and other brand names), a siezure and epilepsy drug, is also used to treat chronic pain. But it has some nasty side effects as well, such as personality change AND sudden cessation (stop taking it overnight) can cause serious issues; in some case siezures. There is a drug used to treat morphine or heroin addiction called Suboxone that can be used for pain with good success. It targets pain receptors but not euphoria receptors. Suggest you do not let a "family" MD or a "pain management" MD at a "pain management" practice prescribe your medications. Suggest you avoid that at all costs!! Maybe a MD Psychiatrist that specializes in pain management might be best. Also, a good exercise regimen will enhance libido and allow you to reach orgasm normally. Another excellent way to keep in shape sexually is to lose the wait around your midsection. I'm talking about that buildup of fat behind your gut and back their near your kidneys. Work on that and your gut will decrease, too. Good diet and exercise is often overlooked. Perhaps you can get some tips from these quick suggestions. I don't mean to ramble on, but I have a good deal of experience in dealing with pain, fortunately not my own. Do your own research. You must advocate for yourself. This is serious and it is not like going to the doctor for the flu.
After an Encounter
FORUMS > General Discussions > 3-Some > After an Encounter       11-25-2012 23:58 PM
blue "SLO in a perfect world you may be right but you are entitled to your opinion and it is most welcomed. But I think we will just stick to "standards" " See now, that was a classy reply.
After an Encounter
FORUMS > General Discussions > 3-Some > After an Encounter       11-25-2012 15:15 PM
I have to disagree with that last statement. To be sure, swinging is a social interchange. Obviously there is sex involved, however it is an intimate social interchange and exhibiting proper manners and etiquette, which would be appropriate in most any social exchange, are equally important, or more so, in our swing relations. I'd say more so, given the intimacy involved. So, I think there is a good measure of "class" involved. If you just look at swinging virtually as anonymous fucking and nothing else, I see your point. But I don't view it in that manner.
After an Encounter
FORUMS > General Discussions > 3-Some > After an Encounter       11-24-2012 19:53 PM
I would like to stay in contact with my playmates. My problem and I think may single guys' feeling, is that we don't want to bother the couple or make them think that I am trying to somehow be too possessive of the lady. The last thing I want to do is appear "needy," when I'm just trying to be friendly and keep the swing relationship alive. But, never hearing from someone you have been intimate with is strange to me. I always either call (prefer) or email. I think maybe you should send a brief "Hey, we had fun" - type email to see what reaction you get. Maybe this guy is just one of those guys with little or no respect for those he is intimate with. At any rate, I wouldn't get very worked up about it, were I you. As was said earlier, sometimes it's only a one-way connection.
Gift Suggestions for People who Don't Need More Stuff
FORUMS > General Discussions > Open Forum > Gift Suggestions for People who Don't Need More Stuff       11-24-2012 19:36 PM
Here are some ideas. Send out a mobile car-detailer to detail their cars. If they drink wine, subscribe to a high-end wine club so they get a shipment monthly for a year Hire a caterer to do all the work for them for a party that they plan and have at their place. Research and hire a high-end portrait photographer and have a photo-shoot at their place, where you have new family photos done. Hopefully other family members live nearby or could come in for this "event".
Other Swinger Sites and SLS
FORUMS > General Discussions > Open Forum > Other Swinger Sites and SLS       11-17-2012 19:03 PM
While I am Christian, I rarely "advertise" the fact. That's why places like Christian Mingle are, to me, the ultimate joke as far as these types of web sites go. (I do not differentiate these sites.) I know several people who wear their religion like a badge and I find them for the most part to be disingenuous, pretentious, and untrustworthy. I think they use religion to cloak their bad intentions and to take advantage of others. Just my observations. I used to belong to AFF a while back, and yeah, while there were a lot of strange contacts coming my way, I met a number of honest, down-to-earth couples there. So I wouldn't necessarily say it is a "bad" site.
Are you really a swinger
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Okay, so there's one opinion.
FORUMS > General Discussions > Open Forum > Twinkies       11-15-2012 23:19 PM
Better buy a truck load of them now! With all those preservatives and other stuff in them, they should keep forever!! Yum Yum!
Swing party gloryhole
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The other issue, for me anyway, about "glory holes" is that it is simply impersonal
Such thing as 'Too nice
FORUMS > General Discussions > 3-Some > Such thing as 'Too nice       11-09-2012 23:39 PM
I'm not a couple, but, it seems to me that you should have pictures of the male half of your couple in your profile. Certainly ones that give some idea of his height, physical appearance, etc. Too nice? Maybe there is such a thing, I don't know. I'd say, just try to behave normally and be yourselves. Don't accept behavior from swingers that you wouldn't accept from your non-swinger friends and just treat your new swinger couple friends as you would your other friends :-) except for ... slo
Mrs question for Women How hard is it really to find a woman for MFF
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Yes, I think it would be difficult for you to find single playgirls locally in a small town with not six, but maybe TWO degrees of separation. And, as you say, being somewhat agressively proactive in approaching likely single women could cause you major problems. Why not put out a "cattle call" here on SLS for single or married women to come visit you? It might be a fun trip for them and I'm sure there would have to be a getting-to-know-you meeting involved, but it might turn into something nice. Also, list a playdate for several zip codes in your vicinity to see if you can find a playmate or two. SLO
Swing party gloryhole
FORUMS > General Discussions > 3-Some > Swing party gloryhole       11-09-2012 18:02 PM
Years ago a guy I knew told me about being stationed in Subic Bay, Phillippines. He waxed on about the wonderful days of going into a titty bar that specialized in naked dancers, blowjobs and beer. Sailer-boy would pay $5 or $10, go over to a table and they kept the beer coming while someone under the table (hole in the floor) undid his pants and gave him a blowjob. I asked him how he knew that it WASN'T a guy under the table?? He got a shocked look on his face and admitted he had no idea. So much for nostalgia, I suppose. Same way with a "glory hole," wherever one would find it. The glory hole experience does not sound like something I'd want to participate in.
