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Randy and Sherri - An Internet Romance - Chapter 1

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The First Meeting

We were both nervous as we got ready for our first meeting. We had been chatting for several weeks now, both wanting to meet, but then again trying to be discreet and cautious. You were looking for someone that could be romantic and gentle and someone that could make love to you, not just have sex. I was looking for someone to be romantic with. Someone that would enjoy and encourage my romantic nature. Someone that might enjoy reading my erotic stories.

We had met each other on the internet. This is a handy and safe place to meet other people, but it does have a strong downside. No one really knows if the others are being honest and sincere. How much physical danger would there be in meeting someone you met on the internet? Would the chatting give you an impression of the person that could be entirely different than that person is in real life?

Randy and Sherri had met over the internet. The first time they started chatting was late on a Saturday night, and it lasted well into the early morning hours. There seemed to be some connection between them, but each wondered how the other really felt after signing off. Did each one open themselves up more than they should have? Would the other person be disappointed by the actual appearance of the other, even though pictures had been exchanged? All these thoughts and more were going through their minds as they prepared for the first meeting.

They had agreed to meet at a park fairly close to Sherri’s house. Randy didn’t mind this. Sherri liked this idea that Randy came up with. Being at a park, they would not be totally alone, thus providing some security of not being totally alone for the first time. Even though Sherri had met others on the internet, this was Randy’s first time. And he was probably more nervous than Sherri. Thoughts of the show Cheating Husbands ran though this mind! Was this just a set-up? Was Sherri sincere?

All these thoughts and others ran through Randy’s mind as he drove down to the Bay Area Park to meet Sherri. The plan was to break out a blanket, lie down in the park and get to know each other more. Since this was a public park, any kind of physical contact would have to be discreet. During the famous ‘Saturday Night Chat’ Randy and Sherri had revealed many of their pleasures along with activities they were not interested in. Randy found himself writing short erotic message to Sherri, who seemed to enjoy them completely. As expected, the subject of what the other looks like came up. Conservative pictures were exchanged. Sherri indicated that some considered her BBW, but Randy didn’t see that in the picture she sent. Randy was concerned that being bald would not sit well with Sherri. However, both seemed to accept the other person.

Both Randy and Sherri expressed likes and dislikes, even though they were cautious about how the other would interpret this. It’s always tricky over the internet. Will the other person think less of you because you so quickly say what you like and don’t like physically? What if Sherri said she had full breasts with large nipples and Randy didn’t like that type? What if one expressed a liking for oral, and the other did not? This is just some of the thoughts that go through a person’s mind while ‘surfing the net’.

Randy sensed from the picture of Sherri that she might have full breasts, and this really excited him. Did she like to have her breasts caressed? What about her nipples? Were they sensitive? Did all she want was the oral sex? Sherri did confirm to Randy’s pleasure that her breasts were full, with large nipples that loved to be sucked and caressed. Sherri was very pleased to see that Randy was excited about this. Randy on the other hand was concerned about his ‘size’. So many of the participants on the internet had large manhoods and didn’t mind showing and telling everyone about it. Along with this, so many of the women wanted a 7+ inch cock! Well, Randy sure didn’t have this, not now. As the medical profession says, a man will lose some ‘mass’ over the years. Randy tried to make it clear to Sherri that he was an ‘average Joe’. She seemed to accept this without much problem. Randy just hoped that when the time came, he would ‘measure up’.

Sherri stood in front of the mirror, taking one last look. She had on a button up blouse and matching shorts. She turned to the side to take a look. She hoped her full breasts would be to the liking of Randy. Sherri hoped she wasn’t making more out of this than was possible, but she just ‘sensed’ that the man she had been chatting with was sincere. That he was as romantic as he appeared in chatting. Sherri didn’t really know what to expect since they were meeting at the park, but she wanted to be prepared for anything. She took one last ‘spray’ of cologne and placed it on her cleavage. Even though Sherri was concerned, her body was already in anticipation. Would Randy touch her? Would it feel like she had imagined for so many evenings? Her womanhood was already warm. Looking back in the mirror, she could see the faint outline of her nipples starting to harden as she thought about Randy’s touch. This whole evening made her feel much younger. Was this a man that would stimulate her mind, knowing that the body would come right along? Sherri sensed that Randy knew all this and that Randy was looking for more than quick one night stand. Sherri hoped that Randy was into making love…not just sex.

“Well’, thought Sherri giving herself one last glance. “It’s not going to get any better!” Sherri couldn’t help but smile.

