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My Surprise Visit Finds Dad And Mom In Bed With Some Guy

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I am in my second year of college and live on campus in a girls dorm and spend lots of time with my sorority sisters. I’d not been home in several months and thought I’d do the five hour drive and spend the weekend with the parents and see a few friends as well. This account occurred two weeks ago, first week of October, ‘21. I joined SLS shortly after my visit home.

The drive was long, tiring and rain began to drizzle down the last fifty miles, making driving difficult in the darkness. I figured I’d arrive about ten pm and catch them watching television. They keep my room as I leave it, but when I graduate and move out I’m sure my room will become a craft room, or worse.

Our home has a circular drive, and as I stopped at the edge of the driveway I could see their cars, but there was another car where I usually park. The drive does extend to the back of the house, and I have my own entrance from the back as well, so I eased the car by the others and parked in the back.

The rain fell pretty hard and I waited a few minutes to see if it would slack off. Through the sheeting rain, I could see my parents room upstairs was dimly lite. I figured mom was perhaps reading. Several down stairs lights were on. The front entrance, living area, kitchen. I figured one of dads golfing buddies may here discussing golf and sipping whiskey.

The rain slowed enough that I made a dash for my room. I fiddled with the key and opened my bedroom door. They had not opened my door to turn on the outside light and greet me, so I assumed I arrived unnoticed. It was dark in my room so I turned on the light and sat my luggage down and slipped into my soft cotton Little Mermaid pajamas. Yes, at home I still wear my little girl themed Pjs.

I opened my bedroom door into the home and didn’t see any signs of life as I eased through the lower level. The kitchen light was on, so I sneaked up to the walk through and was going to yell boo, and scare mom, but there was no one in the kitchen.

I thought this was all sort of odd, cars out front and no one here. I reasoned, maybe they left with some friends and were out for dinner or maybe a show.

I walked onward through the den when I heard a sound come from upstairs. Oh great, someone is upstairs in the bedroom and I will sneak up there and scare the shit out of one of them. Then be smothered with hugs and kisses and asked a thousand questions ending by having some homemade pie.

I sneaked up the staircase very slowly, almost snickering that I was about to cause havoc for a few seconds. I heard talking, voices from their bedroom. The door was mostly open and the dim lighting illuminated the room pretty well.

I reach the landing and am about six feet from the bedroom. That’s it, suck his fat cock… did I just hear that, come from my parents room. Oh, shit I wondered if they were watching some pornographic movie or something, but I swear it sounded like dads voice.

I figured I would peek between the hinge side gap, between the door and wall and see what was up and if they were watching something adult in nature, I’d sneak back down stairs unnoticed. I can’t believe mom and dad would watch dirty stuff like porn.

I reach the slit between the door and the wall and I look into the room with one eye peeking through the small gap. Yes, she is sucking my cock real good, I clearly hear an unfamiliar voice as my eye focuses, only to see some big strange guy standing on the floor at the foot of the bed and my sweet mother is kneeling at his feet, sucking his massive cock like a whore.

I gasped and slapped my hand over my mouth and tried to breath through my nose as I turned away and froze in place. Oh fuck, fuck I trembled and prayed I was not heard. I felt like bursting into the room, but I was taught as a child not to panic, use reason and enhance my calm, get the facts.

I thought I seen my father, I think I heard his voice, but the initial scene caught me so way off guard I was not certain of anything. I shivered like a leaf on a thin limb, but I needed to peek again, assure mom is safe, and ascertain what is going on. Perhaps they are victims and I need to get safe and call the police.

I mustered some courage, looked about and understood the hall was darker than the bedroom, so I doubt I could be seen. Just keep quiet, look and understand, I say to myself. Make sure they are safe. My body shook as I leaned slowly and barely got my right eye at door crack. I held my breath.

No, there’s dad, he is standing naked next the stranger and mother is taking turns sucking both their cocks. I turn away. I am looking at the stairs, the hallway, the spare bedroom with it’s door ajar. Yes, I could ease behind the spare bedroom door if need be. Four quiet steps and I’d be in there.

