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Getting to Know My Cousins Wife

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I am a 41 year old male. I?ve been married for 18 years and other than my wife I have only had sex with 2 other women. The first was my high school sweetheart and while we had sex often in high school we were not very good at it. I met my wife when I was a sophomore in college and once we started dating I never had sex with another woman again. In between my high school sweetheart and my wife there was a one night stand with a girl I never saw again.

My wife and I have an average sex life, I suppose. We probably average having sex once a week. More like once every 10 days, I would guess. Sex with her is always good but it?s never been mind blowing. We tend to do the same things the same way every time. I have always wanted more sexual adventure in my life but for some reason I have never been able to communicate that to my wife. We don?t really talk about sex. She is not the type to want to discuss it much and when I try I usually end up hurting her feelings and making her believe that she is not enough to satisfy me. The end result is that we just plod along in our sexual routine.

I have been told that I am a handsome man. I am 6? 1? tall and weigh 195 pounds. I keep myself in shape by working out with weights, biking and swimming. I have dark brown hair and blue eyes. I have a dark complexion and a muscular frame with six pack abs. Since I am into biking and swimming I keep my body, from the neck down, pretty much hairless. I have hair under my arms and that?s it. I used to not shave my pubic hair but a few years ago my wife asked me to shave there, too. She loved how I looked with no pubes so I started keeping that area hairless, too. Even though I am rather well endowed, 8 inches long and 6 inches around, she said that getting rid of the hair made me look even bigger. I must admit that it does give the appearance of being larger even when I am not hard.

I am an IT professional with a company that has offices all around the US. I frequently have to travel to our remote offices to do server maintenance, data recovery, etc. It was on one of these recent trips that I experienced a sexual adventure that I had never dreamed I would have.

My cousin, Anthony, is 7 years older than me. He and I were too far apart in age when we were growing up to ever bond. But after we both became adults we grew closer to each other as we found that we had more in common with each other. When I was a senior in high school Anthony married a girl named Kali, (pronounced Kaylee.) The first time I ever saw her was at their wedding and she was absolutely stunning. She is about 5? 8? tall with long dark hair and emerald green eyes. She has a dark complexion and an absolutely incredible body. I was blown away by her the first time I laid eyes on her and I sat through their wedding with a raging hard on wanting to fuck my cousin?s new bride. The talk among the family was that she was high maintenance. She apparently came from a well-to-do family and most people in my family, my parents included, seemed to think she was snobbish and acted as if she was better than us. I didn?t care about all of that. I just wanted to fuck her.

Through the years Kali pretty much lived up to the billing that my family had given her. At family functions she always appeared to be too good for us. She was polite and always managed to smile but you couldn?t help but feel that she really wanted nothing to do with any of us. As the years passed she somehow managed to look better and better, though. Even after having 2 children. Every time I saw her she managed to surprise me with just how damn good she looked. But her snootiness seemed to offset her incredible beauty and overall she was not such an attractive person. I spent 23 years being around her at every family function admiring her beauty but detesting her attitude.

After Hurricane Katrina ravaged the Gulf Coast Anthony accepted a job offer in the New Orleans area and he and Kali moved there. He is a civil engineer and I guess there was a big need for his services in the region as they rebuilt roads, bridges, etc. Kali got into selling commercial real estate there shortly after they relocated.

Recently I had to schedule a trip to New Orleans to do some work for my company and I decided to call Anthony before I went to see if I could arrange to have diner with him. When he found out I was coming to town he insisted that I stay with them. I wasn?t too keen on the idea given the way Kali makes a person feel unwelcome but after he called me back 3 times to beg, I finally agreed. I was scheduled to fly in on a Tuesday morning and back out on Friday. That meant that I would spend 3 nights with them. At the last minute my schedule got changed and I had to postpone the trip for a week. When I called Anthony to tell him he told me that the following week he would be leaving on Thursday after work to go on a 3 day golf outing with several of his coworkers. I thought that was a good excuse to get out of staying with them but he insisted that I come stay at their house. I decided to go ahead and stay with them but told myself that if Kali made me feel uncomfortable that I would make an excuse and go find a hotel. Anthony had assured me that I would have my own room with a TV, private bathroom, etc.

