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SwingLifeStyle Free Erotic Stories are written and submitted by our members Sit back and enjoy "Gummy Bears, Sls And Incredible Sex".



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I watched in silence as my beautiful wife of 30+ years melted into the stranger’s arms, who would believe that a Gummy Bear would awaken feelings last experienced in the 1980’s???

Eve has always been the silent beautiful Lady that turned heads when she wanted too, last night re-awakened the hot, sexy lady that I fell in LUST with so long ago. Beautiful Killer Blue eyes & Long Blond hair seen only on a Goddess is the only way to describe her! I guess some pre-tonight information might help to get caught up to this point.

This actually happened and I have tried to tell it as accurate as possible – I know some of the things said and the order of events might be a little mixed up, but what could anyone expect while watching their wife of 30 years get turned into someone else’s Cum Slut in one quick night!!!

We have made a 3 to 4 times a year trip to a neighboring state for some Horse Racing & Casino fun, but this year the state had decided to open up to the CBD/THC & other items of the 1960’s & 1970’s recreational enjoyment side of life.

Eve had mentioned that she really enjoyed the feelings back in the days of being “420 Friendly”, now we were faced with the opportunity to let her try it again. After some discussion and thoughts about the unbridled WILD SEX that might possibly be in store – I agreed to purchase some CBD/THC Laced Gummy Bears!!

We were almost basket cases hoping that we didn’t run into anyone we knew or possibly get stopped by the Police on the way back to the hotel. I pulled up information and everything I could find online, then we both read the benefits and precautions of the items we purchased.

The instructions said to chew the product about 1 ½ to 2 hours before you were ready for the wanted and expected feelings to take effect, and the euphoria would last approximately 4 to 6 hours. We showered & got ready for a night of dancing and maybe a couple of drinks before coming back to the room. Eve put one in her purse, and we headed out the door.

One thing that really stood out was the questions & answers section of my research – it said the Gummy Bears could be taken with Alcohol, without any dangerous side effects.

But the next line read “the CBD/THC will Enhance & let you relax and bring new heights to your SEX life, but the Alcohol mixed with it will bring down your inhibitions (I liked that) to the point that you Can & Will enjoy SEX to an Extremely NEW Level never before experienced”!!

When using these products together, be prepared to try “NEW” things and live out New Experiences & enjoy SEX the way you have always Dreamed about.

THAT got my attention – we weren’t prudes but were very conservative in our Sex lives, we come from a small “know everything about everybody” town and were well respected and walked a very straight & narrow line at home.

I think that “Back in the Day” pretty much everyone in the late 70’s to late 80’s enjoyed life to the fullest, we were in a pretty open relationship back then and did some heavy petting with friends and an occasional weekend with some friendly Sex and Skinny-Dipping at the lake!!

We have friends that still use Marijuana on a regular basis and tell us how much different you feel and everything (intimate) is enhanced 10 fold. We have always just blew it off without comment, but now we were fixing to give it a First Time try!!

As with most long time couples, there have been some discussions concerning friends that have joined the Wife-Swapping Scene – we know 3 or 4 couples that talk about it when we are all out and maybe had a few drinks too many!!

We joined the Swing Life Style group a few months ago & love the stories and reading about others having FWB Sex and enjoying others without strings or commitments. We have discussed, more than once about giving it a try.

Little did I know those Gummy Bears were fixing to get us on the Fast Pace initiation to just what we were secretly wanting all this time!!

Our lives were going to change dramatically!!!

But we must keep up the illusion of being completely straight at home, our peers probably wouldn’t believe it anyway!! But in her day, Eve was one of the Hottest ladies I have ever known!!!

We have a corner booth that we always try to get, it gives easy access to the really dark dance floor (most of us won’t dance on a well-lit floor) and allows us to watch almost everyone there. We have made a few friends that are regulars and always enjoy their company, but tonight would be different for Eve…. even beyond my expectations!!

We had a couple of drinks and just sat enjoying the music, Eve reached into her purse and took out the small piece candy that would change our lives forever. She smiled as she chewed it and asked me if I was ready to see the old Eve back in action.

“Sure”, I said. “I missed out on those days when you were younger – so show me what the Old Eve was really like!”

The next hour or so went by and we had a couple of dances, but nothing was really different. I don’t think we do anything that other couples don’t do when they get away from home, Eve has lovely long legs and can wear Cheeky shorts or a Leather mini-skirt as well as anyone.

Tonight, she chose her Blue Denim mini-skirt and a sheer white see through blouse along with a Victoria’s Secret see through half bra. DAMN, she was stunning!!! As the night progressed, Eve seemed to be mellowing out and enjoying the music more than usual.

I watched her squirm a few times in the booth & she has mentioned how her skirt rides up and she almost sticks to the seat!

It had been about an hour & a half when she scooted out and excused herself to the restroom, when she came back, I could see that look in her eyes!! She handed me her Black Lace panties.

“What are you doing??” I asked as she sat down.

“The panties were in-between my Pussy Lips and rubbing my Clit – I was getting so wet that I was afraid I would stain my skirt! Just put them in your pocket and enjoy knowing that I don’t have any on!!” she replied.

We danced a couple more times before one of the locals came to the table asking Eve for the next dance.

She looked at me as she asked, “Honey, everything ok if I dance with Sam?”

We met Sam & Suzy a few years ago and both are a lot of fun, but my mind was starting to wander, and I wondered if Sam would be the one to pick up on Eve’s new attitude and make the first move???

I enjoy watching her moves out on the floor, “Sure thing, y’all have a good time and give the band a hand when the dance is over!” I said as they walked away.

Now Eve is really a great dancer and loves to be held close and I know when the alcohol starts working, she loves to straddle the male’s leg as she rubs herself against his movements, but tonight she was really straddling Sam’s leg tight.

The song finished and they stayed on the floor until the next one started, this time she turned her butt to Sam and did some shaking against his groin. He pulled back and finished the dance facing her.

It took a few minutes to realize – the Gummy Bear was working, and Eve was enjoying the awakening of days gone by!! I couldn’t help from noticing Sam’s pants has a faint wet area in the front – I knew Eve had pushed back enough to get her Wet Pussy against his crotch!!

By now the full 2 hours had passed and I could tell there was a difference in Eve’s actions – she danced with a few of the regulars and I watched her grind her Pubic mound on their legs as the moved around the floor, that’s one of the great things about small dance halls – the lighting is always very dim and it’s hard to see what anyone is doing unless you are watching for it.

Eve excused herself to the restroom, I knew she had at least 3 drinks and would be going at any time, she was gone quite a while before showing back up with Sam. He sat with us a while and thanked me for letting Eve dance with him, he asked if we were coming tomorrow night and Eve immediately said “YES!!” Sam excused himself and left the table.

We got up to go soon after Sam left, and headed to the car – the parking was out back and poorly lit to say the least!! Before we got to the car, Eve reached out and squeezed my cock!

“Honey, we are going to have to do something about that thing!” Eve said with a grin.

“When we get to the room, you can do anything you want!” I replied.

“No, I can’t wait until then, I need it NOW!” Eve almost demanded, as she started pulling my zipper down before we were even to the parking spot – I stopped in mid step as she pulled my cock out and took it in her mouth!

