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the nurse

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"The Nurse"

It was Sunday night and I was returning from another long trip from Europe. This business trip left me jet lagged and tired. In addition, I had come down with something. My schedule left me way too busy to stop and see a doctor like I should have. I just knew that I could gut out whatever was ailing me. I was positive the orange juice and vodka screwdriver that I had on the plane would get rid of the cold sweat and chills that I had on the eight hour flight home. The persistent cough and wheezing in my chest was something I was sure that I could ignore. Stuffed in economy with my head ready to explode from the sinus pressure, I looked forward to finally getting home.

After arriving back at the airport and taking the hour-long taxi ride back to my apartment complex, I finally arrived. I was running out of energy. My luggage felt like two cement blocks as I hauled them from the cab and into the building. I walked past the security desk and turned towards the elevator for the short ride up. I saw her as she was walking up from the mailbox area. She lived across the hall from me. We had talked a couple of times briefly. Her name was Mia and she worked at a local children's hospital. She was blond with shoulder length hair. She had ample breast and nice ass you just wanted to grab. Her lips were inviting and made a man want to kiss her. She was not the athletic type and had a few extra pounds but carried it well and looked appetizing.

I tried my best to wave and smile at her as she walked up. "Hey Mia," I said.

"Hi Mark," she said in return. I was leaning against the wall to hold myself up. "Are you ok," she said as she looked at me with a bit of concern on her face.

"Sure, I'm just a bit tired after my trip." I had a bit of a coughing fit just then and had to wipe the sweat off my forehead with my handkerchief.

"You don't look well Mark."

Just then, the elevator arrived. We didn't say anything more on the ride up. I couldn't. I was fading fast and had to hold myself up in the elevator.

After the elevator door opened, I walked with my bags towards my apartment. Mia was right behind me heading towards hers. I set my bags down in front of my door. I fished in my pockets for my keys. As I went to put the key into the lock, my eyes became a bit blurry. I was having trouble focusing on the task. As some point my keys fell from my hand. I looked down and then bent down to pick up the key. As I went to stand back up, the world started to spin. I'm still not sure what happened, but all I remember is Mia standing over me calling my name. It felt like she was calling me from miles away even though she was hovering right over me. Somehow she helped me to my feet and got me into my apartment. I can vaguely remember her helping me to my bedroom and then tugging at my clothes.

Over the course of the next few days I was barely conscious and pretty much out of it. I don't even remember Mia feeding me soup and giving me medication. All I know is that a figure hovered over me and gave soft words of encouragement as I lay in bed recovering from my ailment. I woke up with cotton mouth and very weak. I tried to get out of bed and merely tumbled to the floor. My legs were still weak and I had no energy. I tried crawling towards the door and made it about three feet before I ran out of energy. Just then I heard what sounded like my front door. I could lift my head up just enough to see two white tennis shoes coming towards me.

"What are you doing," Mia exclaimed. She reached down and helped me get up and back into bed.

"I was thirsty and wanted some water," I said.

She sighed. "That's a dumb ass thing to do considering you have been mostly unconscious for the past two days."

"I've been out that long?"

"Yes," she said. "Now get into bed and stay there. You need to rest." Not wanting to start an argument, I climbed back into bed. I laid there with my head still spinning trying to understand what happened to me. Mia sat down on the bed next to me.

"You have been here the whole time," I said.

She looked at me with the most beautiful of smiles. "Yeah. I was just coming off a three straight days of work and had the next three off when this happened."

I couldn't believe that she had given up her days off to take care of me. "I don't know what to say other than thank you Mia."

She smiled again. "You're welcome Mark."

I laid there as the room stopped spinning. I was able to assess my situation, I came to the realization that I didn't have any clothes on. I was about to become somewhat embarrassed until I thought about the fact that Mia was a nurse. That allowed me to relax a bit. I rubbed my face and found a couple days worth of growth there.

Mia noticed me rubbing my face. "You could use a shave and a bath," she said.

I tried to sit up and fell back into the pillow. "Once I get my strength back, I will get up and get a shave and shower."

"Nonsense." she said. "There is no way you can sit up let alone stand up in the shower." I looked at her. "What the hell am I suppose to do then?"

Mia looked back at me and smiled. "I will just have to give you a sponge bath and shave you."

The comment caught me off guard. Even after having been out of it for a number of days, the idea of getting a sponge bath from Mia was exciting. "If you insist," I said.

