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The sensual touch

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The thoughts that I envision as I close my eyes at nite are extrodinary this is one of them..We are in bed..where I have no idea..hotel I don't care ..but we are alone..and we dont have to worry about interruptions of any kind ..Your body is next to mine and we are both entwined kissing and touching each other as we prepare to make love ..tenderly and romanticly face lowers to your right breast and gently suck ur nipple into my mouth. I use both hands to massage your breasts as I run my tongue around your erect nipple. Slowly I open my mouth wide and suck as much of your tit in as I can. you moan as I continue to massage your other breast. Slowly I flick my tongue back and forth over your nipples several times. Then I gently slide my face, just barely touching your skin, down past your stomach. As my mouth slides down to your mound you start to moan and squirm. my hot breath blows across your mound and I place both hands on the insides of your thighs and gently urge you to spread your legs. eagerly you follow my suggestion, and as you open your legs, I let my tongue run gently down and across your inner lips. your hips thrust forward slightly as my tongue gently explores deeper. I keep my face close enough to lick your clit, but not close enough to touch it. Gently my fingers spread your lips to reveal bright pink flesh to my heated tongue. Your hips wiggle as my tongue licks up one side and down the other at the entrance of your pussy.As my face pushes into your hot juicy pussy, my tongue flashes about,seeking, looking for that which will cause you to jump. Your hips thrust up pushing your warm sweet tasting pussy into my face. My tongue explores deeper into you as you moan in pleasure. I move move head up slightly and my tongue finds your clit only to flick it back in forth sending shivers through your body.Your whole body shakes. Gently my tongue worms its way around your clit. Suddenly your hips begin thrusting into my face, your legs are shaking, and as I slip a finger deep into your cunt your body spasms, a moan of pleasure escapes you, and I know that your first orgasm of the evening has just rocked its way through you.

I pause for a minute to let you recover so that your leg and back muscles can relax. Then I gently start moving my face around your crotch again.You suck in a deep breath and moan as my tongue once more starts to search out your clit. My finger moves slowly in and out of your pussy, and your sweet smelling juices coat my hand as well as my face. you spread your legs wider this time and i'm able to get my face into position so that my tongue can wander up and down ur pussy at will lapping up your juices as I work you up for another orgasm..Your moans increase... Your breathing speeds up and I can feel the heat from your pussy as my tongue runs up and down it. Each time my tongue crosses your clit, your body spasms with pleasure and your breathing stops in a gasp. my finger is replaced by another finger and is moving faster now, in and out of your hot hungry cunt. I can feel the tension in your body increase, as your legs start tightening about my head, your hands gripping into the bed, suddenly I jam another finger deep into your demanding body. At the same time I gently suck your clit into my mouth. As this orgasm explodes throughout your body, your back arches, lifting off the bed. A strange sound escapes your lips I try and vocalize your pleasure. My tongue rapidly flicks across your clit, I can feel you shudder and shake as orgasm after orgasm explodes through your body.

I keep licking for what feels like an eternity, until I can feel ur body weakening from the constant strain. Gently I start to ease my tongue away from your clit and slowly you start to come down from this very natural high. Slowly you relax back onto the bed. your thighs let go of my head and your hands release their hold of the bed... I gently ease my fingers out of your now very tight and juicy cunt and you moan from the loss. you jump as I place another kiss on your very sensitive lips, but relax again as you realize i'm not going to do anything again..I move up to your face where our lips are drawn together like magnets. As you taste your juices on my face you moan with pleasure. Our tongues race around each others mouths like racecars. I ease my body gently onto urs and place both knees between your legs. The head of my erect dick is knocking gently at the door of your hot dripping wet cunt, and with a moan you raise your hips as I lower mine. Gently I slide into your pussy as you gasp as I fill you. your juices flow around my throbbing rock hard cock, your pussy eagerly takes me engorged cock slowly eases in and out of your juicy cunt. I let my cock slide back and forth into the depths of your body. your breasts are poking me in the chest as I move my hips gently back and forth. Our mouths are glued together as my tongue starts keeping time with my hips. I can feel your body tighten up as your lips start sucking on my tongue as it slips in and out of your mouth in time with my cock. I pick up the speed of my thrusts and your moans are now loud and clear as you approach orgasm.

Suddenly I shift position slightly and now with each thrust of my hips I grind into your body and hit your spot deeper and deeper ... At the same time I thrust into you harder and faster. As my cock rubs your spot you explode with a very loud moan and ur legs wrap themselves around my waist as I pound into ur body. I can feel the hot cum rushing from my balls into my deeply buried engorged cock. As I cum deep into your body we are as one, in mind as well as body. Our movements are the same as you take my gift and we share our pleasures in each other. your pulsing cunt has succeeded in draining me completely and for several minutes I'm unable to take my weight off of you.

As energy starts to return to the both of us, I slide gently off of you and we embrace in a gentle kiss. For the moment, both of us completely satisfied, but knowing that more pleasures are going to be had in the future..we are together perfectly matched.....

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