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The Cabin

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"The Cabin"

I had to get away. The stress from work had broken me down. I dreaded every day had no energy to do the basic task required of an executive in a company. As I slumped over my desk reading yet another analytical report, I heard a knock on the door. It was Bob. My friend, trusted colleague and more importantly my boss. He took one look at me and told me "Mike, you look like shit". I said "thanks for input" and proceeded to finish reading the report. Bob walked over and grabbed the papers from my hand. He said, "It's time for you to take a vacation". I looked at him like he had lost his mind. Bob said, "That's an order. Here are keys to a cabin I have in Pennsylvania. Leave now and beat the rush. I don't want to see you again before next Friday." I told Bob that I had a business meeting in LA and was flying out that evening. I was about to protest when he raised his hand. Bob said, "It's not a request it's an order. You are worthless to me in this state. Recharge the batteries and comeback in a week." I just looked at him and smiled and packed my things to leave. As I was leaving the office, Bob said, "There is a town about 5 miles from the cabin. Stop into the grocery store and tell Jill that you want the usual order. They will deliver some food for you." Since my bags were already packed for my business trip, I didn't need to go home and proceeded up the highway.

With my favorite jazz music playing in the background, I let my mind wonder off during the solitary drive. Few cars were on the road and I was able to take in the scenery. The road meandered through mountains passes. A strong river flowed off to my right. The river turned into my guide. With the highway paralleling the river, I was treated to calming scene of rushing water and mountains in the background. Amazingly, the further I drove north, the less stress I had. My shoulders actually started to relax and I felt a weight begin to recede from my shoulders. I barely noticed my blackberry going off on my hip. I pulled it out and read a message from Bob. It said, "Don't forget to ask for Jill at the grocery store!!" I was just about to reply when I noticed that I went out of coverage. I checked the blackberry frequently as I drove further north and noticed that I never got coverage back. I didn't think much of it. I figured there would be a phone in the cabin when I got there. So, I could call back and still check on work.

My GPS was telling me I was within ten miles of the cabin and I began looking for a grocery store. By this time, civilization was few and far between. Around five miles from the cabin, I saw a little mom and pop grocery store. I figured it must be the place and stopped in. As I walked in, it looked like most typical small grocery stores. It had very few selections of grocery and plenty of junk food. The large jar of pickled eggs did not inspire confidence in me. I saw a short overweight kid working behind the counter. I told him I was supposed to talk to Jill about getting groceries for Bob's cabin. He walked into the back and called for Jill. The beauty that came through the door floored me. She looked to be in her mid to late 30s but had the confidence of a woman much older. She was at least 5' 10". Jill had long auburn hair that went down her back and nearly touched her ass. The hair partially covered her face. I could see striking blue eyes that pierced the soul. Her full lips begged to be kissed. Her breasts were large round and were easily within the DD range. They made every effort to burst out of the tank top she was wearing. Jill turned to close the door behind her and I got a look at her nice round ass and long shapely legs. She wore tight fitting shorts that showed off her attributes nicely. All I could think was "thank you Bob for the grocery tip". As I was soaking in this beauty, she was apparently speaking to me. It took me a minute to shake out of the fixation and register this fact. I must have looked like an idiot with my tongue hanging out because she just smiled with a knowing look. Trying to recover some semblance of control, I finally spoke to her. I told her about Bob's cabin and that I would be staying there for the week and needed groceries. Jill asked peculiar questions about what types of meals I like and what time I liked to eat them. I just rolled with it and answered the questions. It gave me an excuse to keep staring at this beauty. When we had finished discussing things, I asked her how much. She told me Bob had an expense account with the store and it would all be billed to the account. I thanked her and took my leave of the store. However, I flashed her my best smile as I was leaving. She smiled back. With that task complete, I drove to the cabin.

