SoCalCircus - Event 06/14/24 - SoCalCircus - Friday 06/14 8PM eXXXtremely action packed PLAY PARTY!!

Hosting safe, sane, consensual group play for kinky naughty action oriented girls and the men that love to play with them since 2007!!! Call us, don't text us, at 909-549-5236 and CUM PLAY!!! - 06/14/24 - HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA

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THIS IS AN EXCELLENT PARTY FOR WOMEN & COUPLES WHO LOVE LOTS OF ACTION! Call us RIGHT AWAY at 909-549-5236 (Please do not text) and PLAN IN ADVANCE if possible. Spots for girls and couples are limited and they are going faster than ever! We only allow six girls/couples per party and those spots will be gone before you know it. All of the women that attend come because they love the incredible level of constant action in our parties! For experienced girls AND for women who are interested in getting your group cherry popped we can assure you that your discretion, privacy, safety, security, and comfort are our primary concern. For couples the male is absolutely welcome to play with the other girls. The women who attend our events consistently compliment us on how well we run things. YOU WILL BE SAFE WITH US! This is a great place to make your wildest fantasies into reality. We only allow 6 women to attend each party and all of them will be there to play with three or more men. Spots tend to go very fast so CALL RIGHT NOW. Call right away to lock in your spot. We DO NOT allow women and couples to come just to watch. In any of our parties you will find a very nice selection of somewhere between 30 to 60 men representing all races with the majority of men being between 25 to 45 years old. Most of the women that party with us are also totally bisexual. That being said please do not pressure girls for girl/girl action once they have said they are straight. For those of you with specialty requests we can get as wild as you want so please let us know if you have something special in mind for when you come play!

You are in total control of your action and we will hold your hand and/or back you up every step of the way. You can choose your favorite 3 guys and play with just them or you can stay all night and wear out every man in the place, IT IS TOTALLY UP TO YOU! We are an eXXXtremely fun loving group that has been going strong on a weekly basis since June of 2007. If you truly love action give yourself a break and come have fun with us!

GUYS this isn't a free for all - NO still means NO and a woman only has to say no one time. YOU WILL HAVE TO ARRIVE BEFORE 10pm. The action will be going strong by 8:15pm. The best time to arrive is 8:05pm. For girls and couples we strongly suggest arriving at 7pm so you have time to meet the other girls, get ready, and settle in before the guys starts showing up. NO LATE ARRIVALS ARE ACCEPTED! We ALWAYS respect the women‘s preferences and boundaries!

You can also learn more by doing a search for the name SoCalCircus on any major search engine and you can find out more about us that way.

In order to attend you have to call 909-549-5236 (do not text message us, voice calls are required) so we can voice verify. If you get our voicemail be sure to leave your name(s) and say your number twice so we can be sure to call you back. Call anytime 24/7 and CUM HAVE FUN!

CALL US AT 909-549-5236 TO VOICE VERIFY. (Please do not text message)

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