I felt a bit out of sorts as I lay there with the covers over me and not a stitch of clothes on. Mia had gone to bathroom and came back with some soap, water and a couple of towels. She was wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Every time she turned around I would end up staring at her ass. Her shorts had ridden up a bit and I could see the bottom of her ass cheeks peeking out. Her ass was round and looked firm. She had a nice curve to her ass that gave her a nice profile view. Apple bottom is all that could come to mind. As I stared at her ass I kept thinking about how it would feel in my hands. I imagined her smooth skin as I caressed her ass. How it would fill my hands as I grabbed a hold of her. The thought of spreading her cheeks apart and tasting her sweet pussy as she bent over in front of me was very appealing. I was imagining licking her clit and the length of her slit. I wanted to bury my tongue deep inside of her pussy to taste the juices that I would see leaking out. She must have caught me day dreaming.

"Mark... Mark...Mark!!", she said.

"Huh? What Mia?"

"Are you ok? You seemed to drift off there for a minute Mark."

"Sorry Mia. I was just thinking of something sweet to eat."

"Oh", she said. "I will fix you something to eat in a bit then." Thank god Mia couldn't read my mind. Otherwise she would see that I wanted her served up on a platter. "Thanks", I said. Mia sat down next to me and started to pull back the covers. "Hey what are you doing," I said.

She gave me an odd smirk. "I have seen everything that you have under this blanket. Who do you think has been taking care of you these past few days?" What she didn't realize was that it was not the fact that she was going to see me naked that bothered me. It was the raging hard on that developed as I was thinking about going down on her. I needed to buy some time in order for my dick to get soft. Otherwise she was going to get a big surprise when she pulled back the sheets.

"Can I get a shave first? This beard is scratching the hell out of me." She looked at me for a moment and then looked down at the sheets. I don't know if she could tell that I was having problems. However, she smiled and got up.

"Sure Mark. Let me go get a razor and shaving cream for you." She turned and walked towards the bathroom.

I bought some time for myself. I was doing everything to make my dick to go down before she returned. I tried to think about baseball, the Dow Jones industrial average, how to disassemble a carburetor. I tried to think of anything non-sexual in order for my dick to go down. Unfortunately, I was only partially successful by the time she returned. "Would you like me to shave you?" How could I pass up an offer like that?

"Sure Mia. Help yourself." I sat up in the bed more. She took the shaving cream can in her right hand and sprayed a bit into her left. She moved closer to me. I could smell her perfume. It was a sweet flowery smell. I had no idea of the brand but I knew that it was very intoxicating to me. She took her left hand and gently applied the shaving crème to my face. She did a good job of lathering me up. Her gentle touch was very calming. She washed the shaving crème off her hands and then took the razor to my face. With the skill of a musician, you took all the crème off my face. Nice long strokes that cut through the growth of hair that had accumulated on my face. In no time, she had my face all cleaned up. She then took a wash cloth and cleaned my face of any leftover shaving cream. Then, she grabbed a hot towel and applied it to my face. I was in hog heaven. "You face is all done. It's time for the rest of you." She smiled at me again and winked. Her smile lit up a room. Any resistance that I could have mustered melted the second I focused on her smile. Her lips were full and just invited you to kiss and suck them. Her smile was infectious and I felt myself smiling back for no apparent reason.

Giving into the inevitable and knowing that my dick was still firm, I let her pull back the covers. When she got to my waste and kept going, I expected her to be pissed. Instead, she just stared at my manhood. She didn't say a word for a few seconds. She just looked with the covers held in her hand. My dick was not fully erect but was hard enough for her to see that I had plenty of girth and length. Normally I would be proud of my boy but I felt just a bit embarrassed right now. After staring for what felt like minutes but was only a few second, she switch into nurse mode.

"Flip over and I will wash your back first then the front. " I quickly obliged to buy myself some more time to calm down. She took a wash cloth and dipped it into some clean water that she had brought in. Adding some of my soft soap to the wash cloth, she began to methodically wash me. She started at my neck. She used the cloth and rubbed the soap into my skin. She was basically giving a massage and bath at the same time. I she worked from my neck slowly down to my shoulders. I could the tension releasing from them. She washed my back and down my spine. The warm towel felt wonderful against my skin. The pressure of her fingers on my back was stimulating. She tried talking to me but the only thing that came out of my mouth was low growls as I she scrubbed my back and relaxed me more. She gently hummed as she worked. The combination of her perfume, the gentle rubbing and hearing her was not having the effect on my dick that I intended. I was beginning to get harder not softer. She continued working down my body and then got to my ass. She worked the cloth down my ass crack towards my inner thighs. I could feel her breath on me as she continued to wash me. It was an odd feeling to have her do this as first but very arousing at the same time. As she worked the cloth lower, she spread my ass a bit and rubbed my nut sack. My balls and dick jumped as she did this.