The cabin was tucked away on top of a hill overlooking the river and the valley below. Tall trees surrounded the place except for the opening facing the river. The cabin itself was one of those prefabricated kind. It had all the amenities except two important ones. There was no television and no phone lines. This explained the stop on the way up for groceries. The cabin itself had a massive fireplace in the living room with a huge bearskin rug neatly placed in front. There were three bedrooms. The master bedroom had a king size bed in it. Bob must have had someone clean it recently because the bed was already turned down and new cotton sheets adorned the bed. There was a nice Jacuzzi in the corner of the room. The other rooms were not as opulent but were still very nice. On the deck was a hot tub. I set the temperature for it and got it going. After bringing in my things and getting settled, I got the fire going. As I settled in to relax, my stomach started to growl and I finally realized that I hadn't eaten all day. I walked into the kitchen to see what was available. Unfortunately, the only things in the kitchen were several bottles of wine and assorted alcohol. Because I was so caught up in staring at Jill, I forgot to ask when the groceries were going to be delivered.

Being industrious, I figured I could catch my meal from the river. I found the fishing pole and tackle box and proceeded to walk down to the lake. There was an old dock by the river and boat tide to it. I went out to the end and setup to catch a bit of supper. I sat there fishing for a couple of hours and just relaxed. With no means of communication, I had no thoughts of work. The smells of the summer air with the hint of sap from the trees made me think of summers back home. Before too long, I was able to catch a couple of fish before I dozed off leaning next to a pillar on the pier. After waking up, I headed back to the house.

As I headed back up towards the house, I could smell something sweet in the air. I didn't notice it before but chalked it up to just fresh mountain air. However, as I got closer to the house, I could definitely smell something resembling apple pie. I walked into the cabin with my fish and heard noises from the kitchen. Since there was no car out front, I thought Bob have forgotten that he loaned me the cabin for the weekend and had other guest. As I walked into the kitchen, on the counter were several cooked dishes a long with a few bags of groceries. I saw a woman with auburn hair bent over with her ass towards me. She was humming to herself and shaking her ass as she was getting something out of the pantry. I couldn't help myself and stared at her ass for a bit. It was shapely and begged for me to walk up and grab it. Her thong was peeking out of the top of the shorts as she bent over. The shorts were cut low enough that you could see her the bottom of her ass cheeks while she was bent over too. She must have sensed me behind her because she popped up and turned around and let out a scream. Apologizing profusely and told her I wasn't expecting a visitor. I quickly explained that I didn't expect her to be there and didn't see a car out front. After calming down, she explained that she was dropped off with the groceries. I looked very confused and asked when her ride was coming back. She gave me a look like I was crazy and told me Friday. I said, "Why on earth would your ride wait until Friday to come get you?" Jill said, "Because I am your cook and house keeper while you are here for the week." The look of shock on my face must have been priceless. Jill said, "When Bob has a guest stay, I come up and stay in one of the guest rooms and cook meals and clean during their stay. That's why he always has his guest stop by the store. I find out what they like and then cook meals for them. He pays me extra for the service. Other than that, I pretty much keep to myself and stay out of your way." I told her I was pretty self-sufficient and could take care of myself for the week. She told me that she would have none of that. She was getting paid to take of the place and the guest and she felt compelled to do her job. Seeing the foods that she had assembled and incredibly hot cook, I decided to not fight things anymore. I told her about the fish and she said that she would clean them and prep them for dinner. She told me to go grab a shower and that dinner would be ready once I got done and relaxed for a bit

