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It was a beautiful day in Colonial Williamsburg. Unlike many Virginia summer days, it was not stiflingly humid, and the sun was pleasantly warm on the skin. It was a perfect day to stroll around. We started in Merchant's Square, a collection of shops at the head of the colonial section. We joked and talked, the beauty of the day putting us in a great mood. It was so good to be done with the week, out of the office and in the sun. As we strolled around, I noticed a few men giving my love the eye. I felt that little jolt of pride, but didn't pay much attention. We walked down the Duke of Gloucester Street, and made our usual stop to admire the private herb garden. The smell of sage and thyme, mint and rose was intoxicating. It had been a stressful week, but the combination of sun, light chatter, and the scent of the herbs melted away all the tension. It was going to be a wonderful day. We walked hand in hand down the street, stopping at the Foundation-run herb garden. One of the employees, dressed in colonial garb, was watching over the garden, answering any questions the tourists had. My love bent to look at several of the plants, and I bent to take a look, too. It was when I arose that I noticed. The colonial gardener was staring intently down the front of my love's shirt as it hung off of her. I glanced over at her, and noticed I could see the soft swell of her breasts and the top of her bra. She had unwittingly given the guy a show with her naiveté. I was about to give the guy a steely glare, then decided against it - pride won out over jealousy, and I let the guy have his look. As I rose, he looked away, shifting a little nervously at almost being "caught". I walked away from my love, and watched him out of the corner of my eye. He had turned his full attention back to my love's breasts. She rose, and his head snapped around, and I heard him clear his throat. I smiled to myself. My love walked down the row a bit, and bent over again to examine a rosemary plant, a favorite of hers. I kept my eye on the fellow, and noticed him look for me first, then, satisfied I wasn't watching, once again peek down her shirt. She leant forward more, and her shirt dropped farther open. For a moment I considered telling her, to allow her the modesty. I glanced at the "gardener" and saw him staring, mouth partly open. Once again, I stopped, letting him have his look. I was amused more than anything, and a bit proud. I'm not a macho guy, but it does make me feel good knowing other men think my love is so desirable. What happened next turned my amusement into something else. As she looked over the plant, she stretched one of her legs to the side. Her shorts rose up, exposing a long stretch of thigh. I saw the guy swallow hard and watched as his eyes panned slowly up and down her leg, with quick glances down her shirt. My love has beautiful legs -muscular, shapely calves (that she hates!) from regular exercise, lithe thighs - and I knew the fellow was hooked. I watched his eyes roam across her body, and saw him shift uncomfortably again. "This guy must see hundreds of women a day," I thought, " but is riveted by her!" My own libido was rising as I, too, gathered in the sight of my love. She stood up and smiled as she noticed me watching her. She continued her browsing, and I glanced over at the watcher. He was, indeed, riveted, his eyes watching the sway of her hips and taking in the sexy curve of her ass. She turned again, and the guy, lost for a moment, stared at her face. She was, as usual, oblivious, and called to me that she was ready to leave. I went to her side, and as we left looked at the "gardener". His costume's pants seemed remarkably lumpy. I looked him in the eye as we left, and he stammered out a goodbye.I was still in a fabulous mood, but I now felt sensual. (Yes, men can fell"sensual"!) I didn't want to have raw, animal sex with her, but to touchher body, to caress her curves. As visions of her beautiful body danced inmy head, I could feel the heaviness in my groin. It was that delightfulheaviness that happens when a m an is very aroused emotionally and mentally,but is not physically. I almost purred with contentment as we walked, ourhands on each other's asses. As we explored the buildings and shops, I feltthe heavy warmth spreading until I was infused with it, and wanted morethan ever just to kiss her.I got my chance as we examined an English garden. The maze of boxwood, withit's own delightful scent, was high enough that no one could see us fromthe street. She was walking ahead of me, and I captured her around thewaist. I turned her around and kissed her deeply and lovingly. She wastaken aback for a moment, surprised at my uncommon public display ofaffection. Then, the moment seized her, and she melted into my arms andlips. For a moment we stood still, just kissing. We broke the kiss, and Ilooked into her eyes. "I love you," I said, and before she could sayanything, kissed her again. She pulled away and looked back at me. 