Navy labeling
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Perhaps you have already done this, but if I were you, I would query (google) something like: navy shipboard designations to see if you can come up with some documentation as to the terminology that you are looking for. I think that if my suggested search phrase (above) doesn't do it, then, as you explore, you will be able to reduce your search phrases to come up with the navy manuals or data you need. Personally, I don't think that asking people in a public user forum for this data will give you the accuracy that you say you are looking for. SLO
asking to see pics then closing window
FORUMS > General Discussions > Open Forum > asking to see pics then closing window       10-30-2012 01:03 AM
-ditto- Carrie's answer.
Zodiac Signs
FORUMS > General Discussions > Open Forum > Zodiac Signs       10-29-2012 18:57 PM
I do not know, one way or the other. My big head tells me "no" and my little head is only interested in pussy, so I have no real benchmark to compare. Damn! Something else to worry about ... should I read my horrorscope or just eat another bowl of Cheerios??
What is the Best Movie (and WHY) You've Seen in the Last 3 Months
FORUMS > General Discussions > Open Forum > What is the Best Movie (and WHY) You've Seen in the Last 3 Months       10-29-2012 18:51 PM
Is this the one (Liquid Sky v. Liquid Sky's)?? I didn't see this movie and it doesn't sound like one I'd watch, but who knows? This probably isn't gonna help much, but I queried this movie on imdb and here are two reviews from the site, one written by a Brazilian guy, hence the grammar errors. There's also one retort that I noted below: Liquid Sky (comedy, sci-fy - 1982) Invisible aliens in a tiny flying saucer come to Earth looking for heroin. They land on top of a New York apartment inhabited by a drug dealer and her female, androgynous, bisexual nymphomaniac lover, a fashion model. The aliens soon find the human pheromones created in the brain during orgasm preferable to heroin, and the model's casual sex partners begin to disappear. This increasingly bizarre scenario is observed by a lonely woman in the building across the street, a German scientist who is following the aliens, and an equally androgynous, drug-addicted male model. (Both models are played by Anne Carlisle, in a dual role.) Darkly funny and thoroughly weird. Written by Marty Cassady In New York, a small flying saucer lands on the roof of a penthouse seeking for heroin. In the apartment, the cocaine addicted model Margaret is a promiscuous bisexual androgynous woman that lives with her lover, the drug dealer Adrian. Margaret has sex with many partners asking for cocaine in return. The aliens discover that the sensation of the orgasm is equivalent to the heroin and they suck the brains of Margaret's lovers, killing them first and then making their bodies disappear. Meanwhile, a German scientist is chasing the extraterrestrial beings and arrives in a building in front of Margaret's apartment to observe the creatures. Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil AND THEN, "Liquid Sky is a recital in duality Marty, I think you have no clue what you are talking about. The Margaret character is anything but a nymphomaniac... " So, probably looking further on imdb will add some other information(?). SLO
What is the Best Movie (and WHY) You've Seen in the Last 3 Months
FORUMS > General Discussions > Open Forum > What is the Best Movie (and WHY) You've Seen in the Last 3 Months       10-29-2012 01:28 AM
PandoraBayou "They said the same thing about McCarthy's "The Road". While it wasn't completely faithful to the novel, it DID go to places on the screen that tore my heart out the same as the book. McCarthy is one twisted individual (but in a good way) and pairing his work with the brothers Coen was sheer genius. " Wow, I have to agree with that "pairing" statement 100%! I was impressed with "No Country ...." not just because of the powerful story line and the acting, but also because I lived in El Paso and other parts of Texas and I have been to or lived in every place IN that book and am familiar with the people, the areas and the filming locations in those towns.
What is the Best Movie (and WHY) You've Seen in the Last 3 Months
FORUMS > General Discussions > Open Forum > What is the Best Movie (and WHY) You've Seen in the Last 3 Months       10-28-2012 21:23 PM
===== outdoorsWNC "No Country has as many awesome and exquisite scenes as any Coen Bros. movie; but it's really just an indulgence in their affection for ultra-violence, divorced from realism. " I don't think the Coen Brothers "invented" the violence in "No Country for Old Men." Coincidentally, I picked up a copy of Cormac McCarthy's novel of the same name and from which the movie is derived. I'm about 2/3 through the book and I find so far that the movie is about 90% faithful to the book ... even the dialogue. One part that is different is that llewellyn had Chigure dead to rights and let him go, refusing to kill him. The movie treats that incident differently. There are a couple other deviations but the movie is spot-on to the book. The violence in that story is Cormac McCarthy's and not the Coen Brothers'. Also, another of McCarthy's earlier novels from about 25 years back and which has been called "unfilmable," is probably going to see the light of day as a movie in the next year or so. That one is "Blood Meridian," full of senseless violence critical to the story line.