On the Tuesday that I flew into New Orleans I was very busy. I got to the airport, got my rental car and I was off to our office there. I was there until late in the evening and by the time I made it to Anthony and Kali?s house I was beat. I had let them know I would be late and that I would take care of myself for dinner and I had stopped to eat on the way to their house. When I got there Kali had already gone to bed. Anthony and I stayed up talking for a little while before we went to bed. He told me that he wanted us to go to Harrah?s Casino in downtown New Orleans the next night if I had time. He and I share an affection for gambling and he knew that I would make the time to go to Harrah?s. So, we had a plan for Wednesday evening. A gambling plan.

The next morning I got an early start and I was out of the house and at the office without ever seeing either Anthony or Kali. I worked until mid afternoon and then I was done for the day. I called Anthony to see where he was and he told me he wouldn?t be done for a few more hours. I told him I was going to go back to his house and take a nap and get ready for the casino later that night. When I got to his house Kali wasn?t there so I let myself in through the garage with the code Anthony had given me. I went up to the guest room and laid down and was asleep in no time. A little while later I was awakened when I heard the garage door motor churning underneath the room I was in. I looked over at the clock and noticed it was only 4:30 in the afternoon so I figured it was Kali coming in and not Anthony. I decided I would go back to sleep a little longer but then a few seconds later there were loud beeps coming from the alarm panel in the room. They have an alarm system installed and apparently there is a control panel for it in every room of the house. Every time an outside door opens there are 4 rapid, loud beeps from each and every panel. Then I heard footsteps on the stairs and then a light knock on my door. It was Kali, ?Michael? Are you in there??

?Yes, I?m in here,? I said as nicely as I could considering that she had just woken me from a much needed nap.

?Are you decent?? She asked.

?That depends on your definition of decent,? I joked.

?Are you naked?? She asked.

?Nah,? I said. She opened the door and looked in. I was sitting on the edge of the bed by now. She apparently had just come from the gym because she was dressed in skin tight biker shorts and a matching black sports bra. Her hair was sweaty and sticking to her face a little. And even like that she was gorgeous. Her legs were long and tanned. Her nipples were poking through the tightly stretched material of the sports bra. Her belly was uncovered and every bit as tight as mine. All I could think at the moment was how much I?d love to cum all over her flat stomach.

?Hi,? she said with much more enthusiasm that I expected. ?I?d give you a hug but I just came from the gym and I smell like a pig.? Two thoughts came to mind? First, since when did she hug me when she saw me? And second? I don?t care if you smell like an elephant? hug me and let me cum all over that incredible body.

?I?m going to grab a shower before Anthony gets home,? She continued. ?You are going Harrah?s with us tonight, right??

?Yes, I am,? I said. I had assumed it would be just me and Anthony going to the casino but if he wanted to invite his wife I really couldn?t say anything about it. I had to figure she wouldn?t be playing craps or blackjack with us anyway.

?Ok, great!? She said, again with much more enthusiasm than I thought she really felt for me. ?I?m glad you decided to stay with us this week. It gets awfully lonely around here sometimes.? Then she closed the door left.

I was surprised at how warmly she had treated me. For a second I almost believed that she was glad to see me. They had moved to New Orleans without their children. They have 2 grown sons. One of them is in the Army and is stationed in California and the other one had decided not to move to New Orleans with them and had stayed back in North Carolina. So, maybe this nice, big house of theirs seemed empty to her and she was sincerely happy to have a familiar face around. Or maybe she was just being phony.