I became aware there was soft music, slow electric guitar blues, maybe Stevie Ray Vaughn. Remember I tell myself. Wine glasses were on the night stand. Clearly there was no force involved, they were not overtaken by some rogue or bandit or something. I stood there a minute or two, unsure of what to do.

Get on the bed, baby. I hear my dad tell my mother. I figured they were looking towards the headboard, so not in my direction. I don’t know what compelled me, I think it was to get a better look at who the Asshole was that had his, so called fat cock down my mother’s throat. I wished they watched porn now instead of, whatever this was.

I lean over and peeked again. Mom is on the bed and I just notice she is wearing a tan bra and panties. She stays in shape, at 44 she is still built about the same as me, in fact she wears some of my cloths. Still I’ve never seen either of them naked that I could recall. Certainly I’ve seen them in swimsuits, but not naked, never like this.

Dad crawled on the bed by mother’s head and I see his cock for the first time. Oh my god, his cock was hard and I’d guess maybe seven inches long and nicely thick, and he was guiding it into my mom’s mouth as she lay on her back with her legs spread wide. I’m going to be scarred for life, I think.

The stranger starts to crawl on to the bed as well. I can clearly see his cock. Damn, run mom, get the fuck out of there I almost scream. This deformed Asshole’s cock was indeed fat, and long. I’d guess the thickness of my wrist and at least three inches bigger than dad’s. I am going to need therapy.

The Asshole is pulling mother’s panties off and dad reaches down and begins to unfasten the front of mom’s bra. He pulls the cups away from her breast and begins to fondle her tits as she continues to eat away at my daddy’s dick. I’m twenty three and it looks like my mom’s breast are firmer than mine.

I’m watching a train wreck here. I don’t really want to see this shit, but it’s like I’m compelled to watch, to just stand here and watch the derailment and carnage explode into space, bodies, limbs, luggage flying everywhere.

Asshole is fit, he looks like a football player, late thirties maybe, hard to tell looking at his ass, as he lays between my mother’s legs and sticks his face in her crotch. Mom moans. She is moaning on dad’s cock while the Asshole is eating her pussy. Clearly, this is something they wanted, I should leave.

How’s that feel, baby, my dad asked mother. She sucks his cock deep and her head moves back and forth on daddy’s shaft. Finally she spits his cock out and looks down at the Asshole. He’s eating me out so good, Larry she tells my dad. Ummm, nice he replies and offer’s his cock back into mom’s mouth.

Asshole appears to be fingering my mom’s hole while he’s going down on her. Mom begins to squirm and it seems she is face fucking Asshole and dad is mauling her breast and getting his cock polished.

My gaze keeps going back to my dad’s dick. It looks so hard and stiff. I bet it feels good, I thought. What the fuck did I just think. I had no idea such a thought could manifest in my mind. Mom is slobbering all over it, taking her time and working daddy’s meat slow and methodical, but her hips are fucking up and down into Assholes lips and fingers plunging in and out of her.

He’s going to make me cum, Larry, I hear mom say with some sense of urgency, lust I suppose. Fuck yes, fuck yes I’m cumming. I hear my mom’s voice loud and unfiltered information. Hell yes, make her cum, Randy, I hear my dad encourage the Asshole with praise to his oral skills.

Yes, fuuuuck, oh fuuuck, mother cries out loud and proud. God, what a slut mother, I think as I watch her body jerk and hand grabbing the back of the Asshole’s head and tugging him hard into her cunt.

Fuck baby, look at your pussy, squirting like a fountain down there, dad says to mummy. Her body relaxes and she falls limp but instantly sucks dad’s cock back into her mouth with a renewed energy.

I watch from the one inch crack between the door and jam as all I thought I knew about my parents, went flushing down the toilet bowl of life. Mom spits father’s cock out her mouth rather unceremoniously. I want to be sex bitch tonight, I hear mother say.

