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Sweet dreams

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It was Military background that led me to my training as a Paramedic. Anything that I could do on the battlefield to help save the lives of soldiers was a benefit to me, my unit, and my country. It was this same sense of adventure and patriotism that led me to work for Community EMS. Certainly I was steadfast and rock solid under pressure. I figured if I could simultaneously pinch off a severed artery and start an IV while under constant enemy fire, then transitioning to a civilian medic would be like Capital One, “No Hassle”. There was a little more to it than I had originally anticipated.

I had been on the job for about four months and we were asleep in quarters when the alarm sounded and the call came to respond to a Motor Vehicle Accident at the intersection of Dix and Brest, to back up, and transport for Southgate Fire Rescue. I remember leaving the station a little after two in the morning thinking to myself, “Who in the Hell would be out driving in this pouring rain and deafening winds?” I soon found out. Chad, my EMT and driver had been working for the company for sometime, he knew the area well, was an excellent driver, and his patient skills were solid, so he was of no concern to me as we roared down Dix rolling Lights and Siren.

Riding shotgun, I’m not exactly sure where the car came from, but I remember staring as a deer in the road, as I looked out the driver’s window and into the headlights of the vehicle, which milliseconds later plowed into the side of us, sending our 6000 pound rig careening onto its side. I remember my only thought; as the sparks flew from the friction of the metal scraping the concrete inches below me and as shards of glass, razor-like projectiles ricocheting through the cab, was about Kristin.

Kristin, a beautiful young woman I met through Adult FriendFinder (Adult FriendFinder), a popular website among those who have different sexual wants & needs, more like a sexual social club than anything else. Our friendship started as an email, and proceeded to a “chance” meeting, in which I could just so happened to be at a place that I knew she would be going to, and from there to many hours on the phone. Kristin was like no other girl that I had met before. She was every bit as intelligent as she was beautiful and sassy. Kristin had the most amazing lips, and a smile you could get lost in. Her 5’7” frame made her legs seemingly go on forever, and just the thought of her always perky breasts, the perfect size of fresh Florida oranges, brought a smile to my face.

My thoughts of her, as my rig slid sideways down the streets freshly lubricated by the Spring downpour, was that I never got to tell her just how I felt. How I yearned for her. Kristin was engaged, but was having difficulty, and never did I tell her how the many nights we spent on the phone, as I entertained her questions, I had but one of my own. Do her lips taste every bit as sweet as they look? Little did I know I soon would find out.

Finally, and suddenly the ambulance stopped with such force I was sure we had been hit again and would start sliding, this time in the opposite direction like some out of control pinball, but the vehicle did not move. Staring through the blood which had begun to cover my face, I could see Chad, unconscious, suspended above me only by the seatbelt, which I never wore, but had probably saved his life. I reached out for my partner, only to realize my shoulder strangely angulated forward in an obvious dislocation, and it was then that I felt what I was certain was a knife sticking into my ribs. Looking down, there was no object, but as the adrenaline wore off, and the pain set in, I could feel my breathing begin to labor. Soon I also, would be unconscious and ultimately in shock. I struggled to remain awake. I did so by thinking of the only thing in the past weeks that has made me happy. Kristin.

I imagined Kristin sitting on the edge of her bed, in nothing more than a tiny black g-string and a t-shirt so faded and worn you can see her erect nipples, so hard and perfect they almost pierce the very fabric struggling to contain them. Her unappreciated husband-to-be just one room over, smoking weed and playing X-Box with his buddies, while her and I carry on what I’m sure is the most intelligent conversation she has had in years. I think of her dark brown hair cascading down her back, not yet reaching her amply shaped ass. It wasn’t long before I could feel a familiar throb, as some of my remaining blood begins to relocate itself into the base of my penis. Soon it is like granite in my pants, and in the distance I can hear sirens.