“OH GOD”, I said as she devoured my manhood in the parking lot, she was stroking and sucking like my wife had never done before!!

Abruptly she quit, grabbed my arm and pulled me in between two pickups, “Fuck me NOW, I need you inside now” she ordered.

As Eve leaned forward and pulled her skirt up, I put two fingers at her vaginal entrance – HOLY COW…… In 30 years she has never been this wet, the insides of her legs were soaking with her love juices!!

I barely got the head of my cock inside her wet lips before she slammed back ramming her wet pussy solidly into my groin!! Oh God, she felt good as she bucked back on my cock with a fevered pace – I knew I couldn’t keep from Cuming and she slammed back harder with every thrust.

Then I felt it – she had gushed female ejaculation all over me, Eve has squirted a few times, but never anything like this – as her juices flowed, my Cock seemed to know that it was time!!

“OH FUCK, OH GOD, I can’t hold it!!” I said.

“Come on Baby, Come on and CUM for me, I need you to Cum for me!” Eve ordered.

That instant I grabbed her hips and rammed my cock as deep as possible as the pulsing flow of hot sticky Cum flowed deep inside my parking lot Slut Wife!!

We just held on to each other for what seemed like an eternity, slowly my manhood shrank until it fell out and the mixture of our juices flowed down Eve’s wide spread legs!

As we composed ourselves and got to the car, I asked “WHAT the HELL was that all about, DAMN, woman you have never been that HOT in our married life!”

Eve replied, “I will explain when we get to the room, I just couldn’t wait anymore – I needed a COCK right now!!”

Eve cleaned up the best she could as we drove to the hotel – we passed a Denny’s on the way – “Honey, can we get something to eat really quick. I think the Gummy Bear has given me the munchies?”

“I think the Gummy Bear gave you more than the munchies!” I said with a smile!!

We got a snack and coffee and it dawned on me - my wife was sitting across from me in a mini-skirt and her panties were in my pocket. I asked if she wanted them, she smiled and let me know that she was enjoying the cool air hitting her warm vagina and so far, at least three men had looked up her short dress!!

We finished and she told me to watch as the guy at the counter was staring straight at her Pussy, she slid to the edge and spread her legs for just a few seconds to let him see what she had to offer. He never looked away and smiled at her as she stood up and pulled the short skirt down just a little.

We got to the car and I had to ask, “What the hell is going on with you tonight??”

Eve smiled, “That Gummy Bear has got me so horny and stirred up, I can’t seem to control myself! I have some major confessions to make when we get to the room!” she said.

When we got on the elevator, she grabbed my crotch and squeezed, “I am going to take you to the edge tonight!” she said as she raised her skirt to show her naked Vagina!!

Once inside the room, I immediately noticed her Black Lace Bra was missing – “Where is your bra?” I asked.

“I gave it to Sam while we were dancing, he commented on how beautiful my breasts were, so I took it off and let him see them without being covered up!” she smiled as she spoke. “I will get it back tomorrow night, I told him we would be back, and he just might get to see them again!”

“Now you need to sit down and let me explain about everything that you DIDN’T see tonight” Eve had a different look in her eyes.

“Ok, I guess I must have missed something, or you wouldn’t be wanting to tell me about it” I said half questioning the conversation!

Now I might have been born at night….. but it wasn’t LAST NIGHT!! Eve was a completely different lady from the one I took to the dance 4 hours ago – everything about her was exciting and her eyes just sparkled when she spoke. WHAT did she have to tell me that was a confession???

We sat on the bed and she started with, “Please, Please don’t get mad – just remember that you willingly agreed to meet the OLD Eve from the 1970’s - I have become that Eve tonight and I have so very little control over the things I have done tonight, my actions are the result of a little alcohol and that damn Gummy Bear!!!”

“I haven’t felt these things in over 30 years and quite frankly I don’t want to stop feeling them!” she continued. “When I took my panties off I was so Hot & Bothered, I would have Fucked anyone in the bar – and done it right in the middle of the dance floor.”

“I realized when I was dancing with Sam that I needed some immediate attention, when I straddled his leg – he pulled me close – I came right then on his leg, and he had to hold me up to keep me from sliding down to the floor!” as she spoke, she NOW had my FULL attention!!

“So what else do you need to confess?” I said with a slight chuckle.

“When I went to the Ladies Room, Sam followed and waited outside the door for me to come out, I stopped to explain to him exactly what was going on, but before I could get much out – he caught my arm and pulled me into the linen & supply closet.” He was behind me and popped the hooks on my bra, that’s all it took, I pulled it off to let him suck my nipples!! His hands went under my skirt and his fingers found my throbbing Pussy, as he Finger Fucked me – I told him that was as far as it could go – he agreed and after he made me CUM again we came back to the table!”

“I didn’t let him FUCK ME – he just put his fingers inside my Vagina and rubbed my Clit until I came again! I told him I would talk to you about the Old Eve and try to get your permission to go farther tomorrow night!” she now had me SPEECHLESS!!!

I started out, “Was it the Gummy Bears or were you just that Horny and wanting to FUCK someone else tonight!! I guess my tone was too much!!

ve burst into tears and yelled back, “You agreed to see the OLD EVE, now you have seen her!! What do you want me to do?? I can’t take tonight’s actions back!! It’s already done and I guess I will have to pay for what I did!!”

BUT, secretly inside – my heart was pounding and my Cock was harder than it’s ever been, just from listening to Eve tell about another man’s hands touching her most private places……. AND her loving every second of it!!

I think every married man has or has had thoughts about watching another man with his wife, just to see the things she might do and how much different she would be with another cock – and JUST how far she would or could go – if the opportunity ever came up!!!

I didn’t want to sound bad and ask for more details, but I sheepishly asked if she enjoyed it and did she really want to do it again – I could see the pictures playing out in my mind as he unhooked her bra, sucked her tits and fingered her wet throbbing Pussy!!

DAMMIT!!! It wasn’t enough to see it in my mind – I wanted to see it happen in real life – I wanted to watch another man suck her perfect tits, Finger her moist vaginal lips and thrusting his fingers deep in my wife…… and fingering her until she came all over his hand – I had to see it happen!!

After all, she had already done it – just not in front of me!!

We talked some more and I found myself getting so excited by her details and my mind picturing every minute detail, that I had to FUCK her NOW, I had to Fuck her like the Slut she was fixing to become and she didn’t even know it yet!!!

I practically ripped her blouse off, No Bra there – she had let Sam take it off – I pulled her skirt down, No panties there – I had them in my pocket!! I pushed her down on the bed and we had Sex, made Love & Fucked harder than we have in all of our 30 years combined!!

I think I came at least twice and Eve squirted more that I have ever seen – between the alcohol & gummy bears – my wife had turned into a Tramp in 24 hours…… but this was the woman I had always wanted, this was the creature that I would have designed for myself and there would be no turning back after tonight!!

WE both went to sleep completely exhausted & satisfied - when I woke Eve was finishing getting ready for the day, my God, I had never seen her with the Glow and Smile that she as wearing today.

