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SwingLifeStyle Free Erotic Stories are written and submitted by our members Sit back and enjoy "Three Is Cumpany Amy Gives Ethan Her 10 Year Married Cherry; An Evening Of Firsts".


Three is Cumpany - Amy gives Ethan her 10-year-married-cherry; An evening of firsts

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My wife doesn't intentionally flirt but the way she moves and talks; she just flirts naturally. It’s a huge turn on for me. Amy is small, trim and wearing a short, colorful, very sexy Lily Pulitzer dress that drew lots of attention tonight at dinner.

I think my wife is crazy hot. As we returned from our 10th anniversary celebration dinner we entered the hotel lobby. Amy drew many stares as her heels clicked the tile. She was feeling flirty after a few drinks and turned to me and said, Let's hit the hotel bar for one more before turning in.

I agreed and we found seats at the end of the bar. As Amy sat she flashed a lot of tan leg and the tiny pink covering her trimmed, very wet pussy. We had already kissed and groped on our way back and she was a bit horny and wet. She ordered a port and we got comfortable.

Immediately an aggressive, built, good looking, young guy came over and started a conversation. He was a little too pushy. She let him run with it for a bit, but then told him he was nice, but she was married. You have to meet Amy's character criteria, which is tough in today's world of show-offs. She has shut every potential third-guy down, so far. She turned to me, smiled and said, having a ring on and my husband next to me doesn’t seem to be an issue for single guys here. I smiled back and let her know my cock already perked up watching a guy try to borrow my wife.

She smiled again, you never know, tonight could be the night and put her hand under the bar. She said, My that really got you stirred up didn’t it? She took another sip of her drink holding my gaze over the edge with a flirty, dirty smile. She had me going - that was really hot.

She asked if I was as horny as she was. I told her most definitely. We continued talking and as she settled down she looked across the bar at the new arrival; a guy in his late 30s. She said, Well handsome, if that got you stirred up, what if I tell you there is a guy over there that's totally my type.

I looked and sure enough a tall, dark haired, blue-eyed, well dressed guy was staring at us; well rather Amy. I said, you better slow down or you are going to leak through to the stool. She replied, I don’t care and asked if I would mind if he came over and chatted.

I said, You take the lead; and go all the way, if you like him. She smiled and said, We will see. This had never worked before and she reminded me that I might not like his personality (all duds before), but by the vibes I'm getting it looks promising.

We pillow talked through the years that it would be incredibly sexy for her to flirt and mess around with a guy someday while I watched. I squeezed her leg as she turned around and caught his eye again; this time with a sultry look. I knew that it was likely I wouldn’t be the only one enjoying my wife’s sexy skills tonight. He got up and headed our way.

I was definitely hoping he wasn’t a jack-ass or a jerk.

She turned to me and I saw the sparkle “fuck me” in her eye as she slowly ran her hand up my thigh. She felt my straining cock and said you are so ready. All this talk is turning you on isn’t it? This might not lead anywhere. I replied, I hope he’s cool; I can’t wait.

She smiled and said, if he plays his cards right maybe all the way, huh?! With that she batted her eyes, swung around on the stool to greet our new friend with lots of tanned leg and a glimpse of pink.

He introduced himself as Ethan and was totally cool. I was so gratefully he ok; not a jack-ass or a jerk and I smiled. This guy is probably THE GUY as I watched Amy light up and smile as they talked.

Clearly, he knew we were married but her flirtiness overcame any boundaries he might have been worried about. After fifteen or twenty minutes he was very comfortable and was already finding ways to touch Amy’s bare shoulder, arms and legs. I knew she was totally into him as she smiled and sipped her drink suggestively. They were both consultants earlier in life and they talked about their younger traveling days. There were lots of interesting sexy stories and I had a blast learning some more about Amy’s fun, wild, younger days.

All this talk about wild sex on the road with co-workers and friends lead to him telling us he was divorced with no kids and not really looking for a long term relationship. We talked about married sex life and the usual couple trials and fun. He was on the road a lot the last several years and that didn’t work out in his marriage.

I could tell Amy felt sorry for him and I knew he was probably going to get lucky when she smiled and boldly asked, have you messed around recently?

Ethan shyly said he had been too busy with work and travel. He had tried a dating app or two but wasn’t into that scene and hadn’t been on a date in 6 months. It was clear he was enjoying our visit and my wife’s sexy attention. He said several of the women he met after the divorce wanted to get married right away. He wasn’t interested in that level, but said he would like to have a friend with benefits, at least for a while.

She waited a beat, smiled and said, I’m married, but I might be interested in helping you out with the friend with benefits piece. With that she got up, gave him a peck on the cheek, a glance and squeeze of his crotch smiled. Then she turned, kissed me on the lips deep and hard, whispered, He's the one, and headed to the bathroom. That was it. Amy definitely wanted me to invite him back to our room.