The thought of her smile as she laughs at my jokes and the light reflecting in her eyes keeps me fading in and out of conscious. My body tells me to let go, go to sleep, where I am certain to dream about her. My training tells me to remain awake; if I go to sleep it could be for good. Kristin rolls over from talking to me for the last hour. Her soft but firm ass cheeks separated by nothing more than a piece of fabric had my still hard cock throbbing, and I realize this was to be a good sign, if I can still have and maintain an erection there is almost certainly no spinal damage, And this is the hardest I can remember ever being. I’ve never warn underwear and I am positive that it is going to pop a button on my fatigue style pants. I can hear the rain again, pouring down upon my disabled vehicle, as well as the sound of a chainsaw starting somewhere miles away.

I remember like it was yesterday, surfing the internet, unable to sleep and coming upon Kristin’s profile. I didn’t particularly care for the Adult FriendFinder website and don’t recall exactly how I came upon her profile, but I could not believe someone so amazingly hot lived in the same city as me, yet we had never crossed paths. Sending her an email, I thought would be a waste of my time, certainly this girl was hit on all the time, but I sent it just the same. Her reply was almost instant. It was very innocent and warm and I knew already that she was a nice person. Not the typically vain and callous type you usually find in girls her age. We were three emails in, long after I was hooked, that I realized she was engaged. Damn, why didn’t I pay more attention to her profile? We were already friends at this point, and I wasn’t willing to waste that, plus I thought maybe she had some cool single friends, so I kept communications open, and suppressed the thoughts I had for her. Oh shit, where are these sparks coming from, the vehicle is not moving, sparks are pouring in from all directions, and this vehicle has an on-board oxygen system that anyone of those sparks could ignite.

I remember our chance meeting. Kristin had posted pictures on her profile. I could see the neon logo, blazing in the background. Bono’s a local night club I had driven by dozens of times but never actually entered. Her profile talked about going out most Friday nights, and as additional pictures posted, I realized where she was going. I got a couple of friends together one Friday night, and we went. I left them in the dark, not telling them neither that I had met a chick on the internet nor that I was essentially stalking her. Much to my chagrin, Kristin never showed up that night. It was then through the hole where the windshield had been that I saw the familiar boots and turn-out gear of the fire department. They knew to disable the oxygen system. They knew we were trapped inside, and more importantly, they knew how to get us out.

My friends don’t care much for Bono’s, it was more urban than what they were accustomed to. I was determined to meet Kristin, but was much to shy to ask her out, so I called on Santo, a guy I had served in Iraq with. We hadn’t seen each other in some time, even though he had saved my life it was his fault that I had put mine at risk, So he owed me. Santo lives on the other side of town, but I knew that he was a reliable wingman, and couldn’t pass up a free Corona. So he agreed to come down on the following Friday. Our eyes immediately locked the moment I came through the door. Being the introvert, I looked away not certain, but certain, that she had not only seen but recognized me. An amazing task, based on the old camera phone photo I had sent her. Santo, still unaware why we truly came to the club and I quickly shuffled to the bar. Kristin’s photos had not done her justice. She was the most drop dead gorgeous creature I had ever laid my eyes upon. Her blouse, cut tastefully low, and her jeans accentuated her every curve. Her body was pulsating to ever beat of the dance mix blaring somewhere in the background. I twitched, as the needled slid deeply but gently in my vein, and warm fluid began to fill my body. Opening my eyes I saw Shelly a fellow Paramedic was taping down the I.V. she had just flawlessly started, despite the barely visual tremble I could see in her hands.

Shelly had been my Field Training Officer when I first started, and it was reassuring to know I was in such good hands. Shelly attractive in her own right, said something inaudible and I realized then that I was C-collared and back-boarded, a typical response to a Motor Vehicle Accident and protocol for any patient requiring extraction. I asked Shelly about Chad and she said he was fine, and we both blushed as she looked down at the lump in my pants undisturbed by all the pain and movement that had gone on. “That must have been some dream you were having”, Shelly said coyly. “It wasn’t a dream, I was reminiscing”, I answered with a smile. “Who is Kristin?” Shelly asked, “And how come you never mentioned her before?” Shelly knew she had me, before I met Kristin I had a not so secret crush on her, but she kept blowing me off, saying that she was “kind of” seeing someone. I wasn’t sure how to take it later, when I found out that “someone” was Rachel, a police officer in Southgate. “A friend”, I responded. “Ahh, another one of your “friends” with benefits?” “No”, I replied, “She’s different, plus she’s engaged” duh, the wrong thing to say, as the morphine was obviously getting the better part of me.