“Hurry up and get ready, I am starved and need my morning coffee!” she ordered. Quickly we headed to one of our favorite breakfast locations to get the day started, as we drank our first cup of coffee – Eve looked at me…….

“Do you hate me now?? I am so very sorry for last night!! When I got those old feelings, I felt like I was a single kid again and could do anything I wanted. I didn’t realize how far I had went until Sam was fingering me in the closet and I knew that he was fixing to Fuck me if I didn’t stop it right then!! If you don’t want me, I can understand, but I think I can control it now that I know what to expect from the mixture!!” she explained.

Now it was my turn……. How do I explain that last night was a dream come true, I had secretly visioned those same things happening, but in my mind – NOW, I wanted it to go even farther!!!

“Honey, I think we have reached a turning point in our lives that we can get through anything – I was excited to see the Old Eve and it’s partially my fault for putting you in that position. I think we can set some boundaries and agree to have fun without costing us our marriage, if you are ok with that type of life!” I explained to the lady I loved.

“But Honey, another man was inside my body! Can you ever forgive me for that? I let him & I wanted him to do it, I just don’t want to lose you over something stupid!” Eve said.

“I understand, but it was his fingers, not his Cock & he didn’t Cum inside you – I think it’s kind of like the Dr doing his thing during a check up – nothing harmed if you can get past it, I am ok with what happened!” I stated, but all the while I wanted her to tell me that he flat out Fucked her silly in the supply closet!!

“But Babe, I told Sam that we would be back tonight and maybe we could go a little farther, He’s already fingered me until I came on his hand – you know what he will expect next!!” Eve replied as we discussed our future.

The whole time Eve was talking, my mind could see Sam’s fingers rubbing and massaging her Clit until she came - and then they both came back to the table like nothing had happened!! I had decided I would let them play their little game tonight until they were both excited beyond stopping and then I would step in to finish what he had started!!

It was almost time to go eat supper and head to the dance hall, Eve made the mistake of asking me what to wear tonight!! I told her I wanted to see her shortest skirt & sheerest blouse along with her Black Stiletto Heels!

BUT, that was ALL….. NO Bra, NO Panties & I wanted her Pretty Pussy Shaved smooth for everyone to see when she got out of the chair or took a large step – I wanted everyone to see what was mine and they could look but no touching at all!!!

She complied and we just happened to get a corner booth at the restaurant, I sat where Eve had to get out and make a small step down to the floor level, the first time she stepped down – I saw her smooth shaven pussy, very clear and the skirt rode up just enough to show her tight ass cheeks!!!

By the time we finished eating, Eve was getting into the little exhibition show – after all, we were 500 miles from home - she gave a few guys a couple of good looks, one of them looked at her and licked his lips as she spread her legs wider.

“DAMN YOU”, she spouted. “You have gotten me so wet that I don’t know if I can get out of this booth – my Pussy is dripping from showing these guys and knowing they want to FUCK me right now!!”

I smiled, “But that’s what you want isn’t it?? You want them to look and maybe you even want them to FUCK you!! Isn’t that right?!”

“I love for them to look, but I just want to have Sex with you – I enjoy knowing they want to, but I wouldn’t let them anyway!” she said, her gorgeous Blue Eyes sparkling as she spoke.

“OH BABY, I think you would – if I told you that you could – you might Fuck everyone in the bar and then tell me that it was my idea!” I replied as she smiled.

“I brought two Gummy Bears for tonight, but now I know what it does, I will be more careful with my flirting and dancing!” she said as she opened her purse to show me her little secret!!

We arrived at the dance hall, and I intentionally place Eve at the edge of the dance floor in the corner booth facing the floor every time she got out she would have to spread her legs just enough to give a quick look to anyone lucky enough to be watching her. She knew immediately what I was doing!

“I hope you like the show that you are making me put on?” She said with a grin, I think I will make you proud before the night is over – I think somebody besides you will enjoy seeing my new smooth Pussy!!”

Now, I knew this wasn’t the same lady I came with 2 days ago – HOLY CRAP, I had awakened a beast and it was on the prowl!! It usually takes a few songs before everyone starts dancing, but tonight Sam was there asking Eve to dance before the second song was over.

She looked at me and winked, “Is it ok if I dance with Sam she asked rather sheepishly, I promise not to get as wound up as I did last night and Sam will keep me out of trouble, won’t you Sam??”

Sam grinned, “Sure, but who’s going to keep me out of trouble??” he said as they walked off.

I thought to myself, if you only knew what I have lined up for you tonight!!!

I knew it would be mild for a while, Eve hadn’t chewed her first SEX inhibition killing treat yet!!

After a couple of dances, they came back to the booth, Eve sat down and to my surprise Sam sat next to her, we made small talk and had a good time for a few minutes and then Sam excused himself and left.

I asked Eve what that was all about, and she broke into a giggle as she smiled.

“I told him you wouldn’t let me wear any underwear tonight and he couldn’t feel me on the dance floor – so he waited until I sat down to put his hand on my New Pussy – and you never even noticed!!”

“Well, how did you feel about it?” was all I could think of, “Did you like another man’s hand on your most secret part of your body, did it feel like you thought it would - it must have been good, or you wouldn’t have let him touch you there!!”

“YES, OH GOD, YES, it felt good – he slid his fingers between my Pussy Lips and fingered me while you sat there talking to him, and never knew he was getting your wife off!!” she replied with a smart voice.

Have you already chewed you treat?” I asked, “I just wanted to know if it’s the treat making you this way, or do you have some feelings that have been awakened and desperately need attention?”

“No, it’s still in my purse – I am saving it for later tonight – I guess you might be right – I haven’t felt this way in 35 years and another man’s hands feel so Fucking good right now!”

We sort of chilled out for the next hour or so until Eve looked at me with the Gummy Bear in her hand!

“It’s time” she said. “I want to feel what I felt last night – will you keep me from going too far and let me know if I get out of line tonight?” she softly asks me.

“Yes, I will watch you and let you have a good time – how far do you want me to let you go??” I questioned Eve.

“Let me have fun, but not enough to ruin what we have – let me get some excitement and maybe give a free feel to go along with my Naked Body under these clothes!” that’s all I want.

“You got it!, I will just observe and enjoy the show – but remember I am taking you to the room tonight, so save some loving for me!”

Eve chewed her treat and had another stiff drink, as she waited for the effects to take ahold of her mind & body. I could tell she was getting relaxed and noticed her turn toward the dance floor gently spreading her legs ever so slightly to give any takers a peek!!

Soon a tall cowboy came up and took his hat off, turned to me and asked if he could dance with my beautiful wife. Before I could answer Eve was on her feet and took his hand as the started across the floor. He was a real gentleman and kept a nice distance between them as they started a slow dance.

I looked up from my drink and Eve was straddling his leg as he held her close when they turned and twisted on the floor. I watched as she took his hand from her lower back and placed it very low on her hip, he squeezed her Ass while they danced. I just let her enjoy the dance and tried not to look, he brought her back to the table and thanked me for letting him dance with her, then turned and walked away.

“Well, did you enjoy that little dance?” I asked.

“Absolutely, Eve remarked, and I promised him another dance later.”

I looked up and guess who is here waiting for a dance…. Yep, good old SAM!!!

