Body Shop Pittsburgh - Event 04/27/24 - Six Degrees Of Sexuality

??????Six Degrees of Sexuality is a Body Shop Top 5 event, therefore it may sell out! Grab Tix now! - 04/27/24 - MC KEES ROCKS, PA

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Body Shop Pittsburgh
Body Shop Pittsburgh 
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??????Six Degrees of Sexuality is a Body Shop Top 5 event, therefore it may sell out! Grab Tix now!
DJ Never Nice returns to The Body Shop again this weekend to keep the vibe just right throughout the night!

Six degrees of Sexuality is an expanded version of the The Body Shop's Traffic Light Party and 3+ events. All of the wristband colors will be available tonight; Red, Yellow and Green show your connection interests. Blue, Pink and Purple suggesting who you may want to connect with. This event is a TOP 10 Body Shop event, therefore be prepared for a packed night of fun!

Each couple and single is required to wear a wristband color that designates their interest in playing at the club. Some members also dress in the color they would select as a wristband color and you can also!

Wristband colors:
Red = Just here checking things out.
Yellow = Possibly interested in playing if there's a mutual connection.
Green = Let's just go have fun!
Optional Colors
Blue = Interested in masculine presenting
Pink = Interested in feminine presenting
Purple = Interested in all.

The Body Shop is a body-positive and judgment-free place to explore your sexuality. Therefore, come dressed as conservative, or provocative as you like.

As always, participation in any activity is voluntary and must be consensual. Whatever you decide, be sure to communicate clearly and enthusiastically so your intentions are known by others.

The Body Shop believes that it is crucial to ensure all events are respectful, consensual, and inclusive, prioritizing the safety and comfort of all participants. For more information on how the club works to achieve those goals, visit the Safer Play Spaces™ page.

2 members are attending this event.

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