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My Other Man 7 - The continuing Story

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Time seemed to stand still as I waited for Monday to arrive and Mike's departure on a three week business trip. He was all excited about leaving and proving his skills as a salesman and a mid level manager. His flight was early so he took a taxi which I believed he was being thoughtful, however, later I learned this was not the case, he had a different reason for taking a taxi.

Work was going quickly and smoothly as I was going through the personnel files for those employees coming from CSW. I found Mike's folder and went over the various forms. Everything seemed to be in order and Tom authorized the promotion and signed off on his business trip. I had to see who he had listed as his insurance beneficiary on the new form and it wasn't me. It was Mary Pearl, who ever she may be.

My mind was drifting off to this afternoon when I would be home with Tom. I'd be sharing his bed, loving him, and pleasing him. My fantasy was shattered by a knock on my office door. Tom was standing there looking at me. ?Sorry to interrupt.?

?I was just thinking about us,? I said and this brought a smile to his lips.

?Have you ever been to Reno?? He asked.

?No,? I replied. ?Been to Vegas a couple of times.?

?I was thinking we could fly to Reno Friday,? he said. ?There is a big event going on called Hot August Nights.?

?Never heard of it,? I said.

?You'll love it. It is an event celebrating the 1950's and 60's, the music, cars, and period dress. I can get you a poodle skirt.?

I chuckled. ?That sounds like so much fun. I remember my mother telling me about poodle skirts and saddle shoes.?

?That's settled, we'll go to Reno. I'll call my hanger and have my plane fueled and prepped. We'll stay at the Peppermill Hotel and Casino.?

?I'm looking forward to it,? I said.

?Good. Any ways, I have to see a client and smooth some feathers. Every one else is gone so you'll be in charge for an hour or two.?

?I can handle it,? I said.

About half an hour after Tom left, the receptionist buzzed my phone.

?There's a phone call from the Best Western in Portland, Oregon. They wish to speak to an officer and you are the only one here.?

I pushed the flashing button. ?This is Elizabeth, Human Relations Director, how may I help you??

?Good afternoon,? the male voice said. ?I have a couple here wanting to use a business credit card of Rahde Industries.?

?What's the name on the card?? I asked.

?Michael Drake,? the man said.

?And the other person??

?Mary Pearl,? he said. For some reason I wasn't shocked or surprised. ?Let me place you on hold while I check.?

I pushed the button. ?Yes, he has been authorized to use the card.?

?They also made reservations for our properties in Seattle, Spokane, and Boise,? the man said.

?That will be fine. Those cities are his itenary filed before he left,? I lied.

?Thank you for your help, we do that with all new business cards. Security you know.? The man said and hung up.

So Mike has a honey, I bet she's young and pretty. That's ok, I told myself, I have my own love machine. Maybe he'll bring her to the New Years party that Tom throws. Won't that be interesting.

I drove home to Tom's estate and parked in my usual space. I don't know why I was hiding there now but it was a good, safe place. I entered through the side door and found Anna busy preparing diner.

?It's good to have you home,? she said then after a moment added, ?Mr. Rahde is down stairs entertaining guests. He's expecting you down there.?

?Thanks, it's good to be home,? I said. ?I think I'll change before I go down.?

I quickly went down the hall to the master bedroom suite. I slipped into a pair of jeans, one of Tom's older shirts and a pair of red heels. I hung up my work clothes and touched up my make up. Then I went down to the entertainment area.

?Elizabeth, honey, you're home,? he said and came over and gave me a warm kiss.

?I came straight home, I just wanted to change first.? I said.

?May I fix you a cocktail?? he asked.

?Sure, I could use something.?

Tom was an accomplished bartender as he poured a little of this and a little of that into a blender with some ice. He turned it on for a few seconds then strained it into a champagne glass.

?This is a Pink Lady,? he said and handed it to me. I took a sip and it was delicious.

?OK people, if you'll all come over here?? Tom said and six couples stood around the pool table. ?Everybody, this is Elizabeth Drake. This angel is my Human Relations Director....and my girlfriend. She loves football, and a shark on the pool table.?

Everybody applauded and Tom wrapped his arm around my waste. I knew I was blushing as my cheeks were warm.

?Let me the first to beat you on the table,? a middle aged man said then added, ?Call me Bill.?

Bill racked the balls and let me have the break. I found my usual spot and aimed for the 9 ball. There was a loud crack and the balls went all over the table. Then one solid colored ball dropped into a pocket, then another solid color ball dropped into a side pocket. Before poor Bill knew what had hit him, I was able to run the table and sank the 8 ball in the corner pocket.

?Good game,? I said and laughter came from the other men who were watching us.

?I didn't even get one shot,? Bill complained.

Tom came over and kissed my cheek. ?I warned you she's a shark.?

?Another game?? Bill asked.

I smiled. ?Of course.? I then racked the balls and I gave Bill the honors of breaking.

Bill was pretty good as he nearly returned the favor of running the table. But he missed his last ball which gave me an opening. I did run all of my balls but missed the 8 ball. It was a difficult shot. But in the end, I did win again.

?You are good,? Bill said then continued that he used to play tournament pool and that surprised me.

I smiled. ?I just got lucky.?