I got up and changed clothes and went downstairs into the den. I flipped on the TV and was watching the news when Kali came down later after her shower. She was wearing skin tight white pants that ended about half way down her calf, showing her tanned and toned calf muscles. She had on a maroon colored loose fitting top that was very low cut in the front and showed a lot of cleavage. She was wearing sandals and her toe nails were painted red to match her long fingernails. She had a toe ring on one of her toes and a tiny gold chain around her ankle. Her hair was still wet from the shower and she didn?t appear to have on any make up and all. And, yes, she was stunning. Completely, totally, absolutely stunning.

?There you are!? She said as if she had been looking everywhere for me. ?Now I can give you a hug.? She had walked right over to where I was sitting on the couch and before I could even get up she had bent down in front of me and wrapped her arms tightly around my neck. As she bent down I could see down the front of her top and my eyes were transfixed on the lacy, barely there, maroon bra that she was wearing. I could see the outline of her nipples pushing against the material and I was hoping that one of them would pop out. As I hugged her back I was overtaken by her scent. I don?t know if it was perfume or body lotion but whatever it was it smelled great. Her wet hair against my face sent a cooling sensation through my body that counteracted with the hot flashes I was getting from the view of her lace covered breasts and the sexy scent that she was wearing.

Then she said to me the words that I was thinking about her, ?Damn, you just get better and better looking every time I see you.? Wow! I couldn?t believe she thought that about me. I?m sure I blushed when she said that but I managed to stay cool and I replied, ?I was just thinking the same thing about you.? She laughed and said, ?Maybe we should?ve married each other then we could be the couple that got hotter as they got older.? I laughed and reminded her that I was 17 when she married Anthony.

She said that Anthony should be home any minute and that she was going to go dry her hair. She left to go back upstairs and I resumed watching the news. A few minutes later Anthony came in and soon after that we all left in his car to go to the casino. Once we got there Anthony and I headed for the craps table and Kali settled in at a video poker machine. In a very short amount of time I managed to lose $300 at the craps table and decided to try my luck at blackjack. Anthony was slightly ahead at the time and he wanted to keep playing craps so I went off on my own to find a blackjack table.

It obviously wasn?t my night because I lost another $200 at the blackjack table in a little more than an hour. I was feeling pretty dejected and was ready to get out of there but since I had not driven I was stuck until Anthony and Kali were ready to go. I found Anthony at the craps table still holding his own. I told him about my run of bad luck and he offered to front me some cash if I wanted to try to win it all back. I told him that I would probably do better to find a nickel slot machine so that I could play a while on what little cash I had left in my pocket. He told me that I?d probably find Kali at the quarter video poker machines so I set off to see if I could find her. I found her sitting at a bank of machines but she was surrounded by a lot of other people. I stopped by and told her of my bad luck and told her I was going to find a machine like she was playing on. I found one a few rows down from her and put a little cash in. I had been playing there for 10 minutes or so when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked up to see Kali standing beside me. ?Wanna find empty machines side by side so we can play together?? She asked. I told her that was a good idea because I was still losing and I obviously needed some instruction on the proper way to gamble. I cashed out on the machine I was in and followed Kali further back in the casino until she found a row of machines where no one was playing. She picked out 2 of them and asked if they were ok with me. I told her I had no preference other than I wanted the one that was going to give me all my money back.

We both popped $20 into our machines and sat down to start playing. I am not much of a video poker player and she was quick to clue me in on the ins and outs of the game. She would suggest what cards I should hold and which I should discard. I just allowed her to tell me what to do and I did what she suggested. We would take turns watching the other one play a hand. Kali was drinking mixed drinks the entire time we were there and she was starting to get a little drunk. At one point she told me that she likes to pretend that she?s playing strip poker when she?s playing video poker. She said that she will count how many articles of clothing she is wearing then try not to lose that many hands in a row. If she won a hand before she was ?naked? then she got to put all her clothes back on and start over. I asked her what happens when she gets ?naked? and still loses. She said that she then imagines that people around her will make her do certain tasks. I asked her what tasks they made her perform and she said, ?Whatever they want. I am at their mercy until I win another hand.?

