ShareNation Events - Event 10/28/23 - HALLOWEEN TAKEOVER - The PUMPKIN SNATCH

Some like to snatch, some to be snatched. Either way, this is SNATCH season - 10/28/23 - PARSIPPANY, NJ

Type:  Hotel Party
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ShareNation Events 
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No Single Males permitted: No exceptions. Absolutely no considerations.

ALL INFORMATION ON THIS SLS SITE IS DEEMED AS INFORMATIONAL-ONLY. ADD YOUR PROFILE TO THE SLS ATTENDEE LIST and we will send to your inbox updates to you. HOWEVER, for time-sensitive UPDATES, please know that information is always accurate and updated on SHARENATION'S WEBSITE.

Our Halloween venue is a costume-creative event featuring the creativity of our sensual and party-dynamic couples.

The Vibe is high. Positivity is higher - ShareNation venues features attractive couples raising the bar on an atmosphere that raises the vibration of your lifestyle. 

THIS IS A NEW COUPLE-FRIENDLY COMPANY.  ShareNation members value welcoming into the tribe positive flowing couples of all boundary levels. If Mack is looking to go straight to the Sack, this may not be a fit for you. If you are looking for a great VIBE that's welcoming by the existing TRIBE, this is the perfect way to navigate the lifestyle. You'll meet many people and your vibration will clearly determine your night. The LIGHT always find the LIGHT and, RESPECT always prevails, and THIS is why we continue to be the benchmark in a transforming lifestyle.  

LODGING: Staying overnight in the host hotel is strongly recommended. 2-Nights are NOT required, but just so you know. Many couples who stay 2-nights provide 20x the connection value. You can stay ONE-NIGHT if you want to. 

All guests may stay in the host hotel (subject to availability on a first-call/first-served basis) on Friday or Saturday - your choice.  Two nights are NOT required for this event except for couples assigned rooms on the party floor.

To HOLD your room: Call the Holiday Inn of Parsippany directly at 973-263-2000. The Group Code is PUMPKIN. 

All hotel reservations are subject to a 72-hour cancelation notice.

To Guarantee your entry: Grab a ticket on the ShareNation website. The hotel reserves the right to bump a guest to a sister hotel if they have not paid their entry ticket in advance. The only guests considered confirmed to attend are guests who have prepaid their ticket.

Special Halloween Bonus for Attendees: All ShareNation couples and New Couples attending this event will receive a Bonus 90-Day ShareNation membership added to their activate ShareNation account. Thank you tremendously for your amazing support. 

Friday: October 27, 2023

HOWL at HER MOON Night - This event kicks off ShareNation's Return of the Pumpkin Snatch Halloween Weekend. Friday night is FREE for all guests with a Saturday event ticket. WOW!

POLE GIRL competition is held at 11:30 pm - GREAT PRIZES for contestants - Register at the ShareNation Help Desk to be part of the show. If you wish to be a judge at the event, please inform the Help Desk. Judges must be NEW couples to ShareNation, as we clique-bust in our house.

Following is the Party Floor After Event. It speaks for itself.  Get sexy, get creative, PLAY all night!

Saturday, October 28, 2023

1:00 pm - Developing.

2:30 pm - GENTS of ShareNation - Ballroom - No ladies permitted - ShareNation gathers its Gents (males) into our Assembly-4-Responsibility; its our calling of our brotherhood of responsible males. In this gathering, we will discuss proactive matters relating to male ethics in the lifestyle, how we can engage others without objectifying, why boundaries should be considered sacred, how and when navigating-to-play is best, and most importantly, men's health which evidence shows impacts ALL age demographics. ShareNation's GENTS should know that making this event is likely the most attractive aspect to your partner (for her to know that you are rising to exercise greater awareness, practice, and responsibility). Though ego and personality are important aspects of the lifestyle (and we will touch on this in Assembly), leave your ego at-the-door when you attend this activity. 

3:00 pm  - Ladies Play n' Toy Party - ShareNation ladies make connections in a private girls-only gathering on the party floor.  Gents are not permitted.

5:00 pm - Couples SPEED DATING - It's where SUPER Connections are made. If you are a new-to-newer couple to Share, this icebreaker is your gateway to meet, make, and flow with new peeps.

7:00 pm - New Couples Orientation (Ballroom) - For the new couples in the lifestyle, we help you start your journey at this incredible icebreaker.

7:30 pm - Official In-Room Decoration Contest:  All in-room contestants must REGISTER at the ShareNation Help Desk to enter. The contestant MUST be in their room from

7:30 pm - 8:30 pm and MUST make their room available for viewing to all members of ShareNation during this time. Winners announced at 11 pm in Grand Ballroom. Host judges are independently and anonymously selected - they will rate your room UNDER COVER, or might even get under your covers if you really want to win.

7:30 pm - 8:30 pm - OFFICIAL PRE-PARTY: (4th Floor) An all-room Meet n' Suite icebreaker party featuring treats, tricks, and everyone in between.  Make sure you make this delicious mixer.

8:30 pm - 9:30 pm - BALLS DEEP COMEDY SHOW: Ballroom - 3 spectacular comedians - CONFIRMED.

9:30 pm - The Official Halloween GALA begins - (Ballroom) - DJ Moe Green in the mix.

11:30 pm - PARADE OF COSTUMES - Everyone is a star and permitted to participate in ShareNation's Halloween parade. Couples qualify for an AMAZING CASH PRIZE for best Halloween-Dressed Couple.

After-Party erupts at 1 am until SUNRISE.

222 members are attending this event.

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