Blocking just to eliminate posts
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I may not like certain of the people (actually, how could I DISLIKE them, based on the content of these forums?) who post on the forums, and I may tease others, or blast others, based on a spur-of-the-moment take on something they said, but I just think blocking another member shows a certain weakness. I have blocked only 2 profiles in all the time I've been a member on SLS. One of them is a local member who never posts in the forums and who I've never contacted, but who latched onto my profile and just started sending insulting mail. Don't know why. The other was a member from the forums who didn't like my responses, I guess and started sending nasty private messages. I might unblock that one and hopefully they won't start sending me nastygrams again. I agree ... if someone posts and you don't like what they have to say, just skip over it. Blocking, generally is a spiteful act that harms only you.
What's for Breakfast
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2-egg omlette (whole eggs & water, whisked) with precooked mushroom slices, chives, tomato, a little grated American cheese and a little pepper and salt, cooked quickly with Pam in a heavy pan. 1 slice of dry, white toast, 4oz blueberries with a couple Tblsp. of plain yogurt, 16oz black coffee, all chased with 1 1/2 quarts of water.
What's Your Biggest Turn Off
FORUMS > General Discussions > Open Forum > What's Your Biggest Turn Off       10-27-2012 00:26 AM
Disrespectful, patronizing, aggressive stupidity exhibited by either a man or a woman.
best friend ends up fucking her round2 what about impending wedding help
FORUMS > General Discussions > 3-Some > best friend ends up fucking her round2 what about impending wedding help       10-23-2012 15:51 PM
I think you poisoned the water hole, pard.
FORUMS > General Discussions > Open Forum > No BLACK MALES       10-07-2012 00:37 AM
====Mel-B "Dannyb1979 hasn't been back in to say anything since he started this rant... "===== Yeah! "Why don't he write?" ?:-( Probably found the holy grail, got his nuts fucked off and is laid up in bed resting right now, with an ice pack on his balls, having forgotten entirely about writing the origiinal topic post. ;-)
They're Baaaaack
FORUMS > General Discussions > Open Forum > They're Baaaaack       10-07-2012 00:28 AM
Hey Wayne! (profile review) I don't think we have to tell each other EVERYthing! ;-) :-) Those things are nasty, nasty, nasty.
They're Baaaaack
FORUMS > General Discussions > Open Forum > They're Baaaaack       10-05-2012 14:46 PM
====="I wonder why a bug zapper doesn't work? =====" Maybe they're smarter than the average bug(?). Here's a thought ... how about those sticky traps for mice? Another idea is those old-time sticky fly strips that hang down from the ceiling? You could drive long nails or pegs in the earth or do something else for patios and unwind those things in coils horizontally like concertina wire about an inch off the ground around the perimeter of the house. Put strips of them on window sills. They'd get caught up in that and you'd just have to pick them out and toss them in a bucket of soapy water every day. Sounds like a lot of work, though. Plus the odor...ughh.
FORUMS > General Discussions > Open Forum > No BLACK MALES       10-05-2012 14:37 PM
Yeah, SHIT! I'm one of those picky-ass shit bastards, too. I've excluded black males. I'm fucking serious about that shit, too!! Of course black females is another thing :-):-) .
hypobaropathy or just inept and lazy
FORUMS > General Discussions > Politics > hypobaropathy or just inept and lazy       10-05-2012 01:48 AM
So now, the excuses come in tidal wave proportions. Apparently, brako isn't a clueless, lazy, petulant little shit. He was suffering from altitude sickness. Boy, the Socialist excusers for their boy are piling the bullshit so high, you need a pair of wings to fly over it. Turns out their latest spin on the brako debate train wreck is that the normal, everyday, lame ass petulant ineptitude typically displayed by brako turns into altitude sickness when he's in Denver, but when it can be covered up by his handlers and a functioning teleprompter, he's just fine. Huh? Al (just call me "Stupid") Gore was the first to field this nonsense today (Oct 4). He's not smart enough to think of this obscure excuse on his own, so brako's handlers got Gore ("He's too dumb to realize how stupid this sounds, so he'll do it.") to propose this ridicuous theory. Here's the report: Gore blames Denver altitude for Obama's debate performance It was the altitude. Yeah, that's it. As liberal pundits cringed Wednesday night over President Obama's debate performance, Al Gore leapt to his defense with a curious explanation. If Obama seemed like he had his head in the clouds, the former VP reasoned, perhaps it was because he was having trouble adjusting to the Mile-High City. "I'm going to say something controversial here," Gore said on Current TV , the channel he helped found. "Obama arrived in Denver at 2 p.m. today, just a few hours before the debate started. Romney did his debate prep in Denver. When you go to 5,000 feet, and you only have a few hours to adjust, I don't know ..." Gore trailed off with a chuckle, but his fellow co-hosts chimed in with agreement. "Exactly," one of them said off-screen. Co-host Cenk Uygur noted how when he came from Los Angeles, "You know what I did? I drank two cups of coffee before coming out here." Another guest added: "It's really different. The first time I ever did stand up in Denver I had the same exact effect. I flew in that day and when your lungs aren't acclimated to that kind of air, yeah it makes you drawn. It makes you off. The president had an off-night." Other Obama supporters weren't quite so willing to give the president a pass. "I can't believe i'm saying this, but Obama looks like he DOES need a teleprompter," comedian and Obama supporter Bill Maher tweeted.
