ShareNation Events - Event 12/07/18 - COUPLES Exclusive - "LOCK n' CONNECT" Special Key in the Lock Event

Unlock Your INSTANT Hook-up and PLAY! - 12/07/18 - PARSIPPANY, NJ

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This is the first night of our "Mrs. Clause is BI" weekend. The venue is an orignial ShareNation creation started by the ShareNation community in Parsippany, NJ in 2012 and has been a crowd favorite since.

Due to our private programming, this event is not available to the general public and is only open for approved members of the lifestyle. You must be on the SLS party list to qualify for entry. Terms and conditions apply. Check the SHARENATION WEBSITE for details.

Hotel Reservations: All couples are to call the host hotel for rooms. If you do not call the hotel timely, you may have to stay in a secondary location.

Holiday Inn of Parsippany


Group Code: HOLIDAY

Rooms are $109 and $149 for suites

*All party floor rooms guests are required to have a room for Friday & Saturday.


Friday Night - December 8:

The Friday night theme IS UGLY SWEATER NIGHT and INCLUDES the ShareNation Lock n' Connect Event.

*Venue starts at 9 pm sharp in the Grand Ballroom.

*All couples enter and receive a LOCK and KEY. Couples party it up with the amazing couples of ShareNation and attempt to find a lock that fits the key. So walk around and stick a key in a lock.

*This icebreaker rewards all successful couples who find their lock and key to collect a raffle ticket at the ShareNation Help Desk. You may return to the party and keep making connections. Many of you even may make instant connections and your night goes where it goes.

*For the after-event, really stick the key in the lock!

This is a popular evening. The Lock n' Connect results in MAJOR connections. CONNECTIONS ARE EVERYTHING AT SHARENATION.

If you do not attend Friday night, you just might have missed making a SUPER CONNECTION.


For new couples:
The ShareNation code is non-cliquey and we rely on our credibility to get this accomplished. Though you will see many in attendance, do not think couples all know each other. How to interact is to simply to get to many of the meets and activities, or get to the new couples orientation. The commitment to dance with the lifestyle includes getting out there. Our ShareNation couples, unlike anywhere else, are in a super flow and excited to meet you. Their hospitality and friendliness is simply who they are. They don't role play. They're REALLY that friendly. Once you relax and realize that you're really it your second home, you will be sad when the event comes to an end. Therefore, make the best of it. Plan an early arrival, and most importantly...get your rest before you arrive.

Demographic: ShareNation is not only the largest brand of the northeast, but we do so by being the most diverse too. You're going to SEE IT ALL at ShareNation and large percentages of each demographic. If you're in your mid-to-late 20's, we got you! If you're in your mid-to-late 50's, heck, we got you too. If you're somewhere with an age in between, you're helping shape the future of ShareNation. On music, we play ALL genres. Everybody has a chance. Our venues are for all generation

For further information, contact us at 518-772-0789.


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