"Did I hurt you", Mia said.

I was a bit embarrassed. "No, you're fine Mia. You just caught me off guard," I said. She continued washing me. She worked down my legs and finished by washing and tickling my feet.

"Time to roll over", said Mia.

All of this washing and touching had the effect of making my dick very hard. I had no way of hiding it and she was going to see it clear as day. I slowly rolled over wishing my hard on away. I got on my back on and my dick was at full attention. Mia tried not to stare but she kept looking down at my dick. She got more soap on the towel and began to wash my chest. To keep from looking down, she kept looking into my eyes. I stared back at hers. I never noticed until that moment her blue eyes. They were the color of the ocean. She would use her left hand to pull a few loose strands of hair behind her left ear. She tried to be very professional about the bath. We kept staring at each other. She took each arm and washed up and down the length. She put my hand in her lap as she washed my right arm. I felt her skin and it so smooth and suple. It felt like silk to my fingers tips. She opened her legs a bit and my hand naturally fell between her thighs. I wanted to run my fingers inside of her shorts but I resisted that urge. I just gently brushed my fingers against her inner thigh without going any higher. She smiled but said nothing. She continued to wash me and stared at muscles.

"You work out regularly don't you?"

"Yes," I said. "At least 5 days a week."

She washed my chest slowly. She was using the towel in her right hand. For balance, she had her left hand on my chest. I was not sure if it was conscious or unconscious thought but she began to trace my areolas with her index finger. She switched the towel to the other hand and did the same thing to me. It was a subtle thing but it felt very exciting. I began to rub her inner thigh with a bit more pressure. I couldn't help myself. She kept smiling at me as she washed me. Moving further and further down my body, she shifted a bit causing my hand to land directly on the outside of her pussy. To my astonishment, it was very wet there. I didn't dare move my hands. The feel of her moist short against my hand was exhilarating. I couldn't believe that her shorts were soaked through.

"How does that feel Mark? It's not too wet is it?"

"Huh? I like it wet. I mean....", I said with a look of bewilderment. I was babbling at this point.

"The bath," she said. "I'm not rubbing you too hard am I," Mia said with a hint of mischievousness in her eyes.

"It's perfect Mia. Thank you."

She got a grin on her face. "I missed a spot." She leaned in licked my nipple. Wow is all I could think. Her tongue encircled my nipple. She rolled her tongue around it and flicked it. She then sucked on my nipple with a bit of pressure. It hurt a bit but also felt outstanding. The sense of her mouth applying pressure and then release was causing my body to tense. The way she sucked my nipple in and out a bit was unbelievable. I've done it many times to women but had never truly appreciated that feeling. She leaned over and did the same to the other one. In the process she had move closer and my hand was clearly pushing against her mound. I could feel her lips straining against the shorts. She leaned back and smiled.

"I guess I should finish the rest of your bath." She put the wash cloth back into the soapy water.

After ringing out the cloth, she moved further down the bed to get to the rest of me and I lost contact with her pussy. I was sad for a minute until I realized how close she was to my dick. She took the wash cloth and made slow circles around my stomach and sides. She took her time. I was getting more agitated as I anticipated her washing the fun parts of me. She had to have known what she was doing to me. Her hands moving across my body was heightening my awareness. Yet, I couldn't do anything to move her faster down my body to my dick. It seemed like time stood still as she continued to wash my body. She leaned in and kissed my stomach. I was aching for her to kiss lower. She was clearly in no rush. She ran her tongue from belly button up to my right nipple. She then sucked in my nipple again with a lot more pressure that hurt a bit. She released it and then swirled her tongue around it again before moving on to the left one. I was losing my mind. You could hammer nails into cement with my dick it was so hard.

