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How We Got Into the Lifestyle

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I am happy to share this story with you all here on SLS…. It took some time for me to convince my wife to let me share this story, but once she read this to herself, she realized how reading this tale was a source of not only fond memories but also erotic stimulation to boot!

My name is Len and my wife is Lynn. We are in our late forties and live your typical "suburban" life. Lynn and I met while she was in college and I worked for a contractor. We dated for a few years and soon after Lynn graduated from college we got married. Our family began soon after and we began to take our roles in our community as part of the "normal" parts of our circles of influence. As our children grew up, Lynn and I became quite involved in all that they did and Lynn and I pretty much lost ourselves in the day-to-day activities of our family..... Now I'm not complaining, but little did Lynn or I realize just how much we were missing.

I honestly have to let you know that if you met me back just two years ago and you told me that Lynn and I would be having sex with others, I'd have told you that you were smoking crack! That's right, as little as two years ago, I thought there was no way that Lynn and I would ever have sex with anyone other than us. We both come from rather conservative upbringings and I wouldn't consider either of us into the "party scene". Lynn isn't much of a drinker, and as a matter of fact, she rarely has a drink at all and when she does, its usually one or two margaritas and she's done. As for me, I am a "light weight" when it comes to my alcohol consumption and usually reserve any drinking to at home where drinking and driving doesn't become an issue. Lynn teaches at a local community college and I work for the state government. With our career choices, being part of the "straight and narrow" part of society is what is generally expected of us.

Now although our lives were relatively "vanilla" Lynn and I did have a fairly decent sex-life, as we make love at typically two times a week. I consider myself a blessed man as Lynn is a very attractive woman. She stands 5ft 6in tall and although the number on the scale is higher than she'd like, her figure is very shapely and sexy as hell. When I met Lynn she had long medium brown hair that went to the middle of her back. However, over time, her hair got shorter and now she rocks a really sexy "pixie" hairdo that only emphasizes her beautiful face.

My wife complains that she's heavier than she'd like but as I just wrote, the numbers on a scale are misleading as to how her figure stacks up. Lynn has these really nice full 34C tits. Her breasts aren't as perky as they once were but they still have a nice "bounce" to them and I constantly pointed out to her that if she put a pencil under her boobs that the pencil would fall to the floor...… in other works, they still held themselves up fairly decently for a woman in her late forties. Thankfully, one of the remnants to or younger days when we'd have to rent a porn video from a store, Lynn realized how much I found a well groomed pussy to my liking, as a result, Lynn was always rocking either the tiniest strips of pubes or she was completely bald down below. Either way I thought myself a lucky man for being the guy lucky enough to be the one fucking Lynn!

So, it was the Fall of 2017 when our youngest child was a senior in high school. Our two older children were off in college and Lynn and I were looking at the reality that in less than a year, she and I would be "empty nesters". Lynn and I began to see the benefits of having a relatively big house to our own. On the weekends that our youngest was at a friend's house, Lynn and I would end up having a whole bunch of sex all over the house. Lynn would often spend much of the time when we were alone wearing only her underwear or nothing at all. Needless to say, the prospect of she and I having most of our time with just her and I was looking really great!

The school year had been going on for about two months when one of my wife's co-workers had an emergency that caused her to vacate her teaching spot. Lynn had to pick up the slack as the college desperately looked for a replacement. Then about half way through the semester, they brought in a temporary hire to fill the vacant spot till a permanent instructor could be hired. Lynn came home from work that day and told me about the new hire, her name is Judy and she is a wife a of a guy in the military. The funny thing about Judy is that not only did our circles with her connect because of her and Lynn both at the local college but as it turned out, Judy's son ended up going to the same school as our youngest son too. So with our worlds having these two connections, Lynn and Judy very quickly became good friends.

Judy was picked up in the middle of the Fall of 2017 and that December, when the division that Lynn works for had it's annual holiday party, that was when I finally met Judy and her husband. Judy is a tall slender woman with a very attractive look about her. It took me a moment to connect the dots but as soon as I realized why so looked so familiar it hit me like a ton of bricks. Judy is a dead ringer for one of the sexiest actresses I've ever seen, Jennifer Love Hewitt. Judy is a taller version of Jennifer at nearly 6ft tall and with her heels she's even taller still. Lynn introduced me to Judy and her husband Mark. They are a good looking couple, with Mark looking like your stereotypical guy in the military, tall, fit and ruggedly handsome. I noticed that not only did he catch the attention of Lynn but a number of the other ladies that were there too. To make matters worse, Mark has this charismatic personality that he had most folks there eating out of the palm of his hand. Judy on the other hand was quite the opposite of Mark, as attractive as she is, she is rather reserved.

When the party finished, Mark and Judy asked if Lynn and I wanted to join them for dinner. Having a great time getting to know Mark and Judy outside of the school scene as Lynn called it, we accepted their offer and we headed to a restaurant that Mark had suggested. At dinner we got to know them more and Lynn and I realized that Mark and Judy were a couple that were in many ways just like us. When the night finished we said our good-nights and Lynn and I headed home. Over the next couple of months Judy and Mark became close friends with Lynn and I.

The school year ended and our youngest graduated and was soon off to college. Lynn and I found ourselves empty nesters and we found ourselves with more time on our hands than what we were used to. As that first summer as empty nesters unfolded, Lynn and I were invited to join Mark and Judy at their home for a Fourth of July celebration at their home. The party had about thirty people total with many of them members of the military who were serving with Mark. The party wasn't anything that is warranted for sharing on this site but I must say, the way Judy looked was definitely amazing. Judy wore a white cotton sun-dress that fit her upper body perfectly highlighting her ample breasts. Her toned and fit mid-section was clearly on display as the dress hugged her abdominal area to a "tee" and it held that fit all the way to her shapely hips.

From about where her hips were the dress free-flowed to just above her knees. As Judy moved about the flow of her dress simply magnified her beauty and even suggested a hint of sexiness too. There was one point late in the afternoon that I was sitting at a table when I noticed Judy standing as she talked to this couple. The way the setting sun was I could see right through the material of the bottom part of Judy's dress... OMG, I could see the silhouette of her thighs and because of how she was standing, I got a glimmer of some great "thigh gap".... WOW, Judy is a sexy and hot woman for sure.

We had a great evening and got to meet a number of Mark and Judy's friends. When the evening wrapped up Lynn and I stayed around helping our hosts clean up. I worked with Mark and Lynn was in the house with Judy. As I worked with Mark, he complimented me on how he found Lynn attractive. Now, I honestly thought nothing of it and passed it off as him being polite. I replied that I likewise thought that Judy was a beautiful woman and Mark simply nodded his head and murmured a "Uh, huh." When Mark and I were finished, we headed into the house to see what else the ladies needed help with. When I got into the kitchen, Lynn was nowhere to be found so Mark and I joined Judy in the kitchen as we got the last of the trash taken out. Mark grabbed the trash leaving me with Judy and no sooner did he leave when Judy began to compliment me on my looks and even started to playfully flirt with me. Seeing no harm in it, I played along with Judy and returned some playful flirting too.

Apparently, Lynn was in the restroom and found Judy and I playfully flirting with each other. Lynn joined in on the fun and started to flirt and tease with me too. There I was in the kitchen with two pretty ladies flirting and teasing me but I was loving it. I knew that when Lynn and I got home that night we'd be fucking till we passed out asleep... after all, our son was at a friend's house leaving Lynn and I to make all the noise we wanted. The three of us were in the kitchen having some laughs when Mark came in from the garage. Mark being Mark the playfulness and flirtations between us all went to another level. The four of us headed to their deck overlooking the lake they lived on and we had a final drink before Lynn and I headed home. For the last two hours that Lynn and I were with Mark and Judy, thanks to the playful flirting that went on between us, the sexual tension between Lynn and I was so high that we didn't even make it home before we got started.

On the way home, Lynn pulled my cock out and stroked and sucked me off till I came. I returned the favor by reaching up Lynn's skirt finding her pussy dripping wet and then fingered her till she came too. When we got home, we barely made it into the house before our clothes was off and we were going at it. Lynn and I ended up fucking till about two in the morning when we were completely exhausted collapsed and fell asleep. Over the next couple of weeks, Lynn's desire and drive for sex was at a new high. We went from twice a week to four or five times a week and some of those nights we were going at it two to three times. I had no idea what was the reason for Lynn's increased drive but honestly, I didn't care.... I was getting all the sex I could want and even more! There was one thing that I had noticed with the increase of Lynn's desire though, there were times that as we were having sex, that it seemed like she was imagining that she was with someone else...… At first it was a slight concern for me but with the almost unlimited amount of sex that Lynn and I were having, I really didn't care at all.

It was late summer and Lynn and I decided to host an end of summer party at our home. Mark and Judy were of course part of the guests that we invited. When they showed up, Mark and Judy were looking amazing. Mark was in a fitted polo shirt showing off his muscular physique and a pair of Bermuda shorts that went to just above his knees. Although the shorts he wore weren't snug, it definitely showed off Mark's round and muscular backside. When Mark and Judy arrived, I noticed that Lynn was surely scoping out Mark's backside as well as him overall.... I got to admit, I'm a straight guy but even I found Mark to be a nice piece of eye candy. Well, not only was Mark looking good but so was Judy. Judy was rocking a pair of white shorts that looked like it was painted on her. It hugged her from low on her hips to a few inches below her crotch. Along with her white shorts, Judy wore a pastel pink polo shirt that fitted her well highlighting her shapely tits. Judy surely caught my eye and Mark had Lynn's attention too.

