The Best of Both Worldz - Event 04/04/19 - Sexy Yellow Night

before weekend fun - 04/04/19 - SOUTHFIELD, MI

Type:  House Party
The Best of Both Worldz
The Best of Both Worldz 
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family:arial,sans-serif; font-size:14px">PLEASE READ CAREFULLY OUR HOUSE RULES. 

Hello sexy people, we would like to take this time to give you all a little information about how we host our parties. We start off with a meet and greet and if you are new to the lifestyle it is very important you arrive on time so you can express what you are looking for and what you are not looking for. Yes we are newbie friendly and willing to help walk you through the lifestyle because we were all new at one point. We are all friendly, down to earth, laid back, respectful, opened minded, non pushy, and clearly understand everyone in this lifestyle has rules and limitations. We have learned a few things in 2017 while hosting and now we will share our learning with you all. Please do not sign up for our parties if your unsure you are going to attend. Too many times we get people who sign up and do not attend and yes we get that life happens and things come up and that is understandable but you will only get two chances with us and then we will politely block you from signing up for any of our future parties. Please do not show up to our events drunk because we will ask you to leave, if you need to be that drunk to attend a party we are not the party for you because we have learned what comes next which is disrespectfulness. We host at our home and sometimes at a hotel but either way it is about respect, which mean everyone has to respect our home and the people who live around us. We really do not understand how people could be sitting right next to each and have to stout at each other while holding a conversation? We do not welcome loud and obnoxious people. Time is posted for a reason we kick off at 9:00 p.m. and door will close at 10:45 p.m. so that we can move into playtime. Arriving late you will not be allowed in because it is disrespectful to think you can show up to anyone’s event really late and then want to hold up the people who did arrive on time and really to move to next level. We are not nor will we ever be a Blind Pig (after hour place). We are all about clean, safe fun with good people, and have zero tolerance for anything other than that. We offer a safe, clean, friendly environment for those who attend our events and will not have it any other way. We understand questions come up about swinging and all the information you need is offered on this site, so we suggest that you do some type of homework before even entering into this lifestyle and if that is not good enough then yes we will reply to any questions or concerns that you may have. If you do not have pictures on the site then we will send our number to send a face picture so we know who we are allowing into our home then we will delete the photo. Please do not use our number for endless texting, it is for you to send a photo, and if you get lost to call and we will guide you in. We host discrete parties so do not ask for others pictures because we will not send them out as well as your photo that is the meaning of being discrete. What happens at our parties stay at our parties. Our events are B.Y.O.B (bring your own booze) & B.Y.O.C (bring your own condoms) number one rule no glove no love (unless your with your own mate). We offer dinner, snacks, water, juice. To us it is very sexy to see a woman in lingerie and heels so pack a bag so when we move into play time we will change but only if your comfortable then join us but if not there is no pressure here ever. We hope you all will come join us. Please email us for more information on our event. We will send the location to our event the day of the event, this is to ensure your attending because we understand life happens. We are looking forward to seeing you all in 2018. Thank you all for reading our event page. We are opened to new people as well.

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