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The Inquisitor (Chapter 24)

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The Inquisitor led the princess along a winding path through the Chamber of Delights, past machines she'd experienced before, and many unknown ones as well. Strange devices, wheels and gear; she could not even fathom their purpose, other than pleasure. All of the devices in this room had but one purpose.

At last he led to a large wooden frame. It was roughly rectangular, its height a bit taller than a man and about as wide, with two large rings suspended below its top crossbeam at each end. At each base near the stone floor hung two more large iron rings.

The princess could imagine their purpose quick enough. He came close and unbound the silk 'round her wrists, before gently retying it again around her right. She allowed him to raise her hand above her head, and be tied by the soft, satiny restraint to the upper ring.

As he secured her arm, she became aware of how close his strong frame was to her naked body. She could feel his warm breath against her skin as he worked. From a nearby place he brought two more thick silk ties, and drawing her legs very wide apart, he bound each of her feet to it's neighboring ring, so that she stood, legs apart, her arm raised up and hung from the ring above. Her other hand hung loosely by her side, and she softly slid it across smooth skin of her belly as she watched him.

He stood back for a moment, as if admiring his work. She returned his intense gaze until his thoughts locked on a missing piece. From his robes he drew another silk, this one dark; very wide and very long. He folded its width several times, making a thick silk cord, which he tied around her eyes as a blindfold without a word.

He stepped back again, taking in the sight of her, legs spread wide and unashamed, her sex bare and hungry. His eyes traveled down her arm bound tight to the frame, down to her swollen and erect nipples, her free hand curling soft around her left breast.

As she stood bound in the frame, her sight cut off by the smooth silk blindfold, her other senses came alive. She could hear the soft sound of his breathing, not far away, hear the faint scritch-scratch of his boots upon the stone floor. Her skin felt the cool tickle of the night air upon it, and her nipples stood out long and hard. She could smell again the beautiful fragrance filling her body with its wonderous bouquet.

She could see nothing, so instead she listened intently, trying to make out what her master was up to. Time seemed to stretch out for what seemed an eternity. At last she heard the soft rustle of his robes and felt him draw very, very close to her.

"It is time for your lesson." He whispered, close by her ear. "Are you prepared? You know that I must punish you a bit, for your.... willfulness?"

"Yes, my lord." came her reply.

"Very well." Said He. 'I have watched you many times... when your chimes sound, I have enjoyed seeing you give yourself pleasure." The princess again wondered how he could have seen her, but let waves of anticipation wash over her body, knowing delight lay soon ahead.

"I have restrained the hand you use so often." He whispered, his hands softly running down its suspended length. "But I have left the other free... Indeed, I have left it free for you to pleasure yourself."

In the darkness as he spoke in her ear, her free hand slid across her breasts, lightly tweaking her nipple. From nowhere, a sharp smack across her bare bottom. So sudden and quick, she let out a startled gasp.

In her ear again, this time his body so close she could feel the folds of his robes against her bare skin. She could also feel his huge member pressed against her 'neath them.

"I have left your sinister hand free, but you may not use it until I allow it. Do you understand?"

When she did not reply quickly enough, another sharp spank upon her bottom, accompanied by a pinch of one of her hardened nipples. His touches were rough and potent, but not dealt with malice or hurt. A small moan escaping her open lips as she responding to them.

"Yes, my lord." She replied, nuzzling her naked, suspended body against his hardness, a lusty smile on her lips. Another spank, and another, her bottom growing warm and stinging. She squirmed as he spanked her, her sex becoming aroused.

"I know you pleasured those men... the outlanders.... Kinsmen of the king... did you not?" he whispered again in her ear, his mouth very close. His large hand rested on her stinging bottom, caressing its smarting cheeks.

"Yes, my lord." She breathed.

"Tell me what you did, princess."

"I obeyed, my lord. I did as was commanded." She cied. Another spank, another pinch of the nipple.

"Yes, I know that you did." He whispered, his body close. "Tell me what you did, princess. Did you take them into your mouth." His thick finger rolled across her lips, and she opened them to softly suck on it before it withdrew.

