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Suzannes Gift

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My life was beginning to change but I didn?t know it then. I was hiring a secretary because the last one quit without notice. The interviews were long and tedious, many of them less than qualified, but one stood out. She was a statuesque redhead that walked into the office confident and well dressed. At 5 foot, 7 inches she taller than most of the women I knew, but she commanded attention in the white blouse and gray skirt. She wore nothing revealing, just a beautiful woman with the deepest green eyes that I had seen in a while. She had the credentials for the job, having worked as a secretary in a primary school ? that made her just perfect to work with people as juvenile as our group. Our office liked to work, but we liked to have fun too ? practical jokes were a way of life.

My only reservation about Suzanne was she was a little reserved during our interview. I was concerned that she might be too serious for our band of misfits, but her competence won out at the end. There were others that had some experience that would qualify them, some very attractive ? but their temperament was not acceptable for the office. Suzanne was perfect, even if a little reserved ? if nothing else she could be the umpire or office follies, providing rulings on who had been ?victimized? and who had detected the potential traps.

The first few days of her job were busy ones, with the yearly budget presentation being due the next week. She proved her competence and capability by handling everything thrown at her, while being proactive at what she was doing. As she came into the office it was a delight to look up into those green, smiling eyes framed by the flame red hair. She won all of our hearts when she was first ?victimized? by not complaining, taking the practical joke in stride with several reserved comments about payback. Her quiet demeanor left us all a little concerned about what she might be up to.

I tried not to, but I could not help cast glances at her in our passings in the hall. She did not dress provocatively, actually quiet conservatively ? but her blouses barely contained her ample bosom. She tried to camouflage her chest by wearing both a bra and camisole, but it was apparent that she was blessed. On occasions I would stand by her desk and talk to her, trying not to look down her blouse ? but being a man it was impossible. Once or twice she caught me and would turn slightly away and I would make an excuse and leave, knowing that what I did was inappropriate. There were a couple of times that I believed that I had truly offended her, but she would always smile later and make be feel even more guilty for my behavior.

You see, I had been married for 14 years, during which I was faithful. I was a hopeless romantic, deeply in love with my wife. Little did I know, until too late, that the feeling was not mutual. Something happened, I guess she got a better offer and when I returned from a two-week overseas trip and handed her a pair of two caret diamond earrings, I got divorce papers in return. Looking back, I still don?t think it was a fair exchange.

Needless to say my world crashed around me. I went to work, isolated myself to try and make sense of what was happening and then went home each day. Two days into this, Suzanne came into my office and asked if she could talk to me, when I said yes she shut the door. Of course, I assumed the worst, was she going to quit ? file a sexual harassment complaint, what other joy was she about to bring to my life? She sat, she looked at me and softly asked me what was happening, and she was genuinely concerned. I don?t know why, but I told her ? I had not told anyone else, didn?t talk about my life to anyone, but I told her.

She sat patiently and listened, then had to return to her desk, but in a simple gesture of compassion she rested her hand atop mine and said that she was sorry. The touch of her hand, the warmth of her concern all combined to overwhelm me then. As she walked away, I wondered what it would be like to be with her, but that was impossible ? she was married, which made her off limits.

Time passed, the divorce proceeded and I stayed away from everyone trying to put my life back together. Then an offer came in for me to return to my former job, but it meant quickly leaving the country for a year, but the salary they were offering and the chance to put my life in perspective wooed me to accept the offer. When I told Suzanne the next day that I would be leaving within the next two weeks I saw a tear in her eye, she turned and walked away, then left for the day. I packed my office, turned everything over to my replacement and then began the exhaustive process of hauling my stuff home. I drive a sedan, stuffing three years worth of crap into a sedan is impossible, but Suzanne rescued my by allowing me the use of her SUV. In one trip everything was home, or at least at an empty house.