FORUMS > General Discussions > Open Forum > NO WHITE FEMALES       10-05-2012 00:10 AM
==========AFT 'why do you bother to be on this site if your going to say or list stupid shit ... ETC. ETC. yadda yadda and all that shit"=========== deja vu all over again.
Pregnancy and the lifestyle
FORUMS > General Discussions > Open Forum > Pregnancy and the lifestyle       10-04-2012 19:47 PM
This is a tough one to comment on. I'm not creeped out or uncomfortable by the idea of having sex with a couple wherein the woman is pregnant. I would be as careful as hell, of course and make sure she was comfortable. I think it would be endearing. Whether she is being irresponsible in swinging while pregnant and maybe breast feeding is another issue. I think each one's circumstances might come in to play in that case. Personally, I would lean toward being very conservative (if I was married and my wife was pregnant), but, I wouldn't make a broad-brush statement regarding that issue.
They're Baaaaack
FORUMS > General Discussions > Open Forum > They're Baaaaack       10-04-2012 19:30 PM
=======Melvin B., "I threw them in the microwave! One at a time as they were found; ten seconds on high and those fuckers flipped over on their backs with their legs sticking straight up! .......... I'd say pretty damn good for nuking those sons of bitches!"====== "Ve vill shoot ALL uff you ... seferal TIMES!!!" YOW!! I feel your pain!! It's probably a damn good thing the neighbor's poodle hasn't pissed you off yet!! ;-) How'd that microwave smell after that? :-b
They're Baaaaack
FORUMS > General Discussions > Open Forum > They're Baaaaack       10-04-2012 19:18 PM
====SED4TWO We have a four season's contract, and they do come out when I call, but there is not a damn thing they can do for stink bugs. .......solved the problem when we put the fireplace on. But exterminators can not do anything for these bugs."======= Gosh, I had no idea that the bug guys couldn't put up a spray barrier and take them out !!! :-O But, being a guy, I'd try the boric acid powder and the "puffer" applicator anyway (and then go, "gollll-eeee" when it didn't work). Sounds like the vacuum is the only sure way (that and the fire), but what a pain.
They're Baaaaack
FORUMS > General Discussions > Open Forum > They're Baaaaack       10-04-2012 04:12 AM
1. Probably the best and simplist thing to do is to call out an exterminator and pay for a quarterly service. Usually, if you have issues in between visits, they will come out and spray at no extra charge. BUT, if you insist: 2. Get your wet/dry shop vac out and put about an inch or so of soapy water in it. Then go around and vacuum up as many of the bugs as you can see. Do this every few days. Shoot an air freshener into the inlet of the shop vac periodically while you are doing this! 3. Go to the hardware store or home center to their "death row" section and get a container of "Roach Pruf" or something similar. Usually in a yellow or red plastic can with a "sprinkle top". Look at the ingredients. What you are looking for is boric acid. The one you want is 98% or so boric acid. (Don't buy the one that has flour and sugar in it.) The generic is as good as the brand name. It's a white powder and is a pretty benign substance; just use common sense in handling it. Sprinkle it around the ground on outside of your home and it should take them out down at the lower levels, up on window sills, gutters, nooks and crannies, etc. What you are doing is putting up a barrier. You can go online and find a "puffer" applicator for this boric acid powder. It is an extremely usefull tool. You pour the boric acid powder and squeeze the rubber bulb. It has an atomizer nozzel that shoots out a fine mist of the powder so you use about 1/3 or less of what you would use otherwise. The bugs walk in the stuff and they get it all up on and in their exoskeleton. It dehydrates them and they go tits up. Boric acid powder is death on ants, wasps, bees, and almost any other bug. Applying it is the thing; you need that puffer device to effectively apply it to verticle surfaces and to get it into nooks and crannies. Powdered DE, diatomaceous earth (this is something different), might be tougher to find in some places, but it works the same way. Just so's you know, granulated DE, which won't do for killing ants and bugs, is used for kitty litter and as a filter media. DON'T VACUUM UP THE BORIC ACID OR THE DIATOMACEOUS EARTH!! It is of micron-sized particles and will get airborne from the vacuum's exhaust and you will inhale it. Bad ju-ju!! If you find you want to get rid of the applied powder, hose it off and work it into the dirt with the hose.