Anna entered the game area and announced that dinner would be served.

For this dinner, Tom had hired two butlers to serve the meal. My place setting was next to Tom's.

I was amazed with diner, it was started with a shrimp cocktail, followed by minestrone soup, the entre was Cornish game hens ala orange, wild rice, and asparagus. Desert was apple pie Anna had made from the apples we bought on our camping trip. Of course, we had a white wine. This too we had purchased a case on our camping trip.

Chat about the diner table was very friendly and it was obvious I was being accepted by Tom's friends and business associates. Both the men and women wanted to know all about me and how did I ever steal Tom's heart. They wanted to know just how serious we were and if nuptials were in our future. Tom told everybody that we were going slow and taking it one step at a time. Going slow I thought, that was an understatement. We were having a whirl wind romance, it was like being on a honeymoon.

By an hour after diner, the last of his friends had left, we were alone at last. I asked if we needed to do anything down stairs and Tom explained that's why he hired two butlers for the meal. They would do it and he had hired a young man for the kitchen to help Anna with the dishes.

We went down stairs for an after diner aperitif. I had an apricot brandy with heavy cream and he had kolula and cream.

?That was funny,? Tom Said. ?Bill always wins and you just cleaned his clock.?

?I just got lucky,? I said. ?The balls just lined up for me.?

?They really like you. I hope you like them,? Tom said. ?They are my dearest friends and we'll be spending lots of time with them.?

?I do like them,? I said. I hesitated a moment and added, ?I need to tell you something.?

?Speak to me,? he said in his business voice.

?This afternoon I got a call from the Portland Best Western. They were verifying Mike using the company credit card.....and he wasn't alone. I told them it was ok.?

?Who was with him??

?A woman, Mary Pearl. Apparently she's going to be with him the entire trip,? I said.

?Really, that's a huge break for us and you had no idea??

?I got a hint last week when I went through his personnel file and on his life insurance form he listed Mary as his beneficiary.?

?You did the did the right thing. If you had denied his use he'd be on the next flight back.?

?I was thinking that very same thing,? I said and took a sip of my drink. ?This is really good.?

He came around me, bent over and kissed my neck sending a chill down my spine. I closed my eyes and tilted my head to the left making my neck open and available for his lips. He kissed my neck so many times I had lost count. He slid his hands down my chest until they found my boobs and cupped them. It felt so very good as he squeezed them and lightly pinched my nipples. I leaned my head back against his chest as the spark within me was becoming a flame and soon would be a wild fire.

?We're going to do it here?? I asked in a whisper and through gasps of air.

Tom took me by the hand and lead me to our suite. He closed the bedroom behind us and took me into his arms. Our lips met in a passionate kiss and my tongue darted into his mouth. He slid his hands down my back to my butt and pulled me into him. When I felt his swelling bulge I lifted up my leg and wrapped it around his.

He lead me to the bed where he sat down, undid my jeans in one one motion, pulled down my panties and jeans at one time. I stepped out of them and as I stood there in front of him, he ran his hands up and down my curvy figure. He stopped at my hips and slid one of his hands between my thighs and cupped my pussy. I closed my eyes as he rubbed and stroked my mound. Oh, it felt so good and I was so wet.

I spread my thighs a little more for his hand and his fingers found my hot, wet cunt. I took in a deep breath as his fingers entered me and he knew exactly where my clit was located. He began to stroke it and rub it between his two fingers. My breathing became quicker as I was now fully turned on. He started making little circles on and around my clit. I couldn't help myself as I involuntarily humped his hand. I cried out, Oh god!

His fingers were going faster. ?Tom, I'm going to explode if you don't stop.? He didn't stop, his fingers kept going. ?Tom. I'm not kidding, ooohhhh, I'm going to cum, soon!? He didn't stop, with his other hand he squeezed and kneaded my butt. ?ooohhhh, Tom, my looovvve!? I couldn't hold it back any more, I felt suddenly relaxed as my love cum exploded in a huge orgasm.

?Don't fight it honey, let it happen, enjoy it,? Tom whispered as he continued to finger fuck me. I did and I pulled his head to me and crushed my breasts. He began to kiss my nipples as I was still having a number of chain orgasms.

He stood and quickly undressed. Tom laid down and his rock hard cock was standing straight up as if it were calling me. Neither one of us said a word as I mounted him, positioned myself over his sticky cock. I eased myself down onto his large, stiff penis. It felt so good in me, it had been an entire week since we did each other. I sat up and I felt his entirety fill me up. I knew this wouldn't take very long as we both were fully alive with the fires of passion. I hadn't humped for more than a minute when I felt his hot cum shoot deep into me with an unmistakeably force that comes with a man's complete climax. Tom called out my name as he gushed his cream into me again and again and again. As he was having his climax, I milked his cock with my pussy muscles trying to pull the last drop of his whitish cream from him. This action brought me to another wonderful orgasm. Then I laid on top of Tom with his penis deep in me, enjoying the wonderful feeling I was receiving and what I was giving to him.

Finally, I slid off of him and cuddle up next to him. Tom slowly brought down from this wonderful high. We fell asleep in each others arms.

To be continued ? Elizabeth D.

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