Ethan looked a little surprised even though he had shamelessly flirted with her the last 45 minutes. I really don’t think he was thinking that he would get any more than eye candy and a fun, sexy conversation tonight. Especially with me sitting right there. Based on the loaded conversation I wouldn’t have been surprised if he slipped her his contact info or asked for hers. They covered a lot of sexy topics tonight - I couldn’t blame him!

I smiled and said, no worries. I have always wanted Amy to pickup a stranger with or without me (as long as I got the dirty details or audio). He said I thought she might be kidding about the friends with benefits stuff. I said no, she is very interested or she wouldn’t have said that. Ethan’s face lit up and he couldn’t help smiling as he said, Wow!, sign me up now! - I can definitely make that happen. I told him we hadn’t done this before, so it might end in nothing more than kissing, or possibly a blow job but not to expect anything more. He smiled even more. I just wanted to set his expectations. I also asked if I could get an audio of them once in our room. He said, Sure. He would have probably agreed to anything right then. He was already on cloud 9.

She returned from the bathroom and smiled at both of us. She knew from Ethan’s bright face that we had discussed asking him up. I told her we were ready to go if she was.

She gave us a devilish smile, picked up her remaining drink and shamelessly flirted with us both as she downed her last few sips. We tipped the bartender and left.

We got to the hall and Amy quickly lost her inhibitions as the elevator arrived and the door closed. She turned to Ethan and gave him a kiss that turned more passionate as the bell dinged the floors. They continued to playfully flirt in the hall like a couple of teenagers as I distractedly found our room.

Amy was first through the door and quickly pulled Ethan in and latched lips as it closed. My hard cock throbbed against my tight pants and I remember the phone in my back pocket. I took it out, turned on the recorder and laid it on the bedside table. As she wrapped herself around him her dress rode up and I could see she was soaking wet. It was so sexy to see her crazy hot and dripping with anticipation for a new guy.

My wife is a great kisser and she didn’t disappoint. Ethan was moaning as her tongue and lips kissed and explored him as her hips ground into his body. She broke the kiss, tried to clean her lipstick off his cheek, but just made it worse. Then she quickly undid the buttons on his shirt and slipped his tie over her head as she removed the shirt.

I was so happy we found someone Amy was totally into. It was like I wasn’t there and that’s exactly how I wanted the first part of this evening to go. She said Wow, you are in great shape as she lightly pinched his nipples with her teeth and her hands explored his chest. She has strong hands and great nails. She dug them in and made bright red grab marks on chest.

Ethan moaned with desire. She shifted and ran her fingers through his hair and grabbed the back of his neck and kissed deeply. He returned the kiss as her hands dropped and made their way to his waist. She unbuckled his belt and his pants fell to the floor.

She broke the kiss to check him out. He was clearly shocked at my innocent looking wife taking him to his underwear so quickly. She was hot and ready to go. Amy said wow, you are very well equipped and really hard! She massaged him through his shorts and passionately kissed him again as he groaned.

I was a voyeur to the hottest, sexiest wife I had ever seen. She looked at me, I nodded and she turned and pulled his shorts to the floor. As his cock popped free she sighed, Oh he is a bit thicker than I thought. He was big, but not huge. I knew she would be ok. And boy did he have a set of balls. She moaned and grabbed his cock with one hand and said, Look at his balls honey and grabbed them with a gentle squeeze.

She flipped his tie over her shoulder and took both hands and surrounded his cock. As she slowly pushed his head between her waiting lips Ethan groaned loudly. I was so hard I thought I my balls were going to pop.

Amy’s prides herself in giving great blow jobs. She is the best I have ever had and I’m sure the best for guys before. She can tie a knot in a cherry stem with just her tongue, teeth and lips; unbelievable. From Ethan’s moans this time was no exception. She released him after a few sucks and brandished his cock with her lipstick covering its head and asked, how am I doing? He pulled her up and gave her a very sexy, deep kiss and sighed, Amazing!

She said, You really seem to like it but you haven’t seen anything yet and returned his cock to her mouth. She slid her tongue and lips effortlessly on Ethan’s cock a few more times. Up and down, In and out with perfect rhythm. She pulled him out and said, You are so ready, I can taste you. She squeezed his cock and a few drips of Ethan ran down his shaft.

She suggestively licked it off. He said, I have a whole lot more where that’s from, do you want it? Amy smiled and curled her lips around him again. He started to moan as she increased her speed and I knew he was close. I watched her face as he swelled and filled her mouth.

He grabbed her head and pulled her so his cock went in and out of her mouth at his pace. He groaned loudly and started to spurt as Amy opened wider. They made eye contact and he buried her head to his pelvis forcing his cock head and his cum directly down her throat. She accepted without gagging and he jerked 4 or 5 more times. It was obvious he hadn't had any in a while and Amy was swallowing him whole.