Dipping the wash cloth back into the water again she started working down my legs. I just knew that she was going to touch my dick now. With skill and precision, you worked the cloth down my right leg and then back up my inner thigh. She then worked the towel down my left leg and then to my inner thigh again. At no time did she touch my dick or my balls. She would get inches away and then change direction. I was even squirming in the bed to help her get closer. Yet she did not take the bait. As she washed my legs over and over, I could feel her warm breath on them. She kissed my inner thighs and then began licking them. She would work higher and high but never touch my balls. The sensation of her mouth was overwhelming. I was in agony as I wanted her to touch me higher.

She dipped the wash cloth once more into the warm soapy water and finally began washing my balls. She was very gentle in the handling of my balls. Taking her time, she worked the wash cloth over my nutsack. She was using her delicate hangs to massage them and wash them at the same time. It felt wonderful to have her take care of them like that. I spread my legs further apart so that she could get to them easier. She knew that she had complete control over me. Leaning in she ran her tongue over my balls. She avoided the shaft but still covered my balls in her saliva. She then took each ball into her mouth one at a time. She sucked in the left one first then the right. She used just the right amount of pressure to elicit a gasp from me. It hurt a bit but was also exciting. She then grabbed my balls and stuffed both of them into her mouth. I thought I was going to blow my load from just that feeling but managed to hang on. She sucked them in and out of her mouth. She finally released my balls from her mouth and licked them again. "Well, that is most of you all nice and clean. I guess there is only one last part of you that I need to wash."

"I guess so," is all I could say.

She leaned over and put the wash cloth back in the water. She took the cloth and wrung a bit of water on to the head of my dick and watched it drip down to the base. Using her bare hands, she wrapped them around my dick. Using this two handed technique, she began a very slow stroking motion up and down my pole. With the skill of a gifted artist, she made me forget where I was. It was the subtle way in which she stroked me that I couldn't believe. She used just the right amount of pressure. She leaned in close to my dick as she stroked up and down. Her warm breath against my dick felt wonderful as she continued to stroke me. She would increase the pace a bit bringing to the edge of the abyss. I would get so close to cumming and then she would slow down the pace. She had me dancing in the bed as she worked it for what seemed like forever. Each time she would take me to the edge and walk me back. Pre-cum was oozing from my dick. "We can't let that go to waste," she said. She leaned in and licked the pre-cum from the tip. I watched as a bead of it made a line from her tongue to the tip of my dick. She lowered her mouth over the head and sucked the rest of the pre-cum from the tip. I moaned loudly as this new sensation enveloped me. She lowered her head until almost all 9 inches of my thick dick were down her throat. The pressure and feeling of pleasure from her mouth on my dick was undeniable. I wanted to cum in the worst way but she again released me. She released my dick and began to get up.

"Where are you going," I said with a large amount of disappointment in my voice.

"No where Mark. I was just going to get comfortable." Lifting her t-shirt off, her perfect breast came loose and swayed in front of me. Grabbing her short she slowly wiggled them down her side and let them hit the floor. She was clean shaven. She had thick outer labia and I could see a bit of her inner labia as well. With the skill of a gymnast, she climbed back on the bed and was straddling me facing away. Her beautiful round ass was staring me in the face. I grab a handful of each ass cheek and spread them apart. Her lips parted and I could see her pussy glistening from the wet juices. Taking one finger I slid it the length of her slit and then took that finger and put it in my mouth. Just as I figured she tasted sweet. She moaned a bit after I did this.

She was straddling me and rubbing my dick with long gentle strokes.

"We are going to have a contest Mark."

"A contest?", I said.

"Yeah. A contest. If you win, you get to fuck me," she said.

"If I lose?"

"If you lose, then I get up and walk out of this apartment and you never get to touch me ever again." Wanting to feel that tight pussy wrapped around my dick, I didn't hesitate to agree.

"What the rules of this contest."

She looked over her should. "The rules are simple. We are going to go down on each other at the same time. You have to make me cum before you do. If you do, then you win and get to fuck me anytime you want. If you blow your load first then I am out of here and you won't get another chance."

I couldn't believe this. She knew I was totally excited right now. There was no way I was going to outlast her. I thought about it. The worst that could happen to me is that she sucks me until I cum. The best case I get to have her pussy on demand.

"Let's do it."