As the gathering went on I had at one point noticed that Lynn was staring at Mark gazing at him with lust and desire in her eyes. As I watched her, I saw that her eyes were roaming up and down on Mark and if I didn't know any better, It actually looked like Lynn was stripping him naked with her eyes. At one point, I watched Lynn as she stood there staring at Mark when she bit her lower lip.... I know that look in Lynn and that is a look of pure desire and want. Now I must be completely truthful with you all that Lynn wasn't alone in her checking out Mark. I caught myself on a number of occasions fully scoping out Judy as she looked amazing in her white shorts and fitted pink polo shirt. There was even one point late in the afternoon that I realized that Judy had unbuttoned two of the buttons on her blouse and now that afforded anyone talking to her a glimpse at a fair amount of cleavage and a nice view down her blouse. I guess Lynn and I were both very guilty of scoping out Mark and Judy respectively…. and the way I saw it, there was nothing wrong with that!

We had just finished dinner and I realized that Lynn was nowhere to be found. She wasn't in the backyard where our guests were and she wasn't in the kitchen either. Wanting to make sure she was ok, I went through the house looking for my wife. She wasn't anywhere in the downstairs area so I headed upstairs to where the three larger bedrooms were along with two more bathrooms. She wasn't in any of the bedrooms so I headed down the hallway to our master bedroom. The door which is normally closed was slightly opened so I slowly opened the door peering into our bedroom. Our bedroom was empty but I noticed that the light to our bathroom was on. I entered the room and started to make my way to the bathroom when I heard Lynn moaning and breathing heavy. As I got closer to the bathroom door I heard Lynn softly letting out Mark's name. Realizing that I caught my wife in a compromising position, I proceeded to investigate further but very cautiously. When I got to the door to our bathroom, the sounds from Lynn were clearer and it sounded like she was having sex.... but I saw Mark in the backyard just before I came into the house?!? The door to the bathroom was slightly opened so I peaked in to find out what was going on.

Through the slight opening of the door, I saw Lynn sitting on the toilet seat cover with her shorts and panties around one of her ankles with her legs wide open. Lynn had one hand between her legs and the other hand up her blouse on one of her tits. I could see that she was caressing and pinching her breasts with one hand as the other one was rubbing her pussy. I watched in utter amazement as my wife sat there pleasuring herself as she called out another man's name. At first I wanted to bust in and "catch" her but it only took a second for me to see how erotic it was to see my wife pleasuring herself to the idea of another guy. I continued to watch as Lynn ran her fingers between the folds of her pussy and even sliding two fingers into her hole. She fingered and felt herself up unknowing that I was there watching her. At one point, the action was so hot I began to rub and stroke my cock through the shorts I was wearing. Lynn went at it like that long enough that she eventually brought herself to cum. She bucked and shivered on the toilet seat releasing herself to let the orgasm overwhelm her body. When I realized that she had finally come down from her orgasm, I quietly and quickly left the room doing my best to not get discovered.

I headed back to the kitchen that has a clear view of the staircase to the upstairs. It had been about ten minutes when I saw Lynn making her way down the stairs. I could tell that she took a few minutes the "freshen" herself up but her face was still a bit flushed. I asked her if she was ok and all she could muster was a nod of her head and a simple "Uh huh!" Lynn gave me a smile then she made her way to me giving me a peck on my cheek. We returned to our guests and for the remainder of the night, I watched as my wife continually scoped out Mark. At one point, Lynn was sitting on a bar stool with her legs crossed. She was sitting there talking with Mark and a few other guests but as she talked to them Lynn rocked her leg that was over her lower leg up and down. I knew what she was doing; she was rocking her legs together in such a way that she was pleasuring herself as she was right there in front of Mark. As I watched Lynn my focus was such that I hadn't realized that Judy was making her way to me. I watched Lynn then all of a sudden, I felt a soft hand on my leg catching me off guard. My attention turned to see who it was and much to my pleasant surprise, it was Judy who had sat next to me close enough that if she was any closer she'd have been on my lap.

"It is just me or is Lynn completely infatuated with Mark?", Judy said softly in my ear. She followed that up by saying, "If Lynn is, I think that's totally cool, after all, Mark confessed to me that he finds Lynn totally hot!" Hearing that surely caught me off guard and I really didn't know what to think. Sure, I think my wife is hot but hearing another woman tell me that her husband thinks my wife is hot is something completely different. Not sure if I noticed things differently after that point but to me at least, it seemed like the flirting between Lynn and Mark seemed to substantially more sexual in nature. The funny thing is, even with how I was perceiving things it didn't make me jealous at all, in fact it kind of turned me on! Over the next couple of hours, I noticed that every time Mark touched Lynn, she "melted" at his touch and she even started to giggle like a schoolgirl with some of his flirtations. Then all of a sudden, I remembered that just a little earlier that evening, I caught my wife masturbating to the thought of Mark..... I started to wonder if there was something between the two of them.

After the party, Judy and Mark offered to stay behind to help Lynn and I clean up. We had cleaned up the house and were now putting away the last of the patio furniture and throwing away the last of the trash on the pool deck. Lynn was walking near the edge of the pool when Mark "accidentally" bumped Lynn resulting in her landing in the pool completely dressed! Initially Lynn responded with a scream and a burst at Mark chastising him for her getting completely wet in her shorts and blouse! "Damn you Mark! As much as this cold water feels great, I'm not dressed for this!" Lynn let out as she made her way to the shallow end then to the steps. As she exited the pool, her light blue lacy bra was now visible through the white cotton shirt Lynn wore. And even though the temperature was in the low 90's the cool water caused my wife's nipples to poke through her bra and cotton t-shirt..... it almost looked like she was about to complete in a wet t-shirt contest and not only did I realize that was going on with her but I saw that Mark noticed too.

I threw Lynn a towel as she exited the pool and she began to dry herself off. She got out of the pool and started to walk towards me and had now walked next to Judy who was a couple of steps away from the pool. Lynn paused and then darted at Judy as she playfully let out, "I'm not going to be the only one wet tonight!". Lynn pushed Judy into the pool and the two ladies landed in the deep end of the pool. When they both surfaced, they had a laugh at each other playfully bantering back and forth about how neither wanted to get wet as they weren't wearing the right clothes to go swimming. When the two ladies got to the steps, Judy exited first and where Lynn's bra could be seen through her cotton shirt, it was very evident that Judy wasn't wearing a bra. There was no outline of a bra and her areolas and nipples were somewhat visible through the wet material that clung to her shapely breasts. As if that wasn't a thrill, when she exited the pool to the point that her lower half was out of the water, her white shorts stuck to her hips and ass revealing that she had on no underwear.... Unlike Lynn that was a tad bit "shy" that her bra and her nipples could be seen through her wet clothes Judy seemed completely comfortable with the fact that Mark, Lynn and I could now see that she had on no underwear at all!!!!

Judy stood there next to the side of the pool completely drenched looking absolutely smoking as it was evident that she had on no underwear and it was hotter yet that she had to have known but she really didn't seem to care. Judy had been drip drying next to the pool for a few moments when I told her I'd get her a towel to dry off. Her reply kind of shocked me as she said that the cool water felt really great and she'd actually prefer to jump back in the pool. Lynn chimed in echoing the same sentiment. Judy complained that she didn't have a bikini to which Lynn suggested that the two ladies head to the house where Lynn would let Judy borrow one of hers for the time being. When the ladies headed to the house, Mark and I grabbed a couple fresh beers and waited till the ladies returned. As we waited for the ladies to return, Mark went on to tell me how attractive he found Lynn. It wasn't just your "normal run of the mill" compliment, his compliment seemed to be far beyond the "admiration" compliment, his compliment of Lynn definitely had a serious sexual undertone to it. As if that wasn't strange enough to me, Mark then asked me how I felt about Judy.

I told him that I found her to be an attractive woman and left it at that. There was an awkward pause between Mark and I then he followed that up with more questions about how I felt about Judy. At first it felt just a bit awkward but as Mark's questions got more intimate, it made me quite uncomfortable. Mark had asked me a question that really caught me off guard and in my uncertainty of how to answer, I was looking down at my feet unsure of how to reply. Just then I heard the screen door to the pool deck open. "Holy shit..... Look at our wives Len..... They are fricken HOT!!!!!", Mark exclaimed. I looked up and he was right! Lynn was wearing a two piece bikini that I had seen her in numerous times. It was a light-blue two piece bikini with two medium sized triangles that covered her areolas and nipples but still left a fair amount of her milky-white fleshy breasts still visible. The bottom of that bikini is one of those "Brazilian" style bottoms that although it's not a G-string or thong, the bottom portion of my wife's shapely ass cheeks could be seen. Now the bikini that Judy was wearing was also one that I had seen on Lynn a bunch of times too. But I have to be honest with you all, Judy surely wore it better.

Like Lynn's bikini, the set that Judy wore was also a two-piece Brazilian style bikini. The triangle tops that Judy had on have adjustable bottoms that Lynn usually wore stretched out to make the triangle as wide as possible on the bottom to maximize the coverage. Judy however had scrunched the bottom of the triangle together making the triangle into almost a single strip of material with a width of maybe just over an inch. The top was scrunched together so small that it looked like the edges of Judy's areola could be seen. Then when Judy spun around I saw that Judy had taken what normally is a Brazilian style bottom and turned it into a thong. Judy had pulled the bottom and ran it into the crack of her toned ass exposing all of her ass cheeks. Lynn looks good in that bikini but Judy looked fucking AMAZING in it! The way the ladies looked I surely was getting a "rise" out of how hot both ladies looked.

Lynn and Judy gave their respective husbands a hug and a kiss but where the hug and kiss Lynn and I shared, Mark and Judy took things to a whole 'nother level. It began with Mark's hands landing directly on Judy's sweet ass cheeks. He gave her cheeks a firm squeeze and then when their lips met, they both immediately drove their respective tongues into the other's mouths. They seemed to have no shame in displaying their carnal desire for the other. I felt a bit intimidated by what Mark and Judy were doing but that feeling gave way to me finding it incredibly erotic. As erotic as I found it, the look on Lynn's face indicated that she was totally caught up in watching Mark and Judy. If I didn't know any better, it actually looked like Lynn was jealous of Judy and perhaps wished that it was her instead of Judy. As Lynn and I watched Mark and Judy, I noticed Lynn's hand lowered to her bikini bottom where she hiked the edge of her bottom into the crack of her ass so now she looked like she was rocking a thong bikini. When Judy and Mark finished their little grope and kiss session they broke apart and Judy let out a gasp and waved her hand next to her face "Wow.. that was a better welcome than I expected..... That got me all hot and bothered." Judy expressed to Lynn and I. Lynn and I simple nodded our heads.