Watching your wife with another guys tie around her neck, a monster cock in her mouth while its pumping cum down her throat is so hot. My balls were seriously aching now, but I realized it’s so nice to be able to concentrate on her and her thrill of satisfying someone without your own orgasm distracting you. She was gorgeous!

She took him out, kissed his cock and managed to squeeze more from his redden tip. She made a spectacle of slurping him up, showing us the white on her tongue and swallowing.

Ethan was a little embarrassed standing there with my wife holding his limp, sucked cock. I think he was a little timid that my wife had just gave him a blow job to die for right in front of me . He looked over and I told him it was the hottest thing I had ever seen. We’re cool. He smiled and turned back to my beautiful wife, who was flush with desire. I thought he would say goodnight and our evening with him would end.

But he turned back and said to me, Well if you are ok, can I return the favor I got from Amy?

I said I was all for it and asked Amy if she was still good? She said I am dying over here. I have a horny husband and a beautiful man that just came inside my mouth……. and they both want to fuck me silly. I am so wet; Absolutely!!

He looked at me and I told him he better get started; Amy was ready to go!

Ethan smiled and gently turned her around. He unzipped her colorful dress and expertly removed her bra. I watched as my beautiful, mostly naked wife totally gave in to a stranger. He flipped his tie between her breasts and laid her on the bed and ravished her exposed flesh. I couldn't move as she moaned, writhed and begged him for more. He licked and bit her perky tits to points and kissed her exposed flesh. She grabbed his returning hard on and said, looks like you are ready again!

With that he pulled her soaking G-string from her tanned legs and said, looks like you are too as he plunged 2 fingers inside her soaking pussy lips. Amy was surprised and groaned, then relaxed as she spread her legs for our new friend. She squirmed and moaned for what seemed like forever before she begged him to fuck her. She was past the point of stopping and I think she may have forgotten I was there. This was exactly what I wanted her to be like. Filled with passion and lust!

Ethan was consumed as well and there wasn’t any checking with me this time. I watched as she lay there starring at Ethan as his cum-dripping cock lined up with her sopping wet pussy. I think she wanted to ask if it was ok to fuck him but she just looked at me as he slowly lowered his hard cock to her soaked pussy lips.

She gently grabbed his huge head and slid it up and down her slit several times moaning all the while and keeping eye contact. She moaned deeply and I thought she might get off right then but she just kept moving and moaning.

Her expression changed as she centered him, closed her eyes and let him lowered himself. Her hands moved away and Ethan continued to slowly enter her warm pussy.

Here I was watching another guy penetrate my wife for the first time since I’ve known her. Her eyes popped open as did her mouth as Ethan bottomed out and had more to go. She looked slightly pained as he pushed further. Ethan looked at her, got concerned, backed out a bit and asked if she was ok.

Her legs relaxed and she said, go slow. I need to get used to you. I really like your cock and you can give me a real pounding after I adjust. I’ve only had one cock in the last decade. He smiled at being her first new guy in so many years.

He started with slow, incomplete strokes that touched the back of her pussy, but didn’t stretch her, at least not yet. I watched as he filled my wife with lust, joy and pleasure.

It was also a huge turn on knowing that another guy is getting an amazing night to remember forever. And it’s my beautiful wife that he will be getting off to in the future as he relives the night on his own. Not to mention how many fun nights we will have doing the same.

Earlier I had a thought about asking where she wanted him to cum, but that was a fleeting thought as they were consumed by lust, and so was I. I came back to the present as she softly moaned and got into rhythm with his gentle thrusts. He was being a good lover but she was used to him now and she begged him to go deeper and speed up. He went deeper a few thrusts and then sped up.

He was now fully penetrating her and I could tell she was in a little pain with the last of a thrust, but that seemed to turn her on even more. Now Ethan was up on his hands and her whole body began to move with each one. She put both arms on the headboard to absorb his new level of fucking her silly. She was taking it hard now and the bed was moving and making noises in time to her cries for more.

They started to sweat and the room smelled of her sexy scent mixed with Ethan’s. When he started to make deeper moans she breathlessly whispered, Please cum inside me. What? She said louder, Please cum inside me. Between breaths he gasped, I love your voice, please say it again. And she did, over and over, please come inside me, please come inside me, please Ethan, come inside me.

This was incredibly hot. We hadn't even decided this detail in discussing how an evening would play out, but I really didn’t have any rules as long as she was good. I was totally fine with this stud taking my wife completely.

She wrapped her legs around his ass and her legs pulled him in with every thrust. Then she raised her pelvis to accept him as deep as possible and she had the most explosive cum I had ever seen. She went silent, then panted and then a scream of sheer ecstasy. Our hotel neighbors were getting an incredible audio of a crazy hot fuck session.