He never even asked, Eve was in his arms and on the dance floor before I even knew she was gone. I watched as she did the same thing with Sam, but he was squeezing her Ass and moving his hands a lot. I decided to just chill and enjoy the show, after all – I would be the one partaking of her Heavenly Pleasures later tonight!!!

By now it was nearing midnight & the crowd was dwindling to a few die-hard patrons, of course Sam was still here and had danced with Eve at least a dozen times and between his alcohol and her Gummy Bear, the conversation was getting somewhat personal.

Eve excused herself to the restroom and Sam just disappeared into the crowd, since the last call was coming up, I decided to take a break to “Drain the Lizard”!! As I started up the hall, I saw Sam come out of the supply closet, he didn’t see me, so I waited around the corner to see if Eve had been with him!!

Sure, enough Eve came out and went into the Ladies room, I went ahead and took care of business before heading back to the booth.

“Everything Ok??” I asked when Eve sat down.

“Absolutely” she said with a smile, “Couldn’t be better, I had a wonderful time tonight, but I am not ready for it to end yet. What do you think about inviting a few friends to the room for a night cap??”

My mind was trying to get ahead of the thought process as I replied, “Absolutely, I want to keep the party going also!”

Eve headed out on the floor and invited 5 or 6 of the crowd to our room for an after-party drink, while driving to the hotel I asked her, “Who all is invited and do we have enough drinks for everyone?”

“I told everybody to bring their own and we would furnish the setups.” She said.

On the way to the room, I questioned Eve about her plans for the night, and was there anything I needed to know before it got started.

“OH BABY, please don’t kill the Buzz, I am feeling like a young college girl and don’t want it to end yet!” Eve stated!!

When everyone got there, we sat around getting to know each other better, finally one of the ladies asked Eve about the little extra she had mentioned in the restroom. Eve gave her one of her “Treats” and offered them to the rest of the group – only two guys (Sam & Cowboy) and two ladies took the offer.

Fast forward about an hour, Eve was getting pretty un-inhibited, and I didn’t know she took another treat along with everyone else. One of the ladies (Suzy, Cowboy’s wife) asked if anyone was up for some “Girl on Girl” showtime - HELL YES!!!, seemed to come from everywhere!!! Suzy stood up and asked, “We are all Adults & I think we all know why we came here tonight, especially after Eve sharing her little Treats with us!! So is anyone willing to give the guys a show with me?”

Eve spouted quickly, “I have never done it, but I really want to be part of the show!!”

Suzy went to the couch where Eve sat and caught her skirt, pushing it up under her pretty, freely hanging titties!!

“DAMN,” Suzy quipped, “Girl you must really be ready, Ain’t NO PANTIES covering that Pretty Pussy!!” Suzy kissed Eve long and deep, her tongue was exploring Eve’s mouth as her fingers rolled Eve’s Clit, Eve tried to pull away as Suzy put her fingers deep inside my wife! Suzy held her tight as she invaded Eve’s wet love hole – as she removed her fingers – her tongue took their place as Eve squirted all over Suzy’s face!!

I was almost hypnotized watching my lovely wife get eaten by another female for the first time, Eve was bucking up and Suzy was sending her to a place I have never seen!! When Eve caught her breath, she pushed Suzy down on the floor and pulled Suzy’s jeans off, immediately she returned the favor with her tongue deep in Suzy’s Pussy!!!

The ladies put on quite a show for at least 30 minutes as everyone watched and commented about just how Damn Hot the performance was!!

When they finished, each got up and kissed their respective spouses, I could taste Suzy’s Pussy on Eve’s lips!!

“Can I talk to you in the other room?” I asked Eve.

“What’s up?” Eve said as we got in the other part of the suite.

“Just how far are you going tonight?” I asked.

“As far as you let me – and I really don’t want you to stop anything tonight, just let me enjoy the Old Eve one time again!!” she almost begged.

“OK, but remember – NO ONE Fucks you or Cums in your pussy!!” that’s my only rule!!

“You got it, Babe – now let’s quit wasting time and get back to the party!”

When we got back in the main bedroom, Sam had Suzy’s legs spread and his head buried deep in her vagina. I put some music on, and we all watched Sam & Suzy put on the next show!!

After a while Sam came over and asked Eve to dance, I just smiled, and they walked away whispering softly. I was trying to let Eve have her fun & quite frankly I was ecstatic watching other men put their hands on her beautiful body.

Eve turned her back to Sam and pushed back into his crotch as they danced. Sam placed his hands in front of her top and was squeezing het tits as she moaned and wiggled. I watched one hand leave her tit and go under her skirt, should I go stop it or just let it ride a few minutes??

I knew when his fingers made contact with her wet shaved pussy, Eve’s eyes lit up and she looked straight at me – I could tell she didn’t need any help at this point, so I just watched her get fingered while my Cock rose and was rock hard from the action!!

I watched as Sam’s hand moved behind Eve’s dress and I just thought he was playing with her ass, then it hit me !!! Sam had both hands on her tits again and Eve was pushing back harder with ever move!

She seemed to know I wasn’t liking the action, as she pulled away – I saw his Hard Fat Cock sticking out of his pants. Eve pulled away and turned to face him – he looked at me as she started walking my direction – he turned and zipped up his pants.

When Eve got to the couch she sat next to me as if I saw nothing happen.

“Everything Ok Baby?” she asks with a serious look on her pretty face, “Did I do something to upset you?”

I couldn’t prevent my mouth from saying, “Was Sam trying to Fuck You just then?”

She knew then, I saw them, and she was trying to smooth it over, “No Honey, we were dancing and he rubbed his cock against my ass, that’s all he did!”

“Why didn’t you pull away and come to me?” I asked.

“I couldn’t, OH God, it felt so good I didn’t want him to stop!” she said and continued. “Are you mad at me? I just want to have some fun tonight!”

“Ok, I won’t stop you from having some fun, but NO Fucking and no Cum in your Pussy!! Those are the rules!!”

Eve’s face lost a little color as she spoke up, “But what if I already had another Cock inside me? I didn’t mean for it to happen, it just slid in before I could move away!!”

“What the Fuck?? Are you telling me Sam had his Cock inside you tonight?? I demanded.

“Yes, but it was my fault, I didn’t know he had taken it out and when I backed up to him – he raised my skirt – it just slid inside and that’s when I saw you watching us!” she was shaking as she explained.

“Well Hell, it’s already happened and you told me about it, so I need to work this out in my mind! Give me a few minutes to think!” I told her!!

My mind was reeling and my Cock was so hard I thought it would explode right then – another man’s Cock inside my wife’s Wet Shaved Pussy no more than 20 feet from me and I never knew it happened!!

I decided to go talk to Sam and try to put on a front that I was mad as hell and thinking about whipping his Ass!! He saw me coming and the look was priceless – it was like OH FUCK!!! He’s coming to WHOOP MY ASS!!!!

There was NO Way in HELL did I want him to Stop, he had gone this far and Eve was sexier and hotter that I have ever seen her in 30 years – my Cock was so hard just thinking about things to CUM before the night was through!!!