"Well, we're here in these bikinis and that pool is calling us to jump in!" Lynn let out and no sooner did she say that did the two ladies dive in. Mark and I were standing there for just a moment when I offered Mark to borrow a pair of board shorts if he wanted to. He pleasantly declined saying that he actually had on a pair of swim trunks under his shorts. I headed into the house to change and just before I entered the house I heard a splash. I looked over my shoulder back at the pool deck and there was a pile of clothes on the deck where Mark was moments earlier and he was now in the pool. I thought nothing of it then made my way to mine and Lynn's room to change. While I was in the room changing, I hear the ladies laughing and playing with Mark. I donned a pair of board shorts and headed back out. When I got back to the pool, Mark was in the shallow end of the pool with both Lynn and Judy only feet away from him. I jumped in and joined the others in the shallow end. For the next few minutes the four of us enjoyed the cooling effects of the water on the warm evening.

We had been in the water for a short time when Mark made his way to the steps as he started to exit the pool. When he reached the first step I could see that the swim trunks Mark had on were of the "Speedo" style. When he got to the point where all but the lower portion of his legs was out of the water it was clear that Mark is well toned. His body is muscular without being too big with a really nice tone and shape to his body. I even have to admit, Mark has a really nicely shaped rear-end. I looked over at Lynn and her eyes were laser focused on Mark as he exited the pool undoubtedly enjoying seeing Mark in just a pair of Speedos. Mark then walked to where the diving board is and when he faced us there in the front of his trunks was a decent sized bulge. The bulge in his swim trunks went almost to his right hip.... damn, Mark is very well endowed! I knew that if I saw it, Lynn surely did. I turned my attention to Lynn and her eyes were locked on Mark.... there was no doubt she was fully checking him out! Mark did some dive form the board into the water and after he disappeared under the water I noticed that Lynn had sunk lower into the water and appeared to be making some adjustment to her bikini top. When Mark surfaced, Judy challenged the rest of us to make a "prettier" dive then Mark. Judy climbed out of the pool taking her turn and landed a rather nice dive. I followed next and Lynn was last. As she exited the pool, I knew that she had already hiked her bottoms into her ass crack but when she turned around at the diving board I realized that she had squished the triangles of her top to a smaller strip then Judy had, Lynn's was so thin that the edges of her areolas could be easily seen. It looked like Lynn was trying to "out sexy" Judy looking as if she was trying to impress Mark. Lynn did one of her famous "jack-knife" dives landing it fairly well resulting in the three of us offering up a round of applause.

Lynn was under the water longer than what I would have assumed she should have been. We were all looking at where she had entered the water seconds ago when all of a sudden a piece of material floated to the top of the water. It took me a moment until I realized what it was; it was Lynn's bikini top. When my wife finally surfaced, she swam up with a decent enough amount of force that her entire top half launched out of the water revealing that she was now topless. At first, I thought she swam up that fast in order to secure her bikini top but when she splashed back down she made no real attempt to go after her bikini top. "Oh my, it looks like I lost my top!", Lynn loudly exclaimed. That brought a slight cheer from Mark and Judy but I was still in shock as to what had just happened. Hearing that Lynn had lost her top, Judy followed suit and quickly untied her top then flung it to the deck of the pool. When Lynn reached the shallow end, she stood up exposing her now bare breasts for everyone to see.

Mark's eyes locked onto Lynn's full 34C's that were completely out of the water and I noticed that Lynn seemed all too eager to show off her tits to Mark. Judy took this play to the next level as she swam to the steps and ended up sitting on one of the upper steps now exposing her tits for us all to see as well. Judy has these really nice tits appearing to be a bit smaller than Lynn's but hers were definitely "perkier" sitting high on her chest. With the two girls now topless things in the pool took a turn for the better real quick. The mood in the pool became sexually charged like you wouldn't believe and for the next ten to fifteen minutes, Lynn and Judy freely swam about Mark and I often brushing their bodies against us.

At one point, Judy had swam by Mark then dunked herself below the surface of the water. She had been under the water for a few seconds when I noticed that Mark's face looked down towards his feet. Even with the rippling surface of the water, I could see that Judy was under the water somewhere near Marks legs. The look on Mark's face quickly went to one of "those smiles"! Part of me started to think, "Is Judy down there giving Mark a blowjob right there in front of Lynn and I?" Judy was under the water for nearly a minute and the entire time she was there, the smile and look on Mark's face surely indicated that she indeed was giving him head under the water. When she finally surfaced she shot up letting out a gasp and desperately taking in a huge gulp of air. As soon as she caught her breath she looked at Mark and he simply told her, "Wow..... that was nice!" She leaned into Mark and gave him a passionate kiss slipping him the tongue. I began to realize that Mark and Judy had no fear in being very open with their sexual desire for each other. If I didn't know any better, I'd say they had a huge exhibitionist side to them. I wasn't complaining at all and apparently Lynn was loving it too.

As they kissed, I again realized that Lynn was enjoying the show our friends were putting on, almost a little too much. Lynn was there completely in awe of Mark and Judy but this time as she watched, Lynn was sitting there biting her lower lip.... that is a sure indicator that she was beyond horny and she was desiring some of that action too...... When Judy and Mark peeled themselves away from the other I saw a piece of material floating to the surface of the water. Thanks to the light in the pool, I could see that the material was the same color as the top she took off earlier that night. When the material reached the surface of the water Mark picked it out holding it in the air, "Oh damn, It looks like Judy's bottoms fell off her!". Mark then flung it to the deck landing almost where the top was. As soon as Judy's bikini bottoms landed on the deck, Lynn was peeling hers off and handed me her bottom. "I guess I don't need these either!", my wife let out. Now the women were completely naked and Mark and I were still in our respective swimming suits. After I threw Lynn's bottoms to the deck, Judy then said that it wasn't fair that she and Lynn were naked but Mark and I were still clothed. Mark immediately removed his trunks flinging them to the deck. Mark, Judy and Lynn all looked at me shouting, "Well Len... what are you waiting for?" I removed my shorts and Lynn took them from me flinging them as far as she could leaving us all naked.

Realizing that both Lynn and Judy were naked I started to feel a growing swell in my loins. I didn't fear too much because we all stayed in the water and my swelling cock was hidden from Mark and Judy. We all swam around for a few moments when Judy decided to challenge us all to see who could make the biggest splash. The other three all agreed and soon Judy was climbing out of the pool heading for the diving board. I watched in complete amazement as she bounced on the board. I was in awe of her sexy body as she bounced. With each bounce her smaller but perky tits bounced ever so lustfully. I also got my first view of her perfectly groomed pussy. In mid bounce, she spun around showing off her incredible ass. I watched as she bounced on the board and marveled how there wasn't much in the way of "extra" bounce on her. Finally she made one last leap into the pool making her splash. Next up on the board was Lynn and it was almost as if she took her ques from Judy. Lynn bounced a few times and as she bounced, her tits bounce so seductively. As she did, I heard Mark say to Judy, "Damn she's got an amazing set of tits.... look at those beauties bounce!" Then when Lynn spun in mid air like Judy, we all watched as Lynn's toned ass bounced with her! "Fuck honey, look at that amazing ass!", I heard Mark tell Judy. My wife finally took her last bounce before making her splash into the pool.

Mark looked at me and we really weren't sure who would go next. I was apprehensive because I was nearly completely hard after watching Judy then Lynn bounce on the diving board. At Judy's suggestion, Mark and I "rock-paper-scissored" to determine who would go next. Mark lost so he headed to the deep end of the pool next to the diving board. Unlike earlier, he opted to climb out of the pool without using the steps. As Mark climbed out of the pool, I noticed that both Lynn and Judy were fixed on Mark as his muscles tensed as he lifted himself out of the water. With his back still to us, Mark walked around to the back of the diving board. When he finally turned to face us it was the first time that we saw how "big" Mark is...... Holy shit!!! Mark was easily 10 inches and wide! His cock not only caught my attention but it surely caught Lynn's. He mounted the board and began to bounce. Much like how I was in awe watching Lynn and Judy bounce on board, Lynn was transfixed on watching Mark as his large cock flapped up and down with each bounce. He bounced a bunch of times before finally getting as high as he could then making a cannon-ball entry to the water. Lynn and Judy cheered as his splash stirred the water in the pool. Their cheers got even louder when Mark surfaced. I wasn't sure why Lynn's cheers increased when Mark surfaced, I didn't know if she was cheering the splash he made or if she was cheering the size of his cock.

Thankfully with Mark going before me, my cock had a moment or two to resort to a "semi-hard on" versus the full blown hard on that it was a moment earlier. I opted to exit by using the steps and when I did I noticed that Judy was right there next to the steps. As I exited, my eyes locked on with hers and then when I got sufficiently high enough out of the water, her eyes went directly to my cock! "Wow, Lynn.... Len's got a nice sized cock!!!", Judy let out. Unsure of what to do, I made my way to the diving board and began to bounce. Although I'm not as big as Mark, I am fairly decently sized at just over 8 inches. What I may lack in size is made up for with a really fat cock with a really nice girth! I mounted the diving board and just before I took my first bounce, Judy called out to me, "Don't be in a rush to make your splash... We want to watch you dick bounce the way you guys watched us bounce!" I played along and bounced up and down way more times than I'd normally do much to the delight of Lynn and Judy. I made my last bounce then made the biggest splash that I could. I reached the bottom of the pool then swam towards the shallow end to meet up with everyone else. When I surfaced, I was surprised to see what I saw.