She said that she always had fun looking around at all the other players around her and trying to imagine how they would react if she was actually stripping and imagining the things they would make her do. I laughed about this but I told her that I was going to play that way, too. We sat there playing for a while laughing and having a good time while we discussed how the different people around us would react if we were really removing clothing. She?s say things like, ?That old man over there likes my boobs,? or ?That girl wants to see you naked.?

I told her that I have a strip poker game on my laptop. She asked how it works and I told her that it was just a game where you play 5 card draw against one or more of the computer opponents and that they remove clothing every time you win and put clothes back on when they win. The game shows a series of pictures depicting your opponents in various stages of undress depending on where you are in the game. ?So, do you spend a lot of time naked in hotel rooms playing computer strip poker when you travel?? She asked jokingly.

?No,? I said. ?I?m not 17 anymore. It takes more than just pictures of naked women to get me excited.?

?So, you?re more of a hands on guy, huh?? She asked.

?Absolutely,? I replied.

?Even hands on doesn?t seem to do much for Anthony anymore.? She said.

?I find that hard to believe,? I said.

?Well, it?s true. He and I don?t seem to be able to communicate when it comes to sex. It?s like we?re from different countries speaking different languages.?

I couldn?t believe that Anthony could be married to such an incredible, sexy woman and not be the horniest guy on the planet. But, at the same time, I know all too well what it feels like to not be able to communicate with your spouse about your sexuality.

Anthony showed up behind us and said, ?Well, I crapped out. I lost it all. You guys about ready to go?? I was disappointed that my conversation with Kali was over but I had lost enough money for the night and it was getting late so I was ready to get out of there. Kali said she was ready to go as well so we left.

When we got back to their house they went straight to bed and I did, too. I got up early the next morning and shared a cup of coffee with Anthony. Kali was still asleep. Anthony was leaving straight from work that afternoon to go on his golf trip and I wouldn?t see him again since I was scheduled to leave the following afternoon. He asked me if I was going to be OK alone with Kali and I told him that I?d manage. He told me that she keeps herself pretty busy and that I probably wouldn?t even see her. He told me to make myself at home and to enjoy the rest of my visit and I assured him I would. I thanked him for his hospitality and we both left to go to work.

I was pretty busy until about 2 then I was able to leave for the day. I had to run a lengthy database migration utility that I knew would take a couple of hours to complete but I would be able to connect remotely with my laptop to monitor it so I started it and left. When I got back to the house Kali wasn?t there. The guest room I was staying in had a desk in the corner so I set up my laptop on the desk and connected to the server back at the office to keep an eye on the progress. I decided I needed some exercise so I put on some shorts and a t-shirt and went for a run in their neighborhood.

I was gone for about 45 minutes and I worked up quite a sweat. When I got back to the house Kali?s car was in the garage and I heard the shower running in her room as I came up the stairs. She had left her bedroom door open and I was tempted to sneak in and see if I could catch a glimpse of her in the shower. I decided that it was probably not a good idea so instead I went to my room to check the status of the data migration project. It was running along smoothly so I figured I would jump in the shower since I was sure I smelled pretty bad from all the sweat. I closed the door to my room and jumped in the shower. When I finished I dried off and wrapped the towel around my waist and went back out into the bedroom to check the migration status on my laptop. I was surprised to see Kali sitting at the desk messing around with my laptop. The desk was beside the bed and was situated so that her back was to me as she sat in the chair. I said, ?Oops, I didn?t realize you were in here.? She turned around and saw me standing in the bathroom doorway with the towel around my waist and said, ?Hey, you didn?t have to get dressed up on my account.? I laughed and said, ?Luckily I decided to wrap a towel around me, I almost didn?t.? She said, ?Lucky for who?? I felt a little awkward standing there like that but I didn?t know what to do or say. My suitcase was lying in the floor beside the desk so I walked over and grabbed a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt and told her that I was going to get dressed. She said, ?Aww?? and pretended to be disappointed. I headed back into the bathroom and put on the sweats and shirt and came back into the room.

