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A week at a cheap hotel on the beach in San Diego was the best vacation I could imagine... Sunny and 72, lots of sand, and then... you, of course. You have the room next to mine, and until today, you and I never really saw much of each other. In the morning, I would watch you leaving in your white, just small enough bikini, and in the evening we would pass by, looking at each other out of the corners of our eyes while on our way out. A week of sun and nothingness has given both of us a a lot to think about, and a charge to go a little crazy on the last day here.

I have been thinking a lot about you... your bright smile, beautiful eyes, blond hair and of course, your beautiful, tanned, curvy body. As you sit in a chair on the beach about 20 feet from me, reading a book, I can't help but think about you out of that bikini. I watch you and feel the saliva gather in the back of my mouth, the butterflies gather in my stomach, and the heat rush to my crotch. Laying stomach down on my towel, I have to adjust myself thinking about you... writhing inside my black shorts, pressing my crotch hard against the sand every time you move to turn the page... your arm just touching, brushing past one of your large, full breasts... I imagine your body moving passionately against mine... your smell, your touch, your taste. I try to relax and get a little more sun on my back, but my mind keeps wandering back to you.

The clouds have been building all day, until only a stubborn few vacationers remain on the beach, and the sun has all but gone away when the rain starts. We both pack up our things, and head back to the hotel. By the time I reach the stairs, it is raining hard, and by the time you get there, it is pouring. I see you pass by my half-opened door on the way to your room. You are soaking wet and, glancing my way as you walk by, I catch a heart melting glimpse of you looking at me...maybe wanting me? The thought sends blood rushing to my cock so fast that it immediately pulsates with desire. I feel searing heat swirling just below my stomach... One look from you... I want you, to feel you, taste you... Eyes closed, I start to slip into fantasy with you, breathing faster, wanting to be inside you. My hand slides down into my shorts and begins to caress my shaft when a creak at my door startles me out of my dream. There you are, soaked in your bikini, your nipples so hard they pierce your top, and you're looking at me.

I'm completely embarrassed that you have caught me masturbating, but you just look at me, lips a little parted, like you want to say something, but can't... before I can say anything, though, you walk into my room, past me, and into the bathroom. I hear the shower turn on, and I am completely stunned.

"Are you coming in to join me?" you ask. I turn to look at you and you are naked, smiling, nervous, and incredibly sexy. My cock is nearly bursting as I drop my shorts and walk towards you. "Are you kidding?" I ask. In one motion, I wrap my arms around you and lift as you wrap your arms around my neck and your legs around my waist, pressing your breasts against my chest and your hot, wet, hungry pussy against my cock. Locked together, kissing deeply, grinding against each other, I carry you into the shower, and close the glass door behind .

The steaming hot water pours over our bodies, and only seems to raise the passion between us as we glide together in the shower... your soaking, hot flesh grinding against my cock, running up and down my solid, throbbing shaft, wetting me with your juices without taking me inside... making me want you more as I grab your ass tighter, pulling you harder with each movement you make. I hear you moan, and realize that I have to taste you, to make you cum. I drop to my knees and lower you into the bottom of the shower (big shower) still grinding, raising my hands to your sides, and then your breasts, wrapping my hands around them, cupping, teasing, then pinching your nipples as I start to kiss you lower... your neck, your chest, your stomach, letting your belly button ring rattle in my teeth while I play with you. I look up and see you arching your back with pleasure, wanting to roll over, wanting me to please you, just not knowing where. I feel you raise your pussy to my chest, and I press back, moving my lips down your body. The water runs over your stomach and between your legs, and your hand reaches down, pushing my head between your thighs, wanting me so badly to fuck you with my tongue.

I slide my hands down and between your legs, and then around you so your thighs are on my shoulders. Lightly at first, I let the tip on my tongue tease your dripping pussy. Without letting me play, you slide down onto my tongue until I am deep inside you, taking as much of you onto my tongue as I can. You taste so sweet, so hot, that I open my mouth and let the fat part of my tongue press against your lips, your clit, and I move one hand down to my cock, stroking myself as I engulf your juices, wanting you all the more. You feel my tongue press deeper, and you press back, releasing for a breath, then back again... more and more forcefully you take my tongue into you... faster... faster... FASTER! You raise your hips, and start to whimper, then moan, then scream as you cum harder and harder, the more I press...

"Gimme your dick, let me suck your dick!" you yell between breaths, and I spring up onto my knees while you flip over on all fours. You stare at my thick, solid cock, then grab it with one hand and guide it into your mouth, sucking on the head, then lowering yourself all the way down onto my shaft. I put my hands on your back and work with you while you milk my cock, pressing down, then releasing, squeezing your mouth around my dripping, aching shaft. Watching you take me into your mouth is more than I can take and I feel myself start to shake with excitement. You feel my readiness, and suck harder, faster until I give one final quiver and unload my cock into your mouth, shooting cum deep into your throat. God this feels so good! You feel my hands tense, pressing on your back, fucking your mouth, exploding inside you. I watch you swallow all of me, loving the taste, loving that we are both satisfied, and squeaky, squeaky clean.