"Yes, my lord. I took them all in... All that was offered!" Another rough spank, her cheeks red and angry.

"Yesss." He whispered. "You took their cocks, did you not... sucked them?"

"Oh yes, my lord." Her voice grew dusky, her mind flashing on the cocks before your waiting mouth. "I swallowed them, my master... took all of their lengths into my mouth, as deep as they chose."

"Tell me what you did, princess." He breathed.

"I drank them, my master! I swallowed all they gave... tasted their seed upon my tongue and in my mouth! I let them burst forth upon my breasts and face and in my mouth and down my throat." Her body writhed against him as she recounted the tale.

"Yesss..." he whispered, his mouth so close to her ear in the darkness. His hand slid down behind her, sliding up her inner thigh.

"You sucked them all, didn't you princess? You took their cocks? Yes... you liked them in your mouth, didn't you?" His breath was ragged, and his words urgent next to her. His hand slid between her spanked bottom, his fingers finding her from behind.

"Oh, yes my lord!" she cried, her hips squirming as he probed her gently with a finger, pressing gently, seeking entrance. "I took them all... into my mouth, my lord!" she moaned.

He slid a finger into her as he breathed upon her naked skin. She could feel his huge cock raging against it's covering, a hard pole against her as he slid his finger farther into her from behind, filling her.

""Ah, Oh!" she moaned, as he slid it nearly out, and then steadily back in deeper. Yes, my lord! I tasted them all... their cocks so big in my mouth!"

A rustle, his body grew closer, his finger deeper, and she could feel his own cock bare against her skin now. She could feel its heat against her, and felt his other hand slide down to grasp it, all the while fingering her from behind.

"Yess... my princess..." he moaned as he pulled himself against her. "And did they ram you, my love... did you allow them entry?"

"Ah, ah.. oh!" she moaned as another finger joined the first, sliding insistent into her. She balled her fist against her side, restraining the overwhelming urge to touch herself as his fingers filled her from behind.

"No, my lord." She moaned, breathless, as her hips began to push back harder against his hand, pushing his big fingers deeper.

"Only their hands, my lord... only their cocks and my mouth and their fingers oh yes oh yes!" she cried,

"Touch yourself!" he commanded, She gladly obeyed, her hand quickly finding her wet sex, her fingers flying on her sopping clit as he continued to finger her rear, pulling his cock against her thigh.

The pleasure within her grew, her hips bucking against his fingers, her own fingers seeking out her pleasure. At last she could withstand it now longer, climaxing, gushing onto her frantic digits. As she orgasmed, she felt his hot seed spurt against her thigh, her legs, her hand. She felt it thick and hot on her skin, and she smiled wide, knowing she had pleasured him just as well as herself.

- -

The maid gathered her courage as she began her tale. The ladies-in-waiting continued to play and coo and kiss and love each other. At last the maid reached the point in the story when the revelry began, and all paid rapt heed, even the Queen.

"You sent us as gifts, my Queen. And we obeyed. The outlanders will not soon forget your... generosity."

"Tell me of the sport, my dear." Hissed the Queen, her teeth pointy and white. Outside, the thunder grew closer and louder.

"We did as commanded, my Queen. The Prince offered us as currency, and they took us both."

Head held high, the maid told the tale, how the men had ravaged her. How they had taken her, two, three at a time. She told how she had taken them, taken their cocks in her mouth, felt them slide up into her from behind, and then another in front. She told of two cocks inside her wet sex at one time, cocks against her skin, hot white seed spurting upon her. She told them of cocks in her mouth, how she greedily sucked them.

The ladies-in-waiting squirmed against each other, fingers disappearing into one another, mouths on hard nipples, pointed tongues against tongues. The woman the Queen had chastised slid their fingers into the Queen, and sucked greedily at her breasts as the maid spoke. Their moans and squeals rose in time with her words.

Outside the air quaked with cracks of thunder, and within the chamber, it took on a crackling electricity.

