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Travling solider

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I was traveling from Phoenix, AZ. to Fort Benning, GA. after a two-week leave from the U.S. Army. As I was traveling though Texas I got tired and decided to stop for a bite to eat and rest fro the night. I found this hotel with a restaurant next door. So I got a room then went next door to this little home-style restaurant. The staff was very friendly. The waitress I noticed right as I walked in the door. She was a Beautiful lady with long blond hair that reached her ass; speaking about her ass it was firm and tight in her jeans. Her breasts were about a 32C very nice firm and you could just make out her nipples through her top. When she came to take my order I was totally freaked out I turned into my dad flirting and saying things like what’s good here besides you and she said everything on the menu I said not everything I need you to sand on it then it will be perfect. I went and ordered a burger fries and a beer. I kept flirting the whole time I had her attention found out she was a divorced mother of 1 beautiful little girl and that her mom babysat while she was working. I told her I was just passing through and asked her what was there to do tonight. She asked what I was into I told her sports and dancing but I hate going to the clubs alone and was scared I would lose my way in this town. I finally got the courage and asked her if she would like to show me around after she got off work. I gave her my room number and told her I would be there. At 10:05 I heard a knock on my door not expecting her to actually show I was just in some shorts. I opened the door and invited her in to my room. She walked in and we sat down and were talking just small talk. I suggested that we dance so we turned on some slow music and just danced. I was holding her tightly into my body with my hands on her ass and she had her arms wrapped around my neck. As we danced we looked into each other’s eyes and I gently placed my lips to hers and kissed her after a bit I then gently slid my tongue into her mouth and began to massage her tongue with mine. After a couple of minutes passed I asked her if she wanted me to stop and she said I will till you when you have gone to far. So we went back to kissing and I slowly started to work my hand up her body I paused when I reached her waist. And she said nothing so over her shirt I moved my hand up her side then I began to caress her breast. I kissed my way down her neckline to her cleavage then back up to her earlobe. As I got braver I slide my hand under her shirt and started to rub your breast over her bra. I then took my other hand and undid her bra to let her breast free. I was massage them and rubbing the nipple till it was hard as a rock. By this time she had noticed the bulge in my pants and was rubbing her waist on it hard so I would get the hint I think. I then said I think we need to sit down so we sat on the bed and started making out. First I took off her shirt then removed her already undone bra. I then made sure I paid attention to her naked breast I was sucking on them gently biting on her nipples then I would tug on them just a little. They got nice and hard so I nervously took a hand and slid it down her belly past her waist and started rubbing her pussy through her jeans. I could tell she liked it because she was getting wet and I could feel the heat rising from there. She then undid the button on her jeans and took my hand in hers and slid it under her underwear and I took it from there. I began to rub her clit and she let out a soft moan. I took my finger and rubbed the outside of her pussy lips kind of teasing her a bit. Then I took my finger and pushed it into her wet pussy. I rubbed her g spot back and forth. She then looked at me and laughed and told me you know they do come off. So I removed my hand from her crotch and started to take off her pants and underwear but she stopped me and took the bottom of my shirt and took it off. Then she let me take off her pants and underwear. When I got them off I had to stop and take a moment to enjoy the view. When she asked me what’s wrong I said nothing is wrong everything is right your beautiful. I then came back to her and placed my head on her inner thigh and began to kiss. I kissed and licked my way from the inside of one thigh to the other side just pausing a bit to kiss her clit but then moved on. Once I got to the other side I worked my way back I was going to tease her again but she would have none of that. She grabbed my hair and pushed my head into her crotch so I did the only thing I could I began to circle her pussy lips with my tongue. I would flick my tongue across her clit then stick it inside her pussy flipping it up and down and in and out. I then took a finger and started to massage her clit. Then I moved my tongue to her clit and put 2 fingers inside her pussy moving them in real deep and then pulling them out real slow I would wiggle them a bit as I pushed them back in. She stared getting real wet then all of a sudden her pussy contracted and started throbbing and she got this real quite moan as her pussy tighten around my fingers she pushed my head in tighter and I tugged on her clit and gently nibbled on it and she started to scream in ecstasy. After she finished Cumming she said turn about fair play. She stood me up and dropped my pants then my underwear and sat me down on the bed. At first she took her hand and started rubbing the length of my cock then she took her mouth and just stuck the head in her mouth I could feel the warmth instantly and her tongue was going in circles around my cock. She then took her mouth off but had a lot of saliva on my cock and stroked fast and hard then she stuck my cock back in her mouth and took it all the way in then started sucking and taking it almost all the way out her mouth and all the way back down. She took her hand and rubbed just under my nut sack and it put my through the roof. I told her if she didn’t quit I was going to cum and she said so do it then and she started sucking harder and faster. I felt my legs tighten and new that this was it I was going to cum so I held her head in my hands while she brought me to the edge my cock started to throb and it felt real thick then all at once I came shooting loads of warm cum deep in her mouth as quick as I shot she would swallow. Like it didn’t even faze her. After I came she continued to suck saying I wasn’t getting off that easy. It only took minutes and I was rock hard again. She told me to fuck her and that she wanted to feel me inside her. I sat her back down on the bed then leaned her back. I climbed in between her legs and rested the head of my cock against the creamy wet opening of her wanting pussy. I gently began to push it inside her but she had other ideas she wrapped her long legs around my waist and drew me in quick. As she did I heard her take a deep breath in I asked if I had hurt her and she said no it felt wonderful. I then began to rock back and forth as I did she grabbed my ass. I then started licking her nipples, nibbling on them and tugging at them. I felt her tense up so I started to kiss her lips she sucked on my lip as I began to fuck her faster taking long deep strokes. Then I began to fuck her hard and she screamed in delight. I would pull my cock almost all the way out then push it hard back in. I took her hands from my ass and held them down at her side. I could feel her pussy starting to thicken up and throb, as she wanted more and more of my cock. Then I could feel her pussy get very tight as she was close to climaxing. All of a sudden she started a low moan as she began to buck up and down I new this was it she were coming again. I could feel my own urges building as my cock throbbed harder and harder then I shot my first load deep inside her pussy and it sent her through the roof. She was screaming oh god and grabbed my ass and pulled me in as tight as she could as I came with her I kissed her mouth our tongues entwined in lust. After we both settled down we just laid their on the bed holding one another with my fingers just moving in and out of her pussy and she was lightly stroking my cock.

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