As soon as I cleared to chlorine water from my eyes, I saw that Mark was behind Lynn looking like her back was against his. Seeing Mark that close to my wife naked caught me off guard initially but when I saw that Lynn was completely comfortable with Mark that close to her naked body I decided to let the two of them go. I wiped my face of water and as soon as I had done that I felt someone behind me, it was Judy. Judy swam up from behind me and when she surfaced, she ran her naked body against my back as she surfaced. The feel of her perky tits against my back got my cock to stir again as this was the first time I had felt a naked woman's body against mine other that Lynn for the past twenty plus years. Things between Mark and Lynn as well as Judy and I got a bit frisky over the next several minutes when Lynn suggested that the four of us hit the Jacuzzi and have a few more drinks. Mark was the first out of the pool and when he climbed out, I realized that he was now also in a "semi-hard" state. His big dick was even bigger now, and it was very clear that Lynn noticed it too.

One by one, we all exited the pool and made our way to the Jacuzzi on the other side of the pool. Mark and I went to grab drinks and the ladies plopped themselves into the hot bubbling water. When Mark and I got to the Jacuzzi, we sat by our wives on opposite sides of the small pool. We finished our first round of drinks and Mark offered to get the next round. When he climbed out of the Jacuzzi, I watched as Lynn's eyes were focused on the large piece of meat between Mark's legs. While Mark was away, Judy moved from the side she and Mark were at to somewhere between where she and Mark were to about the middle of where Lynn and I was. When Mark made his way back to the Jacuzzi, he didn't sit right next to Judy, instead where he sat was about mid-way between where he was and where Lynn was.... definitely a lot closer to her than before. As he reached over to Lynn to giver her her drink, his cock was right at the surface of the water and Lynn was again fully staring at it. Mark gave my wife her drink then took a seat back in the water. Our conversation was great but it had a heavy undertone of sexual innuendos and sexual connotations to it. We were all having a blast when all of a sudden Lynn had a definite "mic drop" moment..... "Judy, what's it like to fucked by a dick that big?" Lynn's question surely caught me off guard and shocked me..... but it definitely didn't affect Judy and Mark at all. As a matter of fact, it put them on a mission.

With me still in a state of utter disbelief, Judy's reply was even more shocking, "Would you want to get fucked by Mark? I've noticed that all night you've been eyeing him up!" My head was spinning with the conversation that was unfolding in front of me and I had no idea where it came from or where it was going. "Mark and I are swingers..... we have and do have sex with others! And to tell you the truth, ever since Mark met you at that first holiday party at school, he confessed that he's fantasized about having sex with you. I've even had him imagine he's fucking you as he's fucked me! Believe you me Lynn.... when he's thinking about fucking you, he's fucked me good! You won't be disappointed if you have sex with Mark.", Judy went on to say. As soon as Judy finished Lynn looked at me and the look on her face said it all.... I knew she wanted to feel Mark's cock in her. I scooted over next to Lynn and put my arm over her shoulder getting as close to her as I could. "Honey, I know you want to have sex with Mark! I saw you earlier tonight fingering yourself in our bathroom as you called out Mark's name!" As I told her that, I reached for the folds of her pussy slipping a finger between her fleshy folds. Even with the water surrounding us, I could feel the juices seeping from Lynn's pussy.

"Oh and as for you Len, don't worry, I've wanted to fuck you since the first time I met you too..... So the way I see it, Lynn seems to want to fuck Mark. I know he wants to fuck her! I want to fuck you! The only question is, do you want to fuck me?", Judy let out. As she finished her comment, she climbed herself out of the Jacuzzi posting herself on the edge then spreading her legs open for me to get an unobstructed view of her pussy. Where I had gotten used to Lynn's bald pussy, Judy's was impeccably manicured with a trimmed set of pubes in a thin "run-way" leading to her pussy. Not that I needed the "additional encouragement" but I surely enjoyed the display Judy was giving me. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed that Lynn had moved herself towards Mark and she was getting closer by the second. Her arm closest to Mark was outstretched towards him and I knew that she was either reaching for or already had her hand around Mark's cock. I looked at Lynn and simply gave her a smile which she understood was my way of giving her permission to enjoy herself with Mark. Seconds later she was next to him and Mark's arm was now around her pulling her to him. I gazed over at Judy and she was tapping the edge of the Jacuzzi signaling me to sit next to her. I climbed out of the water sitting my bare ass on the cool concrete edge right next to Judy.

"I love to watch Mark.... I love being with him but watching him is so sexy!", Judy tells me as I sat next to her. With our attention on Mark and Lynn, my wife clearly had her hand under the water reaching between Mark's legs. Lynn leaned over and planted a kiss on Mark. He responded by wrapping his muscular arms around my wife. I watched in utter amazement as my loving wife began to make out with Mark.... right there in front of me. Initially there was a tiny bit of jealousy that flowed through my veins but it only took a moment before the sight before me became so erotic that those feelings overwhelmed the hint of jealousy that I had felt. Lynn is a talented and gifted kisser and watching her work Mark was a treat. I quickly began to get lost in watching her with Mark. They had been kissing for a bit when Mark's hand rose from under the bubbling water and landed on Lynn's right breast. His hand cupped and gently squeezed my wife's mound of flesh. The feel of another man's hand on her tit caused Lynn the shudder. She broke their kiss momentarily giving her the chance to gaze down at Mark's hand on her breast. "Oh gawd....", Lynn let out before she leaned back to Mark to resume their kissing. Judy and I sat at the edge of the Jacuzzi watching our spouses as they mad out before us.

I felt a wet yet warm hand on my thigh just above my knee. My eyes lowered to see that Judy's perfectly manicured hands with blood red polish was now slowly making its way up my leg. The sight of Lynn and Mark was plenty stimulation already to get my cock to stiffen but the touch of Judy's hand on my leg increased the flow of blood to my cock. I felt Judy's hand work its way higher and just as it got to right below my cock I felt her hand tap the inner part of my thigh signaling me to open my legs for her. I spread my legs and although my stiff cock was pointing straight forward, my ball sacks hung low. My eyes were back on Lynn and Mark when I felt the gentle touch of Judy's finger tips graze over the flesh of my ball sacks. It wasn't much of a touch but the realization that this was someone other than Lynn touching me sent a surge of electricity through my body. Judy's hand grazed over my testicles sending waves of electricity up my spine. We continued to watch Lynn and Mark then I felt Judy's hand begin to rub the palm against the underside of my stiff member.

Even with her hand under the water Lynn gave the distinct indication that she was stroking Mark under the water. I watched as she slid her tongue into Mark's mouth and he reciprocated the action. They kissed with extreme passion both with their eyes closed. Lynn's arm that earlier was clearly in Mark's crotch was now bobbing up and down beneath the water. Mark was caressing my wife's tits now going from one to the other. Judy's husband skillfully massaged and caressed Lynn and periodically he'd pinch her erect nipples between his thumb and index finger. When Mark pinched and pulled on Lynn's nipples she'd let out a whimper and even a subtle moan even as she continued to kiss Mark. It was at that point I realized that Mark's other hand was undoubtedly between Lynn's legs. As incredible as the show they were putting on for Judy and me, I wanted to see EVERYTHING that was doing on!

“Hey..... why don't we take this into the house!", I suggested. Initially, Mark and Lynn kept going at each other but Judy had now securely filled her hand with my swollen cock. She leaned forward and splashed Lynn and Mark trying to get their attention. "Hey you two..... we want to watch EVERYTHING you guys are doing.... Len said to take it in the house!", Judy assertively demanded. Lynn and Mark broke their passionate kiss and Mark popped out of the Jacuzzi first. When he stood up his cock was fully erect and bigger than any dick I had ever seen. As he stood up, Lynn gazed with total lust and desire at Mark's cock as it came out of the water. I guess feeling it in her hand was one thing but seeing how big it was a whole 'nother story. Mark stood at the edge of the Jacuzzi and Lynn quickly jumped out to join him. She gawked at his swollen cock and Mark told her that if she wanted to she could touch it again. Lynn tenderly reached out for Mark's cock and gently ran her hand over it. Just then Judy nudged me in my ribs then called out to my wife, "Honey... it won't bite you! Grab it like you mean it then use it like a leash and pull him leading you wherever you want him to go!" Lynn let out a giggle then wrapped her hand around Mark's cock then began to lead him towards the house. As they walked, Mark initially had his arm around my wife's waist but after just a few steps his hand was on Lynn's ass. Mark gave my wife a whack on her ass resulting in a rosy colored hand print to emanate on my wife's milky-white ass. Judy and I watched as they walked to the house looking more like long-time lovers than a couple that was together for the first time.

I began to stand up but Judy put her hand on my thigh holding me to the concrete edge of the Jacuzzi. "Let's give them a moment... besides, I want my turn with you!", Judy said about as sultry as you can imagine. When she finished that, she leaned in planting a wet and juicy kiss on me. As soon as her lips touched mine, I felt her tongue slide into mine and I let her tongue dance in my mouth. I thought I was fully hard but when her tongue slipped into my mouth I felt me dick stiffen even more. I felt like we had been kissing for a while when we were interrupted by my wife screaming at us form the screen door to the house! "You to gonna come watch...?" Judy and I broke our kiss looked at Lynn and Mark and Judy raised her hand waving at Mark and Lynn telling them, "You two get started..... We'll be in in just a bit!"

Judy leaned in at me then started to kiss the nape of my neck. The feel of her lips and tongue on my neck sent shivers down my spine. I was loving what Judy was doing to me and just when I thought I was in heaven, Judy grabbed by cock and started to stroke it. I was in complete ecstasy letting Judy do as she wished to me then she sent me to even a higher level of bliss as she used her free hand to begin tracing the tip of her finger over one of my nipples….. FUCK!!!! She was driving me absolutely crazy and we had only just started! It felt like Judy and I had been making out for a lot longer than we likely did when she pulled away from me completely. She had heightened my arousal so much that my cock was pulsing with each beat of my heart as the flow of blood to my cock was at 1000% efficiency if not more! “C’mon Len….. Let’s see what Lynn and Mark are doing!”, Judy said as she started to stand up.

