ShareNation Events - Event 11/03/23 - HOWL at Her MOON - ShareNation's BAD PUMPKIN Weekend

Night One and the MOON's are Sexy and HOT at this BYOB Takeover - 11/03/23 - HAMPTON, NH

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Friday: November 3, 2023

ShareNation venues features attractive couples raising the bar on an atmosphere that lifts the vibration of your lifestyle. THIS IS A NEW COUPLE-FRIENDLY COMPANY featuring icebreakers designed to help you make new friends and connect. With that, you have to do your part to ACT; Attend, Communicate, and Transform your lifestyle.

What to do NEXT?

1) Make your hotel reservation: Best Western Inn at Hampton Beach - (603) 926-6771 - You will not be able to make the reservation without the group code. The Group Code is: BATMAN. -- For the purposes of this event, any guest staying one-night-only must stay at a nearby hotel and are considered party-only. Per our host hotel, 2-Nights are REQUIRED in order to stay in the hotel.

2) Purchase your event ticket, especially if you are on the hotel reservation list. No couple shall remain on the hotel list after October 1, 2023. Rooms for the takeover arre popular and we can only confirm guests who are most certain to attend. We replace couples unable to confirm via a ticket to make room for guests on the wait list. This process makes it easier and more efficient for ShareNation to settle people in rapidy on Day 1 and not get bogged down in the room shuffle.

3) Make sure you create your ShareNation profile on our website. After all, you pay for membership and should start sending your intentions to meet by posting on our site WALL, or sending messages to other members. Many people connect via this feature.

4) Start planning. Theme outfits are not mandated, but our theme nights are designed to show off your greatness.

5) Follow our event updates on our website; check your email.

Special Halloween Bonus for Attendees: All ShareNation couples and New Couples attending this event will receive a Bonus 90-Day ShareNation membership added to their CURRENT ShareNation account. If you have an expired membership, please renew prior to arrival and consider the bonus 90-days that will be reflective on your account upon event completion.Thank you tremendously for your amazing support.

HOWL at HER MOON Night - This event kicks off ShareNation's Return of the Pumpkin Snatch Halloween Weekend. Friday night is FREE for all guests with a Saturday event ticket. WOW!

3:00 pm - Check-in begins at the ShareNation Help Desk located in the lobby of our host hotel.

4:00 pm - 6 pm - Heat up in our HEATED POOL. Early arrivals Meet n' Greet.

6:00 pm - Dinner break for all guests.

7:30 pm - Speed Connections - Ballroom - Get to this icebreaker to meet and greet your friends of the past and most importantly, the friends of your future. It allows you to have a few minutes with attending couples and keeps the room shifting so you can meet as many people as possible.

9:00 pm - HOWL DANCE - Ballroom - Featuring the super sounds of DJ Moe Green.

11:30 pm - MOONS on the POLE DANCE is held - GREAT PRIZES for contestants - Register at the ShareNation Help Desk to be part of the show. There are no losers at our events - only winners and spectators.

1:00 am - FULL MOON Pool Party begins.

Saturday, November 4 2023

1:00 pm - GENTS of ShareNation - Ballroom - No ladies permitted - ShareNation gathers its Gents (males) into our Assembly-4-Responsibility; its our calling of our brotherhood of responsible males. In this gathering, we will discuss proactive matters relating to male ethics in the lifestyle, how we can engage others without objectifying, why boundaries should be considered sacred, how and when navigating-to-play is best, and most importantly, men's health which evidence shows impacts ALL age demographics. ShareNation's GENTS should know that making this event is likely the most attractive aspect to your partner (for her to know that you are rising to exercise greater awareness, practice, and responsibility). Though ego and personality are important aspects of the lifestyle (and we will touch on this in Assembly), leave your ego at-the-door when you attend this activity.

1:00 pm - Ladies-Only Pool Party - ShareNation ladies make connections in a private girls-only gathering on the party floor. Gents are not permitted.

2:30 pm - 6:00 pm - ShareNation Pool Party

6:00 pm - Dinner break.

7:00 pm - 8:00 pm - WE'RE GOING DOOR-TO-DOOR - It's a ShareNation Door Decoration AND/OR In-Room Decoration Contest. Guests are encouraged to open and welcome guests as they explore. ABSOLUTELY NO FOG MACHINES PERMITTED. Have FUN, make new connections, or reestablish Let the tricks n' treats begin.

8:15 pm - Ballroom Doors open for early seating - Balls Deep Comedy Show - Three NATIONAL comedians make way for a hysterical show geared at making you piss in your pants,. or more.

8:30 pm - 9:15 pm - BALLS DEEP COMEDY SHOW: Ballroom - Each comedian performs for 12-minutes each. Get ready for it because it's delightfully offensive, excitingly hysterical, and inappropriately memorable. Best of all INCLUDED with your event ticket purchase.

9:15 pm - BAD PUMPKIN BEGINS - Ballroom


Professional Halloween Photos FROM 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm: Dynamic Halloween shots on the green screen, multiple Halloween backgrounds, instantly emailed. We own the technology, so your pics never fall into the hands of the creepy. We also purge all pics after delivery.


You like what we're doing? We appreciate our members and rely on them to tell all of the friends out in the universe who we are and why this vibration is where it's at. Bring your friends, as we'll accept them as ours too simply because they know you.

For event ??? and answers, text Amanda at 603-706-0830.

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