I sat in the shower for a long time. I couldn't help but think about Jill and her hot body. The though of feeling her next to me and me grabbing her from behind made my dick very hard. I considered stroking myself in the shower but decided not to. I figured I could take care of that later. My dick was very hard as I dried myself off and walked out of the shower naked. As I left the bathroom and walked into the bedroom, I saw Jill standing there with a pile of towels in her hands. She just stood there without saying a word and stared at my dick. Being proud of what I have I stood there and smiled. She was started to stammer an apology. She tried to tell me that she hadn't had a chance to bring in towels and was trying to drop them off before I got out of the bathroom. I just smiled and walked up to her and took the top towel and started to dry myself off. She continued to stand there staring at my dick as I took my time drying off my neck, arms and chest with the towel. I finally said, "if you are going to stand there, you might as well help." She just smiled and said, "what would you like me to do?" Taking this as my opening, I told her to dry off the rest of me. She took the towel from my hand and began to dry the rest of my upper body. She walked behind me and patted my back with the towel and went down each arm. She grabbed and rubbed my butt with the towel and worked down each leg. She walked around in front of me and stooped down to dry my legs. She rubbed the towel up and down each leg. The entire time I was looking down at her. As she bent over I could clearly see down her shirt and those lovely breast. My dick was getting hard and was eye level with her. Twice, she had to move it out of the way in order to continue drying me off. She worked the towel up each leg to my balls and then back down to my feet. She was about to get up and walk away when I said, "where are you going? You're not finished yet." I smiled at her and she smiled back. She then took my dick in her hands and began to slowly stroke back and forth. She stared up at me the entire time but continued a slow deliberate stroke of my dick. It was starting to feel really good. I was started to get weak in the knees because it felt so good. She stopped stroking and went over to the bed and got a bottle of lotion that was lying there. She said, "your skin is dry. Do you want me to moisten it?" Without even taking half a second I said yes. She squeezed out some lotion onto her hands and began to massage it into my skin. She rubbed lotion down my legs. She then put more lotion on her hands and began to rub my balls gently. My dick was sitting right there in her face and she didn't even attempt to lick or kiss it. Finally, I told her, "I think you should do something with that." She just smile and said, "all you had to do was tell me." With that, she proceeded to take run her tongue across the tip of my dick. Without even using her hands, she opened her mouth wide and proceeded to take all 9 inches of my dick into her mouth. Slowly she worked my dick in. She took it inch by inch. I stood there in amazement as she kept taking more and more in. When my entire dick was down her throat, she then stuck her tongue out and licked my balls. I couldn't believe it. She then backed away until my dick was visible again and just looked at with a smile. She then proceeded to give what can only be considered a world-class blowjob. She applied just the right amount of pressure to my dick. She had a nice sucking motion with plenty of saliva to keep my dick wet and slick. She worked near the tip at first but then took it all the way down her throat again until she was able to get all 9 inches into her mouth. She would rub my balls with one hand and the shaft with the other. All the while, she kept sucking. Talk about I hand coordination, this woman had that and more. I could feel my balls starting to tighten up and I need I couldn't last much longer with her working me like this. She could sense it too. She didn't hesitate and picked up the pace of sucking. I just watched her take me in and out with great skill. I could feel a big load working its way up my dick and my muscles were tightening up. I was starting to pull away so I wouldn't cum in her mouth. She just grab my ass and forced my dick down her throat. All control left me and I irrupted down the back of her throat. She held me in place and milked my dick until every drop was in her mouth. She finally let go of my ass and let me slide out of her mouth. She looked at the tip squeezed the last bit of cum out and then licked it off the tip. She then got off her knees and smiled at me. She said, "That ought to relax you for a bit. Dinner will be ready in half an hour." She then turned around and walked out.

I sat on the bed contemplating what had just transpired. I slowly got dressed but couldn't stop thinking about this woman who I just met. She was flirty in the store and I was definitely staring at her ass down stairs but I never expected this. I thought about it more and came to the conclusion that Bob had hired a hooker to visit me up here. I reached for my blackberry to call Bob and ask him what he hell was going on when I remember that I had no coverage out here. I looked in my wallet and wondered if bob had already paid her because I sure as hell didn't have the cash to pay for something that damn good. I went back into the bathroom to compose myself. After finding no good reason why I should remain in the bedroom, I went through the living room into the dining room. There she was again. The second I saw her, my dick started to get hard again. I absolutely wanted her but refused to ever pay for sex. "Look", I said. "I'm not sure how much Bob paid you to come all the way out here and entertain me but it was not necessary. You can take the money he gave you and return home. I appreciate what you did for me in the bedroom but I am not accustomed to paying for sex." She looked at me confused at first. Then it dawned on her and she became very pissed. She said, "You son of a bitch. You think I am some prostitute? That I sleep with everyone who comes up to this cabin?" Now it was time for me to be confused. I said, "You said Bob hired you. I just assume that he paid a bit extra for services rendered." She picked up a dinner roll and threw it at me. "Bob hired me to cook and that's it. I WAS attracted to you and when I saw you naked couldn't help myself. Obviously, I made a mistake and will leave in the morning." I felt like a complete idiot at that point. I tried to open my mouth to say something but words escaped me. She just looked at me and walked into her bedroom and closed the door. I sat at the table with food elaborately prepared but did not have the stomach to eat.