What did I hear, I listen harder but my heartbeat is banging into my skull like a drum. Ha ha, you are so horny right now aren’t you, baby. Dad says. She nods and sucks his cock back into her face with enthusiasm. Okay, you can be my sex bitch tonight, sweetie. He leans down and they kiss deep and passionately, ready, dad asks her. Mother smiles and says yes, then sucks his pretty cock back into her mouth.

She will do anything I tell her to do now, Dad explains to Asshole Randy. Sounds great, Asshole says into my mother’s pussy. She has a safe word, just in case there is something she really does not want to do,, otherwise ignore any defiance or resistance you may pick up from the little slut, and feel free to address her as slut, or whore, Daddy tells the Asshole. God, my parents are fucking freaks. Asshole rolls off the bed, his big, fat, long hard cock swaying to and fro as he stands by their marital bed. Get on the floor, dad demands of my loving mother. She raises up and I see her pussy, shaved, wet and shiny in the dim light.

On your knees, dad guides her onto the floor and eye level with Randy’s monster cock. Mom, what are you thinking, sex bitch rattles in my brain. Suck it, suck his cock, you little slut, dad says and pushes her head onto the hard staff of Asshole. He’s a friend of mine, suck his cock good, you hear me, suck it good, make me proud.

Mother engulfs Randy’s cock and takes most of it down her throat. Impressive how mom could take so much of his manhood into her mouth. She grasp the remainder of his shaft and is slowly fisting it as she sucks his dick with obvious enjoyment.

That’s it, make his cock feel good, dad orders mother to slobber on this strangers cock. Dad is slowly stroking his own nice cock as mom continues to give head to Randy. What a slut, sucking another man’s cock right in front of her husband Randy says about my mom. Asshole.

Daddy has a perfect cock, I notice. I wish my boyfriend’s cock was so nice. He’s okay, our sex is good but daddy’s dick is a little longer, and thicker. I see a thick vein running along his shaft as he strokes his pretty cock. Perfect cock. Circumcised and solid looking, I bet it has heft in your hand, weight and substance I thought.

Lord what am I’m thinking here, and oh god my hand is on my pussy and I feel that tug, the womanly urges of sex and need for relief. I pull my hand away from the crotch of my pajamas, take a breath and peek back through the crack of the door.

Dad pulls mom off Randy’s cock and guides it back onto his own dick. Suck it, suck my cock, he tells her. Little slut, I can tell you’ve had another man’s cock in your mouth. Man, she sucked my cock damn good too, she has skills, the Asshole says of my mother.

Yeah she has skills, that’s because the little slut has sucked a lot of cocks, Dad informs their guest. I can tell, you don’t suck cock that damn good with out experience, Asshole speaks. Well, this little slut has sucked a lot of cock, haven’t you, Dad asks. Mother nods her head then gasped for air, yes, yes I’ve sucked so many cocks, she confesses. Oh my god, my mother is a slut, what am I hearing here.

Get your ass on the bed, Dad instructs mother. She swiftly complies, her smile tells me more than I want to know. Come on, get your ass moving, get into doggy style, my father demands.

Head or tails, Daddy asked Asshole. Hard decision,, I think head for just a bit, Randy says. I watch as Asshole fat cock Randy moves towards my moms head and positions himself for fellatio.

Dad gets on the bed behind mom and says, well, suck his cock, what the fuck are you waiting for. Mother, takes Asshole’s cock in her grasp and lowers her mouth around his fat prick. Dad holds his own cock and directs it towards mom’s pussy.

I watch the swollen helmet of Dad’s cock push into her, then he goes all the way in to his balls in one push. Mother gasped out loud then sucks Randy’s cock back into her face. Damn, her little nasty pussy is so wet for us, Dad informs Asshole.

Dad is fucking mom with solid thrust, holding onto her hips and driving his meat in and out of her. Look at this little slut, damn she likes being spit roasted, isn’t that right Anna. Yes, oh yes, mom whines then swallow’s the cock in her mouth almost to his enormous balls. I was impressed.