I told Sam we needed to go outside and talk, Eve came up and butted in “This is my fault too – don’t take it all out on Sam, please let me be responsible for what happened!!”

I mustered up my most authoritative voice, “You need to stay inside – this is between me and Sam – I will tell you when it’s ok for you to talk!!” I never talk to Eve that way and I could see she was taken by surprise …… But not as much taken by surprise as her letting Sam stick his Fat Uncircumcised Cock inside my wife!!!!

Sam started out with a hundred excuses about what had happened, and he didn’t actually mean to put his Cock inside my Wife!!!

I stopped him in mid-sentence and loudly said “BULLSHIT!!!” You could have heard a Flea Fart!!!

I told him to keep his mouth shut and hear me out – if he could do that, then maybe we could solve this problem without any violence!!

Immediately he shut up and listened intently and hung on every word! “I started out with, “I am not blaming you for everything, but you started this little escapade last night and Eve was so worked up that I knew this would happen before the night was over! Now if you want to do things my way, I think you will enjoy the outcome and Eve will be a very happy lady!!”

I explained what I wanted him to do and the things that I would be doing and saying to him about my wife!! He was in total agreement and after about 30 minutes we went back inside, Eve watched every move as Sam went one direction and I went the other.

Eve came to try to take the blame again – I told her it was over and we wouldn’t discuss it any farther. She sheepishly said ok and walked away – it was killing me to act like the Bad Ass Husband when my heart was about to explode with anticipation of the future happenings, Eve was going to enjoy her Gummy Bears rekindling of the OLD EVE!!!

Everything got back to normal and we were all having a great time, the music started up again and Eve never got off the couch. I had been watching her – now sitting with her legs together and not drinking anything – I got Sam’s attention and nodded toward Eve.

Sam went to the couch and sat beside her – instantly her eyes met mine looking for some sign that it was ok, I nodded and she got up to dance with Sam again. It took a few dances before they were back where it all stopped before.

Sam was feeling her up pretty heavy as she kept watching me to see my reaction to his hands on her body again! I smiled and nodded it was ok – I could see the relief in her eyes.

This time I watched her hand reach behind her and I knew she was taking his Thick Fat Cock out of his jeans, I knew when she backed up to him, his cock was inside my wife again. The song ended and they separated turning to face each other.

I walked over to them and whispered to Eve, “You can give him a Blow Job but don’t let him Cum in your mouth!” Sam looked at me knowing what I had planned and leaned over to kiss Eve.

Eve whispered back, “Are you sure, I don’t want Sam in trouble, and I will stop everything if that is what you want me to do!”

How could I tell her HELL NO!! When I wanted to see him Fuck her Brains out right now!!!

I brushed it off saying, “Y’all already had some Sex, you might as well get his rocks off for him!!”

Our hotel room was a large suite, and the second open room had a couch and recliner in it. Sam sat on the couch as Eve leaned down to kiss him and pull his pants down. They kissed passionately for a little while, then Eve pulled his Cock out, she could barely reach around it.

As she gently pulled down the un-cut foreskin, the entire cock-head was completely covered in glistening Pre-Cum, Eve licked the salty fluid until it had been replaced with her perfect lips, she then took the large purple head in her mouth while squeezing and massaging the lemon sized Cum filled balls!

The sparkling diamonds in her Wedding Ring were no match for the Glow & Sparkle in Eve’s Blue Eyes as she stroked the thick foreskin and licked the flowing Pre-Cum!!

Then she started stroking the foreskin that previously covered his very large purple cock head. Eve took only the head in her mouth, as her eyes met mine, OH MY GOD!! Her Blue eyes were beautiful as she licked the Cock Head of another man!! – I smiled at her to let her know everything was ok and to enjoy the night!!

She never stopped after getting the head between her lips, she deep throated the Thick Fat Cock, Sam caught her head and held her briefly as she worked her throat around his fat shaft. Now she pulled back and had drooled all over his shaft, she sucked the head as she stroked the fat shaft with both hands.

Everyone had quit dancing and just watched in amazement as she got into a rhythm with his hips arching up slightly to meet her lips round the purple head. I knew he was close as she took her mouth away and the cool air hit the usually covered purple head.

Eve was still stroking his shaft with both hands as Sam started CUMING, just a little at first, then the ejaculations were sending thick white gobs of Cum down his shaft….. THEN I SAW IT – Eve’s wedding rings were covered with the thick white fluids flowing down the shaft and completely covering her wedding rings with his CUM!!!

I knew Eve wanted to lick the Cum away and clean Sam’s Cock for him, I watched as she just kept stroking that Fat Cock and finally looked at me………

“What the Hell” I said, “Go ahead and clean his cock up for him – it’s all over you anyway!”

Instantly Eve went to work on Sam’s Cum soaked Cock, she licked and swallowed every drop as she cleaned him up, I wanted to raise her skirt and slam my Cock deep inside her Pussy as she cleaned the Cum off another man’s Cock!!

When she finished and stood up, she pulled her skirt straight and mouthed “THANK YOU” to me – I just smiled and didn’t dwell on it. One of the ladies came over to Eve and said something to her – I didn’t know what she said but Eve sat down and raised her skirt as the lady buried her face in Eve’s wet Pussy!

Eve’s hips were thrusting up to meet the stranger’s invasion of her wet shaved pussy and I knew Eve would want more before the night was through – it seemed that the Gummy Bears had awakened the Tiger that I married so long ago!!

I hadn’t paid too much attention to the others in the room, but the very polite Cowboy that danced with Eve had been visiting and just partaking everything happening, I watched as he kept glancing Eve’s direction. When he finally made his way to the couch, Eve stood up and he took her hand, as they went to the center of the room and waited on the next song.

Now this wasn’t part of my plan with Sam and my mind was running wild again as they danced, and Eve placed his giant hand on her Ass Cheek!! I don’t know if he was watching the whole time and saw Eve & Sam or not, but he was squeezing her ass and I knew any minute his hand would find the Naked Ass under her skirt!!

I was surprised when he escorted Eve back to the couch and once again thanked me for letting him dance with my wife, he was a real gentleman and Eve was eating out of his hand!! Eve excused herself as he stood there and left our presence, Cowboy (is what everybody called him) asked if he could sit and get to know us a little better – I told him to be my guest.

After some small talk, he wanted to know the story behind the extra-curricular fun tonight, I explained that this isn’t the normal Eve and about the Gummy Bears awakening the Old Eve for the night.

I knew he was more that interested in getting to know Eve much better as we talked, I explained that tonight was a one-time thing, and I was letting her enjoy whatever she wanted to do!!

“So, anything she wants is ok with you?” he asked never taking his eyes off Eve, just how far can a man go tonight without causing any problems??”

“If Eve is ok with it and she doesn’t want to stop, then anything goes, just for tonight!!” I explained.

“Yes Sir!!” he excitedly responded, “I am going to make your little lady very happy before tonight is over!!”

When Eve came back, Cowboy asked for another dance and they both went back out in the middle of the room waiting on the next song. This time he didn’t wait for Eve to place his large hands on her Ass, he had both hands full by the second note of the song.