Santo and I ordered some beers and were through two shots of Patron, when I felt a pinch on my ass. I turned, and found myself staring into the most amazing blue eyes I had ever seen. “Tony”, “Kristin, what are you doing here, and damn you look even more amazing in person.” “I come here all the time” Kristin said, “Oh really, I’ve never seen you her before,” of course I was lying. “It’s nice to finally meet you in person anyways” she said as she hugged me tightly. Her aroma was like a far off orchard, early as the sun begins to burn off the morning dew, I only hoped the smell would rub off & stay clung to me. Her embrace was pulling me so tightly into her I could feel almost taste the sweat glistening on her cheek and can feel her heart pounding deep within her chest. We talked some and had a shot before she went back to the company of her friends. Again before leaving, she returned to say goodnight with the same embrace, and I awaked to my member again tightening against the front of my pants, and I’m being slid from my ambulance gurney to a hospital bed.

I awaken from a headache far worse than any Sunday morning hangover, and recognize this as my body’s way of craving more of narcotic that had been managing my pain through the night. Shelly and two other of my coworkers whisper quietly among themselves at the foot of my bed for a moment before realizing I am awake. “How’s Chad” I ask. I should have kept my mouth shut as I now know it hurts even worse to talk than it does to breathe. Shelly replies, “He’s going to be fine, he broke his leg and has a concussion, he’ll probably go home tomorrow.” “And Me” I ask. “On you we’re going to have to run some more tests. Initially, we thought you had only broken a rib and dislocated your shoulder, but after the priaprism, the doctor thinks something may be seriously wrong.” I blushed, turning three shades of red, knowing that she is making reference to my finally gone erection. Shelly continues, “Doc says you can go home today, if you can stomach oral pain meds and can get someone to drive you home. Might I suggest Kristin?” “Ha Ha, Smartass” is all I could muster.

A couple of hours later Dr. Seth comes in with my prescription and release papers. He gives me my final instructions and tells me I’m free to go. Shelly waiting in the lobby approaches and apologizes for not getting me flowers, but says she has a surprise for me anyway. We’ve worked together long enough for her to know that I loathe surprises, but in this case I have to make an exception. From behind a stone column adjacent to the aisle way stepped Kristin. “What, How?” “I have a friend who is a cop in Southgate” Shelly goes on, “She cleaned up the accident scene and recovered your cell phone, she gave it to me, so I found the girl of your dreams and gave her a call.” As Kristin comes running up, I am sure that I am still dreaming, but understand this to not be the case, as she hugs me applying pressure to my fractured rib, sending a lightning bolt of pain down my entire left side, but the grip so satisfying, that I don’t so much as flinch. “I’ll leave you two alone” Shelly says, sounding almost disappointed by Kristin’s beauty, “Get some rest.” “Thanks Shelly, I owe you.” More than she’ll ever know.

Kristin stuck out her hand and led me to her car waiting outside the door. We had barely pulled out of the driveway, when she hit me with, “So you yearn for me, huh?” “What are you talking about?” I struggled, but my face unable to contain the lie. “Shelly told me all about your conversation. The black g-string, the chance of meeting, everything.” “That’s impossible, I never told anyone those things, and they were just random thoughts, as I was trying to remain conscious.” “Nope”, Kristin replied “Shelly, after bringing you here, sat by your bed all night, and took advantage of your euphoric state, by getting to know me, apparently very intimately, through you.” Beet Red, I had nothing to say. “Shelly also told me about your erection,” as she placed her hand on my leg. “Jason and I are done; he got my phone and read some of our texts, and just assumed we were being intimate with one another. He called me out of my name and put his hands on me for the last time. I anonymously called the cops and reported his weed growing; they picked him up this morning.”