That’s it, suck my cock, damn it feels good, Asshole speaks. Daddy is slamming into her faster now, I can hear mother moaning around Randy’s cock, her face being pushed deeper onto his beast each time father slams hard into her butt with firm pumps. I bet his cock feels wonderful, I think.

Damn, my hand is on my pussy again. I can feel moisture, my juices seeping into the cotton fabric of my Little Mermaid pajamas and my other hand is full of my left breast. My nipple is hard against palm. Oh god, I’m a slut like my mother. I’m a victim of my own bodily, primal urges. I’ve doubtless inherited my parents sexual genes. Where is my self control.

Fuck me, fuck me, mom’s call pulls my gaze back into the dim light of the bedroom. Daddy is pumping hard into mother. I can see his nice hard cock come into view briefly, mother’s juices wet on his meaty stiff shaft then disappears again quickly, thrusting fully into her making a wet splatting sound on each stroke.

I slip my hand back down my my pajamas and my pussy greets me with copious amounts of slimy goo draining from my hole. I feel my own liquids and drag them from my entrance to my swollen clit and I almost orgasm then and there. I don’t think if I had a pussy full of my boyfriends cum, that I’d feel the amount of soup that was in my vagina right now. Look, the little slut is going to cum all over my cock, my Dad says about my mother.

Mom is moaning all over Asshole’s fat cock, I can see her slobber glistening on his abnormally large prick. I’m cumming, oh fuck I’m cumming, mother cries out. That’s it daddy, fuck her, I always knew you would be a wonderful fuck, I think to myself, then I plunge a finger deep inside my wet pussy.

Mom gasp for air as her orgasm obviously enthralls her. Dad shoves her face further down Randy’s cock, Don’t stop sucking his cock just because you are coming on my dick. Don’t stop sucking his meat, Daddy orders mother to continue satisfying Asshole, despite riding her orgasm to the finish.

Mom is moaning and growling primal tones onto the cock of Asshole as she calms down from what seemed a powerful orgasm. Daddy is fucking her good, I bet mom loves his cock, I bet it feels so good. I am watching my Dad’s cock going in and out of mother and I envy her pussy, how wonderful his cock must feel.

Oh my god, I’m diddling my clit and on the verge of my own orgasm, watching my parents fuck, looking at my fathers cock, and some stranger gagging my mother with an anaconda of a cock. What’s wrong with me.

Let’s trade places, Dad says. He smacks mom’s ass as he pulls his handsome cock out of her pussy. Randy gets up and moves behind mother. Don’t stick that big thing in my little mother I think.

Dad gets in position, sitting, half laying back and his perfect cock aiming up at mother’s mouth. Look at me, Daddy says. Mom raises her head up and looks at Dad. I want you to look me in the eye when you let another man stick his cock inside you.

Randy, moves in close, he grips his enormous cock and the large head presses against mother’s entrance and slips in. Mom’s eyes close for the briefest second and she looks back into Dad’s eyes. Then I almost gasp myself as Randy pushes his fat cock all the way inside my mother’s pussy.

Her mouth gaps open and I hear an ahhh escape her throat. I think I see her quiver a second, but she looks Dad right in the eye. Dad smiles and mom lowers her head and sucks Dad’s cock. Randy is fucking my mother.

Daddy brushes mom’s hair away so he can watch her suck his cock. Each time Asshole, Randy pushes that fuck tool into my mother he pushes her body forward, and more of father’s cock goes into mom’s mouth.

How’s that fat cock feel inside your slut pussy, Dad asks. Mom lifts her head and says, please make him stop fucking me, I’m a good girl, then she swallows fathers cock down like a hungry animal. You do what I fucking tell you to do. Do you hear me cunt, now, you better be giving him some good pussy. Oh man, she is giving me some awesome pussy, so tight and wet, this woman fucks like slut, she was made for fucking, Randy says. Yes, a good girl mind but nympho cock addict in bed, total slut my Dad says. Fuck the shit out her, Randy, he adds.

