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?You have been depressed and feeling like your life is in a rut for almost a week and nothing seems to be helping to bring you out of it. It has gotten so bad that at night you just roll over and cuddle in to go to sleep. You don?t seem really interested in anything physical unless I initiate it and, even then, it seems like your full heart isn?t really into it.

As you lay sleeping you are awakened by something slightly wet, slightly rough, and cool rubbing against your lips. You open your eyes and, in the dim light, find a large Driscoll strawberry dripping champagne poised before your mouth. You start to ask what is going on but I gently touch my fingertips to your lips. I sit on the edge of the bed and feed you the strawberry, pausing periodically to dip it in the small dish of champagne. When the berry is done I take your legs and swing them off the edge of the bed. I take your hands and help you to stand. Taking you in my arms and holding you to me you can?t help but feel that I am fully dressed. As you once again start to ask what this is all about I again touch my fingers to your lips and wave my finger side to side. I then give you a long passionate kiss and hug. Breaking from the embrace, I Step back, turn, and pick something up from the chair. Turning back to you I dr*pe a sheer, silky, cream colored, diaphanous, floor length dressing gown over your shoulders, a newer version of the kind you would see in the romantic love story movies of the late 40's. Leaning forward, I kiss your neck and then slowly tie the four ribbons that hold the gown shut in the front. On the table by the bed is a single long stem red rose which I hand to you. I give you a soft kiss then put my arm around you and lead you to the living room.

All of the living room furniture has all been moved aside to create a large open area which is lit by long taper candles. In the candlelight you can see that I am indeed fully dressed. In a tuxedo, a black tie and tails tuxedo. I move my finger to my lips in a silent ?shush? then press the play button on the stereo. As the soft sounds of a Strauss waltz swell, I bend at the waist, take your hand in mine, and give it a gentle kiss. Straightening up, I sweep you into my arms. I place my hand on the small of your back. You place your hand on the back of my neck and we begin to let the music carry us away. As we fumble about doing our best to waltz we look deeply into each others eyes. From time to time, as we pass one of the candles, I will softly blow or snuff it out with my fingers so that as we dance the room is becoming increasingly dimmer and the feeling more intimate. In the last minute or two of the dance all of the candles have been extinguished and we are pressing our bodies together in the dark. As Strauss ends the music fades out and is replaced by the sounds of waves crashing against a rocky shoreline.

In the total dark, with the waves crashing and the sounds of gulls playing overhead, I lower you to the floor. I move my fingers across your eyelids biding you to close them. Once your eyes are closed I softly kiss each of your lids then trail kisses down your cheek to your ear which I nibble for a moment before moving to your neck. All the while I am untying those little ribbons which are holding the front of your dressing gown closed. Easing the gown off your shoulders I move my kisses down your throat to your breasts. I kiss each breast in a circular pattern in from your breastbone, around and around the breast to the nipple which I take into my mouth and gently rake with my teeth, while teasing it with my tongue. Then reverse the process back to the center and start anew on the other breast and nipple. I then move downward tickling your stomach with my beard and my lips alternately until I reach your parted thighs. Here I settle in to teasing and pleasing you orally. More teasing than pleasing it seems to you as I repeatedly bring you to the edge and then change rhythm or direction. After what seems like hours (although it is only actually minutes) you are ready to scream out for relief from the teasing. Then I stop and sit back. You hardly have a chance to protest before I move over your body and you understand the reason for my sitting back. I have released myself from the confines of my pants and, as I cover you, you feel me slowly and fully enter you. You gasp. Again I touch my fingers to your lips and silently bid you to make no sound. The sounds of the ocean, the waves, and the gulls fades out and is replaced by Ravel?s Bolero.

As the Bolero begins I slide my arm under you and roll over bringing you to a sitting position astride me. I take your hand and place it on your breast then place my hand on the other.

The fingertips of my other hand are tracing slow sweeping patterns in time with the flows and swells of the music up and down your back from shoulders to hips and thighs. Your own body, as if with a mind and spirit of it?s own is following the same swells and flows becoming one with one of the most sensuous songs ever created. Following the song?s lead you soon learn why it carries such a high reputation as a song to make love by. Five minutes later, just as the song is ending, you climax and collapse into my arms as the last notes fade. Carefully moving from under you so as not to destroy the glow you are experiencing I take you in my arms and carry you back to the bedroom where I tuck you in, give you a kiss, and as you drift off to sleep I undress and slide in next to you. Taking you in my arms I kiss your neck and we drift off to sleep.

The next morning you awake before I do. As you look at me sleeping peacefully you think of all the wonderful things you plan on doing to me this morning in return for last night.

But, unfortunately, nature is calling with a urgency that means anything else will have to wait, at least a little while. And you have medication to take. On your way to the kitchen to get a drink you pass the living room. You can?t believe what you see. Or rather don?t see. There are no candle holders, no candles, no evidence of anything that happened last night. Back in the bedroom you look but do not see the tuxedo anywhere. You know I didn?t have time to clean up and put away everything because I was in bed just minutes after you were. You are just about ready to chalk the entire thing up to being just a dream and crawling back in bed when you notice it. On the pillow where you were laying just a few minutes ago is the same long stemmed red rose and a small cream colored card. On the card in raised gold lettering are the words:

?You will always find romance when you look for it.?

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