I followed her rising to my feet. Unlike Mark who got led to the house by Lynn using his cock as a “leash”, Judy held out her hand to me. I placed my hand in hers and she let me lead her to the house. As we closer to the house we could see a mass of human flesh on the couch with a pair of lady’s legs high in the air. “Looks like their going at it already… we better get in there!”, Judy told me just before we got to the glass door.

We entered the house and there was Lynn lying on the couch with her legs wide open and Mark kneeling on the floor in front of my wife. Mark’s hands were on Lynn’s tits caressing and massaging her and his face was between her legs. I couldn’t really see what he was doing but there was no mistaking that Mark was licking Lynn’s pussy! Lynn’s eyes were closed as she took the oral pleasuring from Mark. She had one hand on the back of his head and the other hand was running through her hair. There was no doubt that Lynn was letting herself enjoy everything Mark was doing to her!

Judy and I stood just inside of the house as we watched Mark go down on Lynn. It was so incredibly sexy and erotic to watch a “live porn show” and the featured actress was my loving wife! Lynn was letting herself go and Mark was driving her closer and closer to her orgasm right there on our couch! It was about that time that Judy released my hand and then reached for my swollen cock. I looked at Judy’s hand on my dick and then saw that her other hand was caressing and fondling one of her tits. In that moment, I realized that Judy’s perceived demeanor is a complete contrast to how she is “in the bedroom”. I led Judy to one of the oversized chair’s in our living room that gave us complete view of Mark and Lynn. Because the chair is “oversized” Judy and I were able to both sit on the chair but the size of the chair caused Judy to practically sit on my lap….. trust me I wasn’t complaining at all!

We watched as Mark went at Lynn licking her and caressing her tits for a while. Lynn began to scream that she was on the verge of cumming and told Mark to stop! She pushed him away and I was surprised that as muscular as Mark is, he let my wife push him away all too easy. When Mark did pull away from my wife’s groin area she reached for him pulling him to her. He leaned up meeting Lynn and she dove into him kissing him deeply. I was so entranced watching Lynn with Mark that I didn’t realize that one of Judy’s hands had made its’ way to my swollen cock. As we watched Mark and Lynn, Judy began to slow and steadily stroke my cock again.

After Lynn and Mark kissed for a bit, my wife was able to push Mark away from her. The two switched places and soon Mark was sitting in the couch and Lynn was taking his place on her knees before her lover. From the chair Judy and I sat on, we had a fairly decent view of the action and it only took a second before Lynn had her two hand around Mark’s cock. Her initial reaction showed that she was enamored with the sheer size of Mark. Lynn inspected the cock before her… the tanned shaft with pronounced veins and a swollen “mushroom” head that was slightly purplish in color. Lynn held Mark’s cock in her hands where his shaft met his balls. She stared at the piece of meat before her looking like she was still in disbelief as to Mark’s size.

My wife’s eyes went from staring directly at Mark’s cock to his face. Looking straight at Mark, Lynn pulled his dick to her lips and gave it a soft and tender kiss. That kiss brought a smile to Mark and Lynn’s face. Lynn gave it a second kiss followed by a third. With each subsequent kiss, the time her lips touched Mark’s dick increased. Following her third kiss, Lynn paused then seductively slid her tongue out of her mouth then traced Mark’s cock from the top of her hands to the tip of his cock. When her tongue reached to tip of his cock, Lynn gave it a flick with her tongue resulting in them both giggling and smiling at each other! I know Lynn loves to suck cock and at times enjoys “making love to my cock” with her mouth and it was clear that was her intent with Mark. After giving Marks' cock a couple of gentle licks, my wife opened up her mouth and took just the head of Mark in her mouth. I could see Lynn running her tongue over the head of Mark's cock in her mouth and it was clear, my wife was going to make the most of the biggest cock she'd even been with!

Judy had nestled her head into the nook between my neck and shoulder and her hand began to seductively trace circles over the my chest and upper abdominal area. She teased me as Lynn teased Mark and neither of the ladies seemed to be in a rush to get to the fucking.... and neither Mark or I seemed to be in a rush either. Soon Lynn was taking as much of Mark's cock in her mouth and she managed to get about three-fourths of in in her mouth. Lynn bobbed her head up and down on Mark as she kept her eyes locked on his. Skillfully, Lynn worked Mark with her hands and mouth building him up with each stroke and suck. At one point, Lynn had Mark's cock on the side of her mouth and Judy and I could see the large bulge in her cheek as she used her mouth to pleasure his cock. Mark sat there in the chair like a king as he took in all of Lynn's masterful oral skills. Mark gently held my wife's head in his hands as he let his hands ride up and down with each head bob of Lynn's. He even closed his eyes, let his head fall back into the backrest of the couch letting himself get completely lost in Lynn's oral skills.

It was about that time that Judy had begun to work her face down my body. She began kissing and licking my nipples then the upper area of my abdomen. Soon Judy's face was mere inches from the head of my cock. Now I was in a quandary as I was torn between watching Lynn work Mark or turn my attention to Judy as she seemed poised to begin sucking on my dick! I looked down at Judy and realized that her attention was on Lynn and Mark so I chose to relish in whatever Judy was going to do to me and continue to savor the show that Lynn was putting on for Judy and me!

I was in the midst of watching my wife take Mark in her mouth as much as she could when I felt the touch of Judy's lips on the tip of my cock. I wish I had the vocabulary to describe the feeling that ran through my body when her lips hit the tip of my cock because what I felt was simply out of this world! Judy's lips slid over the top of my cock then slipped down my shaft taking in just over half of my cock in her mouth. Judy paused there and I felt her tongue circle my cock intensifying the pleasure. Slowly, Judy pulled her head off of my dick while maintaining amazing suction on my cock. Then when she got to the last inch or so of my dick, she increased the amount of suction then pulled her mouth from my dick resulting in a "pop" as she pulled off of me! Wow.... and that was only the beginning!!!! I switched my attention to watching Judy as she began to intensify her actions on my cock. Where she initially began with a slow and somewhat tender effort, Judy soon rampped up her efforts surely intent on sending me over the edge as fast as she could! With my eyes locked on Judy, I no longer could see what was going on with Lynn and Mark, but I could sure hear it!

I could hear Lynn moan with pleasure as her mouth was now filled with the biggest cock she'd ever had. At times I heard her nearly gag on the large piece of meat she was devouring and as the two went at it, the sounds of Lynn were intermittently interrupted by the sounds of Mark letting Lynn know how much she was pleasing him! "Oh, yes Lynn, suck my cock! That feels soooooo fuckin' good!" Mark let out over and over as my wife serviced him with her amazing mouth. I know how good Lynn is with giving head and it thrilled me to realize that what she did to me also felt amazing to another guy!

My eyes closed and I gently held Judy's head in my hands letting them rise and fall with Judy's bobbing head. Harder and harder Judy sucked on me and amazingly, the harder she sucked, the faster she bobbed on me! Judy had been sucking me for a bit when I felt her cease her bobbing action. I peeled my head off the backrest of the chair is was in then looked at Judy. Her eyes were on me and she took her lips off my cock just long enough to tell me, "Fuck my mouth! I want to you shove your dick down in my mouth till you cum!!!!! I didn't need further instructions so with my dick still out of her mouth, I stood up and Judy raised herself higher on her knees. She opened her mouth and I placed my cock at her lips. Judy opened her mouth and I slid my dick into her. I grabbed her head and began to thrust my cock in and out of her mouth holding her head steady. As I fucked her mouth, the glob of saliva on my cock gathered with each thrust and soon there was a large glob dripping from her lower lip! The makeup that earlier in the evening that was impeccable was now showing signs of wear. Her mascara was no longer clean black lines that highlighted Judy's light-blue almost silvery colored eyes, it was now starting to smudge and turn into blots of black marks around her eyes.... Judy apparently is a complete and total nympho!

Mark and I had been on the receiving end of amazing oral pleasures for a while when he and Lynn took thing to the next level. For the last several minutes, I had been fucking Judy's mouth and loving every second and Mark had been getting sucked on by my wife. Largely since my attention was on the beauty in front of me, other than the sounds coming from Lynn and Mark, I really had no idea of what they were doing. So when I heard Lynn's voice talking to Mark, the only thing I was sure of was that she no longer had her mouth filled with his cock. Lynn's voice was somewhat muffled as she was telling Mark something then all of a sudden I heard her say, "When are you going to stick your cock in me?" I looked over my shoulder at the couch and there was Lynn once again on the couch this time on her back. Her legs were spread open and Mark was kneeling in front of her with his massive cock inching towards my wife. Everything up to that moment and all that I had seen and heard was nothing compared to the reality that soon, my wife would have another guy's dick up in her pussy!

"Whack", the sting of a hand on my ass brought my attention to the beautiful woman before me on her knees with my dick in her mouth! Judy looked at me with her eyes now as wide opened as a silver dollar apparently signifying to me to pay attention to her! I mouthed to her "Sorry" then felt her perfectly manicured nails dig into my ass cheeks causing me to thrust forward into her mouth again. I caught on real quick and went back to focusing on Judy fucking her mouth with all I had. Again I held her head with my hands sliding my dick in and out of her mouth. As my pace increased, so did the intensity of her sucking. Soon I was on the verge as I felt the build up of my orgasm start deep in my loins. I kept my fever pace going at Judy, she looked amazing as she took each of my thrusts letting me take full advantage of her mouth! Then I hit the point where I knew a stroke or two more and I would be pushed "over the edge". I told Judy I was about to cum and much to my pleasant surprise, she nodded her head and murmured a "Uh, huh!" to me. "You want me to cum in your mouth?", I asked and all Judy did was nod her head.

