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I Come Home (romantic)

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I open the front door with a surprise that I bought on the way home. Chocolate covered strawberries for a romantic evening with you! I can hear music playing softly but can?t find you. I call your name as I walk past the kitchen. Empty? Hmmmmmmm. I walk through the living room and once again announce that I am home. Still no answer! I turn to go up the stairs, and realize the music is getting louder, still soft easy listening kind of music but definitely louder.

I turn at the top of the stairs, heading towards our bedroom and notice your shoes in the hallway. Not set there in some kind of order but haphazardly thrown off, first one then the other. A little further down the hall is your shirt. A smile comes to my face, not fully knowing what to expect, but hoping it is something good.

I open the bedroom door and see your skirt on the floor, followed by your bra and then your panties right by the bathroom door. A sweet smell hits me. Not sweet like perfume, but pleasantly sweet, lighter, lavender I think. Mmmmmmmmmmm.

I open the bathroom door and there you are. Sitting in the bath, bubbles, candles and you are pouring champagne. You look at me and smile. The devious smile you make. The one you know makes me melt. The one that means you have trouble on your mind and I am going to enjoy the hell out of it.

I kick off my shoes and undo my tie as you lean over the edge. ?Let me help you with that? you say as you stand up, bubbles covering the best part of you. ?You?d better hurry?, are the only words that come out of my mouth. You rip my tie off and go after the buttons on my shirt. You undo the top 2 buttons and I say, ?fuck this? and pull my shirt over my head as you frantically undo my pants. We are both laughing as my pants drop down to the floor. My underwear never stood a chance.

I step into the tub with you, god you look amazing, as we embrace. ?You look incredible?, I say as our arms wrap around each other. As we kiss, our bodies press together, you feel so warm and soft, and I laugh when the bubbles on you squish upward and outward. ?You?ve had a long day?, you say as you sit me down on the side of the tub. I slide my hands back for support as you take me in your hands. Sliding your soapy, soft hands under my balls, then slowly, oh god so slowly, up and down my shaft, along the head, and back down again. You splash water on me to get rid of some of the soap. You stare at me, with those loving eyes, and lower your head onto me. It feels so good I instantly tense up, then totally relax, giving myself to you completely. ?You have NO idea how good that feels and how much I need this right now babe?, I say. You give me that cute little ?mmmm? sound I love to hear as you devour me. ?payback is gonna be a bitch you know?, I say smiling and I can hear you giggle without missing a beat. ?There will be time for later?, you say. ?Right now I just want you inside me?.

You slide me into the tub. Perfect temperature, perfect setting, perfect you!!!!!. You spread my legs straight out and proceed to climb on top of me. In the warm water, I glide right in to you, slowly at first, then you settle down all the way on top of me. It feels so good, I don?t even want to pump. I just want to lay there and enjoy every second of it. You put your hands in my hair and we kiss. Mouths slightly open, just enjoying the love and the contact of lips meeting. My hands find your ass cheeks as you start to grind me. Back and forth, back and forth. You lean back, arching. ?God, I love you? comes out as more of a moan than actually words. You lean forward and I take your tit in my mouth. Even soapy, your nipples are delicious, and I can?t get them enough of sucking, licking and biting on them. My finger finds your anus and that only makes you grind me harder. I can?t tell how long it took, minutes or hours because time became irrelevant inside you. All I remember is cumming, god was I cumming, and so were you. Over and over again, moaning, sweating in even the tub. When it was all over, we kissed again and then you climbed off of me. Turned your back to me and fell against my chest. I handed you a strawberry and a glass of champagne and we laid there for hours.

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