'I loveyou," she whispered, his eyes shining with love.We kissed deeply again, and soon, my hands found her ass. I got my wish,and started to caress her ass and her sides. Our kiss became deeper, andour tongues met. As we wetly kissed, I could feel the heat pouring from meinto her body. As we broke the kiss, I turned her around and kissed herneck. She leaned her head back onto my shoulder, and our bodies pressedagainst each other. My hands traced up across her stomach, then lightlybrushed across her breasts. I softly caressed them and could feel hernipples harden. Her mouth opened, and she pushed her ass back against me.That was the trigger, and I could feel the pent-up heat release itself. Theheat flowed into my penis, and I could feel myself growing. As she felt mywant grow, my love sexily, slowly ground her ass into me. I nibbled on herneck, and she moaned softly. Her nipples became even harder, visiblethrough her bra and shirt. I turned her back around and kissed her, ourlips apart and our tongues dancing. I ran my hand up the leg of her shortsand caressed her ass. As we kissed, I softly squeezed, and she moaned intomy mouth. My other hand caressed her back, her neck, her hair. She pressedher crotch into mine, and it was my turn to moan.We both jumped when we heard other people come into the garden. We quicklycomposed ourselves as they came around the corner. It was pretty obviousthat we had been making out - why else would a couple stop in the middle ofa garden where no one else can see?A bit nervously, we walked out of the garden back onto the street. I couldsee her nipples were still very hard, and was unsure that I had managed toadjust properly. As we walked, the physical signs of our desire diminished,but now were both in great moods, happy, loving - and filled with want.We were hungry now, and stopped at the baker's shop for a bit to eat. Wewaited in line, and I stood behind her and wrapped my arms around her. Sheresponded by devilishly, imperceptibly pushing her ass against me. We saton the benches outside, feeding the birds, enjoying the warm sun. As wesat, watching the birds and bees, the children clumsily throwing breadcrumbs, the last thing that should have been in my head kept swimmingaround - visions of my love, her beautiful nude body spread before me.After our lunch, we continued our walk. We had "rediscovered" a part of thecolonial town we seldom visited. One of the buildings - I think it is theblacksmith's - had a small creek in the grounds. Running from the side ofthe building and across the creek was a small bridge. The entire back"yard" was wooded, and the sun streamed through the leaves. We paused onthe bridge and took in the sight. Mutually, we reached for each other andkissed, the kiss quickly going from a loving one to a wet one, filled withthe pent-up passion we felt. The signs of my arousal became evident again,and she softly stroked me through my shorts. It just felt so right,standing there on the bridge, my love softly giving me pleasure.Once again, our private moment was shattered. A family noisily came aroundthe building, and we, once again, composed ourselves. I leaned against thebridge to hide my erection; there was not much my love could do to hide herhardened nipples. The family thankfully did not linger long. After they hadleft, my love turned to me. "Look, there's a way to get under the bridge!"We climbed down and looked at what she had discovered.From under the bridge, it was possible to clearly see who was coming aroundthe house the "proper" way. However, if they came the back way, we wouldmiss them until they were right over our heads. Also, while we were almostcompletely hidden from view, there was one spot on the bridge that offeredan unobstructed view of us. We threw caution to the wind.We kissed again, this time more passionately. We tongue slid into my mouth,and the game began. Our kiss became hotter, and our bodies pressed againsteach other. I slid my hand up her shorts, across her smooth ass, andpressed her to me. We moaned at the contact. I dropped my other hand to herass and squeezed, and she moaned again. I could feel her heart beatingfaster, and her breathing quickened. I could