She asked what I was doing on my laptop and I explained it to her. She said jokingly, ?Sounds like loads of fun.? I looked and realized that the migration had completed successfully and told her that it was over and my work there was pretty much over at that point. She said, ?Good, because I want to see your strip poker game on here.? I was standing beside her at the desk and I bent down to close the application I was using and had to dig around on the computer to find the game. I found it and launched the program for her. I showed her how to put her name in and how to select the person you wanted to play against. She looked through the pictures of male opponents and found one to her liking and I showed her how to play.

The game is not elaborate and it?s set up in a way that you almost always win. It?s just a silly little game and I only had it because a friend of mine had given it to me a while back. I had played it a few times the day he gave it to me and hadn?t messed with it since. I had to make a call to the office and let them know that the migration project was done so I grabbed my cell phone from the desk and called in. Kali was having fun playing with the computer hunk and she got him naked in no time.

When I got off the phone she said she wanted to play again. She said she wanted to play against a woman and asked me to pick the one I thought was the hottest. I found an attractive blonde and chose her. Kali pretended to pout and asked why I didn?t chose a brunette saying something about how guys always seemed to want the blondes. I told her that I prefer brunettes and that I had just picked the first one I saw that looked good. She played while I watched and pretty soon the blonde on the screen was naked and the game was over. She said, ?So that?s it? They just get naked and then it?s done.? I told her that was pretty much all there was to it. ?That?s no fun,? She said. ?There?s no payoff.? I laughed and told her that it was pretty much the same as being in real casino. ?It looks good for a while but in the end I never get lucky.?

She said, ?I know how to make it more fun. Let?s play it for real. I?ll play against a guy on the computer but if I win you have to take something off.? I asked her if she was going to take something off if she lost and she said that she would but she was not worried about it because she wouldn?t lose. I told her that it didn?t seem like a fair game since I was only wearing 2 articles of clothing and as far as I could tell she was wearing at least 4. She had a blue, sleeveless button up top on and white shorts. She was not wearing shoes. I could see the white strap of her bra peeking out from under the sleeve of her top and I figured she had panties on, too. So, that meant she had on at least 4 things. She said, ?Well, I will give you a free pass on your first loss.? I said, ?Then that?s still not fair because you?re still wearing more than 3 things.? She said, ?True, but if I lose 3 hands then I?ll be topless and you?ll be loving that. It?s no biggie if you?re topless since I just saw you in a towel anyway.? I said, ?Ok, but there?s another problem. The game is rigged so that the person playing always wins.? She laughed and said, ?So?? I said, ?So, I want 2 free passes to even things up.? She said, ?Ok.? And she started a new game.

I honestly didn?t believe that she was seriously going to go through with it but I was enjoying myself. I figured that if I used my 2 free passes and lost another hand before she lost that the worst case scenario would be that I had to take off my shirt. And since she had just seen me without a shirt on I wasn?t worried. I figured that as soon as she lost a hand she would reveal to me that she was just playing around and wouldn?t take anything off.

As suspected I lost the first 2 hands. The guy on the computer had removed 2 articles of clothing but I used my free passes and was still dressed. On the third hand the computer guy won. Kali said, ?Oh, no. That wasn?t supposed to happen!? I laughed and said, ?Take something off.? She said that she wanted a free pass and I told her she didn?t get a freebie. I really expected that the game was over at this point but then she started to slowly unbutton her shirt. She said, ?I?m only doing this because I saw you in a towel and I figure you deserve a cheap thrill. But I am not planning to lose another one.? She removed her shirt and tossed it over on top of my suitcase. She was wearing a lacy white bra that did nothing to hide her nipples. I could easily see her dark nipples and areolas through the almost transparent material. Her nipples were hard and seeing them made my cock start to grow inside my sweats. I was sitting on the edge of the bed now but I was pretty much right beside her chair. I was trying to be cool so I didn?t want to sit there acting like a kid who was seeing a woman?s bra for the first time. But it was hard to keep my eyes off her beautiful breasts. They were about average size but shaped very nicely. The contrast of the white bra against her dark tanned skin was amazing.

