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Stuck in an Elevator for an hour, with you........

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Stuck in an elevator for an hour, with you......

What I would do to you if we were stuck alone together in an elevator for an hour?

I am already in the elevator when it stops at your floor, the doors open and as you enter the cab our eyes meet. We can sense the chemistry, immediately. You turn to push the button for the floor you are headed. I stand quietly behind you, taking in the smell you brought into the elevator with you. It is intoxicating. As I have a look at you from behind. The elevator begins it descent. I hadn't noticed you watching me in the mirror. Just then the elevator stops.....the lights go off and the emergency lighting doesn?t come on. As we feel around the cab for the phone box we touch for the first time. Still touching, in the darkness we if to wait for the others approval. I can hear you breathing begin to deep'n. With no resistance from you and with out a word, I pull your hair off your neck.... I lean my head down just close enough that you can feel my breath on your skin. You lay your head back onto my shoulder as I begin to softly kiss and suck on the side of your neck. I slip one hand softly across your throat and turn your chin towards me. When you are close enough, I kiss you. Your lips are soft and loose. We begin to kiss more fully and I suck you bottom lip softly into my mouth. I can feel your breath on my face as you begin to lose the tension, that being trapped in dark elevator gave you. You turned toward me and pushed me against the wall of the cab. As the passion of your kisses increased, our inhibitions began to vanish. We are holding each other firmly in each others arms and you can start to feel the effect you are having on me. My cock is swelling with every kiss and touch. I let my hands slide down over your skirt to your amazing hips. Pulling you tighter to me. I slip down the wall until I am between your legs. Softly I run my hands along the length of your legs. Down and then back up?..and as my hands ride up your thighs, I hook the hem of your skirt and push it up to your waist. You are breathing heavy as I bring my mouth to your thigh. Softly, I kiss and begin to suck the inside of your thigh and work my way to your waiting lips. I am thrilled to find that you are not wearing any panties and they are fully exposed to my mouth. I can smell you as I come closer to you. Your lips are smooth and wet. I love to use my mouth on a woman and waste no time. I start running my tongue along your lips to your clit and suck it into my mouth softly I hum ?between the heat of my mouth and the vibrations, I can hear you start to moan with approval. I bury my tongue into your wet lips, just as I slip a finger into your waiting pussy. You are so wet! I love this. Completely submitting to the feelings that are coming over you, you fall to the floor in front of me. Pulling at my belt and pants wanting to taste what you have felt growing between us. You manage to pull off my pants and grab a hold of my throbbing cock. Guide it to your mouth and slowly suck my very thick 9" cock into your throat. You have your forefinger and thumb wrapped around my aching shaved balls, with them resting in the palm of your hand. You use them to pull me in and out of your mouth. Your mouth feels amazing. I reach over you to run my hands over your ass as you continue to tease me with your mouth. Your ass feels so soft in my hands. I run my fingers between your cheeks and over your ass and soaking lips. As I run my wet fingers back over your ass? moan and suck me harder while squeezing my balls. Gently, I use the wetness from your lips and rub it all around the rim of your ass. You seem to like the feeling of my fingers as they graze across the opening of your ass. I stop with my fingers resting on the rim of your ass and gently push against the opening. Willingly, you accept one of my fingers. Your ass is so warm and tight, that I almost lose it and cum in your mouth. But, I manage to hold off. I can feel your other hand start working it?s way up between my thighs until you are teasing the rim of my ass as well. Just as you touch me, my cock throbs in your mouth. And the deeper my finger slips into your ass, yours begins to enter mine. My knees buckle and I fall to the floor. You never lose grip of my cock with your mouth and your hands never leave my balls and ass. You swing around and straddle my face so that I can use my mouth on you as we continue exploring. Our pace quickens as we find the grove that works for us and just as I can feel you begin to cum and my own building. You stand up and hang on to the railing against the wall, with you bent over just a bit. I follow you to my feet and stand behind you?taking your hips firmly in my hands and guide my throbbing cock to your waiting lips. Just as the tip touches you from behind, you rare back, stuffing all of me deep inside you. I pull on your hips to reach as far into you as I can possibly can. We stand still at first, then slowly begin to grind against each other. Using your hips I pull you off and back on to my aching cock. I can feel every inch of your pussy, as it accepts me willingly. Faster! Faster! Harder! Deeper! Until we are fucking with all that we have. You reach between your legs and start playing with my smooth balls. They are slippery because of your wet lips rubbing against them. Your hands feel so good! I reach around and slip my hands up under your top to find your breasts. They are full and feel amazing in my hands. You are pulling me in and out of you by my balls. The pressure of your tugging on them is a new sensation to me and I love it. I find your nipples and gently pull on them. This triggers the warmth that begins to wash over you. Your moans alert me of your on coming orgasm. I slow the pace, so that you can enjoy every sensation that is raging through you. I can feel the inner walls clinching against my cock, as if to say don?t move a muscle. I hold you from behind until your orgasm subsides. I can feel your body shaking from the pleasure and the strain of our play, I ease you to the floor and you lay in my arms. You reach out and feel that I am still hard and start stroking me again. You ask me to lay on my back and I submit to your request. You kneel over me and as you lower yourself onto me again, I realize that you are easing me into that amazing ass of yours. You are very tight! And very wet from the juices that have flowed from your lips. The tip of my cock slowly enters you. Hmmmm?.My god it feels so good. I can feel every movement, as you take more of me into your ass. You are clinching your cheeks in a pulsing rhythm. Sheewww! I feel your body rest against mine and I realize that you have taken all of me. You have one hand on my chest to steady yourself and the other behind you to tease my balls. Once you have gotten used to the pressure of my cock in you, you begin to grind down against me in a very slow motion. I am not going to be able to last much longer?. Your breathing is getting heavier until we both cum so hard that we scream from the pleasure. Wave after wave of sensations rage through our bodies, as we submit to the feeling of complete relief. As our orgasms fade, we begin to here someone working on the elevator door, in an attempt to free us. We race to dress before our actions are found out. We manage to get dressed enough in the dark, that no one was the wiser. We looked into each others eyes as we walked out of the elevator and knew, we have found something in each other, that no one else could match. We share contact information and continue to find ways to get stuck, in compromising situations!!!

OK, maybe that would have taken more then an hour???

Signature: Paintedhorse

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