The next challenge was getting to the airport, as a single person living in an area that has no taxi service, getting to an airport could be a challenge. I could drive my car and park it in long-term parking, but the bill after a year would be a little more than I wanted to pay. Suzanne to the rescue again, she picked me up at the house and drove me to the airport, she didn?t say much, only reached out and took my hand on the drive and held it. I didn?t want to go, I wanted her to turn around and go back to the house, I wanted to hold her, kiss her ? but ?.

We kept in touch, exchanged emails and I called her on occasions. I wanted to respect her marriage, but I also wanted her. Our emails became more intimate; she began asking me about what I wanted from her, what I liked and what I thought about doing with her. She understood that my life overseas was a monastic experience, I was expected to work 12 hours a day, 7 days a week and I worked more. In those brief hours in the late evening, my mind would create thoughts of Suzanne based upon my desires, I wrote those down for her and sent her a few.

I don?t think she was expecting what I sent, maybe it was a little too graphic ? but it talked about love, passion, desire, exploration and mutual satisfaction. She had led a sheltered life, having been married for 20 years and never having been unfaithful, these desires from another man must have shocked her. She did not see herself as beautiful or sexual and was amazed that someone else did. But I also knew that she was a passionate woman, nothing about what she said or did, there was just a passion that surrounded her and enveloped whomever she wanted to bless with it. I wanted to be blessed.

After six months I got my first chance to come home, but only for a couple of weeks. I wanted to see Suzanne, to hold her, to tell her about all of the thoughts I had about her, but the reality of her situation stopped me. I was able to talk her into lunch, as long as a co-worker also accompanied her, but there would be nothing private ? I thought.

Three day before I was to leave, she called. I was 200 miles away visiting family, but she had an evening that she could meet me. Could I make it? The daemons of Hell could not have kept me from seeing her; I set a new record making the trip to my house in two and a half hours. There she was, parked in my drive, nervous and afraid ? hesitant to come into the house, turning once to leave ? but I asked her to stay, she did.

We stood in the kitchen and talked for about an hour about how we both ended up here, she asked me why I ?wanted? her. It was not circumstance, I had desires for her before my marriage ended ? but we both realized our relationship would have limits. I did not care, I pulled her close and held her there, and it was the first time I had held a woman in more than a year. She was soft in all the right places, while I was beginning not to be. I hear her begin to cry softly, out of fear, out of frustration and later she admitted out of joy that I had pulled her to me.

She turned her face towards me and I was pulled into that jade pool of her eyes. I could not help but caress her face and kiss her softly. Soft kisses led to deeper kisses, how long that went on I have no idea. My hands held her face, touched her lightly while exploring the nape of her neck with my fingers. My lips got jealous and joined my exploration of her neck, slowly kissing her moving up to just below the ears and back to her lips.

My hands moved to her waist and without permission under her shirt. She tensed but did not resist as my hands moved up towards her breasts. I stopped below her breasts and leaned her away; wanting to look into her eyes and make sure she was okay with what I was doing. There was an absolute look of passion in her eyes and as I pulled her back to me to kiss her I moved my hand up to embrace her breast. She was larger than I expected, her bras had been intended to minimize her figure and I realized that she must be at least a size 36 C. I still have no idea how her blouse and bra were removed, I just remember holding her to me and feeling the warmth of her, the softness of her against me.

I asked her what she wanted and she said she did not know. I took her by the hand and led her to the bedroom; she did not try to stop me. Once there we stood beside the bed and kissed. No one had been in that bed except my wife and I, if she was to share it with me, it would be the first time in a year that I had made love with someone and the first time in 17 years that it was not my wife.

I unbuckled her jeans and pushed them down as she stepped out of the legs. As I touched the band of her panties, she said no, she couldn?t do that. I told her that it was okay; she set the rules and had to feel comfortable with us. She pulled my shirt over my head and unbuckled my jeans; I stepped out of them for her. I don?t know why, but I reached down and pulled my underwear off.

I think it surprised her that I was so forward, or maybe it was the fact that the previous hour of petting and kissing had made me excited. She reached down and softly gripped me as I lay back on the bed. She moved with me and lay beside me, holding me in her hand and kissing me softly. I did not know what to expect, she seemed so tentative, yet wanting. She lay beside me for a moment, then rolled onto her back. She stopped me from moving towards her, but then pushed against the bed with her feet, raised her hips and removed her panties. Underneath, she was a true redhead; bright red hair nestled between her legs, which she slowly spread for me.

