Playcate Conventions - Event 10/14/23 - ?? Indulge in a Spooky Halloween DTF party with Us! ?????

Get ready for a spooky Halloween DTF party with a sexy flair hosted by not just one, but two daring couples who know how to turn up the heat. - 10/14/23 - RIDGE SPRING, SC

Type:  House Party
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Playcate Conventions 
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Event Details: ????
Join us and CFSC for a sizzling house party near Aiken, SC. on Saturday, Oct 14th. The festivities commence at 7:30 pm and carry on until midnight. We kindly request all ghouls and gals to arrive before 8:30 pm for introductions and a quick rundown of any rules or preferences.

Frightfully Festive Attire:
For the gentlemen, rock those funny Halloween boxers, and ladies, unleash your inner seductress with sexy Halloween lingerie. Think spiderweb stockings and perhaps even a daring Bat Bra. No need for elaborate costume makeup, your lingerie is the star here! Feel free to change into your chosen attire upon arrival, or embrace the wild side and go au naturel, even under the moonlight in the playful hot tub,

Playful Atmosphere:
Our eerie venue boasts a hot tub (don't forget your towel) and ample play spaces to indulge in. While we're thrilled to welcome everyone, we're keeping the guest list cozy (around 20 couples) to ensure a spine-tingling experience. ??

Explore the Enchantment:
New to our spine-chilling gatherings? Share a brief peek into your daring escapades when seeking your invite. This event is tailor-made for adventurous souls who crave exploration, where rules take a back seat and spontaneity rules. Beds are alive with activity, and privacy is a luxury. Consent and communication are paramount, as we respect each guest's boundaries.

Sinister Sustenance and BYOB:
Bring your own boos to this BYOB affair—your preferred beverages are welcome. While it's not obligatory, a lot of our fantastic couples choose to bring spooky appetizers and tantalizing scary treats to share with fellow attendees. They are always appreciated. Ice for chilling your drinks is on us, but do pack your own chilling cauldron (aka cooler) if needed. Our fridge stocks beer and an array of glasses for mixed potions. And yes, this bewitching experience comes at NO COST. Nestled in the eerie countryside, parking here is a breeze. ???

Finding Your Way:
A week before the event, we'll conjure up detailed directions to guide you to this supernatural celebration.

Prepare for a night of sizzling laughter, mystical connections, and enticing encounters that'll leave you yearning for more. Join us for a wickedly unforgettable Naughty Halloween party that'll awaken your darkest desires! ????

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