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The Dressing Table

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As you sit nude at your dressing table, brushing your hair, I step softly into your room.

I quietly approach you, softly whispering your name, so as not to startle you when my hand touches your soft cool skin. I kneel behind you, softly kissing the back of your neck, trailing my tongue along the niche where your earlobe and your neck meet, then down your neck to your shoulder.

Smelling the scent of your perfume, I lightly nibble on your earlobe, while softly caressing your shoulders, willing the tenseness out of your muscles. Still kissing your neck, I stand and slide my hands down your arms, feeling your flesh turn to goose-bumps of pleasure. Reaching your hands, I extend my arms in front of you, to bring your hands together, while lifting them above your head, with one hand, to accentuate the beauty of your breasts in the mirror before us.

Tenderly, I bring my other hand to your right breast, tracing my fingers in teasing circles, ever closer to the aureola and nipple, but ever slower with each passing, enticing your nipples to a delectable rigidity. Sensing your longing, I finally move my other hand down to your left breast, sliding the fingers of both hands along the textured skin of your aureola, lightly pinching and squeezing your nipples.

Hearing the pace of your breathing increase, I step around to face you, kneeling, so that I can kiss each of your breasts, again circling your nipples, this time with my tongue, softly biting and nipping, to bring them to full arousal.

Continuing my attention on your breasts, I slide one hand across your stomach, and slowly between your thighs. I feel your sweet wetness as I part your labia, softly tracing my roving fingers along the full length, teasing and testing, inserting slightly, just to pull away moments later. Looking in your beautiful eyes and sensing your longing, I lower my head between your thighs, using my tongue and lips to further arouse you. Flicking my tongue along your clitoris, making you writhe with pleasure, kissing your supple thighs, as I ply at you womanhood with my strong nimble fingers.

Feeling myself grow with excitement, I position myself to insert in you, and lift you as I stand. Continuously kissing your breasts as we are coupled, thrusting slowly in a combined rhythm, until I feel that you have reached climax. I then carry you to your bed, placing you on your side at the edge of the bed, facing away from me. Separating your legs, I concentrate my affections with one hand at your tight vagina, while slowly inserting my penis into your behind; tenderly at first, as this is a new experience for us both, but with slightly more force as I feel your comfort with the situation. With the continuous attention at both vagina and anus, you are quickly brought to a rupturous orgasm, clutching the bed-sheets, and biting the corner of your pillow in ecstasy.

After your breathing and heartbeat have reached a normal pace, you decide that it is time for you to tease me in the same manner as I have you. Telling me to lie on the bed, you go to the bathroom to retrieve a damp washcloth, and proceed to clean my penis and testes, until they are presentable for you. After this bit of arousal, you begin softly kissing the tip of my penis, and slowly circling the shaft with your tongue, sliding your grip up and down the shaft with one hand, and softly squeezing my testes with the other. Teasingly, you occasionally rake your fingernails along the bottom of my shaft and testes, as you begin to engulf my shaft, a little more with each stroke. You continue with this slowly, enjoying the feeling of your power over me. As you become more involved and bolder, you begin to suck harder, taking my full length into your mouth, while sliding your tongue along the shaft and around the head on the out-stroke. From where you have placed me on the bed, I still have a full view of your backside in the mirror of your dressing table, and take the opportunity to insert two fingers of one hand probingly in your wet slit, while alternately caressing your hair and breasts with the other. When you finally feel I can take no more, you quicken your pace, diligently stroking, and sucking until I release fully in your mouth.

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