Only when her legs were spread she did pull me to her, atop her and moved toward me to allow me to enter her. Kisses were exchanged and no guidance was needed for me to slowly enter her. She was so wet, so warm and tight. She held me inside her and pulled me to her, allowing me to kiss her and stop with my full length inside her. I moved slowly, pulling just to the edge of her only to push slowly back inside her, each move, each stroke gentle but firm. Her breasts against my chest, her breath against my neck, her arms around my back and then her legs wrapped around me encouraging me to push into her. I asked her what she wanted, she did not say anything at first, so I asked again.

She then worked up the courage to tell me that she wanted me hard inside her, to make love to her with passion and abandon. I think it was the first time in her life that someone had ever asked her what she wanted. She rolled her hips forward giving me better access to her and became wetter. It was getting difficult not to let go, not to surrender to her ? to her beauty, her warmth, her passion, to just release into her. I had to stop for a couple of minutes; she thought that I was tired ? I was trying to regain control.

We lay beside one another and talked for a moment, control regained she decided that she wanted control and I was not going to resist. She moved me down and onto my back, then moved astride me. I looked from top to bottom, red hair, green eyes, beautiful moist lips, full breasts ? nipples erect, and then the small triangle of red hair that moved over me and onto me. As tight as she had been before was only amplified by her ability to move against me while straddling me. She leaned forward, granting me access to her breasts and I suckled her nipples and caressed her breasts. The control that I had summoned before was gone, the look on her face, her giving into her own desires force me to release into her, short spurts at first, then one long and relieving spasm.

However, I would not let her stop. My needs for her had not been quenched, my desire was reflected in my ability to stay erect and wanting within her, even after having the first orgasm that I had experienced in almost a year. She rode me hard, pushing against me and then I felt her contract, slow, contract and stop. She sat very still not saying anything, her eyes closed as if enjoying some sensation that she alone could feel and experience. She leaned over, kissed me and lay upon my chest.

I moved her to my side, I was not through even though somewhat expended, she was too lovely, too much of a woman to stop now. I moved her onto her back and entered her slowly. She was somewhat surprised, thinking that after I had cum I would have been finished, then realizing I was still erect and moving inside her again. I made love to her again, pushing hard against her, wanting every stroke to push all of the way into her, to feel her hair against my groin and her pubic bone against me. Again and again I moved into her, kissing her, licking her neck, sucking her nipples. Her legs rose again, allowing me better access; she moved against me and began making little sounds as I forced myself into her. I don?t know how long we made love, but she wanted control again ? I wanted her to satisfy herself anyway possible.

She moved astride me again, this time with an urgency ? as if I had finally aroused that need within her for satisfaction. She closed her eyes, put her hands on my chest and began riding me, pulling away to the end of me then moving back quickly. Her breath increased, her tempo increased, her eyes never opened ? I wish that I knew what she was thinking, what visual images she was creating in her mind to bring her fulfillment.

She slowed slightly and then I felt her begin to shudder, almost imperceptible at first, a tremor from deep inside her against me, then moving outward. She tensed, trembled, and then the most amazing thing happened. She ejaculated as she had an orgasm. She gushed out around me, across me lap and onto the bed. It was the most exciting, sensual thing that I had ever experienced. She had this pensive look on her face and apologized for ?messing? up the bed, not realizing that she had given me a gift that I had never experienced before. I missed my opportunity to comfort her, to tell her how much she excited me, to tell her what a wonderful lover she had been ? I wish I had.

Afterward we lay together, exhausted and fulfilled, tired and excited, wanting more but running out of time. Reluctantly, I released my hold on her so that she could take a quick shower and head home. I wanted her to stay, to snuggle beside me, to explore one another again in the night, to rest in her arms until time to leave. Maybe next time she can stay ? I want her to.

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