I guess I was preoccupied with their dancing and didn’t see everyone else leaving over the last half-hour, it was now just Suzy, Eve, Sam, Cowboy & me!!! Sam came over and sat on the couch, as Cowboy and Eve danced to a slow gyrating beat – Eve’s hand went to Cowboy’s crotch!!

“What the Hell did she just do??” I thought as his hand followed her lead and disappeared under the front of her skirt!!! I knew when he touched her Wet Pussy….. her head went back, and her legs got weak, as he held her up and kept doing whatever he was doing under her skirt!!!

“DAMN” Sam said as we watched Eve & Cowboy in a middle of the room, putting on a show for us, “Just how far are you going to let this go??” he continued as I watched almost speechless!!

“HELL if I know” I replied!! I was watching the Old Eve and I was so mesmerized by her actions; I didn’t want to stop anything – but really wanted to see exactly how far she would go on her own if I didn’t object……little did I know that I was fixing to find out first hand!!!!

When the music stopped, they both just stood there continuing with their playing Feely-Body in front of Sam & I, when Eve caught my eye – she jerked her hand away as if she didn’t have a clue how it got to Cowboy’s crotch!

They came to the couch and sat down together, Eve looked at Sam & I and asked, “Since this is a “one time thing” and Sam, Cowboy and you, Honey…… have watched me shed my inhibitions and acted like the college girl I was almost 35 years ago, SO, here’s my desire!!”

“Babe, you remember those times when we went to the lake with friends??” she grinned as she spoke – “I had the chance for a three person MFM – I didn’t do it because I thought you would never speak to me again, now after you are letting me go this far and I really need another Gummy Bear about now!!”

“I have regretted it ever since that night, but everything is just right for tonight, you are so understanding, Sam has had me so hot & bothered all night, and NOW that I have felt the “Concealed Weapon” that Cowboy is packing…….. I want to do all three of you tonight!!”

NOW my mind was turning Cartwheels – my wife just asked permission to FUCK two other men and wants me to join in and give her my blessings!!! This was a Dream come True, but can I handle it after it’s over – will I still feel the same – so DAMN many unknowns and I have to say YES or NO …. Right Now!!!

I stood up, “Eve can we talk in the other room, Please??” I tried to ask in a calm voice.

Before I could speak Eve started, “You know I have never cheated on you, there have been so many opportunities that you never knew about, so many times my body wanted to just turn loose and let my hair down – THANK YOU for tonight even if you say NO!! Tonight has been a dream come true and my body hasn’t felt like this since we have been together!”

When she finished, I calmly said, “Babe, you will never know how many times this same scenario has played out in my mind – I don’t think there’s a man alive that doesn’t SECRETLY want to see his wife in Sexual action with another man – it’s the “What would she do? How would she act? Would she Fuck another man at all??” those things go through every married man’s mind at some point!!”

“If you really want to do this and you can promise that it will not affect our marriage or the Sex Life we have at home….. You have my Full Permission to Fuck all night if you want!!!”

Yes, I just said that, what the Fuck was I thinking!!! Eve turned around facing Cowboy & Sam, “Get them damn clothes off guys, we are wasting time!!”

I watched both men take turns eating Eve’s Wet Pussy and she sucked them in return, but Sam’s Fat Cock was nothing compared to Cowboy’s Thick Shaft and at least 9 to 10 inches of rock hard Cock!! Where were these DAMN Gummy Bears for the last 30 years????

Eve was ecstatic and I have never in my wildest dreams thought she was any kind of the SEX Bomb that I was watching tonight – she came over to me and whispered in my ear “Honey, if tonight wakes up this Wildcat’s Pussy that I have kept under control our entire married life – You haven’t seen anything yet – You don’t know what the future could bring for our Sex Life!!”

My thoughts about seeing my wife have Sex with another man were rapidly coming true, Three days ago I never dreamed I would be on the verge of watching two enormous Cocks Split Roast my darling wife, and I was super excited to see it happen!!!

Cowboy came up behind Eve and put his arms around her, his long fingers found her erect nipples and he squeezed her tits as she moaned – he methodically took each nipple and began to roll and pinch the erect skin. Eve pulled back with a little winch of pain, but that was only momentary, again he pinched her nipples and she moaned in pleasure!

Sam had again found her recently shaven Pussy and gently pulled her vaginal lips apart exposing her large sensitive Clit, He took it in his mouth and began sucking on it with a fevered pace – as Cowboy inflicted pleasurable pain on her nipples – Sam was sucking and gently biting on her hard Clit, Eve was gyrating and moaning like I could never imagine!!

Cowboy looked at me and I knew he was enjoying the pain he was inflicting on her nipples, he asked “Have you ever done anything like this to your beautiful lady??”

“No,” I replied, “I didn’t think she would let me, and I have never seen Eve like this!” “I have popped her ass a few times, but it didn’t seem to excite her!” I continued. But she is so much different tonight, I think she’s up for anything you want to do!”

Cowboy removed his hands and almost on que Sam took to sucking and biting those pretty nipples – Eve shifted into another gear. Her hips were hunching back and forth as the assault continued.

Cowboy spoke up, “Eve, if there is anything you don’t like – tell me or Sam to STOP and we will, but the Gummy Bears you took are awakening another side of your inner self that you probably didn’t know you had or repressed it all your life & TONIGHT is has come alive!!”

“OH GOD NO, Please don’t stop anything – I have never felt this way before & I don’t want anybody to stop anything – it feels like Heaven!!” Eve pleaded as the two men kept finding new erogenous zones on Eve’s body!

Sam looked my direction, “How far can we go?? Do you want us to stop or is this a night for Eve to remember and she’s ours for the taking?” he smiled as he spoke.

“You have to ask Eve” I said as she continued to gyrate and moan with every touch, “If she wants more, it’s up to her – I will not object to anything tonight!”

Sam softly spoke to Eve, “Eve, you have to tell us what you want, it has to be your request & desire – tonight is all about you and your pleasure!!”

What happened next still sends chills to my spine……..

“I need you to FUCK ME!!!” Eve almost screamed as she grabbed Sam’s Fat Cock, “I need SEX and a lot of it, Fuck Me like I have never had it before!!”

Cowboy picked Eve up and carried her to the bed, as he laid her down Sam started kissing her and sucking her taught nipples – Cowboy turned to me “Is anything “Off Limits??” he asked.

Eve spoke out loud, “Dammit, I need Sex, NOTHING is Off Limits!!”

I just smiled and kept my mouth shut – after all, it’s her night to shine!!

Cowboy immediately returned to Eve, he took both legs and pushed them almost to her chest, as he buried his face in her smooth pussy she squirted all over him.

“OH HELL YEAH BABY, that’s a good girl – I want to see a lot of that before the night is over!” Cowboy uttered as he licked her soaking vagina. “Sam, you better get down here and punch this pussy first, if I go first – she won’t even feel you!!”

As instructed, Sam got between Eve’s legs – Cowboy pulled her knees up leaving nothing but a wide-open Pussy facing Sam’s Fat Uncut Cock, Sam placed the foreskin at Eve’s vaginal lips opening, gently he rubbed it up & down her pussy lips, and she moaned with excitement.

Now he pulled the skin back leaving that enormous purple head just at the opening of her womb, she was so wet she had no trouble taking the giant head just inside as he slowly pushed a little more Eve groaned while Sam stretched her vagina to an extreme, she had never known.