FORUMS > General Discussions > Open Forum > No BLACK MALES       10-04-2012 03:39 AM
=======OP "why do you bother to be on this site if your going to say or list stupid shit like that honestly isntead of sls monitoring your photos you upload they should monitor that shit for being racisit or ask when signing up or exclude preference privately and send you to another area shit is lame and funny at the same time and get rid of stupid ass picky people "======== 1. I guess "shit" is the new "fuck." 2. People "bother" to be members of this site for their own personal reasons, including having fun with those others of their own choosing, not yours. Sounds like you aren't their idea of fun. That simple. Too bad. Stop whining. 3. "Stupid is as stupid does." 4. Yeah, get hold of SLS management; maybe you can get a consulting job to enlighten them in the of screening of members to cater to your adolescent whining. 5. Playing the the race card, huh? What a surprise. 6. Yep, about as picky as you would be if you were screening people to be intimate with your wife.
Cowardice and the Right or Why Would an Intelligent Adult Believe a Word the GOP Says Today
FORUMS > General Discussions > Politics > Cowardice and the Right or Why Would an Intelligent Adult Believe a Word the GOP Says Today       10-02-2012 21:54 PM
Be careful what you wish for, Ghost. You and yours will sink into mediocrity or worse, while do-nothings figuratively roast your gizzards over an open fire. Realistically, I do not believe that any clear-thinking American wants either of these two zeros in office. There is no real ANY CHOICE between the two. There rarely is. However, Socialism IS NOT the answer.
Forum Counter
FORUMS > General Discussions > Open Forum > Forum Counter       10-02-2012 02:32 AM
-------tbrmskss, "Wow, I was correct. First time for everything... " ------------- =============== Yup! "Even a blind hog turns up an acorn now and again!" ;-) slo
Forum Counter
FORUMS > General Discussions > Open Forum > Forum Counter       10-02-2012 02:30 AM
Profile Review "SLS-xxx is the server that you are on. " =============== I made a 'help" request several days ago regarding that "SLS Number"and received an answer that was not pertinent to the question. I guess my question was not clear. I didn't pursue it. Anyway, your "server number" answer begs the question: "Why is that server number even visible on the various forms, the form template or landscape, we are accessing?" Users probably do not need to see that. I suppose it is a P3 or P4 bug? Anyway, that answer (it being the server number) explains it. Thanks, SLO
Who looks like, NANCY GRACE
FORUMS > General Discussions > 3-Some > Who looks like, NANCY GRACE       10-02-2012 01:41 AM
My goodness! Nancy Grace? You mean the mean-spirited, hysterical, attack-dog blonde ex-prosecutor Nancy Grace? :-) She's fun to watch on TV and I've enjoyed her getting all worked up over some poor sob defendent in one of those televised murder trials. She'd probably be fun in bed, too. But, nope, I sure don't know of any look-a-likes to her. Why not just write her agent (google it) and ask for three or four profile and face-on photos. They will probably accomodate. Either that or find them on google images.
kids finding out about your life style
FORUMS > General Discussions > 3-Some > kids finding out about your life style       10-01-2012 21:12 PM
Here're some answers: "Swing site ... you mean fucking other people??!!" Why in the world would you ask your parents such a thing? Dances? What dances? Where are you getting this stuff from and why are you asking us such a question?" (Idiot son replies.) "Okay, so now that you have your nose where it doesn't belong, goodbye. We'll let you know when we want to, if ever, see you again. Now leave." OR, I SUPPOSE YOU COULD ANSWER IT THIS WAY: "Yeah, we belong to a swing site, but only until your mom gets knocked up by a stranger in a hotel so's you can have a new baby brother or sister. Why do you ask?" Sounds like you raised a fool.
Mia Love, Republican Mayor In Utah, Intimidated
FORUMS > General Discussions > Politics > Mia Love, Republican Mayor In Utah, Intimidated       09-29-2012 13:56 PM
How is a black racist, such as 8mm (who SAYS he's black, anyway) different from a white racist (apparently any white person who disagrees with 8mm?) 8mm (Frisbee) has insulted, and otherwise attacked people who he hasn't even communicated with here and thinks he is entitled to use racial slurs in the public forums, hiding behind some pseudo-academic use of the terms. He believes that white guilt is alive and well. News flash for you 8mm ... it never existed except amongst the self-deprecating left. And, even then it was just for show. You know, like at cocktail parties. Go peddle your racist crap down the road. You are about as dull as dishwater, Frisbee and you bore the hell out of me. Mia Love is a victim of the attack-dog left, who are outraged that many black Americans do not wish to see the US slide into Socialism. She just needs to "grow into the clothes" of her new leadership role. Hopefully she'll do just that.
Mia Love, Republican Mayor In Utah, Intimidated
FORUMS > General Discussions > Politics > Mia Love, Republican Mayor In Utah, Intimidated       09-28-2012 20:23 PM
8mmCable, You run around with your RaceCard out and ready to swipe, don't you? What do you get for every swipe? Nothing closeted about you, though, is there? Let me tell you ... you don't get a pass on the use of the term, "nigger," even though you think you do. I find it highly offensive that you use this term. You've been waiting a while now to make a comment like that and then try to apply some pseudo-astute, pseudo-scholarly definition for it. You should probably be very careful about using these racial insults. I'd say you are the very definition of the term "racist;" you wear it and flash it like a badge.
