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Sake & Sensuality

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It's a cloudy Saturday in August. The sky is full of billowing gray clouds threatening to drop a fine mist of rain; not enough to be dangerous, but just enough to give one the sense of seclusion and comfort.

I pick you up at your house in the early afternoon. You are wearing a clingy, low cut dress with a high hem line that shows an enticing hint of your breasts as well as the shapeliness of your firm behind and taught, muscular legs. I am wearing casual slacks and a comfortable dress shirt, and feeling entirely underdressed in comparison with your beauty, but thankful for my choice of attire, which temporarily conceals my immediate longing for you.

You decide that we should go to a small, secluded, intimate Japanese restaurant in Scottsdale. Due to the threat of rain, and our being not part of the Lunch or Dinner crowd, we discover that we are the only customers. We order Sake and appetizers, and settle in to get comfortable and talk. After a short while the waiter takes our order, and the staff of the restaurant, sensing our need for privacy, makes it a point to disturb us as little as possible during our meal.

After we've finished eating, having also become quite relaxed by the Sake, and the warmth of your body next to mine, I decide to become a little daring. Seated next to you, I gently trace the curve of your breast through the fabric of your dress, paying special attention to your hardening nipple. Encouraged by this, I turn to you and begin to kiss you passionately. We are tentative at first, but with the excitement, we become more comfortable and more involved with our kissing. I feel your tongue entwining with mine and darting from your mouth to mine. You break off our kiss and slowly begin to kiss down my chin, to my neck, unbuttoning my shirt as you go. You back away with a mischievous look in your eyes, and trace your tongue down my chest.

Knowing, or at least hoping, where this will lead, I reluctantly convince you that this is not the correct place. After paying our bill, we leave the restaurant and head back to your house, passionately kissing and "petting" as we drive, with the possibility of an accident adding to the excitement.

When we arrive at your house, I sweep you up in my arms and carry you to your bedroom. I place you gently on your bed, while kissing you deeply. Kneeling by your bed with increasing desire, I begin to trace the contours of your body with my hands, starting by gently massaging your shoulders and arms. As I move down your body, I can hear your breathing accelerate, as evidence of your longing. Once again, I trace my fingers along the swell of your breasts, softly teasing your nipples through the fabric. I continue down your body, across your stomach, to your thighs, which are parted slightly in anticipation. I slide my hand beneath your dress, feeling the warmth of your soft, smooth skin as I run my hand up your thigh, to the wonderful wetness beneath your panties. I slowly pull your panties down your legs, while you pull your dress off over your head, to reveal your stunning nakedness. Completely enthralled, I lower my face between your thighs, using my fingers and tongue to probe your sweet womanhood. I continue at this for some time, feeling you begin to writhe with pleasure. As your soft moaning increases, I continue to attend you with my tongue, while at the same time lowering my zipper to release my manhood. I move back from you, and turn you onto your stomach, as you raise yourself on hands and knees. I stand between your outspread legs, entering you gently from behind, seeking a rhythm which will extend our pleasure while satisfying us both. Rocking back and forth, I can feel you approaching a long awaited orgasm. As this subsides, you pull away from me, and turn to face me. Rising to your knees, you lean your head back to kiss me, while pulling one of my hands to your breasts, and stroking my manhood with your free hand. All the while, stroking my shaft, you again kiss down my chest and stomach, and move off the bed to kneel before me. You circle your tongue around the bulbous head of my penis, while teasing the underside of my balls with your fingernails. Finally, your lips part, wrapping around my shaft, taking my full length into your mouth, using your tongue expertly. As you continue your ministrations on my cock, you can sense my impending ejaculation. With perfect timing, you release my cock from your mouth, continuing to slide your had back and forth. In a heart stopping rush, I reach ejaculation, shooting my full load into your waiting mouth. You continue until my last drop is spent, again circling the head with your tongue and wrapping your lips around the shaft.

After we have completed, you draw a warm bath and suggest we recuperate for a while before beginning round two.

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