She started another hand and after discarding 2 cards she ended up with 3 queens in her hand. ?Ha! She said. ?This one?s mine.? But then the computer opponent turned over a straight and she said, ?NO! Not fair!? I laughed and told her it was completely fair and that she had to take something off. She said, ?I don?t want to play anymore. This game is rigged.? But she said it like a pouting kid and as she was saying it she was undoing the button on her shorts and unzipping them. She lifted her ass up out of the chair and slid the shorts down her legs and let them fall to the floor under the desk. She kicked them aside with her foot and said, ?That?s it. I can?t lose anymore.?

She was wearing lacy white panties that matched her bra. With her sitting in the chair it was hard for me to see a lot but again I was struck by how the white lace contrasted with her dark skin. I was really getting turned on looking at her and I could feel my cock growing even more. I thought to myself that this game probably wouldn?t go much further but if it did and I ended up taking off my sweatpants at least I would be hard enough that I could make a good showing.

She started another hand and I lost. She said, ?Finally!? and turned to me and told me she wanted my shirt. I pulled it over my head and handed it to her and said, ?Looks like we?re getting down to do or die time, huh?? She tossed my shirt over on the suitcase and said, ?You are. I?m not losing another one.? I said, ?We?ll see.? She started another hand and again she won. She turned around in her chair to face me and she had a huge grin on her face. ?Well, well, well,? She said. ?Looks like you?re a loser. A naked loser as a matter of fact.? She reached over and tugged at my sweatpants and said, ?I believe these belong to me, buddy. Pay up!? I was reluctant to take off my pants but at the same time I was completely turned on by our little game. I stood up in front of her and began to slowly slide my sweat pants down. I pushed them down until the waistband was just above my cock and waited for her to tell me to stop. I really did expect her to end the game at that point. When I stopped she said, ?Oh, don?t stop. I want to see.? As she said this she had reached over and put her hands on the legs of my sweats and began gently pulling them down. As they slid down, my cock was being revealed inch by inch. When the waistband slid past the head of my cock it sprang forward slightly and she let out a little squeal.

I was not completely hard but I was certainly hard enough to be almost at full erection. My cock was hanging down low and as my pants fell to the floor Kali?s face was inches away from my cock. ?Oh, look at you!? She said. ?You?re all smooth and shaven. I?ve never seen one like that before. And God, you?re so big! That?s gorgeous.? No one had ever said that I have a gorgeous cock before and I was more than a little pleased at her reaction and her words. I was hoping that she would reach out and touch me or take me in her mouth but she turned back to the computer and said, ?We?re still playing.? I said, ?Usually when the guy gets naked the game?s over,? referring to the way the computer game ends when you get your opponent naked. ?Not this time,? She said. ?We?re not even close to over.?

I wasn?t sure what to expect but I knew I was dying to see her naked so I didn?t object. I sat back down on the edge of the bed and watched as she started another hand. The guy on the screen was down to just his boxers and a t-shirt. After that hand he was taking off his shirt because Kali won again. She turned to me and said, ?Ok, now you have to do whatever I tell you to do for one solid minute. And each hand you lose after that we will add a minute to your sentence. So, the next hand you lose you?ll have to do whatever I say for 2 minutes, then 3, then 4, and so on.? I was a little apprehensive about what sort of things she might ask me to do. I said, ?Ok. As long as it doesn?t get me arrested or put me in the hospital.? She laughed and said, ?It?s a deal.?