The Newest Target of the Politically Correct
FORUMS > General Discussions > Politics > The Newest Target of the Politically Correct       09-28-2012 20:04 PM
Slick, simple answers from one who has absolutely no inkling of how the world works. You don't have to prove that some BIG FAT PIG (remember, ... it is now politically correct to say that) is fat, but it will be more difficult or impossible to prove that someone else's lifestyle has pegged them for execution or as the Direktor of Lifestyle Choices, at the camps, our own Socialist "sorter" Herr Hil puts it, "they'll have to pay more." Camp-speak for being sent to the gas chamber or the Soylent Green processing plant. Get a real life, before brako and the brownshirts take yours from you.
Mia Love, Republican Mayor In Utah, Intimidated
FORUMS > General Discussions > Politics > Mia Love, Republican Mayor In Utah, Intimidated       09-28-2012 13:45 PM
Mia Love got a nastygram. Congratulations, darling! :-) :-D You are doing something right and it scares them. Get used to this kind of thing and don't forget to wear a wet suit and tanks, because now you'll have to swim in the cesspool. There is a large segment of the black population who hate brako and the Socialist machine, but who are too intimidated to say so publically. The thing Mia will have to learn is that dealing with these "democrats" (Socialists, really) is like mud-wrestling with a pig. She will just get tired and dirty and the pig likes it. So, Mia, save your strength and energy and focus on the prize.
Mia Love, Republican Mayor In Utah, Intimidated
FORUMS > General Discussions > Politics > Mia Love, Republican Mayor In Utah, Intimidated       09-28-2012 13:39 PM
Blocked you, huh? Are you sure? I thought (could be wrong) that if you are blocked, neither the blocker nor the blockee(you) could see one anothers' activities. I don't know, maybe that's wrong; I don't pay enough attention to it to worry about it. Anyway, who cares, right? :-)
Reduced Sensitivity - Ugh!
FORUMS > General Discussions > Men Talk > Reduced Sensitivity - Ugh!       09-27-2012 18:51 PM
-----kinddragon "Amen to that sabrinasslave! :) It always bothers me when I hear how it's 'all about her, all about her', ...sometimes the male doesn't even cum at all because it's 'all about her! I don't get it ... and i think it's awfully boring too! Everyone should be able to focus on themselves. I prefer (if not together) taking turns... ;) " YEAH! THOSE BITCHES!!!! That's what I say! Most of them just need to be spanked and f$@%ed, !! ;-) Truth is, though, I have always enjoyed pleasing women. When I was a boy, I really did come too quickly (we all did), cuz there was no experience and control. But when I first made a girl orgasm from intercourse (after the third time I did it), I was hooked (so was she!) :-) on giving girls/women what they needed first, because a man has a recovery time and women do not (they might, but they can just keep going for the guy). Hell, I didn't even know what happened and she wasn't sure, either ("It didn't feel like THAT when I played with it!")! I thought she was screaming because I was hurting her, but she dug her heels in and told me I wasn't going anywhere!! YOW! Of course, women also learned along the way to give men what we need, too. So, it worked both ways. I guess what I'm saying is that I'm not sure that this "it's all about her" thing actually existed.
Pitiful treatment of single males
FORUMS > General Discussions > Men Talk > Pitiful treatment of single males       09-27-2012 18:17 PM
------OutdoorsWNC "Josie, welcome to forumland. I apologize on behalf of the single men here who have not said anything welcoming."---- Strange response. Why would you want to apologize for something you didn’t do? And, even more so, because you, “don’t have a dog in this fight?” Aren’t you a “couple” (or so it says here). You not only shouldn’t, but really you don’t have the right, to apologize for anyone other than yourself, much less a single male, wouldn’t you agree? Your comment seems, at least to me, to be at the same time, patronizing toward single males and pegs you to be one of those arrogant male halves of a couple who believes single males should be grateful to him. You would probably be the reason you (as a couple) would either get a turndown from me or, if we did meet, I would not want to see your couple again. -------eagleclaw "That being said, I have had a few couples who send me one line e-mails. Couples don't want one line e-mails. Why would a solo dude? They say something like, "She may be interested. Open all your pics. She has to be attracted." She has to be attracted? Duh! Perhaps, I may want to be attracted, too.--------" Yes, exactly. I agree with you in your reply. My perspective on the “open your pics” comment from some one-liner email is that the “couple” …… isn’t! Probably some guy in a dark room, lit by the glow of the monitor, collecting photos of men. When I get those emails, my response is something like: “You will have to say something meaningful in another email before I will count you as being a real couple.” I’ve only gotten one response from one of those (nice couple). Who knows how many really were couples and how many were just weirdoes (or both)?