It just took a couple more thrusts and I was now releasing my first stream of hot cum into Judy's mouth. Her eyes showed the moment of surprise when the first stream shot into her mouth but as the second, third and subsequent streams shot into her, I watched in amazement as her throat went up and down clearly swallowing every bit of my cum. I held her head as I released the last shots of cum onto her mouth and when I was finished, Judy pulled her lips away from my dick then opened her mouth. She used her tongue to raise up a pool of cum to her lips then played with it between her lips and tongue before she finally took in in her mouth to swallow it letting me watch every last bit of her show! Lynn occasionally would swallow my cum but never has she ever put on a show like that! As soon as Judy reopened her mouth to show me that it was void of my cum, I pulled her to her feet and planted a passionate kiss on her. On her breath, lips and tongue was the remnants of my cum that she just swallowed and that almost got me hard again.....! We kissed sliding our tongues into the other. There on her breath, lips and tongue was the sweet yet salty taste of my own seed that moments earlier I deposited in Judy's mouth. The utter sensuality in how Judy shared the remnants of my own cum with me was so intense, I could feel my cock beginning to stiffen for a second round.

I was standing there still enthralled in the show put on by Mark and Lynn when I felt Judy grab my hand pulling me back to her. When my eyes returned to Judy she was reclining in the chair with one leg on the floor and her other leg was propped up lying over the armrest giving me an unobstructed view and access to her beautiful pussy. I knelt down before the beautiful woman eager to return toe oral pleasures she had just given me moments before. When my knees hit the floor instead of going straight for her pussy, I leaned towards her chest and began to lick and suck on her tits and nipples. I wrapped my lips around her right nipple and gave it a suck. I gave it a soft bite and even a gentle tug. As I pulled on her nip, Judy ran her hands through my hair even pulling my hair slightly. Judy's moans were almost as loud as the ones coming from Lynn, but then, Lynn was getting fucked and I was only kissing and licking Judy's nips. I started to wonder how much more noise she'd make when I was in her! As I alternated between licking and sucking on one of her tits while I caressed and fondled the other, Judy was shoving her groin against my lower abdominal area seemingly trying to stimulate herself against me.

Judy and I went at it like that for a while when I decided that I'd finally go down to eat her pussy! I peeled myself away from her tits and made my way down to her nether area. As I got there, Judy flew her other leg over the armrest of the chair spreading herself open as wide as she could. There before me was Judy's incredible pussy ready for me to devour. Her trimmed pubes that led to her slit were impeccably groomed with not a single stray hair. The strip was thin, maybe about 3/8 of an inch wide and stopped just above the slit to her pussy. Judy's milky-white flesh around her pussy was contrasted by the purpleish-pink lips of her pussy. As I gazed at the incredible site before me, her inner lips that were stuck together began to slowly open exposing the entrance to her love hole. I leaned in towards the pussy before me and just before I leaned it, Judy reached up with her hands cupping her own breasts with her hands. I wrapped my arms under her upper thighs next to her buttocks and leaned in for my first taste of Judy's pussy! I put my tongue at the bottom of her slit and ran my tongue the length of her absorbing as much of her flavor as I could muster...... FUCK she tasted great!

My first several licks were concentrated on her hole and her inner lips trying to avoid contact with her clit. With each subsequent lick I got to savor Judy's juices more and more. I even rolled the sides of my tongue as tightly as I could then did my best to stick my tongue into her love hole. Although I was able to only get the tip of my tongue into her, Judy let out a seductive scream that was followed by a moan. With her reaction to that, I knew that I had a screamer on my hand and I was even more anxious to see how she was going to react when I got her to cum and eventually when I slid my dick in her! Over the next several moments, I dined on the incredible taste of Judy's pussy juices. Although her juices were very similar to Lynn's her was a tad muskier then Lynn's adding to the intoxicating fluid dripping from her pussy. I pulled her thighs wider as I continued to lick at her and soon I worked my hands to Judy's tits. At first my hands worked unison with hers, after a few seconds, Judy yielded her tits solely to me. From that moment on, I did my best to send Judy over the edge as best as I could.

With my hands filled with Judy's tits and my mouth going at her pussy, I really had no idea what was going on between Mark and Lynn, but my ears gave me a glimmer into what the other two were doing. I could hear my wife beg for Mark to keep eating her. Over and over I could hear her beg him to, "Yes Mark..... that's it! Right there... Oh fuck! You're gonna make me cum soon!" In my mind I could only imagine how amazing a sight it must be to be watching my wife as another guy went down on her. As much as I wanted to see what was going on with Lynn and Mark, there was now way I could pull myself away from what I was doing to Judy! It felt like I was on the verge of sending Judy over the edge when she started to push me away. Confused over why she was doing it I reluctantly let her push me from her crotch. Still kneeling before her, Judy reached for me then began to pull my upper torso to her, As I neared her Judy seductively tells me, "He's going to fuck her.... Let's watch!"

I crawled into the chair squeezing in with Judy with our naked bodies in one heap of flesh now. Judy and I watched as Mark was on the verge of sliding his large cock into my wife. This was truly the moment of truth for me. My wife that had only been with me was about to have a dick from a guy other than me in her. Lynn's eyes were locked onto Mark's and not even looking at the large dick about to enter her. Her hands were on his shoulders and Mark had one hand on Lynn's shoulder and his other hand was holding his cock right behind his head. Lynn gazed at him then nodded her head. Mark placed the head of his cock at the entrance to my wife's pussy. With one quick thrust, Mark plunged his cock about half-way into Lynn. "Oh fuck!!!! It's soooooo big!", Lynn let out! Lynn took a gasp then exhaled. She took another breath then held it as Mark pulled his cock almost completely out. Lynn exhaled then took another breath and nodded her head again! This time Mark plunged more of his dick into my wife. "Oh fuck Mark!!!!", Lynn let out! Mark pulled nearly completely out again then paused. This time, Lynn didn't get a chance to nod her head and Mark was thrusting himself back into my wife. From my vantage point, I could see that Mark had plunged about three-fourths of his dick in Lynn and it looked like she couldn't take any more.

Initially, I was completely lost in the sight before me. I was watching a live fuck show and then all of a sudden, it hit me.... this live fuck show was featuring MY WIFE!!!!!! For a split second, I began to wonder what kind of husband was I...? Not only was my wife fucking another guy, but I was right there watching it and I didn't do anything to stop it.... as a matter of fact, I actually was allowing it! I was just on the verge of saying something to stop it then I heard Lynn let out a moan of pure carnal desire and want! "Oh fuck Mark.... you feel so good! I want more!!!! Give it all to me!!!!!", my wife seductively let out. It was in that moment that I realized that who was I to stop my wife from enjoying sex as well as she could.... Instead of being jealous, I found myself strangely more attractive and drawn to her! I now wanted my wife more that I had ever wanted her before! I stared at Lynn as she lost herself in the pleasure that she was enjoying as she got fucked by Mark.

Lost as I was, I completely forgot that Judy was with me then I felt her warm breath on my ear as she exhaled. "I love watching him fuck.... almost as much as I love getting fucked by him." Judy whispered to me. Her now raspy and sultry voice not only made me melt but it heightened my desire for her even more than before. Judy's arms wrapped around my waist then her hands worked their way up to my chest. Judy's head was next to mine as we watched Lynn and Mark and soon her hands were playing with my chest and she ran her fingers over my nipples driving me even more wild. Judy and I watched our spouses as they fucked before us long enough that they went through several positions. Mark fucked Lynn in missionary, then doggie and Lynn mounted Mark fucking him in both forward and reverse cowgirl position. The sight of Lynn fucking and getting fucked by Mark was the best porn scene I had ever laid eyes on.

Mark and Lynn had been going at it for a while when Judy planted a kiss at the nape of my neck and asked me if I wanted to head off somewhere else to be with her. I nodded my head and I got to my feet first then helped her up. I led her by the hand to one of the spare bedrooms of our home where we have a queen sized bed for a guest. As we entered the room, Judy asked me if I wanted the door closed or open and I told her it was up the her. Much to my surprise, Judy closed the door and wrapped her arms around my waist again. "Len, ever since I first saw you, I'v fantasized about this..... I don't want to fuck you, I want to make love to you!", Judy told me as she pushed me to the bed. I landed on the bed first and she fell on top of me. We began with an incredibly passionate kiss that was followed by us running our hands all over the other. We made out there on the bed for almost a half-hour when we ended up in a wonderful 69. Judy sucked on me and I ate her delicious pussy and we rolled all over each other taking turns with one or the other in the "top" position.

I had been eating Judy's pussy for a while when I slipped a finger in her hoping to up her pleasure. Upping her pleasure I did indeed. It only took a second or two after I slid a finger in her before I could feel the warm wet walls of her pussy begin to tighten and convulse. I knew she was about to cum so I upped my efforts driving Judy over the edge and into one hell of an orgasm. Judy gave me a glimpse earlier that she was a screamer but I had no idea just how much of a screamer Judy really was. Judy pulled herself off my cock just long enough to scream at the top of her lungs, "Oh fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck! I'm ccccccccccccummmmmming!" Judy bucked her pelvic area on my face shoving then pulling her pussy from my face. With her bucking on my face, the intensity that she sucked on my cock was like a feeling I'd never felt before. Judy attacked my cock with a fervor that nearly sent me over the edge The next minute or so was so intense that I really can't find words to explain the ecstasy of Judy trying to buck herself off of my while at the same time she attacked my cock with her mouth like there was no tomorrow. When Judy finally came down from her orgasm, I knew it was time for me to experience what Lynn had already felt... having sex with someone else for the first time since we said "I do!".