He wasn't prepared as she wet his balls and cock with her cum. She went limp and he continued to pump. I was surprised when she suddenly screamed his name and said she was cumming again. She never cums twice! This second round of pleasure sent Ethan over the edge with desire and he started to groan deeply. He was close and pulled her up to his pelvis and her legs flexed to bring him all the way into her as he buried into her as deep as he could and started to explode.

It seemed like 30 seconds of jerks and moans as he filled her. She had a huge smile on her face as did he. He lay her gently back to the mattress, and pulled at his tie around her neck as she went. They kissed and as they parted Amy told him he was an amazing lover. As he removed his cock from her pussy he held it above her and stroked a few times.

More cum dribbled on her tangle of hair, tummy and his tie. Oh well. I figured it would be a good memento, along with her panties, if she was willing to let him.

My wife laying with another man between her legs holding his spent cock, dripping with cum on her was an amazing picture. Their eyes met and he rolled off as she motioned that it was my turn.

I got on top of my very warm, well fucked, sticky wife. She smelled and felt wonderful. I kissed her deeply while playing with the cum on her pussy and tummy – she was a hot mess! She moaned with desire and told me to go easy on her.

I’ve had a very ‘hard’ night. I smiled and said, Yes you have honey and I put my aching cock to her very pink lips.

I paused as I could see inside her after Ethan’s cock and its pounding had spread her open. As I got ready to push my cock in she pushed and Ethan’s cum came pooling out of her darkness. I was so turned on watching her smile and Ethan’s cum spilling out.

She said, But wait, there is more. He gave me a ton and more appeared as she pushed again. A steady stream was now dripping between her legs and ass to a large wet spot on the bed.

I said, Hold up. Sloppy seconds was something I had always wanted to try. I couldn’t believe I finally was getting to do it. It was amazing as I lowered my hard cock to her pussy.

She begged for more and I pushed my cock head into the white goo of her pussy and moved in and out as she matched mine with her own thrusts. My, she could fuck! She thought she could cum again on top, so we changed positions and moved so Ethan could see her naked body and face.

She rode me gently at first and then with more passion. She is so sexy on top with her head and hair flipping from side to side as she works into an orgasm. And did I mention his tie hanging off her and swinging in time to her thrusts? She was Amazing Amy for sure!

She went faster, threw her head back and started cumming again, but very quietly. It was the sexiest cum I had ever seen. She was so beautiful breathlessly recovering with her eyes closed and skin glistening. Ethan stood close to the bed and was already hard again as he stoked himself.

I told her I wasn’t going to last long, and grabbed her hips and quickened the pace until all the feelings of tonight came bursting from my cock. I filled her with all I had. She leaned down and gave me a very emotional kiss. Thanks for an amazing evening!

As she pulled away to sit up Ethan moaned and said it's not over yet!

Amy motioned him over. Ethan’s cock entered her mouth as she moved her hips on my spent cock. Watching this was so hot that I started to get hard again. I grabbed her nipples, tweaked and pinched them as she fully took his cock between her lips.

Within a minute I saw Ethan’s balls tense up and Amy swallowed his cum as he moaned her name. She popped him free and he spurted on her chin and another white glob landed on his tie. She wiped her chin with his tie, took it off and told him it was something physical to remember the evening. He pulled away and as we lay there he got dressed.

He leaned over and kissed Amy and told her she was the best fuck he had ever had. I knew he was telling the truth. He thanked me for sharing her and I said it was an amazing night for all of us. He said, I know this was only for tonight, but really Amy, I have to see you again! She smiled and said, I haven’t gotten enough of you either so maybe real soon. He gave us his contact information and got ours. Amy said we will for sure get in touch the next time we are in Austin. We may make a trip back just for some time with you as she wiggled her hips suggestively.

He smiled and Amy grabbed the growing bump in his pants. He said, No more tonight, I am sore! But he promised to keep in touch and told us he was coming to Houston next month. She smiled as he grabbed his wet tie and her wet g-string from the edge of the bed. He asked if he could take them as he sniffed the stripe of pink fabric.

Amy said, Sure but bring them next time so I can give you a new wet pair.

He said, Girl, you have a deal! and shut the door.

We both smiled and knew that this was the beginning of a fun friend with benefits for Ethan and a great fuck friend for my wife.

I turned over to turn off the light and remembered I had recorded the whole evening. I held it up and she smiled. As I stopped it I told her we could re-live the night again.

She smiled and said, I can't wait. I was so crazy for Ethan and you that I can't remember all what just happened - I was filled with lust.

I gathered her in my arms and whispered, This was one hell of an evening. She sighed and we fell asleep.

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