I walked outside trying to figure out how I could apologize to this heavenly woman. There was a nice old swing sitting on the porch and I sat down on it. The air was cool but not too cold. I smell the river and trees in the air. The smoke from the fireplace mixed nicely. The moon was full and lit up the surroundings. Every apology I could come up with didn't seem like it was going to be enough. I had managed to turn what could have been a fun weekend getaway into a nightmare in a flash of the eye. I learned back in the swing and closed my eyes. The gentle rocking was relaxing me and I fell soundly asleep.

Two hours later I felt movement and opened my eyes. Jill was standing in front of me with a blanket in her hands. She said, "it gets cold out here at night. I was going to lay this on you so you wouldn't get cold." She was standing there in a flimsy negligee. It was see through and the full moon shown right through it. She clearly wasn't wearing a bra because her nipples were round and hard. She also was not wearing panties. My heart skipped a beat as I recognized this. I mustered up my courage. "I'm sorry for my comments earlier Jill. Unfortunately, I sometimes suffer from a case of the stupids and say things without thinking. I hope you can forgive me." She looked at me for a minute and then sat down next to me. "You're forgiven. Just never assume anything about me ever again. If you want to know something, just ask."

We sat in silence for a while before I made attempts at small talk. "It's a beautiful night out here." She just nodded. I hadn't noticed at first but it was definitely getting colder. She just sat there quietly and shivering a bit but saying nothing. I grabbed the blanket and unfolded it and wrapped it around her and me. It was the perfect excuse for me to get closer to her. I put my arm around her and rubbed her shoulder in an attempt to try and warm her up a bit. She slid in closer to me and snuggled. Her close proximity was getting me more excited but I didn't want to do anything to ruin the moment. She must have been getting tired because she layed her head on my shoulder. She was still shivering a bit. I suggested that we go inside and enjoy the fire. She smiled and agreed.

We made a place to sit in front of the fire. I stoked the fire to warm up the room a bit. I went into the bedroom and came back with short and a t-shirt on to get comfortable. I figure she would have gone and put more clothes on but instead she was just laying on the blanket on her side staring at the fire. Her back was to me. Her negligee had risen up and no longer even covered her ass. I could clearly see her nice round, yet firm bottom. I stood there for at least five minutes just staring at that apple-bottom behind. She looked over her shoulder, "if you are going to stare at my ass that long you might as well do something useful and rub it for me." I walked over to her and sat down behind her. I told her to roll over onto her stomach. With the heat of the fire warming us, I began to give her a massage. I started with her shoulders. I could feel her tense at first and then relax. I brushed her soft hair off her shoulder so I could get better access. I was straddling her so my dick rubbed against her ass cheeks. I slowly worked her should shoulders and neck. Placing just enough pressure to loosen up those muscles. She would moan everytime I hit the right spots on her back. I ran my fingers up and down her spine. I would follow it up with kisses on her spine and neck. I would suck on her neck and then her earlobes. I rubbed her shoulders and then worked down to her sides. My hands gently brushed against the sides of her breast as rubbed her body. She stopped told me to stop and get off her. I thought I had done something wrong. She got up off the blanket and went to her room. A couple minutes later she came back in handed me a bottle of oil and layed back down. She lifted her body slightly and then took of her negligee. She said, "skin on skin provides the best massage. Now get back to work. You need to finish earning my forgiveness for you earlier comment." I just smiled at her. I said, "Yes ma'am."