Judy had just come down from the rush of her orgasm and she let herself fall to the side of where she and I were laying. She let her arms fall to her side and her legs were opened ever so slightly. With Judy in the middle of the bed and her eyes closed and still trying to catch her breath I moved myself into position to plunge my dick into my wife's beautiful coworker. I grabbed my cock right behind the head and in the few moments of silence in the room Judy and I were in I could hear the familiar sound of Lynn getting fucked.... the only difference with that familiar sound is that it wasn't me fucking her.... it was another guy! As if I needed something to turn me on even more, the sound of Lynn moaning from whatever Mark was doing to her, hearing Lynn enjoy the "fuck" out of herself drove me to sexual bliss like I though never possible. I held the head of my cock right at the entrance to Judy's pussy and just as I eased the head in I heard Lynn scream from the living room, "Ooooooh gawd Mark, I'm cccccccccccummmmmming! Oh gawd, oh gawd...."

Hearing Lynn scream in utter ecstasy I plunged my dick into Judy. My head popped into the moist and wet entrance to Judy and that was enough to get her to cause her eyes to open as wide as possible. She gazed at me then nodded her head. All she was able to let out was a mumble of her her approval. I slid more of my dick into her and when I got about half way in, I pulled out leaving only the head in. I slowly thrusted back into Judy and this time I got about three-fourths in her. Our eyes were locked on each other as I slowly with each thrust slid more and more of my cock into Judy. When I finally was able to slide my full length in her, Judy reached up and put her hands on the back of my shoulders. She gripped me and begged me to plunge into her faster and harder. As much as I wanted to fulfill her request, I wanted to make the most of fucking another woman. I began to increase my pace over the next couple of minutes relishing in the feel of Judy's walls surrounding my cock. We embraced and held each other tightly as I continued to slide in and out of my new lover.

I had been fucking Judy for a bit with me atop of her when she started to twist and turn. I accommodated her movements and we found ourselves entangled with Judy's lower leg straight out and her upper leg bent at the hip and knee. This gave me "side" access to continue fucking Judy plunging in and out of her still. I filled my right hand with Judy's tits carefully caressing and squeezing them as I kept up my pace. The more I fucked Judy, the more she screamed and moaned her approval. We went at it like that for quite a while when I had started to feel the urge build within my balls for my orgasm. I wanted to prolong me being in Judy so I pulled myself out of her then grabbed Judy's hips posting her on her hands and knees. Realizing that I was staging to enter her "doggie" style, Judy opened her knees affording me easier access to her pussy. I gazed at the beautiful sight of her freshly fucked pussy and it was covered in a sheen of sweat and her own juices. The sight was almost more than I could take so instead of plunging my cock back in to Judy, I moved myself placing my face right between her ass cheeks.

I ran my tongue over the folds of Judy's fucked pussy lapping up as much of her juices as I could. As I ran my tongue through her folds Judy let out more moans of pleasure. Her juices that earlier were clear were now milky white and even tastier. I lapped her pussy up over and over realizing that I was not only getting to take advantage of licking up Judy's pussy but I was now building her to an orgasm. As her asshole puckered from her building orgasm I was now torn between continuing what I was doing or stop and stick my dick back in her. I chose option one and continued to lick away at Judy's pussy eager to send her over the top. I had just ran my tongue over the length of her slit and folds when her knees slid wider causing her pussy to drop from where my tongue was. My tongue glanced over the puckered opening to Judy's ass. Just the mere glancing of my tongue over Judy's ass got her to let out an eek of pleasure and in that instant I knew I had to give her more! Lynn isn't much into anal play and really doesn't care too much when I rim her asshole so realizing that Judy didn't seem to object, I decided to focus my attention of my tongue on her "dark little starfish".

I ran my tongue over Judy's pucker hole and she let out another eek of pleasure. That caused me to begin to run the tip of my tongue around the flesh of at the entrance to her asshole. With each subsequent lick, Judy quivered and shook. Lick after lick I took advantage of enjoying the feel of Judy's ass on my tongue and I was anxious to see if I could do more. I kept licking her and at one point, I brought my middle finger to my mouth and deposited a large glob of my saliva on the end. I placed my finger tip at the entrance to Judy's ass and began to gently wiggle it. Judy's response was complete and total subjugation to what I was doing as she managed to open her sphincter to me. Seeing what Judy had done, I slid the fist digit of my finger into her ass. I kept licking the area around her hole as I eased more of my finger into her. I now had about half of my middle finger in Judy so I was able to reach her clit with my thumb. I started to stroke her clit with my thumb as I gently slid my finger in and out of Judy.

That lasted only about a minute before she started to tense up and shutter. Judy was on the verge of an orgasm and I desperately now wanted to send her into the highest realm of pleasure that I could. I continued to finger her ass as I stimulated her clit and all the while I tried my best to keep licking the area around my finger as best as I could. Judy began to scream louder than I had ever heard that she was cumming..... She begged for more as I pushed her further and further into utter bliss. Judy was now clinching the pillow that was under her chest as tightly as she could. Her legs had lost the ability to stay on her knees so her genital area had now fallen to just above the bed, so it made it harder to keep licking her. I struggled to keep pleasuring her with my tongue but thankfully, no matter how difficult it was to lick her, I was still able to keep fingering her asshole and rub her clit. Screams from Judy got so intense at one point I knew our neighbors probably heard her but honestly I really didn't care!.

I somehow managed to maintain my manual pleasuring of Judy till she couldn't' take any more. She she finally mustered the strength to free herself from me, she climbed to her knees and grabbed my by my shoulders. Judy pushed me to the bed then started to climb onto me. When she was able to pin me to the bed, I noticed that the look in Judy's face was now one of serious intent, almost sinister at that. Judy had me pinned under her using her hands to hold me down at my shoulders. With an almost evil look in her eyes, Judy glared at me and rather directly said, "Payback's a bitch! I'm gonna fuck you like you've never been fucked before!" Judy had positioned herself over me straddling my pelvic area sitting just high enough that my erect cock couldn't reach her pussy. Judy released one hand and reached for my cock. She guided it to her pussy and I could feel the wet folds of her pussy at the tip of my cock. Realizing that Judy wanted to dictate the action opted to relinquish my control to her and let her do to me as she wished. With my dick right at the entrance to Judy's pussy, she dropped herself onto me impaling herself on my dick.

As wet as Judy was she slid somewhat effortlessly down on my dick burring all of my length in her. Judy sat there for only a moment before she began to thrust herself forward and back. At first, Judy sat flush with me as she ground herself on me. She sat on my cock buried in her thrusting forward and back and as she did, she began to run her hands through her hair. As small as Judy's breasts are, they didn't do much in the way of bouncing up and down as she fucked me so I decided to reach up and fill my hands with her milky-white breasts. Her nips were between my index and middle fingers so I used those fingers to pinch her nips as I caressed her tits. I twas clear from her reaction that Judy was getting off on what we were doing and I surely wasn't complaining either. Judy ground herself on me for a while before she changed things up. Judy paused just long enough for her to reposition herself from riding on her knees to reverse cowgirl holding herself up with her feet and leaning back on her hands. All of a sudden I had a clear view of watching my dick slide in and out of Judy.

Judy started off slowly at first bouncing her torso up and down on my cock. As she rode me I watched her inner pussy lips cling to my cock as she pulled up on me then watched the incredible sight of her pussy engulfing me as she slid back down. As Judy rode me, her moans of passion filled the room we were in and no doubt also flowed into the room that Lynn and Mark were in too. Because of the way she was leaning back I could not reach her tits so I instead reached up for her clit choosing to rub it as she rode me. I used my index finger to pull back the hood over her clit and there pulsing and red as could be was Judy's clit begging for more stimulation. I started to rub her clit as she rode me and that caused her to scream yet even more. I had rubbed Judy's clit for maybe a minute or two when I felt the walls of her pussy begin to clamp down on my cock. She rode me harder and I knew that she was about to cum again! Judy's pace and intensity of her bouncing on me got to the point that I was now edging towards an orgasm too.

I closed my eyes in a feeble effort to distract the feeling that I was experiencing in an attempt to outlast Judy. Then all of a sudden Judy slammed herself down onto to me screaming yet again at the top of her lungs..... "Ohhhhhhh ffffffffuuuuuuuuck..... I'm cccccccummmmming again!" Over and over, Judy screamed that she was cumming so I upped the pressure that I used to play with her clit. She was clearly in sexual overdrive as she went back to plunging herself back on my cock falling to her knees. She resumed her grinding away at me thrusting forward and back harder than I though humanly possible. With her smashing her pelvic area onto me I couldn't continue to play with her clit so I used my two hands to resume playing with her tits and nipples. Just when I thought I had seen and heard it all, I felt a gush of warm fluid flow all over me from Judy. It took a second till I realized, Judy was ejaculating all over the two of us! As her ejaculate gushed all over us, Judy fell forward and wrapped her arms around me as best a she could holding me as her ejaculate finished flowing all over the two of us!

Thanks to the additional thrill of realizing that Judy had just ejaculated all over us, I couldn't hold out any longer. I grabbed Judy by her hips and held her just high enough to retake control and be the one doing the fucking instead of getting fucked. I held Judy up and began to thrust myself up into Judy eager to finally expend my load in her. I felt the urge build in my and as I got to the point of no return I let Judy know that i was about to cum. "Let me feel you cum in me!" she told me looking at me with total want in her eyes. I squeezed her hips tightly as I gave her the last thrust before I began to blow my load. I gave her the hardest thrust in her as I could then held myself deep in Judy hoping to deposit my cum in her as deep as I could. Judy fell forward as I began to cum and she planted a deep wet kiss on me as my seed started to flow into her. We kissed each other sticking our tongues into the other's mouths as the last of my seed was deposited in Judy!

We held each other tightly enjoying the post fuck euphoria between us. At first, both of us were running our hands all over the other caressing and touching the other.'s freshly fucked bodies. We were covered in a thin sheen of perspiration and were were still trying to catch our breaths. When we finished kissing, we had a giggle as we both felt my dick finally shrink enough to "pop" out of Judy's pussy. We continued to lie there in each other's arms and then the silence of the room we were in soon was replaced by the sounds that were still coming from Lynn and Mark still going at it in the living room. When I heard the sound coming from the living room, I paused to wonder how Mark was able to still be going after all this time. All of a sudden, Judy looked me in the eyes and told me that she wanted to go outside to watch Mark and Lynn. The two of us climbed off the bed and headed back to the living room where out spouses wee still going at it.