Randy is pounding mother pretty hard, but she continues to suck daddy’s cock with little distraction. Dad pulls her head off his cock, is that cock going deep in your pussy, you naughty thing, he asks.

Yes, his cock is so deep inside me, make him stop, it’s so hard and deep, she begs. Frankly, I don’t sense her sincerity at this point, I think to my self. Don’t you cum on his cock, you hear me, Dad orders mother and again shoves his strong cock up into her mouth.

Asshole is fucking my mother harder and faster,, oh god, don’t pull my hair, don’t smack my ass, my mother whines out loud, then begins sucking one of daddy’s balls into her mouth. Shut the fuck up, slut, Dad says and nods to the Asshole.

The Asshole grabs a fist full of my mother long blond hair and pulls her head back, then smacks her ass a fair slap on the cheek. No, stop it, Mom begs. Dad motions for Randy to do it harder and he does. Asshole jerks mothers head back hard by hair and slaps her ass with a strong slap. Mother yells out, yes, yes, loudly and takes his forceful fuck thrust deep inside her pussy.

Look me in the eye you little tramp. Mom looks at Dad. You better not cum on his fat cock, good girls don’t cum on other men’s cock, Father reminds her. Randy is pounding into her hard, his massive cock stroking in and out with rapid, strong slams into her body. He smacks her ass hard, ahhh, mother responds.

Look at me, don’t you cum on his cock, father warns. I see mother trembling, veins in neck rise and she is panting rapidly. What do think about a woman that would look her husband in the eye while she came on another man’s cock, Daddy asked the Asshole fucking my mother hard and fast. She’s have to be a real slut to do that, a perfect slut, Randy says then smacks mom’s ass a few powerful hits and yanks her head back by the hair again.

She looks daddy in eyes. I’m rubbing my pussy and watching father’s cock pulse and throb in the air. Ah, ah, ah, noo don’t let him make me cum, mother begs. Dad says nothing, just begins to slowly jack off his sexy cock and watch mother, as she explodes on Randy’s cock.

Mother growls and gasp for air, I see her body shake and small jerks overtake her muscles as her orgasm slams through her body, but she never stops looking into Dad’s eyes. Dad smiles and gently, lovingly touches her cheek as her orgasm fades. She smiles at Dad and lowers her head until Dad’s cock is back in mouth.

I finger my pussy deep and run my internal liquids over my clit. Suck his cock mother, I think, make daddy’s cock feel good. I could make it feel so good I think, and feel my body release, I jerk and quake, goose bumps crawl across my skin and my orgasm was strong. Maybe that will clear the fog in my brain I think. But I keep looking through the door gap.

Randy releases mother’s hair and slows his fuck pace to slow long strokes. You were a good sex bitch tonight, Dad compliments my mom. Ha ha, it was fun, perfect she says.

Fuck me Randy, I want you to cum in my pussy, mother says to Randy. Mom moves upward and begins making out with my dad, they are kissing deep. Mother has one hand on dad’s cock and he has one of her breast in one hand and gently rest the other on the back of her head.

They kiss and gently touch each other while Randy is slow fucking mother’s doggy style. Fuck, I’m going to cum inside you Anna, the Asshole grunts out. Mother and dad continue kissing and touching lovingly. Fuck yes, I’m cumming in your pussy, Randy says and he pulls mother’s hips in tight against his body and pushes all he as deep inside of her, and drains his massive balls into my mother’s womb.

He grunts, shakes a bit and quivers some as he fills my mother’s pussy full of his hot cum. Mom and Dad are making love as if it was his cock in her, or perhaps no cock, they are passionate in their kisses.

Randy pulls his fat fuck beast out of mother. Holy shit, I almost gasp at the sight. His cock hangs like a baby arm, dripping mother’s juices off the swollen head. White drops and streaks of his thick cum, cling to the entire length of his tool.