"And what of your ward?" purred the Queen, her juices wetting the fingers of her ladies in waiting as she stared lustily at the maid.

"She obeyed as well, my Queen. On her knees she took every man who came to stand before her. Deep she swallowed their members, and drank from them."

To this they all responded with moans of pleasure, the Queen spreading her legs further, so they could slide in more fingers as she heard the maid's account. The thunder outside boomed as if to break the very stone walls. The ladies-in-waiting shrieked as they brought each other to quivering heights of pleasure.

- -

As her breathing subsided, she felt him return his swollen member within his robes, and felt her bond at her feet loosened. She felt her wrist untied, and it fell quick and heavy to her side. At last, he removed her blindfold, and she stood blinking in the soft light of the Chamber. Even in the torch and candlelight, she could see his hair had darkened considerably, still streaked with greys and lights, but no longer shock-white.

He moved away, adjusting his robes, eyes watching her. As he beheld her, a strange whim struck her thoughts, and in a smooth motion, she gathered up his seed on her finger, and brought it to her lips. With a sly smile, she popped her finger into her mouth, drawing it out clean.

The Inquisitor was so surprised, he could not help himself, bursting forth with a hearty laugh. The princess found she greatly enjoyed it.

"Princess," he said. "You are indeed a remarkable woman. Surprising, as well." He added.

The princess smiled, and he helped her down from the wooden frame, wrapping a warm cloak around her. He guided her back to her bedchamber, pulling the door behind them.

He busied himself as she withdrew to the bathing chamber. She cleaned herself quickly with a damp rag, preferring to return for a hot bath after he'd retired. Returning to the chamber, she found him just closing an ornate chest. The princess could not remember a time when it had ever been unlocked before.

He motioned her to the bed, where she sat, wrapping herself in a warm blanket. From the chest, he produced a beautiful bottle of deep blue liquid.

"Remember what I told you though." He asked. "Do not seek to find any answers during the hours of darkness. Do you promise"

Still very confused, she agreed as he unstoppered the pretty blue bottle, pouring a dram of liquid into a small cup.

"You must drink this, my princess. This night will be long, and you must gather strength. You will need it when..." His voice trailed off, as though he could not bring himself to finish.

The princess waited, at last draining the liquid from the small cup. In an instant, her eyes grew heavy, and she felt so terribly sleepy, though she wanted desperately to stay awake. So many questions she wished to ask him swirled about her mind.

"In the morning, do not tarry!" he warned. "Start straightaway! Even if you.... feel that you cannot go on."

"But why, my lord?" she yawned. She wanted to ask why she would not want to go on, what would happen, where had Chrysanthemum gone... but she felt herself slipping further and further under, until she knew no more.

- - -

All was still within the Queen's chambers as the maid finished her tale, save for the increasing thunder and gale outside the stone walls. The Queen and her minions listened full to the tale.

The Queen smiled, deep in though. Through her mind swirled images of the maid, on the tent floor, taken from all sides, on her knees before the Chieftain, the spurting of so many men. A long shudder ran down her, and she delighted in the maid's delicious humiliation. She complimented her on such a fine job, and her ladies in waiting begrudgingly acknowledged the feat as well.

"Tell me, my dearest Chrysanthemum, my lovely sister... what did you feel as those men took you. Tell me how they felt inside you. Tell me how it made you feel to be sent as a gift to those outlanders."

The maid's cheeks darkened, and her nipples grew hard in spite of herself as she recalled the sport.

"I felt... I felt ashamed at first. Just as you would have me feel, my Queen. But only at first. Once it began, I felt nothing... nothing but power! Power over the men, though they believed my body was merely for their use. I felt my own power, as I stroked them... milked them, making them cry out over and over again... Power, my sister... That is what I felt."

This seemed to please the Queen greatly. "Yes, my sister! What have I proclaimed to you for so very long. All of this power can be yours as well. Had you only accepted it before, we could have ruled this land together!"