There on the large ottoman in the middle of the living room was Lynn on all fours. Her ass high in the air and Mark behind her. He had one hand on her hips and the other hand was filled with Lynn's hair as he pulled on it like a cowboy with the reins of a horse. He was banging away at Lynn from the back going at her "doggie" style. As we got closer, I could hear the sound of flesh slapping against flesh. Lynn was completely covered in sweat and her hair was a complete mess. It was clear that Lynn was getting the fuck of a lifetime from Mark and she was loving every moment. When I got close enough, I could see that my wife's once milky-white ass cheeks were now a rosy shade of pink almost red. As Mark fucked my wife, he gave her a whack on her ass and Lynn responded by begging for him to fuck her harder still. My wife was clearly getting abused by Mark as he pounded away at Lynn giving her all that she wanted, and more. Even with Judy and me back in the living room, it was clear that Lynn was only concerned with what Mark was doing to her. The sound of their flesh slapping against the other, Lynn's screams and moans of passion along with the occasional grunt from Mark were the only sounds that filled the room. They looked like a scene from a porno video for sure.

All of a sudden, I heard Lynn beg for Mark to go harder, "Fuck me Mark..... Fuck me harder, I'm gonna cum again! Make me cum again! Yes! Yes!......" I watched as much to my surprise, Mark upped his pace and the intensity even more. He fucked my wife like a wild beast and Lynn took every bit of it! I started to think about how I had found her masturbating while calling out Mark's name earlier in the night and I started to wonder if she knew just how it'd be actually getting fucked by this guy! Mark kept banging away at Lynn and by now her eyes were clinched tightly closed as she took the onslaught that Mark was giving to her. They went at it like that till Lynn started to scream that she was cumming...... Her screams were now louder than I ever heard her but then again, she was getting fucked like never before too! Lynn started to clinch her hands on the edge of the ottoman and she begged Mark to fucker her harder still. Mark upped his pace yet again and he fucked Lynn as she raged through her orgasm. I watched in utter disbelief as Lynn had gotten fucked so much that she began to resemble a rag doll just taking the pounding that Mark was giving to her. She raged through her orgasm begging for more and more and Mark continued to deliver. It really was an amazing sight to watch, and since it was my wife at the center of this fuck show it was even better!

It looked like Lynn had entered the final stages of her orgasm when she dislodged herself from Mark and turned herself to face him. Mark grabbed Lynn's hair and pulled her face to his groin. Without missing a beat, Lynn opened her mouth and Mark shoved his cock into my wife's mouth. Mark started to thrust his cock in and out of Lynn's mouth almost as intensely as he was fucking her moment earlier. At first, Mark's cock went straight into her mouth and no doubt down her throat too. After several thrusts, Lynn took Mar's cock in the side of her mouth now with a large bulge in her cheek clearly showing the profile of Mark's cock. Lynn worked Mark's cock like a porn starlet and she looked amazing. Judy and I watched as Lynn worked Mark using her mouth to pleasure Mark and by the look on his face, she was doing a great job. I know that Lynn gives great head and she was giving Mark her best effort for sure!

As I watched my wife work Mark I moved where I was standing from the side of Mark and Lynn to behind her. When I moved in behind my wife I was surprised by what I had seen. Because she was on her knees with her ass in the air it gave me a clear view of her pussy between her inner thighs. That's when I was shocked to see what I saw, a large amount of white goo dripping from Lynn's pussy!. There was a run of cum dripping down her inner thigh. Damn..... Mark had already filled her pussy with cum! The sight of Mark's cum dripping out of my wife's pussy got my cock to stir... it was such an amazing sight to see my wife servicing Mark the way she did and then to see that he had already filled her up was even more erotic! As I stood there staring at the sight before me I felt Judy next to me. She leaned over to me and gave me a kiss on the nape of my neck. Seeing what I was looking at Judy tells me, "Wow.... look at all that cum dripping from Lynn. Mark's a heavy cummer and he'll cum multiple times on a night like this....." She gave me another kiss on my neck then move towards Lynn and Mark.

Judy moved in behind Lynn and dropped to her knees, leaned her head towards Lynn and stuck her face between my wife's ass cheeks. I couldn't actually see what she was doing but it was clear she was licking the cum dripping from Lynn. When Judy's tongue touched Lynn, my wife shockingly stopped to turn to see who was licking her and when she saw that it was Judy, Lynn simply smiled then went back to servicing Mark with her mouth. They went at it like that for a bit before Lynn took Mark out of her mouth and then turned over onto her back. With her on her back, Lynn spread her legs open and again took Mark in her mouth. My wife had always stated that she had no interest in playing with another woman but I guess under the circumstances, that was now out the window.... and I was loving watching my wife get licked by another woman! Lynn kept sucking on Mark and Judy stayed between my wife's legs. Seeing one of my biggest fantasies live and in person was turning out even better than I had ever imagined. As I watched the threeway before me, I sat there stroking my cock eager to bring it back to life.

After several minutes of Mark, Lynn and Judy going at it, Mark pulled himself out of the group and Lynn soon followed. The two women sat up on their knees as Mark crawled off the bed. With no one else to play with, Lynn leaned to Judy and wrapped her arm around leaned in and started to kiss her co-worker. In nothing flat, the two ladies had their bodies entwined into a mass of female flesh. They slid their tongues into each other's mouths as they kissed and ran their hands all over the other. Moans of pleasure could be heard from both. Soon, Judy pulled the two of them to the bed and now they rolled over on each other. They took turns being the one on top as they kissed. My mind was still trying to wrap itself around what I was witnessing but I still couldn't believe my eyes. Judy brought her leg between Lynn's and started to use the area just above her knee to rub against my wife's pussy. Lynn followed that by reaching for Judy's snatch. Over the next several minutes, they continued to kiss as each woman fondled the other.

Over the next fifteen plus minutes, Mark and I watched as our wives kissed and fondled each other. The best moment came when Judy worked her way down Lynn and began to lick my wife. Judy's face was between my wife's legs and sadly she was more intent on dining on my wife then giving Mark and I a show. Judy licked Lynn as she caressed and massaged my wife's breast. It didn't take long before Judy had Lynn edging to an orgasm and Judy pushed her over the edge. Lynn bucked and kicked as her orgasm overwhelmed her body causing her to convulse and shake. It was a vision that I had fantasized about but what was before me was far better than my wildest dreams.

When the two ladies finished pleasuring each other, each wife went back to their respective husband. Lynn crawled into my waiting arms and Judy climbed onto Mark. We caught our breaths and soon enough Lynn started to work me back to full erection and Judy was working Mark. When the two of guys returned to life, Lynn suggested that the four of us head to our bedroom. When we got to the room, Lynn and I went at it with Mark and Judy watching and cheering us on. When I finally blew my load in Lynn, Mark and Judy took our places on the bed and put on one hell of a show for Lynn and I. When Judy got Mark to bust his load in her, the ladies decided to swap partners again. Lynn was on her way to Mark and asked me if I'd be ok with her taking Mark to our spare bedroom and having some time with him alone there..... I gave her a kiss on her lips and told her to "just leave a little for me!". Lynn made her way to Mark and whispered something in his ear, Mark nodded his head and she held her hand out to him. Lynn led Mark out of of our bedroom and down the hall to our spare room. Judy made her way to me and seconds later we were in the middle of the bed going at it.

Till the wee hours of the morning, Judy and I fucked so many times that the last load I blew in her I shot nothing but air..... she literally fucked me dry! When I finally passed out from complete exhaustion, I was there in the middle of a well used bed with Judy in my arms. She passed out first and moments later I followed suit. I had no idea of what time it was when I dozed off but sometime between then and when I was woken up Lynn had switched places with Judy. I woke mid-morning and there was my wife lying on the bed next to me. She looked absolutely wiped out! Lynn was almost lifeless as she laid there on our bed. Still completely naked, I could see by the way she was sleeping that Mark had used her well! Her groin area was worn and red, there was dry and still dripping cum oozing out of my wife's pussy. She even had remnants of dried cum on her tits and at the corner of her mouth.... she got used like a two-dollar whore for sure.

I got up and showered. I headed to the spare room and Mark and Judy were lying next to each other. Just as I tried to sneak away from the door, Judy saw me and signaled me to join her and Mark in bed. She woke Mark by sucking on his cock and soon enough, Mark and I were taking turns fucking Judy every way imaginable....... Judy is a completely different person in bed then she is out in public.... and I was loving every bit of it! When the three of us were finished fucking, I headed back to mine and Lynn's room to shower off again. When I finished, Lynn had just gotten up and she took my place in the shower. I went to the kitchen to get some coffee going and soon I heard my wife moaning...... I returned to our bedroom and there she was on the bed getting fucked by Mark. She beckoned me to join her and Mark on the bed and soon I was in the middle of my second threesome with Mark but this time with my own wife. Mark and I fucked Lynn till we couldn't fuck any more! Lynn was spent and we really weren't sure how much more any of us could take.

We all cleaned up and headed downstairs. We had brunch and just hung out for the rest of the day. When dinnertime came, at the suggestion of Mark and Judy, the four of us went to dinner and we headed to their home. Needless to say, we went at it again for the second night in a row......

Since that fateful and most amazing weekend, Lynn and I have had the pleasure of spending a lot of time with Mark and Judy. They have invited us to an evening at their home later this summer..... Mark and Judy said that there would be about ten couples there and everyone is into the lifestyle..... I'm hoping that Lynn and I garner the courage to attend and if we do, maybe Lynn would be willing to share her side of the story of that night...... Here's to crossing our collective fingers..................

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