feel the blood rushing intome, my cock getting harder, pressing even more against her.I broke away from her, and looked into her eyes as I pulled her shirt fromher shorts. I slid my hands under her shirt, stroking her firm, yetfeminine-soft stomach. Visions swam into my head again, as I thought ofrubbing my cock against her stomach. My hands circled higher, pushing hershirt as they went. Her breasts were now exposed, and I rubber her nipplesthrough her bra. I pulled the fabric aside, and breast was now fullyexposed, the sun coming through the planks in the bridge and highlightingher nipple. I leaned forward and sucked it into my mouth. She groaned,and as I sucked, I played my tongue across the rough surface of her nipple,feeling it swell even more. I moved my mouth to her other breast, andpulled the fabric away with my teeth. I pulled this nipple into my mouth,as I rubbed the one vacated with my fingertips. With my other hand, I wassqueezing her ass rhythmically, in time to my sucking. I could smell hermusk begin to rise, and the desire to lick her, to give her pleasure,overwhelmed me. I dropped down to unbutton her shorts, when she stoppedme. "No," she said. "That's too risky." My mind was clouded with lust, butreason won. Instead, I stood and kissed her again.I felt her hands reach in and deftly unbutton MY shorts. She reached inand grasped my shaft, moaning when she felt how hard I was. Her moan wasechoed by mine as she slowly stroked me through the cotton. It apparentlywas not enough, for she reached in under the band and seized me. At thefeel of her hand upon my flesh, I groaned. As she slowly stroked me, I letmyself go, reveling in the pleasure. She stopped and I opened my eyes. Inthat instant, I felt warm, wet heat wrap around my cock. I looked down tosee my love with her mouth surrounding me. The physical pleasure, thethrill of being outside in public overwhelmed me. I groaned as she slidher lips up and down my shaft, twirling her tongue against the head. Overand over, her head bobbed up and down on my cock. I was nearly blind withpleasure.I say nearly, as it was then I noticed several people approaching on thebridge. I told her that people were approaching, but she kept sucking. Thisin itself thrilled me even more - my usually modest love blowing me aspeople approached. It was everything I could do to keep from groaning asher tongue swiped against the tip. Then, the intruders stopped on thebridge - right at that spot. I was horrified - all they had to do was leanover the railing, and they would see. I started to shrink rapidly, whichonly inflamed my love to increase her efforts. I couldn't help but moan asI grew again. The intruders did not hear, and they soon moved along.The pleasure was indescribable, and I felt the heavy feeling as if I wasabout to come. I swelled even more, but my orgasm was not to be. My lovemoved faster, moaning, the reverberations sending chills down my spine. Iknew, for some, reason, I would not come. I pushed her head off of me, andshe looked up at me, lust in her eyes. "I want you to come," she said,softly, lovingly. I answered by pulling her up and kissing her deeply. "Ilove you," I told her. She had wanted nothing more than to pleasure me, andI loved her for that. But, I wanted to pleasure her, too. "Now it's myturn," I said. "No," she replied, and instead unbuttoned her shorts, slidthem down, turned, bent and leaned against the stone wall. Her beautiful,sexy ass presented itself to me. I could smell her excitement, and itinflamed me. I bent down and nipped the smooth flesh of her ass, and shegiggled. I reached out and ran my fingers down her exposed slit. I couldfeel the dampness, and as I slid my finger between her lips, I found heralready very wet. I spread the wetness, stroking lightly across her clit.She moaned with each contact, with each slide into her pussy. I knew shewas ready, able to take me know. I placed the head of my cock at herentrance, and rubbed against her, lubricating myself. I slowly slid intoher, pushing the tip into her, then slowly the rest of me. She gasped as mycock spread her apart, for I was much thicker than usual. I pulled out, andwith again slowly slid into her, letting her get used to me. I pulled outagain, leaving just the tip in, then thrust deeply, quickly. We noth moanedat the sensation. I could feel her warmth enveloping me, we wetness soakinginto my skin. I thrust deeply, quickly, thrilling in the danger of ourlovemaking. If anyone walked up the back way, they would see us. We fuckedeach other, she matching my thrusts with her own. I wrapped my arm aroundher waist, loving the feel