"I know of the power you speak, my Queen." Answered the maid. "But you misunderstand me... Though I could have, I tasted them not. The power felt within me, was all women's power over men... How they think they dominate us, but in each of us lies that very same strength and power over them."

"You... you tasted them not?" The Queen seemed completely baffled by the maid's words. "That cannot be. How could you resist it? Those men, any of them... you could have drained all of them, returned to us as powerful as I! Do you mean to say you returned without a single drop of their strength?"

The Queen grew vexed, and outside the thunder crackled harder. She swatted away the minion who clutched at her bosom. The woman drew back, her hand to her broken lip. The Queen drew herself up, alighting from the great bed and cinching her robe 'round her middle as she approached the maid.

"Can it be you returned without their strength?" she whispered to the maid, slowly pacing round her still form. "Surely you are not that foolish, my sister? It is not possible. I know you to be wise... I know what is in your heart."

"It cannot be..." the Queen continued. "You must have taken something, else your beauty would not have held as it is. You cannot hide from me, sister. I know how many seasons we have passed... and I know you gave me your last! I tasted it when I took your last drop. Without it, you cannot endure. You must have taken something."

The maid smiled. "Yes, my Queen. I took from them men who accompanied us here. The outlander chief sent them as guards, and I tasted them on the road here."

"Ah..." sighed the Queen. "I knew you must have! I knew you would drain them, to save what little time you have!"

"No, my Queen. They live... they live and are strong and young still. I took from them only what I needed. Try as you might, I shall not become like you."

To this last, the Queen's face burned in fury. She dealt the maid an angry backhand blow, sending her nearly crashing to the floor. Recovering, the maid stood tall once again, her face red and stinging.

"You fool!" the Queen shouted. "How dare you return without their strength? You know what lies ahead for you, do you not?"

She looked upon the maid with disgust. "It is not even sporting now. You have no chance to equal me... to challenge me! Curse you, my wretched sister. I can see now I was right to usurp your throne. What a Queen you would have made. A Queen indeed!" Another blow, the sound of flesh striking flesh. The maid staggered but for an instant, before rising tall again.

Outside, the thunder broke again, and for a moment, the Queen's fury seemed to slacken. The maid caught a glimmer of compassion and love and confusion in her sister's eyes. If only for the briefest moment.

"It has not always been this way, my love." Spoke the maid, her voice just above a whisper. "Do you not remember how it once was? How it was before jealousy burned your heart black?"

The Queen turned away, unwilling to hear her. From the bed, the ladies in waiting watched and waited.

"We loved each other once, my sister. So long ago. Do you not remember how we played amongst the fields? The cool of the waterfalls, the breath of wind... Do you not remember? How can you be filled with such contempt for me?"

All at once, it seemed the spell was broken. The Queen turned back to regard her sister. Gone was the softness, any hint of caring, now only darkness burned in her eyes.

"Contempt? Contempt you say? No, my sister... not merely contempt. I loathe you. And you wish to know its beginning?"

The Queen slowly circled the maid, speaking so softly only Chrysanthemum could hear her.

"It has always been!" she said at last. "Since we were but babes. It has always been you, dear one. I was first-borne! It should all have been my birthright!"

"It was you... first to be loved, first to be regarded. T'was you who was first to be inducted into the Priestesses! Fie! It should have all been mine! I was first-borne!"

The Queen grew angrier as she slowly circled the maid, lashing out with her words.

"Usurper! Upstart! Second-borne! How dare you ask from where my hatred springs! You have been a thief of mine inheritance since the day you came into this world! It was I who protected you from THEM! It was I who soothed them with my own body, while you received hardly the slightest blow, even as I bled and pleaded for mercy from their hungry lust... t'was I who bore the brunt!"

"But do you know when I began to plot your demise, my dearest one? T'was not when you begged the priestesses for my entry into the sisterhood... t'was not when your skills caught their eyes."

"T'was not even when you stole Him from me... no, my little one." The queen's eyes glittered like jewels.

"T'was when your son was crowned royal... on the very day my own perished!"

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