He slowly pulled out and her pussy had an opening to match the size of his purple cock head – he slowly rolled the Extra Large Magnum Condom down the shaft until it met his balls, once again he placed his cock head inside her stretched vaginal opening and pushed the head inside again!!

As the onslaught continued, all I could hear were grunting sounds and an occasional OH GOD!! From Eve’s lips, Sam kept a steady pace until he hit bottom, when his pelvic met Eve’s she exclaimed “OH FUCK it’s huge - PLEASE – I can’t take, it’s HUGE!!!”

Sam just stayed motionless as Eve’s vagina stretched to accommodate his Fat Cock, after a minute or so Sam pulled back a little – “OH MY GOD” I thought as he pulled his hips back and it seemed half of Eve’s insides were coming out with his Cock!!

Her pussy lips were so tight and not stretched enough to allow him to withdraw – the scene was unbelievable as her inner vaginal walls came outside her body, as they held tight to his cock – she moaned in a sound I had never heard – he was stretching her pussy to limits she couldn’t stand and I knew he would have to stop them before he tore her insides up!!

Then as the he withdrew almost to the purple head – Eve hunched up hard to get him back completely inside her pussy.

“OH FUCK!!” she groaned, “Let me have it all, OH GOD!!, it’s huge, it feels wonderful inside!!”

Now Cowboy had let go of her legs and Sam put them on his shoulders as he started rocking in rhythm with Eve’s gyrating ass.

“Come on Baby, come on, let me have it all – I need you to Cum inside me – Come on Baby CUM for ME!!” she kept saying.

I was watching and hearing my precious wife beg another man to Cum inside her Womb, she wanted another’s Sperm inside her body, but she didn’t know he had put on a condom before he rammed it to the bottom.

The two of them Fucked like nothing I had ever dreamed of – now Eve was stretched, her wet pussy still had skin holding onto Sam’s Fat Cock and she was taking every thrust and wanting more. That Pussy would never be the same!!

Sam pulled out and turned Eve over onto her all fours, as he placed his cock back at the opening that he was stretching with ever stroke – Eve felt the condom!! She grabbed it tight and started pulling it off – “NO ONE gets my Pussy with a condom” she demanded.

As Sam buried his thick Bareback Cock deep in my wife again, the feeling of tight wet stretching womb must have been too much – he was thrusting hard and Eve was bucking back to meet each one!

“OH FUCK” Sam groaned “I’m fixing to CUM – do I have to pull out??” “Oh Fuck you feel so good, I can’t stop it!”

“OH GOD!! don’t you dare pull out, I want it all, empty your balls in my Pussy, fill me with your Cum!!” Eve almost demanded!!

With that, Sam grabbed her waist from behind and slammed his throbbing cock deep - one last time as he emptied his hot Cum in my beautiful wife!!!

Eve started a shaking motion from head to toe – her legs were shaking almost violently as Sam spewed his warm seed into her wet shaven pussy – it seemed to go on at least 3 or 4 minutes as he held her so tight, she couldn’t get away from his Fat Cuming Cock.

Eventually Sam released Eve’s hips and she fell forward on the bed face down, Holy Crap – as she fell flat onto the sheets – the thick white Cum gushed out and onto her legs. As she lay with them still apart, the Hot Cum was oozing out and on the sheets almost like the Soft-Serve Ice Cream at the local diner!!!

I watched what seemed like forever before Eve even took a breath, I have never seen it in person, but she has just been FUCKED!!! I was thinking to myself – Cowboy should have went ahead an got his first – there is no way possible Eve will be worth anything if she can even muster up enough strength to let Cowboy get anything at all!!!

I looked up and Sam had his phone taking a picture of Eve’s Cum drenched overflowing Pussy, I told him I didn’t think Eve would be too happy about that and to my surprise she remarked,

“The Fucking Sam just gave me should have been videoed – I would give anything to see that myself – let him take all the pictures he wants, as long as my face doesn’t show – that’s something to brag about!!” I think he took 20 or 30 pictures!!!

I noticed that Cowboy had his phone out too, I guess it’s ok if he takes a picture also, especially since he might not even get any Pussy after Sam finished!!

Eve turned over and My God the light on her face was awesome – I have never saw that glow about her – she looked fabulous even after the workout she just had. She looked at Cowboy, “Well big boy are you just going to stand there or are you going to try to out do Sam??” she said with that beautiful glow.

Cowboy replied, “Little lady I was just waiting for you to catch your breath, Sam was just playing High School (get some behind the bleachers) compared to what I am fixing to do to your sweet little Pussy!! I think there’s about 4 inches of Pussy that was left untouched by old Sam & I intend to tear that PUSSY up!!”

Cowboy walked over to Sam and handed him his phone – keep recording my friend – I got you two and I want to be sure you get me & Eve in her coming out party – she will want to watch this video more than once, just to make sure that she really did this!!

I didn’t say anything – what’s done is done and I really wanted a copy to watch over and over myself!!! Damn, Eve was the Hottest Lady that I have ever seen – I think those Gummy Bears opened a New Chapter in our lives and I can’t wait to see how she can handle that one eyed monster of Cowboy’s!!!

Cowboy caught Eve’s feet and pulled her close to the edge of the bed, then put her legs in the bend of his arms as he raised her ass cheeks up in the air.

“OH GOD, what are you doing to me?” Eve groaned.

“Nothing yet, ma’am” Cowboy replied, “But in a couple of seconds I am going to have you speaking in tongues and begging for more!!”

Before his voice ended, Cowboy placed that monster Cock at Eve’s well lubricated & swollen Vaginal opening, without warning Cowboy rammed his entire 9 inch Cock to the balls….. Eve gasped and whimpered almost a cry for help!

Cowboy just held Eve in position as she tried to push away from the impalement she was suffering, she couldn’t move – Cowboy knew what he was doing and Eve was helpless to resist his manhood.

Then almost like a switch was turned on Eve gasped “OH FUCK, OH MY GOD, it’s killing me I can’t take that thing, Please take it out” she whimpered!

He held her tight as he spoke softly, “Relax, just let go, relax and feel the joy between your legs, let me make you satisfied, don’t fight it!!”

Eve could feel the change taking place, her womb was stretched to the limit and the walls of her vagina couldn’t take anymore, slowly she relaxed as her body accepted his massive assault on her once tight pussy, she was now stretched and she felt torn apart, but the feeling was getting control of her mind, she was relaxing as the large cock filled everything she had.

As Cowboy moved his hips slightly, Eve bucked up to meet him, “OH GOD, OH God, please don’t take it out, please leave it in, it’s huge & I want it all!!” she was now his for the taking.

The Lady I married would have never acted this way, Eve was a completely different person from my wife, I had opened Pandora’s Box and I don’t think I will ever be able to shut it again.

With each stroke of Cowboy’s massive Cock, Eve whimpered as if in pain – but the ecstatic look in her pretty blue eyes as they seemed to roll back in her head told a different story! Eve was a prisoner to her inner Cum Slut.

I think every woman wants to be taken and used like Eve was experiencing at this very moment – the only difference is that most will never get the opportunity to feel it first hand!!