I see mother’s pussy, gaped open, white cum and her wetness draining from her slit and splatting onto the mattress between her feet. I see a red hand print on her ass which Randy pats gently as he crawls off the bed.

Mom rolls off to the side, and thanks Randy for visiting again. Dad is getting out of bed and Asshole is picking his cloths up off the floor. Shit I need to move, I need to get downstairs quickly so as not be discovered.

I swiftly move with careful light steps. Luckily there are not squeaky boards or steps to rat me out. I move like a ninja and slip quietly into my room. I quickly change back into my street cloths and wonder if I should dart back out into my car.

I turn off my bedroom light and gently open my bedroom door a tiny crack and peer out into the living area. I hear people coming down the stairs. Then I see Dad with Randy behind and they are headed to the front door. Dad is wearing his robe.

Thanks again Larry, man I had a great time tonight, better than last time if that is possible, Asshole motherfucker says to father. Thanks for coming, Anna and I had a great time, we will call you when she is in the mood for play again, Dad says. Okay, thanks, later man, Randy says. Later, I need to get up there and continue with Anna, Dad says, then closes the door. I see a plan. I swiftly grab my stuff and leave out the back and wait for Asshole’s car to start, and when I hear the starter, I also start my car. Maybe the sound of my car won’t be heard upstairs by my parents.

I watch Randy’s car lights pan across the lawn, so I begin to back my car slowly down the drive, and as his car drives down the block, I move into my regular parking spot. If I’m spotted now, it’s like I just pulled in.

I sat in my car for a long period. The wild sexual barbarity I witnessed played out in my mind. I notice the downstairs lights are off. I’d leave but it’s well past midnight and I need to rest, I can’t drive another five hours in this rain.

I get out of my car slamming the door hard, to possibly announce my arrival then head to the front door. I make a lot of noise going in and set my bag on the floor. They must be quickly getting dressed. So I wait, seconds, minute or so, nothing. Nothing.

I slip my wet shoes off and wait a few more seconds. Nothing. Perhaps they went to sleep. I feel compelled to sneak back up the steps. I hesitate but the curiosity gets the better of my logic. So I crept back up the steps. I see the lighting has not changed. I hear the blues still playing, Joe Bonamassa playing, Django Just Got Paid, I know this song, my boyfriend was going down on me one night and I recall how well the music paired to cunnilingus.

I was damp from the rain, bag at the front door, bases covered if I were to be discovered. I peek beyond the door gap. No, Daddy, don’t eat moms pussy now. God she’s pumped full of Randy’s cum, remember.

Mom’s hands are grasping Dad’s head and she’s pulling him hard into her well fucked cream pie pussy. Her hips grind at Daddy’s face and he has both her ass cheeks in his hands.

Oh Larry, that feels so good, your going make my used pussy cum so hard, baby,, god yes, suck my clit baby. No wonder they didn’t hear me, mother is almost shouting her lustful desires and feelings to the neighborhood. Did you feel his cock cum deep inside you, baby, my father ask mom, then continues to eat her box lunch. Yes, baby, his cock got so hard, it pulsed so hard inside my pussy,,, god lick me baby, lick my pussy, mother was in a near panic. Yes, I felt his his hot cum pumping into my pussy, it felt so good.

God, I need therapy. Don’t stop, don’t fucking stop, I’m cumming baby, cumming.. then she screams out like a banshee and gasp like she’d been underwater five minutes. Gasp after gasp and sighs, followed by some mild laughter. God baby, no one eats pussy better than you, mother says.

I knew he could, I thought. Daddy could please any woman, any. Father raises up and pushes mom’s legs back by her heels until her knees are by her head. His wonderful hard cock peeks into her slimy, used, cum filled pussy. Do it, own my pussy again, fuck that man’s cum out of me, my mother says to Daddy.

I’m mesmerized, can it get any freakier, these people make up my genes and chromosomes. For Christ sake I rubbed myself to orgasm watching them do things only seen in booths of adult book stores.