Sherri left the house and headed for the park. Her heart started beating faster the closer she got. Sherri didn’t know if this was due to anticipation, or concern. Her body was responding with anticipation, but her mind was being cautious.

“Would Randy really show up?”

“If he isn’t there on time, how long should I wait?”

“If he doesn’t show up, do I try to contact him again?”

All these thoughts and others were running through Sherri’s mind as she turned into the park to park her car. Granted, this was not the first time Sherri had met someone for the first time, but this time seemed different for some reason. Looking at her watch, she realized that she was about 10 minutes early. She parked her car in a somewhat private area, but a place where she could see cars coming in and leaving the park. Randy had indicated he would be in his red Mustang. Would she recognize it?

15 minutes had passed and still no Randy.

“Well, he does have further to drive than I do,” thought Sherri. “Also, he hasn’t been to this park before, so it might take him a bit to find it.”

Another 5 minutes passed. Sherri then saw what she thought was Randy. A red car pulled in with the top down. “Could this be him?” The car moved slowly through the lot.

Randy was nervous as he got ready. This was going to be his first meeting with anyone he had met over the internet. He wasn’t sure if there were any expected formalities. As he headed out the door for a ‘business meeting’ he knew that Sherri might be in shorts, but he had to wear slacks to keep the image of a meeting. Randy had thought about changing along the way, but decided against it. Randy had placed a blanket in the trunk of the car several days ago. He had also placed a portable cassette player there. Sherri had indicated she liked music from the 60s and Randy had recorded some cassettes from his record collection. As he drove along, his mind raced with various thoughts. Was he walking into some kind of trap? Would her husband be there and the game was blackmail? Randy dismissed these thoughts. Maybe he was being stupid, but he sensed that Sherri was sincere. Only time would tell.

As he drove along, Randy began to fantasize about the evening. What would happen physically…if anything. A park is not the most private place for much physical activity.

“Am I expecting too much for the first meeting?” thought Randy as he realized he was about 15 minutes away from the park. Randy already had a half hard on. As he turned into the park, his heart was racing!

“Hi, are you Sherri?” Randy asked as he pulled up beside what he expected was Sherri’s car.

“You must be Randy.” Replied Sherri smiling back.

“That’s me!” replied Randy getting out of his car. Randy didn’t know if he should give her a hug or what. So, he just tried to play it cool.

Sherri took the sign and got out of her car. Randy walked around to the back of his car and Sherri moved around to join him. Sherri could sense Randy was nervous. She remembered what it was like the first time she met with someone. She decided to let Randy take the lead, letting him do what he felt comfortable with.

“Let’s see,” said Randy opening the trunk. “A blanket and a cassette player.”

“Glad you brought the cassette. Can't wait to hear what songs you recorded.” Sherri wanted to gently touch Randy, but thought better of it. “Let him set the pace.” She thought to herself.

“So,” said Randy closing the trunk, “since you know this park better than I do, where is a good place to spread this blanket?” This was the first time Randy had a good look at Sherri, and he was pleased with what he saw. Here appeared to be a woman that was pleased to see him. As Sherri had indicated, she was shorter than Randy, but that was fine. She also let him know during chatting that some would consider her BBW. Again, Randy didn’t see it that way. He had always been with ‘fuller’ ladies, and Sherri looked very good to him. And she was right; she did have a set of breasts. The best set Randy had ever been with was a ‘Pair of 38s’, but as Sherri had said, she was a 42C. Randy could get lost for days in there!! What a way to go! Sherri sensed what was going though Randy’s mind as she stood there. She began to feel uncomfortable as she knew Randy was sizing her up. But she was sizing Randy up also. What she saw really pleased her. She saw a gentle man. A man that could satisfy her emotionally as well as physically. Randy tried not to be too nervous, as he sensed the same thoughts were going through her mind as his.

Sherri suddenly realized that Randy was waiting for her to answer his question.

“Oh,” said Sherri with a giggle. “Guess you are waiting for me to answer.” Randy and Sherri both laughed, knowing what the other had been thinking.

“Over here might be a good spot. Want me to carry the player?”

“Sure,” said Randy handing it to her.

As they headed across the park, Randy gently moved closer to Sherri. Sherri sensed him moving closer. Suddenly, she felt his little finger lock into her little finger. A shot of electricity went up her arm. Even this little touch excited her.

As Randy reached out for Sherri’s hand, he was afraid she might pull away, thinking him too forward. He was relieved when he felt her finger tighten around his, letting him know she was comfortable with this.

