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The Lovers part 1

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Two hours on the road have left me feeling a bit stiff & sore, so finally being in the hotel room is a relief. I toss my overnight bag onto the bed and my ?toy? bag on the nightstand, kick off my shoes and head into the bathroom to start the shower. As the water is heating up I set up my computer at the desk, get online and put Pandora on for music. Stopping at my overnight bag, I pull out my shower kit, strip down and return to the shower. As I stand in the steaming hot water I can feel the knots in my back and legs start to relax. I take my time washing my hair, scrubbing every inch of my body and giving myself a fresh shave as I enjoy the tingling of my skin as it reddens under the heat of the water. With a sigh I decide to climb out of the shower?pausing for a moment to turn the hot water off, dousing myself briefly with the ice cold water and gasping at the feel of it. Toweling off as I head back into the room I pull my soft oversized nightshirt over my head and, feeling a little playful and silly, I comb my damp hair into low pigtails. Then as I pull the stockings and garter on I laugh a little at the odd combination, but can?t resist the opportunity to wear them for him again. I return to my bag and pull out a bottle of wine and glasses. Glancing at the clock I see that it?s nearly 9 and the last text said it might be as late as 10 before he would be able to get free from the business meeting/dinner he was tied up in. I pour myself a glass and settle in on the bed with my computer. I?m lying on my stomach across the bed, ankles crossed, my nightshirt hovering just below the curve of my ass and leaving my garter belt and stocking tops exposed. I pull up the most recent story I?ve been working on and read through what I?ve written so far, putting myself back into the story line. Within a few minutes I?ve lost myself in the music I?m listening to and the story that is unfolding as I write. I am so focused on my writing I don?t hear the door open. When I hear his bag drop and a low soft moan come from behind me I turn and toss a big smile at him over my shoulder. Gently, I lift my computer off the bed and onto the nightstand, setting my wine glass down beside it. Flipping over and sliding off the edge of the bed, I fall into his arms, wrapping mine around his broad back, slowly and gently working my fingers into the tight muscles all along his spine. I feel my body flush at the feel of his arms around me, pulling me tightly into him, hands lifting the hem of my night shirt so he can access the bare skin of my ass. I lift my face, gently bring my lips to his, grazing softly at first, slowly increasing pressure, feeling his lips part slightly under mine I lightly explore the edge of his open mouth with my tongue. I kiss him with light passionate kisses for a few moments, loosening his tie and undoing the first few buttons of his shirt at the same time. Breaking away, I push him back so he is sitting on the edge of the bed. I run my fingers firmly through his hair. Gentle circular motions massaging along his scalp trying to release some of the stress from his day. I can feel the tension starting to drop away I finish unbuttoning his shirt and pull it off his shoulders. I climb up onto the bed behind him and snug up close enough to wrap my legs around his waist and over his legs. He begins to stroke his hands up and down the black silky nylon covering them as I continue to work the knots and kinks out of his neck and shoulders. Once he seems to finally be feeling relaxed I change my touches from deep and relaxing to light and teasing. I pull his t-shirt over his head so I have full access to his skin. Smiling to myself, I watch the tiny little tremors as I lightly drag my fingertips over various sensitive zones, drawing slow lazy circles over the skin on his chest, working my hands lower and lower with each circle until my fingertips are grazing the waistband of his pants. I continue to kiss along his neck and ear, whispering to him how much I?ve missed him as I allow my fingers to slowly work loose his belt buckle and undo his pants. I slide my hand into his pants and begin slowly stroking his cock through the fabric of his boxers, feeling him stiffen almost instantly at my touch. With a low moan he drops his head back onto my shoulder as I continue to nibble his ear and whisper to him how I?m going to run my hands and lips over every inch of his skin as I continue to stroke his cock with one hand. I let the other hand continue the light lazy circles across his chest, lightly grazing across his nipples, down the firm muscles of his abs following that natural curve at his hip line and back up to his chest again. There is a soft gentle almost lulling quality to the rhythm I?m creating as he is slowly relaxing into me. I unwrap my legs from around his and pull him backward onto the bed so I?m hovering over him. He smiles up at me and tugs one of my pigtails with a playful look in his eyes. ?Cute? he says as he pulls me down to him to kiss me deeply leaving me breathless when he lets me break free. With a wicked grin back at him I stand beside the bed briefly, pulling my nightshirt up and over my head, leaving me in nothing but a lacy bra and the garter & stockings that I only wear for him. I kneel at his feet and remove his