of her stomach under my fingers and the feel ofher cool ass against me. We pumped like mad, lust overcoming reason. Thewarm rays of the sun, the risqué nature of what we were doing incited useven more. I felt her orgasm sweep through here, and fought to keep fromlosing myself. I wanted this to go on, to feel her orgasm again, feel herpussy pulse with me inside. I kept thrusting into her, and she started tobuild up again, her orgasm coming more quickly this time. I felt myselfstarting to go, and we heading toward release...And again we were disturbed. A family had come up the back way, and I hadnot heard or seen them, lost in our ecstasy. They came into view, and Icould see the children running ahead. I was terrified - I had visions ofthe children seeing us and telling their parents. We dared not move, afraidto make a sound, yet also afraid we would be caught the way we were. I wasalso filled with the desire just to throw caution to the wind and pumpagainst my love's ass. Thankfully, the family moved on. While we were bothjust denied orgasm, and I was still throbbing and hard, we decided thatdiscretion was the better part of ardor, and pulled our clothes back on. Istruggled to get myself into my shorts and look presentable - anyonelooking closely would surely see!We climbed back onto the bridge and paused a moment to kiss. We then walkedon, our arms wrapped around each other, closer having shared thatdangerous, passionate moment. We were hungry, yet satisfied, knowing wecould finish at home. I dwindles a bit, but still stayed hard, the imagesof what we just did running through my mind.As we explored more of this part of the town we rarely visit, my lovenoticed a path back into a wooded area. I followed her, and we came acrossa camp site. It was evidently a reconstruction, with canvas tents erectedin the small clearing. No one was there, and we took the opportunity tolook around, excited by our new "find". We met in the middle of the camo,and I smiled at her. "You know..." I said. She smiled and pulled the flapaway from the tent and ducked inside. By the time I followed, she hadcompletely pulled off her shorts and was kneeling, presenting herself tome. The sight of her ass, and that she, the modest one, had pulled hershorts completely off rekindled the slow burn inside of me. I could nottake off my shorts fast enough, and nearly fell. I was already ramrod hardby the time I struggle out of my shorts. There was no messing around - Igot behind me kneeling love, and slid my cock into her slippery pussy inone thrust. She gasped at being filled so quickly, then started to rockback and forth. I met her thrusts with mine, and soon we were fucking likeanimals. I was grunting with every thrust, she moaning, and I knew isanyone walked into the clearing, we could easily be heard. This onlyinflamed me more. I slapped against her ass, the sound unnaturally loud. AsI pounded faster and faster, I heard her start to whimper as her orgasmovertook her. While the sensation was till echoing through her body, Ipulled out and turned her over. She gasped at the withdrawal, and thenmoaned as I slid back into her. I pulled her knees up, and put her ankleson my shoulders. I was able to thrust even deeper now, and she raised herass off the ground to meet me. I could not hold on any longer; I was aboutto bite through my lip just trying to hold on this long. I was about to release into her when I remembered we had no tissues. I yanked her shirt upand pulled out just as the first pulse took me, and shot all over herstomach and breasts. The second shot past her ear - all the foreplay, theexcitement of being outside, all released itself explosively. The pulsingwas so powerful, it was almost painful, as I continued to come. I spurtedone final time on her stomach. She looked at me lovingly. I kissed her - nowords needed to be said. Good sex only happens when you care aboutsomebody; this was so great, if we didn't know before, we knew we lovedeach other now. I looked down at the mess I had made on her. My seed wassoaking into her bra, and was pooled all across the front of her. Some hadlanded in her hair. We cleaned up as well as we could - I gathered it upwith my hands and wiped it on the straw, but there was still a thin coat onher. She didn't care - she wanted to feel it. We walked back through town,the come drying on her body.Whenever we go back to Williamsburg, and see the reenactments, with tentsacross the courthouse mall, we share a private laugh. In fact there, are afew other places that makes us laugh, but that's another story.

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