“How about this?” asked Sherri stopping at a corner of the park.

“Looks good to me,,” replied Randy looking around a bit. They were basically alone down here. Everyone else was down toward the playground. Randy wondered how many times Sherri had been here with someone else. Randy quickly got those thoughts out of his mind.

Randy spread out the blanket. Sherri waited then sat down.

“Now, where is this music you promised?” smiled Sherri.

Before sitting down, Randy pulled some cassettes out of his shirt pocket.

“Here we go. Hope you like them.” Randy handed them to Sherri. Sherri opened the player and inserted a cassette. The music from the cassette was really what she expected from Randy on a night like this. It was soft gentle, romantic music.

“So, tell me more about yourself, ” said Sherri.

Randy and Sherri spent the next 45 minutes just talking. It was so nice there in the park talking and listening to music. It took both of them back to their younger years. It was like a trip back in time.

Sherri lay down on her back. Her body was alive with passion. She so wanted to feel Randy touch her, but she was letting Randy take the lead. What Sherri didn’t realize was the fire that was burning within Randy. And this flared up when Sherri lay down on her back. Randy couldn’t help but notice her nipples starting to press against her blouse and bra. Randy moved and lay on his side beside Sherri. Her heart was pounding with anticipation. Randy was so nervous. Did Sherri realize the fire she had started within him? Did she know what she was doing?

Randy decided to make his move. He gently reached up and removed Sherri’s glasses. Sherri turned her head toward Randy. She saw him reach up and remove his glasses. His hands were almost shaking as he set them down on a corner of the blanket. Randy slowly moved his left hand to Sherri’s cheek. A tingle shot through her body as she felt his touch. Randy began to gently stroke her cheek. Sherri closed her eyes, and drifted off into another world. She was listening to the music and feeling Randy’s soft touch. She twitched slightly as the felt his warm lips on her forehead. She so wanted to feel his lips on her’s but did her best to let him take the lead. She felt his warm breath on her cheek just before she felt his lips. Sherri couldn’t help but let out a soft moan. She felt him kiss her several times on the cheek. She slowly ran her tongue over her lips, expecting his kiss at any moment. Randy saw Sherri close her eyes. He could see her breasts begin to raise and fall as her breath quickened in anticipation. Randy saw Sherri wet her lips, and it drove him wild. He could not resist any longer.

Sherri felt his warm lips gently press against hers. She resisted the temptation to place her hand behind his head and pull him close. She felt his lips once more upon hers, but this time the kiss was deeper. Sherri’s body was just about out of control now. Sherri turned slightly toward Randy and placed her hand behind his head. She gently pulled him closer. As she felt Randy’s tongue against her own, she could not resist any longer. Sherri pulled Randy closer to her, her tongue hungry for his. Randy placed his arm around the back of Sherri and pulled her close to him. There bodies burning for each other. Randy began to kiss Sherri deeply. His tongue flicking hers. Sherri’s breathing quickened as she felt her passion start to ignite. Her womanhood was already hot and wet. All Sherri knew was that her body ached for Randy’s touch. Randy laid Sherri back down, her breathing quick and hot. Sherri was disappointed as she felt Randy’s lips leave hers. But then she felt his lips on her neck. Sherri couldn’t control her passion. His kisses on her neck were driving her crazy. She turned her head toward Randy, letting him kiss her entire neck. Did this man know what he was doing to her?

Randy was now in a state of extreme passion. He stopped kissing Sherri’s neck. Her breasts were rising and falling very quickly now. Her nipples pressing hard against her blouse, wanting to be free. Sherri still had her eyes closed, not sure what to expect next. Then she felt Randy’ hand gently touch her neck. She moaned with pleasure. Randy gently unbuttoned the top button of her blouse. Sherri wish she could just rip this off and let Randy savor her! Randy gently ran his fingers down her neck and across the top of her chest. Sherri couldn’t help but wiggle under his touch.

“Seem a bit touchy there,” whispered Randy as his finger found the soft sensitive part of her cleavage.

“You’re driving me crazy!” whispered Sherri.

Sherri felt Randy unbutton the next button. She knew that her bra would now become visible to him, but she didn’t care. She felt Randy run his finger along the top part of each cup. Randy couldn’t believe how beautiful her cleavage was. This was definitely driving him wild. Sherri moaned as she suddenly felt his lips begin to kiss her bare breasts above the bra. Randy could smell her perfume in that warm cleavage. Sherri once again placed her hand behind Randy’s head, pulling his lips against her cleavage. Sherri began to wiggle as her womanhood was hot and almost dripping! Randy unbuttoned the next button. He then ran his finger ever so lightly over her right nipple that was pressing hard against her bra. Sherri wiggled under his touch.