Dad slams his gorgeous, hard cock fully into mother’s used cunt, and begins to fuck her hard. You been naughty, I can tell you fucked another man, my dad chastised my mother.

I’m a good girl, I didn’t want his nasty cock deep inside my pussy, fucking me hard, with his long fat cock, my mother defended her purity. Dad fucks her harder. Did you cum on his cock, Daddy asked, still slamming his handsome meat into mom’s nastiness.

He made me cum on his ugly hard cock, he forced my body to cum on his massive dick so much, Mom confessed. Dad fucks her even harder. Sorry baby, I have to fuck you hard now, fuck that cum out of your pussy. I need to own that pussy again, Dad says sternly to her.

Mom’s hips pump up and down to meet Daddy’s thrusting into her. I’m gripping my pussy over my jeans. I can feel my inherited vulgar tendencies pushing logic aside and letting lust fill in the gaps.

Oh yes, yes, yes, fuck me baby, own my pussy. Cum in me baby, my Mom calls out like she is back in their sex bitch roll play again. Fuck yes, your used pussy feels so good, I’m about to cum, about to own that pussy, Daddy tells her.

He power fucks her a few more strokes then pushes deep and hard into her cream filled used pussy and stays motionless. God yes, cum in me, I feel your cum pumping into me. Dad takes a few more slams into her. Don’t pull out, don’t move, I’m cumming again, baby, oh, oh, oh fuuuuck, she whines and cums again on Daddy’s spent cock.

The lay still a few seconds and Dad rolls to the side. His cock is beautiful, half hard, solid looking and has drops of Daddy’s cum clinging to his shaft, and oh my yes, another drop leaks from the tip of his cock. Fresh hot white cum drop. I’d not wasted it it were me in there.

I leave the door gap and slip back downstairs. I ease towards the door and see Dad’s computer on his desk is illuminated. I ease into the room and see the screen is on a site, a sex site. SLS. I see Randy is a profile showing. I click a few clicks on the pages.

Damn, mother and dad are members, Randy has a cert from them, weeks old, and click on my parents profile. No pics but available,, 9 certs, I look. All single men. God my mommy is a slut. I will remember the website. I put the computer to sleep then go the front door and ring the door bell and rattle the door knob and make plenty of noise.

I hear them moving around upstairs, and presto, they make an appearance coming down the stairs. Well, what a wonderful surprise,, Larry it’s Cindy, our baby is home. They swam me with hugs and kisses and daddy takes my luggage to my room. I follow daddy to my room and take my Little Mermaid PJs off the hook. I tell Day there is another bag in the trunk, and I will go upstairs and get out of these damp cloths and put on dry pajamas.

Daddy heads outside to get my bag and mother says, I know, let’s have some homemade pie. I say wonderful, I could use some pie and coffee, right after I run upstairs to the bath on put on my dry PJ's.

I trot up the steps and pause at the top of the landing. I look at their open bedroom door and am driven to walk in. I see the crumpled up sheets in the middle of the bed. I move the pile and see a huge wet spot, where mother was fucked. I see thick slime, cum. I spot a dollop of cum about a foot further up the bed, daddy’s cum

I swipe my finger through the white glob and look at it as I speed off into the bathroom and close the door. I feel quite odd, excited, weird. I sniff the small white glob on my finger. It’s Daddy’s. I touch my tongue to it, taste it off my lips. My pussy cries out for some. I drop my pants and look down at my pussy as I watch my finger rub the white jizz across my clit then plunge it deep inside my soaking wet pussy.

I came. I stood in the upstairs bathroom, fathers cum deep in my pussy and I fucking cum twice rapidly just standing there. I shiver back to my senses and quickly get into my Little Mermaids. Daddy loves these pajamas.

I get down stairs and ask mother what kind of pie it was. It’s homemade, cream pie, your fathers favorite, she says. I bet it is his favorite, I think to my self.

Father comes into the kitchen, he bear hugs me from behind. I miss my little princess, Daddy says. His firm hug warms me, despite he smells of cum and pussy, I feel safe, and at home.

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