Genesis Club - Event 08/17/19 - In Detention

You're going to have to stay after class and do some "extra" assignments! - 08/17/19 - MEMPHIS, TN

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Genesis Club
Genesis Club 
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So you've been extra bad and the teacher assigned you to after-school detention. Whatever will you learn by being locked in with other misbehaving boys and girls? Well, we can think of a few things you might be good at in a restless group!! This Saturday at GENESIS, show up for our In Detention event. It's where all the sexually misbehaving students will be waiting. Keep in schoolgirl and schoolboy dress and bring along a few paddles. Join the bad students and see what you can stir up. Even the teachers might get involved!!!


Remember - you aren't required to take part in themed events but doing so greatly enhances your club experience. Be creative!

Genesis is the place to get wild or just sit back

and take it all in. Either way, you'll have an enticing time!

Ready to meet sexy people who love to party and have fun on another level?

Come listen as our club D.J. "X" plays the best dance tunes and raises the pulse!

This party is B.Y.O.B., with set-ups and munchies provided. Also, you must

be 21 or older to enter the premises.

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