“You’re teasing me!” whispered Sherri.

“No,” Randy giggled. “It’s called foreplay.”

Sherri couldn’t take it any longer. She sat up and looked around. Of course, without her glasses she couldn’t see much, but she could tell they were sill alone. When she sat up, Randy just gawked at her beautiful cleavage. Never had he seen anything like this before. Randy wondered what Sherri was doing. Sherri knew what she wanted. She pulled her blouse out from her shorts. She reached behind and unhooked her bra. She pulled it off. Then she reached over and stuffed it in her purse. She lay back down. Sherri did all this so quickly, Randy didn’t get much of a look at anything, especially in the dark. However, when Sherri lay back down two things became very prominent. Her nipples were rock hard and pressing against her blouse. Sherri saw Randy savoring this moment, but she wanted something more. She reached up and unbuttoned her blouse completely. She saw the twinkle in Randy’s eyes as she revealed her full breasts to him. Even in the dark, Randy could see those hard, full nipples. Sherri looked up and him.

“Come enjoy what I have.” She whispered.

Randy didn’t know where to start! He began to run his finger around her left nipple. It was rock hard! Sherri wiggled under his touch.

“Is this more foreplay?” moaned Sherri.

“Maybe.” Giggled Randy.

“Well, no more!” said Sherri firmly. She reached up and pulled his head down to her left nipple. Her whole body quivered as she felt her nipple being pulled into Randy’s mouth. Randy had never experienced such large hard nipples. The feeling of so much nipple in his mouth made his manhood ache. As he sucked her left nipple, his left hand found her right nipple. Randy gently twisted her right nipple. Sherri still had her hand behind Randy’s head, pulling him firmly against her nipple. Randy’s tongue began to flick her nipple. Sherri’s whole body was wiggling now under his sucking.

“Suck them harder baby!” whispered Sherri.

Randy began to suck harder, trying to be sure he didn’t hurt her. Randy sensed Sherri starting to make her climb to a climax. Randy sensed that he could make her cum just by sucking and caressing her nipples. Randy could spend the rest of his life savoring these nipples of Sherri’s!!!! Randy pulled back. Sherri’s left nipple glistened in the evening from his sucking. Randy had never really seen nipples this fantastic. He had seen them on the internet and pictures, but never experienced ones before. They were beyond description. Randy just wanted to take a couple of moments and make some mental pictures. Sherri didn’t know what was going on, but her body wanted release!

Sherri turned her head toward Randy.

“You all right?” Sherri asked cautiously.

“Just can’t believe how beautiful they are.” Whispered Randy.

Sherri had never had anyone say these words about her breasts. She had always thought them way to big. She never felt that anyone would find such pleasure in her breasts.

Randy reached up and ran his finger very slowly from her neck, down her cleavage, and down her soft stomach. Sherri moaned softly under his touch. Sherri wiggled as she heard the zipper of her shorts. Part of her felt that this was not the place, while her body ached for release. Sherri’s body was not beyond control. As she felt Randy’s hand start to slide inside her panties, Sherri’s legs automatically made room for his hand. Randy couldn’t believe how wet Sherri was. Sherri’s back arched up to meet his hand as she felt his finger start to part the lips of her womanhood.

“Don’t stop!” pleaded Sherri.

Randy began to slide his hand further down. Her womanhood was so wet and soft. As Randy’s finger slid past her swollen clit, Sherri’s body quivered. Her swollen clit felt his entire finger slide past. Sliding past to her depths. Sherri knew she was close to coming. Sherri had never come this quickly before.

“There…there!” whispered Sherri as her body arched up to Randy’s finger as he found her love canal. Randy slid his finger inside. He could feel her womanhood quivering inside. Sensing Sherri was close, Randy leaned down and one again took her hard, swollen nipple into his mouth. Sherri was ready to explode inside. Her body began to thrust against Randy’s hand. Randy knew what was coming. Twirling his finger deep inside her love canal and sucking firmly on her nipple, Randy felt Sherri explode. Her womanhood gushed with pleasure. Her legs locked around his hand. Sherri gasp as the waves of pleasure rolled and rolled across her. Randy started to gently suck her nipple, letting her come down as she was ready. Slowly, Sherri’s legs began to loosen around Randy’s hand. Randy lay down on his elbow, his finger still buried inside Sherri. He watched her breasts slow their rise and fall, and the climax began to wind down.