The Newest Target of the Politically Correct
FORUMS > General Discussions > Politics > The Newest Target of the Politically Correct       09-27-2012 14:52 PM
........ ARTICLE CONTINUES ........ They are short and worth watching, but in case you don't have time: Basically, overweight parents have embarrassing "aha" moments, realizing that their (overweight) children are imitating their unhealthy habits (buying junk food and eating huge quantities of unhealthy food). "Today is the day we set a better example for our kids," says the tagline. These aren't perfect ads. I get that. The biggest reason is that they shame people, and that's not a nice thing to do. As Lindy West wrote in a post for Jezebel, "It makes me, a former fat kid and current fat adult, want to die." That's why a lot of us were really uncomfortable with the Georgia ads that featured obese kids with taglines like "It's hard to be a little girl when you're not." Shaming kids crossed a line. But shaming parents... well, that may be necessary. West makes some good points in her post. It's very true that fat doesn't necessarily equal unhealthy. If you are overweight but exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet, you could very possibly be healthier than a skinny couch potato who lives on Doritos. But in general, being overweight is not good for you. It raises your risk of heart disease (more than we used to think), diabetes, cancer, orthopedic problems, mental health problems and even economic problems. It's certainly not something we strive for -- or want for our children. And while there are certainly overweight people who eat healthfully, the parents in the ads didn't. That's who the ads are targeting: parents who really do need to take a hard look at what they are putting in the grocery cart or on the dinner table. West is right in saying we should be having campaigns that are aimed at encouraging healthy habits; the fun Blue Cross Blue Shield "Do Groove" video does just that, encouraging people to get moving (I keep hoping to see people dancing in waiting rooms like the guy in the video, but it hasn't happened yet). But as someone who spends a lot of time talking in detail with families about what they eat, I think we need more of those "aha" moments. Since talking until I'm blue in the face isn't helping, maybe shaming people (grown ups, not kids) is what we need to try next. I also agree with West that we'll never conquer the obesity epidemic if we don't face some hard truths about grain subsidies and other economic (and marketing) factors that are contributing to it. Everyone should be able to afford healthy food -- and have access to safe and affordable exercise options. There are real social justice issues here, and we need a groundswell of indignation and action. But we can't waste time waiting for the perfect ad, the perfect approach that changes behavior without offending anyone. Lives are in danger, and things aren't getting any better. Just yesterday I was reading about how the military is getting involved in the fight against childhood obesity, because one in four Americans weighs too much for military service (makes me wonder if this is some sort of silver lining -- obesity could end up forcing peace). The implications for the future health of our children, and of our society and our economy, are staggering. We aren't going to get anywhere in the fight against childhood obesity if we don't deal with the biggest risk factor. To me, it's worth hurting some feelings if we save some lives. END
The Newest Target of the Politically Correct
FORUMS > General Discussions > Politics > The Newest Target of the Politically Correct       09-27-2012 14:51 PM
The latest PC target is fat adults and their children? The latest target for bullying by the political correct? But, hey! It's okay, because it's in the best interest of: The Nation (Socialist bullshit) The KIDS. (ain't it always about "the KIDS"?) The parents. "HEY YOU FAT, UGLY PIG ... OINK OINK! " No more BBW, I suppose. Now it will be BFP's (big fat pigs) or maybe BUW's (big ugly women). Maybe they'll just put them in camps and starve them down to an acceptable weight, as mandated by brako and the new world fat Nazis. While the ads (RIGHT NOW, anyway) are somewhat benign, it won't be long before the will be ratcheted up as attacks on on both adults and children. The fact is, it is no one's business what a person consumes in this country and the "best interests" of the "country" or the "people" be damned. That is National Socialism (it's recognizable name is "Nazi"). That's where this is heading. Read this (below) and watch the ad in the article. What do you think? Here is one article: "Shaming Parents to Fight Childhood Obesity Is A Necessary Evil" Claire McCarthy, MD link: huffingtonpost . com/claire-mccarthy-md/childhood-obesity_b_1916419.html START If we really want to decrease childhood obesity, do you know what we need to do? Fight parental obesity. I'm serious. We've known for a while that what puts a child at biggest risk of being obese is having an obese parent, and just recently a study was released that said the same thing. Having an obese parent is a bigger risk factor than watching tons of TV or having a bad diet or never exercising. If we could get parents to a better weight, the researchers said, we could cut childhood obesity in half. That's why ads like these from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota make sense: (Blue Cross Ad VIDEO) ..... (It is embedded in the web article.) .......ARTICLE CONTINUES IN NEXT REPLY......
Sugary Drink Limits
FORUMS > General Discussions > Politics > Sugary Drink Limits       09-15-2012 13:12 PM
TAXES! OF COURSE!! That's the answer! Why didn't the rest of us think of that!?
our first 3sum
FORUMS > General Discussions > 3-Some > our first 3sum       09-15-2012 12:34 PM
" ...and by cut we mean circumcised :) thanks for the tips :) " Why mention this at all? I think that is what AFT's wry comment was meant to convey. You either are or you are not circumcised and I suggest you remove any mention of it from your profile. If the fact that you are circumcised is a dealbreaker, you will find that out in someone's profile or in communications with them before you even meet face-to-face.
Sugary Drink Limits
FORUMS > General Discussions > Politics > Sugary Drink Limits       09-15-2012 12:22 PM
"Scientific" research and conclusions have nothing to do with this "experiment". Trying to make this drink ban sound like a good thing is the wrong perspective and pooh-poohing this, trying to hang "nutcase conspiracy theorist" on those who can see where this type of law is heading, are themselves the short-sighted pawns of big government. This morning, already the news magazine shows had guests who were touting this action, by big-government-socialist, bloomberg & company, to ban large sugared drinks as a boon to brako-care, saying that it would save the country untold millions in medical costs to care for obese people. The obese and other disabled or chronically ill individuals will become the throwaway citizens of the country. And, don't think for a moment, bloomberg thought this up on his own; this is a calculated move on the part of the big government machine. This nonsense is another bite out of the elephant of constitutional rights, designed to limit basic freedoms in this country and to create a sub-class or caste, of the citizenry that will receive less care than the government-designated norm. A disposable class of citizens, if you will.
