Body Shop Pittsburgh - Event 05/04/24 - Kinkapalooza

Kinky Cosplay - 05/04/24 - MC KEES ROCKS, PA

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Body Shop Pittsburgh
Body Shop Pittsburgh 
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For those who've enjoyed DVNC on Fridays, fall in lust with Kinkapalooza on a Saturday!
The Body Shop loves to change things up, and for 2024, the club will be exposing the typical Saturday guests to the erotically tantalizing world of DVNC (Deviancy). Experience things thought only possible in movies and books.DVNC is a break from the typical, therefore was created as an organic, come as you are event to explore kinks and desires. Are you familiar with the sexy side of Cosplay? Immerse yourself in a fantasy where individuals dress up as their favorite characters from animation, sci-fi, video games, fantasy, and of course, superheroes. You can also embrace your inner nerd and explore characters from shows like The Big Bang Theory or Revenge of the Nerds. Unleash your sexiness and have fun with it!

The Body Shop is a body-positive and judgment-free place to explore your sexuality. Therefore, come dressed as conservative, or provocative as you like.

As always, participation in any activity is voluntary and must be consensual. Whatever you decide, be sure to communicate clearly and enthusiastically so your intentions are known by others.

The Body Shop believes that it is crucial to ensure all events are respectful, consensual, and inclusive, prioritizing the safety and comfort of all participants. For more information on how the club works to achieve those goals, visit the Safer Play Spaces™ page.

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