We pulled into my driveway and Kristin asked if I minded if she came in for a minute and use the restroom. Of course I didn’t. She helped me into the house and I showed her to the restroom. Standing at the kitchen sink, I removed my shirt to wipe some of the dried blood still caked to my chest. Trying not to think of Kristin’s ass, “butt naked” just down the hall. There was suddenly an all too familiar sensation in my pants. The toilet flushed and Kristin came back up the hall, I tried feverishly to put my shirt back on and wish my hard on away.

Kristin, seeing me having difficulty stepped over to help. She ran the rag under hot water then led me to the bathroom saying that we needed to get this blood off and removing my shirt along the way. She turned on the shower and within moments the bathroom filled with steam. I don’t know what she had in mind as she began caressing my chest with the hot cloth, but as I gazed into her eyes and her into mine, I knew that I had to make my move. Gently I grabbed the side of her face and pulled her lips to mine, a seismic jolt rushed down my spine and the taste of honey, fresh from the hive crossed my lips. Her kisses were deep and passionate, as I explored every centimeter of her mouth with my own. I slid my hands under her shirt and more likely ripped rather that removed her shirt as I couldn’t wait any longer to uncover the soft supple breasts I had only dreamed of. They were far superior than I could have ever imagined, her nipples, hard as rocks, perfectly shaped and at full mast poked just out from over the cups of her black lace bra. With two fingers, I popped the strap of the remaining piece of garment between them and my mouth, as it fell from her shoulders, my mouth followed, taking her breast long before the bra hit the ground. Her breasts perfect in not only shape and size but were firm and perky, yet soft and voluptuous. I held my breath as I could feel her hands working their way finally to buttons that hid my purple headed member. I could feel my cock throb with each beat of my heart, as Kristin effortlessly removed my pants from my body. My dick already wet from the steam in the air glided effortlessly through her hands, Kristin had other things in mind. She dropped down to her knees and looked up at me, “Now I know what Shelly was talking about” stating with a wink before sliding all 7 inches of me into her mouth. My heart began to pound like it never had before as she continuously thrust my rock hard penis all the way to the back of her throat. I stood there motionless, as if floating, unable to make so much as a moan, as I fought off the impending orgasm, It was to late to stop now. I warned that I was going to cum and attempted to pull away but she wouldn’t see it that way, and grabbed my ass to pull me in as deeply into her as she could. As she continued to gently massage my balls my juices soon shot deep into the back of her throat.

The climax was the most intense feeling I’ve ever had, my vision went from blurred to all white as the synapses of my nerves struggled to take all the signals simultaneously to my brain, my legs no longer as floating but shaking almost uncontrollably barely able to maintain my own body weight. My juices erupting from deep inside me to the back of Kristin throat, she never missed a beat, stroking and caressing, as she swallowed each pulse of my cum. Even after my last drop spent she continued to thrust my dick deep into her mouth, just when I was certain I couldn’t take another second, my cock began to spring back to life. I could feel the blood bit by bit return to my package with each beat of my heart it would become fuller and thicker, until again I was ready for action. I stood Kristin up, turned her around and softly kissed the back of her neck while I undid her pants. It was in slow motion that they tumbled to the floor. We stepped out of the pile of clothing and into the shower. As I bent Kristin over she pressed her ass into me in anticipation of what was to come. I reached around with one hand to gently stroke her clit, while the water surged down massaging every inch of us and adding an element like I’ve never known before. I was amazed to find her clit soaking wet, not from the water tumbling upon it, but from her own juices. She seemed almost bashful when I realized she too had cum, from the excitement of my cum shooting down her throat.

Inserting my cock into Kristin was like mint chocolate ice-cream on a hot summer day, I felt I was melting sliding my member into her hot, wet pussy. I could feel my dick get harder and her pussy tighter and wetter with each thrust. Kristin arched her back, and pressed her ass into me as she entered into her second orgasm with a soft outburst, a moan of the enjoyment expressed, like music to my ears of her satisfaction. Her head then bucking wildly from side to side as her long jet black hair under the downpour stuck to my chest. Her sound pressed in to my head like my alarm sounding, woke me where I laid asleep in my quarters when the call came to respond to a Motor Vehicle Accident at the intersection of Dix and Brest.

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