Bad Pick up lines
FORUMS > General Discussions > Games > Bad Pick up lines       09-14-2012 21:12 PM
Worked for me at least three times: Hi, I'm (your first name). It's getting late and boring. It's probably a good time for us to go somewhere and cuddle? May I take you home?
Reduced Sensitivity - Ugh!
FORUMS > General Discussions > Men Talk > Reduced Sensitivity - Ugh!       09-14-2012 21:00 PM
AFT: "I've NEVER seen a profile that requests a premature ejaculator. " ;-) Well, now. Aren't YOU the poster child for sensitivity and encouragement?
Pitiful treatment of single males
FORUMS > General Discussions > Men Talk > Pitiful treatment of single males       09-14-2012 20:56 PM
2W's "I understand that some single guys are jerks and what not, but certainly that is not the case in every instance. It's unfortunate." Well, it is also unfortunate that a LOT of couples are jerks, who misrepresent themselves in many of the attributes (physically and otherwise) they tout in their profiles and whose whose male half behaves as if they are doing single males a favor. They're pretty easy to spot, though, so usually the sm hasn't wasted very much time with them.
How to make a FMF not seem like A lot of work for M LOL
FORUMS > General Discussions > Men Talk > How to make a FMF not seem like A lot of work for M LOL       09-14-2012 20:50 PM
Work?!! WTF?
Sugary Drink Limits
FORUMS > General Discussions > Politics > Sugary Drink Limits       09-14-2012 20:41 PM
ProfileReview: "I haven't researched this, but I am guessing that the calories in the average meal at a restaurant far outweigh the calories of the drink." Probably not. After someone refills their 16oz soda three times (about average for an "eat-in" meal), they have consumed the equivalent of two to three cans of soda. Those calories will probably equal or exceed the calories of the fast food meal. I've done no studies, but that's probably about right or close to being right. But, guess what? It's nobody's business, especially the government's business, if I buy a super big gulp 2-quart (64oz)regular coke. I cannot believe such a law would withstand litigation. Personally, I limit the amount of "fast food" that I eat, using it as a treat, more than anything. Plus, I drink diet cola, which is, SO FAR, exempt from this attack on the rights of citizens. Diet sodas contain Aspertame (i.e. NutraSweet, Equal, etc.), which is linked to many health risks and conditions, so go figure; should they have banned sugar or aspertame? Trick question; it isn't any of their business!! And, who is to say that Aspertame is not next on the hit list of this benign 700 pound gorilla, bloomberg & Comapny? Point is, this is more than trying to limit sugar and hence, obesity. It is an attack on your freedom to make the decisions that govern your everyday life.
Sugary Drink Limits
FORUMS > General Discussions > Politics > Sugary Drink Limits       09-14-2012 16:26 PM
bloomberg and his elitist socialist colleagues are using this "sugary drink" thing as a big step toward controlling everything that the general population does. Next, it will be that you cannot purchase beefsteak, claiming that all beef should be ground into hamburger mixed with fillers. And, that will be on "treat night." The rest of the week he'll have the world eating Soylent Green or it's Y2K equivalent.
Energy drinks
FORUMS > General Discussions > Open Forum > Energy drinks       09-13-2012 22:37 PM
If he has a thriving business, he should be enjoying the profits from it. The fact that you have no insurance and the company does not provide it should be incentive for you to find employment that provides the comensation package that satisfies you. NOT that the government should force your employer to insure you. Life doesn't work that way and no matter how much the socialists push their other agenda, it will never work that way and the country will fall into third worldism trying to provide equality to non-producers.
Your First
FORUMS > General Discussions > Open Forum > Your First       09-13-2012 17:28 PM
My first experience was a pre-play meeting with a couple. I was working in the Bay Area at the time and I drove out to a restaurant they selected. I liked her right away, but he was so different and out-of-synch, that I just wondered why they were together. Anyway, we set up a playdate for two nights later at my hotel. Turns out, they were both singles, playing together and not married (actually turned out to be true). What a wild evening with that woman! The guy had a lot of issues we don't need to discuss here. He was quick and wanted to leave, but she wouldn't have any of that. So he wanted to get in close and watch and comment. We played for a couple more hours and she didn't want to let go of me. We set up another playdate for the following week at my hotel and her guy lasted a while longer and participated more, which was good. Anyway, things progressed from there with her (but without him) and we continued to see one another for five years, until she accepted a position in another state.
Your First
FORUMS > General Discussions > Open Forum > Your First       09-13-2012 16:55 PM
Yeah Sed? Did I ever tell you that Bigfoot lives in the woods near my place?
Welcome New Forum Posters Welcome Back Other Posters who were on a vacation of sort
FORUMS > General Discussions > Open Forum > Welcome New Forum Posters Welcome Back Other Posters who were on a vacation of sort       09-13-2012 01:33 AM
I have to second that, Joan. You are one good-looking woman!
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