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The Fireplace

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The fireplace dances and crackles tooting its beauty for all to hear. The wood stacked in place and the blue, yellow and red flames fight for recognition as the fire glows in warmth. The aroma of a fire blazing in the fireplace brings such joy to the senses in an almost overwhelming fashion. The face feels the flash of warmth, the eyes watch the dazzling brilliance of the flame itself, while the ears tune in the melodic tune of the burning for aged hardwoods, and lastly the mind remembers times passed of previous fires encountered and enjoyed. No matter how enrapturing the flame, the beauty of the one before me places the fireplace to a mere background encounter. Your lips beg to be kissed as I stroke your hair gently and longingly. You are asleep upon my chest and I don't have the heart to awaken you as I glaze upon your glowing before me. Sleeping by fire light with you brings me such joy that I can hardly contain myself. With the shadows dancing around the room with every gust of wind stimulating the fire through the depths of the chimney, I try to resist laughing uncontrollably. Yes, the shadows are tickling me with their performances as one looks like a hand and arm touching the face of the one in my arms. I smile! I think that there could be nothing more beautiful than a woman sleeping, and then I see a light beam through the windows upon your bare warm back. I gently turn and look over my shoulder to see the waxing almost full moonlight shining brightly, now free of the rain clouds that held it back before. How romantic I thought, as the distant thunder continued to resound as the fire crackled and my lovely friend purred as she sleeps. My imagination runs wildly as I almost have to pinch myself to believe this is real. We had just met not so long ago as I had poured over the Internet dating sites looking for a compatible profile with a heart of gold. Filtering through the thousands of names, faces and words of women nearby, I come upon yours. It attracts me and almost pierces my heart as I see your loneliness and feel your struggles from your words. We talk on the phone and I find myself desiring to listen ever more to your voice. You e-mail me just to say hello and that you miss hearing from me. I smile even now at just the thought. We converse and find that even though we are very different in most ways, we are attracted to each other and kind of fit together like two connecting pieces of a puzzle. I find myself daydreaming of being together and hugging your fears away and caressing you intimately. The mind is a powerful thing as our tunes and messages were both sent and received with melody of desire for each other. I could feel your presence before we met and longed to consummate those thoughts. I could feel the tingle and warmth all over as if I was stoking the fire in a fireplace inside me. It was fate that brings us together and now its flames literally fan our bonding relationship. Here we are in this cabin lodge room near the Blue Ridge Parkway, alone together. No worries or fears separate us, as I literally feel myself growing inside you. It was our idea to make love and then to go to sleep in each other's arms. I felt myself shrinking afterward, but still residing in you, but now I'm inching out again and aching to reach full measure. We had a candle light covered dish dinner together in our cabin as the rain pranced upon the rooftop and the thunder and lightning electrify us to many sensual tunes. The security of the fire before us, and also the fire within us, helps us to enjoy all that is happening around us. We each remove the other's clothing, one piece at a time with a passionate kiss for each article, until there is nothing left to remove. We then sit together on the blanketed rug covering on the floor next to our fireplace, as we feed each other dinner alternating one piece at a time again sealed with a kiss. We caress each other gently only to be interrupted by hugs and kisses. Your breasts seemed to lift and separate as your nipples ripen succulent before my very eyes almost to your embarrassment. I know full well the thought process, as I begin to harden even more, and I begin to feel the rush of blood to my face too. We finish eating and remove the food and dishes and begin to dance. I've always felt a bit uncomfortable dancing closely to someone and realizing how my protrusion points and pierces my partner, but now with no clothing to bind me, I find it useless to arch my back to reserve entry until later. I like the warmth and wet boundaries of my partner as I lodge between your thighs, slowly stroking your entryway with every step or stride of our dance together. Our hearts beat faster and faster, as we kiss while searching the other's eyes. I ponder your thoughts spoken and hidden, as you tell me how you feel about us meeting like this. Your eyes give way to my desires and my eyes likewise yours. I feel your hands upon my cheeks pulling me closer. I move you to the edge of the bed as I lean you down for me to enter by tongue to prepare you for more to come. I find the ripe stem of life as I had dreamed of this moment many times before as I suck it firmly but gently continuously. I stroke your short stem with my lips and tongue as I build up the vacuum between us. Slowly and steadily, back and forth I suck until your precious juices, flow in excitement to greet me. I drink of your fountain and continue to stroke you gently with hints of an alluring bite. Slowly I surrender to my desire to enter you as I stand and help your up from the bed. We dance and kiss while hugging even tighter. My cock aches in pain to be inside you. Your hands lift me inside with your blessing and I delve deeper with every new stride as we hug and kiss continually. My tongue brushes your every tooth and even courts your tongue in the lovers' dance. I feel your tongue communicating with me just as clearly. We dance and I move myself deeper and then pull shallower as you squeeze me with resistance. Our hugs and kisses bring joy and even laughter as we continue to dance before our roaring fire. We talk of how long it's been and why we waited this long before we could get away! We share suspicions and desires, mixed with intimate conversations of our lives. We are slowly becoming best friends, and we even laugh at the process of making love before we know too much about the other's family and friends. We are captivated upon each other aiming to please the other first and foremost. Soon our dance begins to end because our heightened desire for more active strokes emerges and takes control. I lead us back to the bed and we lie upon it and roll over kissing and hugging still. I stop on my back as you take control of our first time. Every stroke brings a heightened response from me, and a cheer from you as you ride me till I can resist no more and launch inside you as our juices' flow together, but you don't stop. I'm almost begging now for you to stop as every new stroke is like needles of excitement. Soon the joy overwhelms the pain and I beg you not to quit. There is that moment that seems like forever that prevents us from achieving our unknown suppressed desires because we stop, but the pain is quickly forgotten when it is obtained. Oh how wonderful it is to reach that point together as I am still firmly inside you and you measure every stroke with the tightness of your vaginal lips. I suck your breasts and nipples to express my approval and desire to continue. I feel the wetness of your juices flow down upon me as I see your chest turn spotted red and your face flush in that same joy. I release again as the warmth of your wetness almost stings me in delight. You fall upon me and we kiss as I am still inside where I had desired to be since I first e-mailed you. You whispered that you were going to sleep now and for me not to leave as I feel your lips squeeze again firmly. I kiss you and hug you even tighter. I whisper that I wasn't going anywhere. The rain slowly decreases until it is only a memory. I am still awake and I do not want to sleep even though my eyes are very heavy. I relive the entire day again in my mind as I caress your hair once more, just to assure me that you are real. Soon I will join you in sleep as I ponder how tomorrow could ever be better than today. I smile as I see my shadow touch your face once more. There will be many tomorrow's, but we only have this moment now assured. I am not going to rush from this one yet! I close my eyes and join you in the depths of sleep! The shadow knows the story of the rest of that evening and morning.

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