I placed some oil on her back and began to rub her once again. She laid there relaxed as I worked down her body. I put some oil on her ass and legs. Some of the oil dripped down the crack of her ass and she squirmed a bit. I grab a handful of ass cheek in each hand and rub. The motion causes help pussy lips to open and close as I rub her ass and spread her apart. I move my hands further down to the inside of her thighs. My hands brush up against her cleanly shaven lips. I hear her moan every time I brush up against them. I spread her legs to give myself better access. Throwing caution to the wind, I got up extremely close to her pussy and gently blew cool air onto her. Moving closer still I ran my tongue along her lips. She let out a louder moan. Taking that as a good sign, I ran my tongue up and down her slit. I slid my tongue inside of her and worked it around. She started to lift her body to force my tongue deeper inside of her. I grabbed her ass and pulled her pussy deeper onto my tongue. I then began to tongue fuck her pussy. Moving her ass back and forth, my tongue dove deeper and deeper into her pussy. She got up onto all fours. I rotated so that I was lying on my back and she was hovering over me. I had her lean back until her pussy was hovering over my tongue. I then pulled her down until my tongue went deep inside her again. She was literally sitting back on my face as my tongue worked her pussy. I sucked on her clit. I ran it in and out of my mouth with pressure and speed. She began to rub her own nipples. I could taste her dripping wet juices. She started to move her hips back and forth so that my tongue would brush up against her clit. She was so turned on that she was actually treating my tongue as a dick. I could feel her getting tense as she continued to ride my tongue. Breathing hard now, she arched her back and let out a loud moan. I could feel her pussy contracting on my tongue as I continued to lick and suck her. She then fell forward and collapsed.

I climbed from under her as she continued to breath hard. I was starting to get up when she grabbed me and said, "where are you going?" I told her I was going to go get her a towel. She said, "I don't care about a towel. I need you inside me right now!" I immediately moved closer to her and she began to stroke me. Without even missing a beat, she began sucking me again. I was hard as hell in no time. I was getting ready to lay on top of her when she flipped over and got on all fours with her ass towards me. I know a hint when I see one. I got right behind her and slid my dick into her slick pussy. Even as wet as she was, it was still a very tight fit. Her walls gripped my dick as I slowly worked it in and out. I as she became more accustomed to the size, I was able to slide in and out of her faster. She looked back at me and said, "Don't be gentle. I want to feel you." I grabbed a handful of each ass cheek and began to grind deep into her. She screamed "YES". I took long deep strokes into her. My balls slapped against her as I pounded her pussy. She was matching me stride for stride as I kept bottoming out in her pussy. She couldn't even say words anymore. All I heard were screams of pleasure. I looked down and saw my dick sliding in and out of her. It got me more turned on and I went deeper and harder into her. She started to pull away but I just grab her tighter and pull her onto me more. She screamed "YES and don't stop". By this time I had a nice rhythm going into her and she was fully in sync with me. I could feel my balls tighten up as I continued to fuck her. The walls of her pussy were tightening as well. Her pussy was a vice like grip on my dick. I knew I wouldn't be able to hold out much longer. I continued to fuck her. She reached back and grabbed my wrist as wave after wave of pleasure hit her. I continued pumping her. My balls were ready to explode and I could feel a large loading just about ready to shoot. I pulled out of her was going to cum on her ass. She quickly turned around and said, "don't waste that" and proceeded to suck me until I came. She swallowed every bit of it and then milked me dry. When she had finished getting every last drop, she licked the tip once last time.

We managed to straighten up the blanket enough to lie on it again. She lay down and I curled up behind her. I pulled her close to my body so that my dick rested against her ass. With my arms dr*ped over her, I played with her nipples gently and kissed her neck. She smiled and went to sleep. I stared into the fire a bit while holding her tightly. As I began to doze off, I realized for the first time in a long time, I didn't even think about work. With a smile on my face, I drifted off into the bliss.

I woke up with a startle. I was alone under a blanket and the fire had all but died. I could smell coffee in the air. Wrapping the blanket around me I got up and walked to the kitchen. Jill was nowhere in sight. I thought that maybe she had left after all then I heard the sound of the shower coming from the guest bedroom. The bedroom door was open so I walked in. I saw her things on the bed. A sexy set of thongs and shorts and tank top was laid out on the bed. I remember what she looked liked in short and began to get hard. "Hey Jill", I called. "Do you need any help in there", I said to her. She replied, "If your not busy, you can wash my back." Never one to pass up an opportunity, I let the blanket fall to the floor and walked into the bathroom. I could see her naked in the shower stall. The water was rolling down her body. She had her hair up in a clamp that exposed her sultry neck. She looked at me and said, "well? You going to just stand there or do something useful?" I walked over, opened the door and climbed in.