We lie on the bed listening to the storm pounding the coast, both naked, still wet from the shower cradled together... your head rests on my chest with my arm around you, fingers tickling your side, from your waist up to the side of your soft, full breast, then back down again.

"I can't believe you came through my door...I've been thinking about doing this with you for the whole week." I say, and we both kind of giggle.

"Me too", you reply, slipping your hand down between my thighs, cupping my balls, then lightly teasing my shaft with your fingernails. "You know what else I've been thinking about?"

"Nope... what's that?" I ask, feeling my cock start to rise with your touch.

"I've been thinking about how nice it would be if, after a little fooling around, you came in MY"

Smiling, you roll over on top of me and straddle my waist, holding your body just high enough off of me that I feel your nipples dancing in my chest hair and your warm breath on my face. I slide my hands to the sides of your waist and start to push you against my cock. Your breath stops for a second, and then you let out a gentle sigh feeling the head of my shaft slip against your warm, soaked pussy lips. The excitement heightens your pace, and I feel you start to thrust your hips forward and back, rubbing against me. You moan, lightly under your breath, pressing harder, moving faster against my cock. You slide forward, and I adjust my hips just enough... on your way back down, my dripping, swollen manhood starts to slip slowly, easily inside of you.

Your hands grip the sides of my stomach and you sit up, straddling me, and I watch my cock just as it starts to disappear inside of you. We grind our hips together but in opposite directions while you lower yourself onto me, letting me feel your heat, your wanting... every inch of you inside. Warmth surrounds my cock, and I feel myself swell inside of you, pumping a little deeper at the instant your pussy touches the base of my shaft. Your arms push your breasts together, and I watch you move, eyes closed, breathing heavy, fucking me faster and faster, pumping your hips forward and back with me, your tits bouncing smoothly with our motion. Again you start to moan louder and louder, and I feel your pussy tighten around me as you cum, harder than before... the smell of sex, of endless hard fucking penetrates the air, and it seems to only make things more intense. I pull you off of me and stand up off of the bed.

"Bend over" I say, almost too breathless to speak. You come to the edge of the bed and turn around, bending over... showing me your ass, keeping your feet on the floor, stretching your arms out onto the bed. I grab you by the fronts of your thighs and push my cock all the way into your soaking, open pussy... slamming hard against your ass as I pound myself into you.

"Oh, yes..." you moan, and I start to fuck you faster, making our bodies slap together every time I hit your ass with my stomach... time and time again. I bang you so hard, so fast from behind...your moaning gets louder and I watch your hands forcefully grip the sheets as you cum again and I start to feel your juices drip down the base of my shaft and tickle my balls. I slow the pace while you cum, and finally hold my cock all the way inside of you, letting you work your pussy on me... squeezing then releasing the tension. I wet my fingers with my saliva and set my palm on one of your ass cheeks...placing my one of my fingers on your anus, then slowly... oh so slowly... inside your ass.

"Please... press deeper, loosen me", you gasp, still grinding yourself around my pulsating, thick rod. I bury one knuckle, then two inside your ass, sliding in and out, lubricating as I go deeper inside of you with my fingers. I take them out for a moment and reach underneath my cock, soaking my fingers with our own lubricant, then slide back around and continue to play with, to loosen you. One finger all the way in, then two... spreading your ring, getting you ready.

You feel my cock inside of you, pulsating, jumping as you hug me tightly, then a little pressure from your ass, as I play with you, letting my fingers go deeper and deeper...

"mmmmmm...Yess... do it now..." you plead, pulling yourself off of me, reaching underneath, grabbing my dick, and taking the head into your anus. The head of my cock is a little thicker than you thought, and after an inch, you hesitate for a moment, feeling my size... I push a little deeper, and you gasp in sudden excitement, wanting me to finish my entry. Slowly, we move at first, loosening, lubricating... you are tight, and feel every inch of me as I push in, then almost pull out of your ass. Breathing quickens, and you start to move a little faster on my cock. As I start to fuck you harder, I reach down and pull your hair, lightly at first, then harder as you start to moan, then scream at me..."fuck me!!! cum on my ass... right on the crack of my ass!" I pull your head up by your hair and pound you harder, faster, harder, FASTER!!! You screaming, cumming harder and harder...I lose all control, and pull out just in time to erupt all over your ass, your back, shooting cum even into your hair...

Finally, we collapse in a heap on the bed and fall asleep to the rain showers outside, anxious for another round in the morning...

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