Eve’s hips were grinding up to meet Cowboy as he took long deliberate strokes, almost completely withdrawing before stretching her very womb with each powerful thrust to the balls!!

Sam & I watched speechless as Cowboy turned my wife into his Whore, and she was willing to take everything he had. Sam never stopped recording as she moaned and Fucked back up to Cowboy’s every motion.

The pace was slowing as Eve’s vaginal walls grew to accept the onslaught of his Cock, she let out a gasp and moan as he pulled out and pulled her farther to the edge of the bed while turning her over onto her firm belly.

“OH GOD!! Please don’t stop – Please let me have it back, I’m yours, Please…” Eve had never begged for anything and I was watching her BEG for another man’s Cock – what the Fuck had I let happen??

Cowboy pulled Eve up on her knees and moved closer to the edge of the bed, “You like it young lady??” He asked as he put his cock head back at her Love Hole entrance! “You ready to be Fucked like the Cum Slut you are?”

“OH GOD YES,” she squealed!! “Make me your Cum Slut, I want to feel like I have never felt before!!”

Cowboy started a steady push forward, again I heard Eve whimper as his Cock spread her Vagina to new extremes. She was slowly moving back to meet him as he stopped all motion. Eve didn’t know what she did wrong.

“Please don’t stop, Please let me have it all!” she almost begged.

“It’s up to you little lady, you have to work for what you want, you have to Fuck me now!!” Cowboy instructed.

Eve started to rock backwards on his Stiff Cock – “OH YES, that’s it – come on pick up the pace – Fuck me like you want me to Fuck you! Come on, WORK that PUSSY!!” he ordered.

She knew now that she had completely lost any control and he was all she could think about – Pleasing Cowboy was her mission, and he knew she was his!

As she rocked back, she felt his large hands massaging her ass cheeks – POW! POW! He was slapping her Ass POW! again, she felt the sting as he popped her over and over – now the pain turned to pleasure, she hunched back even harder!

She felt his fingers reach around to her soaking Clit, he was rubbing it and driving her into another frenzy, when he removed his fingers, he went straight to her perfect ass – instantly she knew when the first finger penetrated her ass!

“OH FUCK!!” she moaned, “That feels so good!”

“You have to ask me for it” he instructed Eve, “If you want it, Tell ME!”

“OH YES, I want it, but Please be easy” she begged!

I watched in silence – Eve has never let me have her ass – I don’t know if it’s the Gummy Bears, the excitement of a Strange Cock or the Inner Slut coming out!! But I was motionless to object, I wanted to see him impale my wife on his monster Cock!!

Cowboy placed a second finger in her ass and started a circular motion slowly going deeper as he pushed his fingers apart to stretch her out. OH MY GOD! I thought – this man is stretching my woman out larger than I will ever be able to fill when he is through with her luscious body!

I saw his two large fingers pull out and he leaned forward placing his Cock Head at the opening, his Pre-Cum was flowing as her traced circles around Eve’s Ass, he squeezed it over and over to get the natural lube in the perfect opening as she squirmed with each motion of his cockhead depositing the fluid just inside her ass!!

His cock was enormous compared to the fingers he just removed. Then he abruptly he slammed his manhood back in her stretched and dripping pussy, Eve let out a squeal as it hit bottom. After a few hard thrusts in her pussy, I knew what he was doing – he was getting it covered in her juices and Sam’s Cum before the onslaught of her tight ass!! As his hips came back, he pulled it out and on the forward stroke, he rammed it deep in her ass!!

AAAYYYY!!! OH GOD!!!! She screamed as he drove the entire shaft out of sight, Eve was trying to get away as she lunged forward, but his grip on her hips pulled him with her, his cock buried deep in her bowels as she half whimpered and muffled a guttural moan as they hit the bed flat on her belly!!

“Easy Baby, relax, take it easy, Cowboy ain’t gonna hurt you, he’s going to open your ass & eyes to a whole another side of Sexual Pleasures!!” he spoke softly barely above a whisper!!

I wanted to object and stop the things he was doing to my wife, but I could only watch as she slowly started gyrated her hips back onto his pelvis, she was moaning and gasping almost every move as she got faster and started raising up on her elbows!

“That’s my little Cum Slut” he said!! “Take Cowboy’s Cock, take it all in your sweet tight Ass!! Cowboy is gonna CUM in your Ass, and you are going to want more of my Cock next time you see me!! Anybody ever Cum in your Ass Baby, or is Cowboy gonna be your first Ass Fucking??”

Eve could barely answer, “No, you are the First, Please be easy – I want you to CUM in my Ass, but please be easy??”

If I had used those words we probably wouldn’t be together today, but she was loving the Slut talk and seemed to be getting turned on more & more by his calling her names!

In seconds they were Fucking at a fevered pace, I watched as the skin around her ass stretched out with Cowboy’s cock just like her pussy did on Sam’s Fat Cock – her body would never be the same again!!

Sam & I watched the scene playing out in front of us, my wife and a complete stranger until a couple of hours ago, were Fucking like Teenagers and couldn’t care less about anything but Sex or even who was watching their unbridled actions and Cowboy calling her names that before tonight would have started a fight!!

Eve was in a rhythm with Cowboy’s very large Cock plowing deep in her ass, she as doing almost all the work as he kept calling her trashy names and asking if she was his Cum Slut – Eve only got wilder as the onslaught continued!!

Without warning he grabbed her waist and buried himself deep as he exploded over and over deep in Eve’s bowels as his thick white Cum oozed out around his cock – I knew Eve had been taken to new heights….. her Pussy & Ass would never be the same!!

My mind was a buzz of thoughts –….. Could I ever please her again??

Would she ever be satisfied with regular sex again??

Would I be able to keep the images that I had witnessed out of our lives???

Had she really become someone else’s Cum Slut before my eyes???

What type of SEX was next for Her?? All I could think about was how Damn Hot it was to watch her get Fucked & Used by other men, I my mind I wanted to see it happen again. What would be her reaction to the idea if I presented it to her and if she accepted it, could I go through with it again!!! Eve finally quit convulsing and shaking from the most intense Orgasm I have ever seen – I have watched the Fake ones on porn movies – BUT this was real – when Cowboy pulled out, Cum gushed out onto the bed, as her whole body quivered – she fell lifeless onto the bed, as her body drained the Cum left by two different men, that had just been enjoying the intense Sexual pleasures of my wife!!

When Eve finally regained her composure, she raised up on the bed and smiled!!

“Well guys, did you all enjoy the show, I haven’t done anything like that since my first Marijuana experience!!” she said as I listened intently, “I have always wondered if I would ever get the chance to experience that feeling again, My GOD!!! I will never forget tonight!”

I was thinking – Neither will I!!!

This all took place about 3 months ago – Eve has taken a very serious liking to the Extra-Curricular activities that were awakened that night – ALL because of a couple of GUMMY BEARS!!!

We are still very upstanding citizens in our hometown…… but we have learned where to find the excitement she needs almost weekly!! I can see a complete change in Eve, and I wouldn’t go back for anything – my only regret is not trying the Other Side of Life many years ago!!!

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