Sherri turned her head toward Randy.

“Came kinda quick didn’t we?” smiled Randy.

“I’ve never come that quickly before.” Replied Sherri, somewhat embarrassed.

“I’ll take that as a compliment.”

“You should,” replied Sherri.

Randy felt Sherri’s legs release his hand.

“Okay”, Sherri whispered. “Two can play at this game.”

Sherri gently pushed Randy onto his back. Randy smiled as he saw Sharri’s full breasts come into view. Her blouse was still open and her full breasts were for his pleasure. Sherri reached up and began to unbutton Randy’s shirt. She smiled as she saw the hair on his chest. Just the right amount! Not too much or too little. Randy closed his eyes to enjoy Sherri’s touch.

“You close those eyes and you can’t enjoy my tits!” giggled Sherri. Sherri wiggled over to Randy and bent down to kiss him deeply. She loved to feel a man’s chest hair against her breasts. Now it was Randy’s turn to pull Sherri close to him. He could feel her full breasts pressing against his chest. His manhood was rock hard. He felt Sherri’s hand begin to slide down his stomach. The next thing he felt was Sherri opening his belt. Then he felt her fingers on his zipper. Randy was glad it was dark outside and no on could see them. But right now, he didn’t care!!

Sherri felt Randy’s body respond to her touch, and she loved it. She was eager to feel his hard manhood. She knew she would not be able to feel him deep inside her tonight, but she ached to feel him. After the zipper, Randy felt Sherri’s hand slide under his shorts. Like Sherri, he moaned as her hand found him. Sherri couldn’t help but moan as she felt his hard shaft in her hands. She had to check out his balls! There, Sherri heard Randy moan as her hand found his warm, smooth balls. Sherri’s body was responding to feeling Randy. Sherri wasn’t sure if she could control the urges!

Sherri stopped kissing Randy. He looked into her twinkling eyes.

“It’s time.” Sherri whispered. Sherri slide up a bit and let her left breast find Randy’s lips. Randy automatically encircled her breast with his hands and pulled her nipple into his mouth. Sherri didn’t know how long she could take this! Sherri began to side her hand up and down Randy’s shaft. She could feel him throbbing as her hand encircled his shaft. Sherri sensed that Randy wanted to come slow, so she paced her hand.

“Suck that nipple, baby!” whispered Sherri.

That was all it took. Randy’s body had now taken over. His body was thrusting against Sherri’s hand as she quickened her pace. She knew Randy was very close. Suddenly his whole body stiffened! He came in her hand with a gush! He seemed to keep coming and coming! At the moment of climax, Randy pulled Sherri’s nipple deep into his mouth. Sherri moaned with pleasure as her nipple was sucked deeper and felt Rand’s love juice in her hand.

Randy came down slowly, somewhat embarrassed with what had happened. Randy opened his eyes and saw Sherri smiling at him.

“Wow!” Randy whispered.

“Yeah, I know what you mean.” Whispered Sherri back.

As Randy was looking into her eyes, Sherri pulled her wet hand from Randy’s manhood.

Randy lay there for a minute, trying to recover.

Sherri sensed that Randy was satisfied. Reaching for her purse, Sherri brought out some tissues. Randy started to reach for them but Sherri stopped him.

“Let me do this.”

Sherri began to clean Randy up. She saw his manhood limp, but that was fine. She knew it when it was rock hard. Hopefully there would be another time.

Randy and Sherri lay there for a while. Sherri didn’t bother to button her blouse, letting Randy enjoy her fullness, which Randy did.

“Hate to say this, but I probably need to head back home,” whispered Sherri.

“I know, I probably should also.”

Neither Randy nor Sherri wanted to ask the question that was on both of their minds. Would there be another time.

“Sherri?” Randy finally said.

“Yes?” Replied Sherri almost afraid to hear what he had to say.

“I would like to meet you again, that is if you like. Now, if you don’t, let me know and I’ll try to understand. I know we both took a chance on this meeting.”

“I would love to see again Randy.”

As Sherri watched Randy pull out of the parking lot, she wondered if she would really ever see him again? Even if she didn’t, this evening had been the most emotionally and physically fulfilling that she could ever remember.

“Hope to see you again.” Sherri whispered out loud as Randy pulled onto the highway.

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