Sea Mountain Nude Resort and Lifestyles Hotel - Event 04/17/19 - Coachella Burning Event ultimate lifestyles and music festival with costumes fireworks foods orgasms

Art and love your self and Hemparama sensual nude parties. - 04/17/19 - DESERT HOT SPRINGS, CA

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Sea Mountain Nude Resort and Lifestyles Hotel
Sea Mountain Nude Resort and Lifestyles Hotel 
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Earth Daze Coachella Music Festival Burn Event

sea mountain has open bars all meals and lingerie costume and burn contest On April 21

More special celebrity sinners - Hot private events open only to those with this email. Spring Break for Adults Only Coachella TWO - 420 at SMI 420 Event Saturday with open bar, special guests, music and sin! The event of the Spring - Exclusive Lingerie and COSTUME event Saturday! The main event is Saturday April 22 th Get your wild clothes on.... Oh YES, that is code for our SMI special Mini Burn -- Many of the artist from the world famous Coachella will be mix it up in the land of naked bliss a burning style event -- It`s 420, inhale the sweet smoke of dreams and toke on a wish of peace for our world in the 420 event -- Where its just (special Rates) per night for two with food and beverages and yes you have the munchies ,and yes we have what has been reviewed as some of the most junky of junk food to fill your smiling mouths and tender yet swollen bellies - and yes we are making some paranoid and no your close friends and family will not see you in this state and DO - Jump in to the water and bounce off the mineral water into the starts

Art and love your self and Hemparama sensual nude parties.

Calling all those who love the Sun to gather for an open gathering of free spirits and zen with awesome music and special exclusive day and night temptations.

Bring the artist out of you and come dance and rock with mystery days and nights and friends from the Bay Area of California and burning man beautiful friends from the East Coast and Europe - One of the most attended weeks ever - The Dance of Two Nights with amazing sounds and heated waters all night too!

Last week the dance party started at 4pm in the afternoon!

We apologize to those who could not get in last weekend as the Sea Mountain Resort was sold out and only open to those with current memberships -- Call now as we do have some VIP days and nights open now.

Call NOW 760-251-4744 Palm Springs

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Enjoy the world`s greatest music mixes and celebrate your love in our Taboo Gardens and nude mineral water spa bath - Tan naked, party nude, a lifestyle hotel with class and style - A LIFESTYLE Experience - Sea Mountain Spa Day Club welcomes guests every day who have never had a nude experience in their lives who make New Friends and become part of the Sea Mountain Fabric of Love and Life! - The Sea Mountain Nude pools - Enjoy the weekend fire pits and the every day / every night Taboo Lounge with the dance pole - The uber lounge for nude lifestyle day and night club.

Sea Mountain Park and Spa is a land of progressive energy social justice and a welcoming beacon for all body types and styles of lifestyle - A safe atmosphere filled with non judgment and Love - With 24 hour mineral water pools and the 24 hour Taboo Gardens lifestyle night day lounge - The antidote to civilization!

Every visit includes your favorite beverages and 24 hour snacks and the whirlpool nude resort collective, a gathering at the Taboo Gardens mineral water nude lifestyle hot tub - Bliss and kiss

Sea Mountain is...

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But why would YOU?

Remember we have day spas, nights spas and overnight VIP hotel rooms and always book the spafinders BEST of tandem massage with any reservations. Our massage is out of this universe.

Call NOW 760-251-4744 Palm Springs

and 702-497-2936 Las Vegas |

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