Mia worked herself backwards until her pussy was clearly in my face. She slowly lowered herself until her pussy was only an inch or two from my face. She bent forward and took my dick into her mouth. The warm feeling of her mouth caressing my dick almost made me instantly shoot my load. With the focus of a zen master, I kept myself under control but just barely. Since turnabout is fair play, I began to lick her pussy. I focused my mind on getting the most out of eating her. Taking my tongue, I traced her pussy lips. I gently blew cool air across her pussy. I took the tip of my tongue and ran it down the length of her slit until I found the hood and her clit. I could hear and feel her moan as she continued to suck my dick. Reaching up, I spread her ass and pussy apart more and buried my tongue deep inside of her. She gasped and then pushed her pussy deeper onto my tongue. Her pussy was so wet that her juices coated my lips and chin. It tasted so good. I wanted more. Licking and sucking her pussy, I continue to attack it with gusto. I pulled her further back so that I could get at her clit. I ran my tongue around her clit. Slowly encircling it and teasing it. I could feel how engorged it was. She must have felt that I was winning because she stepped up her efforts on my dick. She continued to stroke my shaft up and down and then sucked on my balls. The feeling was tremendous. The stroke on my dick along with the sucking feeling on my balls was getting the cum to begin to rise. I had to do something to make her lose focus or she was going to win. I inserted my index finger into her ass and my thumb into her pussy. I then began to suck her clit faster and faster while moving my fingers in and out of her. I heard what started as a moan but turned into an animalist growl as she began to buck and squirm against my fingers. She stopped sucking my balls and let go of my dick. She leaned back and began to buck back and forth as I continue to assault her pussy. She was screaming "Oh yes. Fuck that ass and pussy." Clearly I had hit a sweet spot. She forgot all about my dick and rested both her hands on my knee caps. She was rolling her hips with the motion of my fingers and my mouth on her clit. Back and forth she moved. It time digging deeper. I wasn't sure how much longer I could keep this up since my tongue and fingers were getting tired. Throwing caution to wind, I removed my fingers and buried my tongue deep into her pussy again. She began to shudder violently.

"Oh yes. Fuck yes. Don't you fucking stop. Oh. Oh oh yes. Fuck me with that tongue." She pushed back and pressed my tongue deep inside her and then let out one last scream. Her juices were streaming out of her pussy now. Thick white juices flowed from her and coated my lips and chin. She flopped forward onto my legs. She was panting heavily and I could feel her breath next to my dick.

"Oh shit. That was good Mark. Fuck." I smiled to myself. I was proud of my achievement.

"You're welcome Mia," I said.

She shifted herself forward until her pussy was on top of my dick. "I guess I better pay up." She bent forward and reached underneath her. Taking my dick in her hand, she guided it inside of her. With her ass still facing me, I watched my dick slide into her pussy. Her pussy felt like a warm blanket that just melted around me. It was tight but her pussy juices made sliding it in less of a problem. She had to make a few adjustments until she was able to get my dick deep inside her. I enjoyed the view. The sight of that nice ass sliding up and down as her pussy enveloped my dick was hot. I could smell our sex in the air as she rode me like a champ. She started slow but began to pick up the pace as her pussy stretched to accommodate me. At first, she was on her knees bouncing up and down on my dick. She then started to lean back. I supported her as best I could with my hands. Getting up off her knees and onto her feet, she began to bounce up and down on my dick. I could see her pussy juices coating my dick and pulling at the base. I cupped that soft ass and helped her bounce up and down. The feeling was beyond description. She knew how to fuck and was determined to show me her skills. With all the playing we did, it didn't take long for her to bring me to the edge. I could feel the pressure building in my balls as she continued to bounce up and down. I knew I wasn't going to last much longer. She must have sensed it too. She pulled herself off my dick and turned around. Placing my dick between her tits, she began to move her ample breast up and down. The sight of her with my dick between her breasts was pushing me to the very edge. As each stroke pushed the tip of my dick out of the top of her breast, she would lean down and lick the tip. I could take it any longer and began to explode. The first pump form my dick caused a large load of cum splashed across her tits. The second pump landed in her awaiting mouth. She took that and began to suck the rest of it out of me. What energy I did have was lost now. She completely drained me and then began licking the cum from her breast.

"mmmm. I love the taste of cum," she said. All I could think was wow. This was incredible.

"That was the best bath I have ever had," I said.

She laughed out loud. "You just wait until I cook you dinner and fuck you for desert."

"I like the sound of that Mia." She reached over to the side of the bed and got the wash cloth.

"I'll clean us up again and then make us some dinner."

I smiled at her. "Sounds like a plan to me."

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