Bronze Party - Event 10/01/23 - Her Fantasy Miniskirts at Twist

Couples & Singles Swingers Party Where the Ladies Take Control! - 10/01/23 - SAN FRANCISCO, CA

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Bronze Party
Bronze Party 
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"Her Fantasy Miniskirts"
Sunday, October 1st, 10 pm-2 am
LOCATION Twist, 387 Bay Street, San Francisco, CA

We invite you to "HFP Miniskirts" on Sunday, October 1st from 10 PM-2 AM. Ladies, this a chance to celebrate a party with sexy miniskirts! Her Fantasy Party brings out the sexy side to our modern couples, adventurous females and high character men! HFP is the ultimate couples and singles free-form, freelance event. Singles, you've found a great event to enjoy! Couples, you can play with singles or limit it to couples on the couples side of the club. Kinksters, you can try your kinks out here!

HFP Details
If you haven't been to a Her Fantasy Party yet, here's a little more about what to expect! Ladies come to the party with their own agendas of what they want to experience. They come to socialize, to flirt, to dance, and to play. Some ladies prefer to play with their partner or perhaps meet another couple. If so, they enter the couples only area. Other ladies want the attention of more than one person. If so, they can enter the group play area. The group play area is a thing of wonder...All sorts of sexy configurations can be found there from something simple where a couple might want an extra gentleman...all the way to a lady with a circle of willing and available suitors. What makes HFP great is that the ladies are running the show and letting everyone know what they want. HFP includes both self-starting confident self-empowered ladies and ladies who may be nervous and want the help of a friend or lover.

Here are a few comments we've heard from ladies who've attended our event:

- "I'm here for lots and lots of penetration"
- "My fantasy is to dominate men and women and tell them what to do"
- "My fetish is men's cum. I love it"!
- "I'm going to do a DP tonight! Goals!"
- "I'm here just to watch and learn but am not going to play at this time"
- "I want to be your sex toy tonight!"
- "I'm going to tell the men what to do to me"
- "I'm here to watch my man but count me out!"
- "Next!"

* Fantasies aside, safety is always at the forefront and penetrative sex involves condoms at Her Fantasy Party. Please always ask for and attain consent before any type of sexual advance. Anyone not attaining appropriate consent before touching will be promptly removed from Her Fantasy Party and have their membership revoked. Furthermore, we ask for the support of all members to help protect the safety of our guests by quickly reporting any consent issues to playroom montiors and Her Fantasy Party staff.

And from the ladies' partners:
- "I love to watch her get satisfied."
- "It makes me excited and perform better when she's the center of attention"
- "The lifestyle is so much more fair when my girl can choose her partners!"
- "I would love some help giving my lady all she wants tonight. She deserves to enjoy all her fantasies!"

Finally, there is a group of people who attend these parties who are just there for the couples. For this, visit the couples only side and you can meet sexy couples at Twist's award-winning playspace.

More About Her Fantasy Party and How to Attend
If you are not already a Her Fantasy Party member, please click the "Apply for Membership" button below. If already a member, please click the "Buy Tickets" link below to reserve your space.

Twist Special Event Setup
Her Fantasy Party is designed for both couples and singles. With special security in place, couples can attend Her Fantasy Party and enjoy your own secure play area. Meanwhile both couples and singles have access to an extended play area for everyone! Couples can also enjoy the private play area behind the couples area to themselves for those extra private members.

Her Fantasy Party Dress Code and Event Policy
Her Fantasy Party follows the normal event dress code. We request that ladies arrive in daringly sexy attire following a "less is more" theme. Lingerie, baby dolls, see-through attire, short miniskirts, and sexy cocktail dresses accessorized with g-string panties and thigh high or fishnet stockings. Men are asked to appear in gentlemanly attire including slacks, designer jeans, dress shirts, and masculine clubwear. If you are offended by nudity, or feel the need to use drugs or drink in excess, we respectfully request that you not attend. Members who do not maintain personal hygiene or arrive at event without sufficient manscaping may given a warning to clean up for future events.

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