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For months they chatted on the Internet, and there feelings of loneliness grew into what was now love for each other. Both being married made it hard for them to be together. She was a young mother of two sweet children; He was the Father of 2 teens. As the long nights of meeting on the Internet brought them closer and closer together, they decided it was time to meet face to face. But how and when could they do it?

For a few weeks they had discussed meeting and if they could do it and be able to walk away back to their lives. Seeing how they were several hundred miles apart did not help make the planning of the meeting any better. And what to tell the spouses? Well the obstacles were not going to keep then apart any longer, they had to meet, and they had to hold each other in their arms.

The plans were made, tickets bought and the Hotel reservations made. They were to meet in another state so neither spouse would be aware of what was taking place. As the day grew closer and closer anticipation grew, sure they had traded pictures of each other and the family. She knew she wanted him and he knew he wanted her.

As he drove to the airport many thoughts ran through his mind, for she did not know he was arriving a day ahead of her to set everything up to surprise her. He parked his car at the airport got his luggage and headed to the gate; there was still the chance of backing out. As he walked to the plane and boarded it he could not get her off hen mind. He felt the plane as it taxied onto the runway and picked up speed. He was on the way; there was no turning back now.

A few hours later he was awaken by the plan touching down. He exited the plane and collected his luggage and was off to the Hotel. As the Cab pulled up in front, the view took his breath away. It was a very large and lava ant Hotel, He paid the cabbie and walked in to register. At the front Desk he signed the guest Book and paid in advance for the room. He opened the door of the room and walked in, he had several hours before she would arrive. He called down to the desk and asked to have 5 dozen roses sent to his room first thing in the morning.

He left the Hotel and took a walk; He had not walked far when he came upon a small store. In the window were scented candle and oils. He had to get these; he wanted tomorrow night to be perfect in every way.

She sat and thought of how it might be, would he be every thing she has come to love, or would he be just another man out to satisfy a desire. She was afraid to dwell on those thought for fear she would never go. That night she slept in the room with her children, would she be able to go through with this. What if she can't leave him when they meet? Would he accept her children if they decide to stay together? Her night was restless as all these thoughts raced through her head. The next morning her Friend arrived to pick up the children. Her Husband was in the service and was away so Her friend of many years offered to take the kids for that weekend. Her friend knew she was not happy in the marriage and wanted her to find her Mr. Right. As they drove to the airport they talked of the past and of the things that happened her marrage.

Nervously she walked to the plane as her friend and children watched. She turned with tears in her eyes and waved goodbye and entered the door. As with him she felt the plane taxi and depart. A couple of hours later she arrived at the Hotel. She went and checked in and headed to the room. As the Glass elevator stopped at the floor, she could feel tightness in her stomach. She had never done anything like this before, but she had to follow her heart.

Slowly she put the key in the lock and opened the door. As she walked in the smell of Fresh flowers engulfed her. There all through out the room were her favorite flowers. She was over whelmed that he had gone to such great lengths for her. She steps in and closed the door. As the door closed he stepped from around the corner. Both were very nervous as two High School Kids on Prom night. For the longest time they stood there looking at each other not speaking a word. Finally he took a step towards her and said, " My god you are beautiful. More beautiful then in your pictures." A smile parted her lips. He took her face tenderly in his hand and kissed her softly.

"I made reservations for us at the restaurant down stairs, are you hungry?" he asked. " Yes" she replied in a soft tone. They turned and went out to eat. Little did she know what he had planned? That was the reason he arrived a day early. They went and had a lovely dinner and talked for what seemed hours. "You probably want to go take a bath after that long flight" he said. " Yes that would be so very lovely" she replied. He paid the bill and they walked back to the room. He opened the door and waited for her to enter first. As she walked in she exclaimed " Oh my god I can't believe this" for there in the room were candles lit, satin sheets on the bed covered with rose peddles, a bottle of Expensive Champaign, and soft music. She turned to him with tears tracing the outline of her cheek. " I wanted everything perfect for you my love. " he softly whispered. He reached down and took her hand and led her to the bath. There she saw candles all around the tub, with a bubble bath all ready for her. " I will wait in the other room, " he said. " No please stay " she turned and said in a soft voice " this is what we talked about all these months".