The water was nice and hot. It felt good against my body. It was big enough for two people to stand in the stall comfortably. I took the sponge she was using and applied more soap. I then proceeded to wash her back. I would run the sponge up and down her body. I made extra effort to stop on her ass and rub gently. Occasionally, I would lean in and kiss her neck. I continued washing her body to include taking the sponge down each leg. Then took the time to run the sponge between her ass cheeks to the slit between her legs. Somehow my fingers manage to brush against her pussy lips multiple times. Each time it happened she let out a slight moan. I had her turn around to face me. Using the sponge. I washed her lovely breast. I made gentle circles of her nipples with the sponge. She sighed as I paid extra attention to them. I handed her the sponge. I then used my bare hands to massage the soap into skin.

She had me turn around to wash my back. Using the sponge, she rubbed my back and worked down my body. It felt incredible to have her working the sponge against my skin. I felt her working her way down to my ass. She grabbed a handful before she used the sponge to continue washing me. Working her way all the way down to my feet she finished washing my back and had me turn around. By this time my dick was incredibly hard. She worked up the front of my body starting with my legs. When she got eye level with my dick got closer to it and licked the tip. She grabbed a hold of my dick and began to stroke it gently. She then took my dick deep into her mouth and began to suck it. The warmth of her mouth on my dick along with the sucking was getting me even more aroused. Her head was continuing to mouth back and forth on my dick. While she sucked me, she somehow continued to wash my chest with the sponge. She sucked in deeply one more time before she stood up. "I like to clean your dick that way," she said. I just smiled.

She continued to stroke my dick with her hands and I reached down between her legs. I began to gently rub her pussy lips and she let out a soft moan. My finger slipped inside of her and began to gently rub her clit. She moaned louder and used one hand to brace against my shoulder. We were standing there getting more and more excited. Her pussy was warm and wet. I began to slide my fingers in and out of her with a regular rhythm. She match my pace with strokes of her hand on my dick. More I became excited, the faster my finger moved in and out of her. I added a second finger and she just moaned louder. Her hands speed on my dick was getting me closer and closer to cumming. She was getting more and more excited as my fingers played with her clit and pushed deeper into her pussy. She was supporting herself against me as my fingers deftly played with her pussy.

Finally she stopped stroking me and grabbed my wrist. Pulling my hand away from her, she said," I want something bigger in me." I turned her around and she bent over slightly. I guided my dick into her tight pussy. She used the walls of the shower stall to brace herself. Grabbing her hips I pulled her into me and began to stroke. She met my thrust pushing back hard against me. Her pussy felt so good. Using her hips for leverage I began to pump her even harder. She was biting her bottom lip and letting out low moans of pleasure. I could feel her pussy getting tighter and tighter as I stroked in and out of her. She was screamed at me, "fuck me harder". Not wanting to let her down, I picked up the pace and made much longer strokes into her pussy. She was panting hard and bouncing off my dick. I could feel my balls beginning to tighten. I knew that I would be coming soon. She was clearly close to the edge. I reached up and played with her left nipple while slamming my dick in and out of her. I looked down and saw her beautiful ass bouncing off my dick. I was getting close to cumming now. She let out a loud moan and began to shudder. Wave after wave of pleasure consumed her. I had to grab her to keep her from falling in the shower. I slowed my strokes enough for her to enjoy the orgasm. I was still sliding in and out of her when she pulled away from me. She turned around and dropped to her knees. She grabbed a hold of my dick and gave me the most intense blow job. Her head bobbed up and down on my dick and while she used her hand to stroke the shaft. It was the most intense feeling. I looked down and saw that she was staring back up at me as she continues to suck me. The view combined with her talented mouth and hands are too much for me. She can sense I am about to cum. Just before I explode, she pulls back and lets some of the cum explode on her lips and chest. She then takes my dick back into her mouth to suck me dry. She licks and suck the head until there is nothing left. I can barely stand and lean against her a bit when she stands up. "Now that's how you get clean in a shower," she says. I just smile. We finish cleaning our selves in the shower and then climb out. I can't help but look at her gorgeous body as she dries off and then wraps a towel around herself. She looks over and sees that my dick is starting to get hard again. She smiles. She says, "there is plenty more time for that. We need to eat breakfast and then we can have fun down by the river." I smile back at her. "Sounds like a plan Jill. I'm starving." We finish drying off and then I return to my bedroom to get some clothes on.

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