shoes & socks. Reaching up I grasp the waistband of his pants and pull them down and off his legs, leaving him in nothing but his boxers. I climb back up onto the bed and swing a leg over so I?m straddling his hips. His hands return to stroking my legs through the stockings as I slowly grind my wet pussy over his hard cock through his boxers. I can feel the heat of his flesh through the now wet fabric straining to contain his body. As I continue the slow grinding ride that is getting me wetter by the minute I return to the light stroking with my hands from his stubbled jaw line down across his collarbone, slowly trailing down his ribs to his waist and back up again. Alternating light finger circles with deep relaxing strokes I ask him how his day was. I lean down and trail light kisses across his chest, sliding up to reach his mouth again. So close I can feel my lips brushing his, I whisper to him to relax and let me help him forget about everything else for the night. Grasping the back of his head, I kiss him again, this time letting my tongue explore his mouth, teasing along the slightly uneven edge of his teeth, finding his warm firm tongue and sighing when I feel his fingers unhook and remove my bra. His hands grab hold of me, one pulling my ass firmly into him and the other grasping my hair, pulling my head back to access my neck. As he begins to kiss and nip the sensitive skin along my neck and jaw my entire body starts to tingle, I find myself gasping and arching my body against his. When he begins stroking his fingers up and down my spine a moan slips out as I practically go limp in his arms. He rolls us over so he is hovering above me. As he continues to nibble along my neck and collarbone I reach down and tug his boxers down over his hips. With his help they are out of the way and I?m practically purring over the sensation of his bare skin against mine. He nestles himself in between my thighs, hips pressed to mine, the hard length of his cock pushing firmly against my pussy lips, every little movement of his hips causing brief friction against my throbbing clit. The feel of the warm silky skin of his cock against my wet shaved pussy is driving me crazy with need as he starts sliding himself up and down along my wet slit. I find myself lifting my hips to him, my hands grasping his shoulders as I look into his eyes and tell him ?Please baby?I need you inside me?I want to feel ?my cock? where it belongs.? With a smile, he brings his lips back up to mine, kissing me slowly, allowing his hands to run down my legs, lifting my knees up and apart and slides his warm bare cock into my pussy with small little thrusts, pressing himself a little deeper into me with each one. I?m nearly writhing beneath him trying desperately to get as much of his cock as I can. When he finally does bury himself inside me it sets of a series of small shudders. The way we fit together always feels like coming home and this time is no different. As he begins moving slowly and deliberately pulling out almost completely and then grinding his hips into mine I tuck my arms around his waist, fingers grasping at his back as my body arches into his. His kisses are long and passionate leaving me breathless and dizzy. When he suddenly breaks away I cry out a protest that quickly shifts to a deep moan as he grabs my hips and pulls me up onto his thighs. From this position he is in constant contact with all the right spots inside my pussy, the slow long thrusts he is using have my entire body trembling. I can feel everything inside me tensing as I hang on the verge of an incredible orgasm. I?m arching and rolling my hips to meet his thrusts, the feel of his fingers teasing my nipples has me gasping. He takes my hand and sucks my first two fingers into his mouth, flicking over them with his tongue. When he presses them firmly against my clit and says ?show me how good it feels?I want to feel you cum on my cock.? I begin stroking my clit in time with his thrusts, circling lightly, feeling the first deep tremors starting as I begin to fall. When the first real wave hits my whole body stiffens as a hard shudder rolls over me. As he continues stroking in and out of me I?m arching against the bed, clutching the sheets as my whole body spasms, my pussy clutching his cock with hard rapid pulses. I can hear him gasp that I?m going to make him come just as the shuddering has begun to slow down for me. Before I can even catch my breath I hear him moan as he shifts himself so he is above me again, thrusting faster and harder into me. I feel his body stiffen and begin to shudder. As the hot rush of his cum fills my pussy I can hear that familiar rumbling moan from him as he clutches me tight. The sudden extra wetness and the sound of his orgasm push me once more into a deep shuddering wave as my pussy begins spasming around his still firm cock. Gasping and trembling, our limbs are completely entwined as we cling together. Slowly, as we both stop trembling we roll apart, catching our breath. Still a little shaky, I prop myself up on my elbow and grin down at him ?nice way to end a hard day?? I tease. He just growls and firmly pulls my mouth back to his and plants a soft gentle kiss on my lips before tucking my head back into his chest. I find myself listening to the soft thump of his heart, feeling safe and calm as I start to drift to sleep.

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