Slowly he walked to her and kissed her softly, and the kiss was returned. Slowly he began to undress her.

He was so nervous and so was she. Slowly he picked her naked body up and placed her in the tub slowly. The water was perfect for her, not to hot yet not to cold. He picked up the sponge and began to slowly wash her entire body. He let his hinds follow every curve of her sensual flowing body, she was beautiful, and he was over whelmed with her beauty. As she stepped out of the tub he carefully patted her skin dry.

Again he took her by the hand and led her to the bed where he has rose pedals spread on the satin sheet.

Gently she lay on her stomach and placed a pillow under her head. He reaches and got a bottle of oil out of the bowl of hot water that was placed on the table beside the bed. He applied a small amount of the warm oil on her back and began to massage it in. A low sigh escaped her lips, for she was relaxing and felt so loved. A feeling that had been missing from her for a long time now. His hands skillfully moved across her skin ad the oil soothed her. He rub the oil all over her sexy body, arms legs back, then he asked her to roll onto her back so he could finish. As she turned he could see his touch, the soft music, the candlelight, and the oil were arousing her. He leaned forward and again gently kissed her lips. He places a small amount of oil on her stomach and began to massage it in; He was being a Gentleman and trying to keep from touching her breasts. She again sighed, only this time it was a sigh of disappointment. " What is wrong?? he asked?

She slowly replied that he had not done her breasts and they ached for his touch. Slowly he complied and spread the oil onto her breasts. By this time he too had become aroused but was trying not to show it. He wanted this weekend to be perfect for her. As she stared to relax more he moved to her legs. He placed the oil carefully on each leg and rubbed it in. He could smell her sweet aroma from her passion fruit as it filled his senses.

Slowly she parted her legs and whispered, it too needs your attention. Slowly y he eased his head down. The sweet smell of her body mixed with the sent of the oil was very pleasant. His tongue now has started to caress the outer lips of her passion fruit. She responded and lifted her hips slightly and parted her legs more. Tenderly he caressed her vaginal opening with his tongue, letting it dance across her swollen clit.

Her hips now moved in rhythm with his tongue and the music. She was totally into his touch, the music, and the pleasure she was feeling as it swelled inside her soul. Slowly he sat up and she began to undress him. Slowly she removed his shirt. She could see by the bulge in his jeans he was surely aroused. Slowly her hands glided down his stomach to his pants. Slowly she unbuckled the belt and then the snap. Her hands trembled slightly as she unzipped them. Slowly she pulled then off to expose his man hood. Her eyes dances in the candle light as she slowly licked her lips. She had to have him, She has to return the pleasures he had given her. Slowly she eased herself down and traces his shaft with her tongue. He leaned back and allowed her access to his now swollen shaft of manhood. Slowly she took it in her warm mouth and slid all the way to its base. He was in heaven, never has he been with a woman as wonderful as she.

Slowly he took and pulled her from his lap, and carefully laid her back on the bed. He had to have her. Tenderly he pressed between her thighs with his manhood and entered the depths of her wet passion fruit. Like a glove on a winter?s morn it covered his shaft. Filling his body with its warmth. Slowly and lovingly he made passionate love to her. Sending her in to multiple orgasmic tremors. Her desires were being filled and her soul was surely in love with him. Through out the entire weekend, they made love to each other.

When the time came for them to depart they stood at the airport and wondered in unspoken words, if their love could endure the distance and the time, would they be together forever. Slowly he asked her to marry him. With a smile that would make the sun dim she said yes. He told her he wanted the kids along with her for he loved her and the kids also. As she flew back home her thoughts were of him and dreams of how life was now going to be, for she truly loved him and was now going to spend her life with him no matter what it took.

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