Secret Diversion - Event 05/17/24 - Newbie Meet & Greet Third Friday of the Month at Secret Diversion

This Meet & Greet is for curious adults interested in how others live or interested in more than a vanilla lifestyle for themselves, uncovering the swinging world of consensual non-monogamy. - 05/17/24 - WALDORF, MD

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Secret Diversion
Secret Diversion 
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Each guest/couple is given a copy of Swingers' Little Helper which gives an explanation of the fascinating & sexy swinger lifestyle that is discreetly enjoyed by many people who are having more than their share of hot memorable moments.

Discover this sex-positive alternative to traditional relationships with this swinger guide written by relationship expert Dr. Georgia Fuchs and her husband Will. They’ll show how this exciting & discreet community of swinging couples & singles is nothing like the Hollywood myths. This swinging guide explains how to safeguard relationships, discreetly find swingers, set boundaries, while still adding in the excitement of consensual non-monogamy to your life.
Realize just how to have a loving, lasting relationship that just happens to also include sexy playtime with hot new friends today!

Immediately following the Meet & Greet you are invited to stay for the scheduled Friday Night event

Onsite Amenities:
• 3 Themed Playrooms
• BDSM Equipment
• 10 male GHs, female GH
• Glory Hole couple’s lounge
• Leather Swing and professional stand
• Human Cage
• Streamed Music or Guest DJ's
• Light Refreshments, Drink Mixers, Water and Ice provided at no extra charge.
• Discreet parking
• Massive Deck for smoking, vaping and hookah.

All are welcome to ALL events at Secret Diversion. We ask that any event you choose to attend respect the dynamics of the event and the group sponsoring it.

Must be at least 21 years of age with proof of identification.
MUST be clean with Good Hygiene. Disease and Drug Free.
Must have consent. Ask before you touch it. NO MEANS NO.
Absolutely NO pics or Recording without Consent first. We value our privacy as well as yours. (We have Zero Tolerance & No Exceptions to this Rule). Violating this Rule will have you immediately dismissed from the event.
Absolutely NO weapons or violence of any type will be allowed. You will be asked to leave.
We are a No Smoking Venue, this includes vaping.
If you violate any of these Rules, you will be asked to leave

TEXT 202-599-0260 for more information

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