GROUP EVENT for: The Spot -11/09/18 - Incognito At The Rooftop ( Moved )

Public Meet and Greet with Like-Minded Individuals - 11/09/18 - Uncasville, Connecticut

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The Spot
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Because of the impending rain storm tonight, Rooftop's outdoor areas will be closed and they will not have the room to accommodate the 100 plus people expected from our crowd alone in their bar area this evening. Because of this we will reschedule and move tonight to Mohegan Suns Lounge ,where they have a DJ as well.

Ever find yourselves out on a weekend night and wondering where all the lifestyle people were hanging out sipping cocktails right now?
Or how much fun it would be to spot someone at the bar of a vanilla establishment and fantasize for a moment if they were in the lifestyle as well?
Just think of the butterflies in your stomach making you take that leap of faith and saying Hi while trying to make a connection without giving it all away!

Sometimes the chase can be as much fun as the catch!

Well if your going to be out this Friday night anyways why not stop by Rooftop 120 in Glastonbury and see if a spark you happen to meet turns into a flame.

It's simple:
If you want to make yourself known as in the lifestyle then wear something or have something PURPLE on.
If you want to stay anonymous amongst the vanilla patrons that's fine as well and probably a lot more fun for you twisted people.

But please be aware, This is NOT a private event nor anything affiliated by or with Rooftop.
Rooftop 120 is a public establishment and we are only trying to get other like minded people all in the same place, around the same time for one night.

Please be respectful and courteous to all you talk too seeing the vanilla patrons will NOT know about this cloak & dagger style meet & greet.

Rooftop120 is located in Glastonbury surrounded by restaurants with local hotels close by. It's more of a upscale lounge for professionals so please dress accordingly. They have a restaurant and large bar with fire pits on the balconies overlooking the town. For entertainment they have a DJ at 9:30.

Hopefully this kind of a meet up will catch on allowing for future relaxed no pressure get together's between all the official parties from our favorite groups.

Who should attend:
Because you can either stand out or just blend in with the crowd this meet & greet is perfect for curious couples, professionals who like to spice it up every so often or newbies who like being around this kind of energy without the pressure of a private party.
Of course it's also a great opportunity to see lifestyle friends as well.

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