She sat for a minute thinking of what she wanted me to do. Then she said, ?I want you to jump on the bed for one minute.? I laughed and asked if she was serious. She said she was completely serious. I hesitated and she told me that if I wanted a chance to see her naked then I?d better do what she said or the game would be over. I thought it was weird to want me to jump on the bed but I didn?t want to be a party pooper so I got up on the bed. There wasn?t a lot of clearance between my head and the ceiling so I put my hand up over my head and pressed it against the ceiling to remind myself how little room I had. She told me that the time didn?t start until I started jumping so I reluctantly started to jump a little. She was smiling big and starring at my cock. I looked down and realized that as I was jumping my cock was flopping up and down. I decided to have a little fun and as I jumped I moved my hips enough to exaggerate the flopping. My cock would come up and slap against my stomach then swing back down between my legs. And it was responding by growing longer and harder. There was a digital clock beside the bed and I looked at the time when I started jumping. It was 4:23 PM. When the time changed to 4:24 I stopped jumping and sat down on the edge of the bed. Kali clapped and told me how much she had enjoyed watching me.

She won the next hand and then I was going to have to do 2 minutes for her. She told me that she wanted me to dance. I really, really didn?t want to dance for her and I asked her why she didn?t make me do something like give her a massage or something. She seemed to like that idea and changed her request to a 2 minute massage. I moved over behind her and began to rub her shoulders. She leaned forward in the chair and put her hands on the desk. I moved half way down her back and a couple of times I allowed my hands to brush against the sides of her breasts. Each time I did it she let out a little moan. When I stopped after 2 minutes Kali said, ?Aww, I was enjoying that.?

The guy on the computer was naked and the game was over so Kali started another game. She lost the next hand and I sat on the edge of the bed waiting for her to remove her bra. She turned to face me and reached behind her to unsnap her bra. She slowly slid the straps off her shoulders and slid the bra down exposing her beautiful breasts. Her nipples and areolas were dark and her nipples were hard. I smiled at her and she flashed a quick smile back at me. She tossed the bra over with the rest of the clothes and turned back to the game. Again she won and she told me she had 3 minutes coming.

I was still sitting on the edge of the bed. She turned in her chair and put her feet up in my lap. She said, ?I want a foot massage, please.? She laid back in the chair and had her legs spread as she rested one foot on each of my thighs. Her body was stretched out and I had a great view of her lace covered pussy, her tight stomach and tits. This view turned me on even more than I was already turned on and my cock responded by getting harder. I began to gently rub one of her feet with both hands and worked my way up her calf a little. She closed her eyes and moaned slightly as I did it. Then I moved over to the other foot and calf and did the same thing. She moved her hands down from the arms of the chair to the inside of her thighs and rubbed them up and down. She would move her hands almost all the way to her crotch then back down. Seeing her do that made me totally erect. When the 3 minutes were up she opened her eyes and saw my cock standing straight up and she smiled and said, ?So, you?ve got a thing for feet, huh?? I said, ?No, I have a thing for you.? She smiled and said, ?Yes, I see that. You have a big thing and I love it.?

She played another hand and lost. I was finally going to see her completely naked. She said, ?Well, I guess the game?s over.? I said, ?No way, baby!? She laughed and said, ?Oh, you want to keep playing?? I told her that the game was just starting. She started to slide her panties down while she was still seated and I said, ?No! You have to stand in front of me and take them off just like I did.? She told me I was a sore winner and stood up in front of me. She was only about a foot away from me as she slid her fingers inside the edges of her panties and started to slowly slide them down. I reached over and put my hands on hers and helped her move them down. She had a vertical strip of dark pubic hair above her pussy but the rest was shaved completely smooth. Her pussy lips were barely visible. About half way down her thigh she removed her hands and let me slide her panties the rest of the way down. As I got to the floor she stepped out of them and I was holding her panties in my hand. It was obvious how wet they were and I said, ?It looks like you have a thing for foot massages, too.? She sort of blushed a little and sat back down in her seat and turned towards the computer.

Another hand. Another win for Kali. She told me to lie down on the bed and close my eyes. She said, ?Your 4 minutes starts now.? Then she told me to put my hands on my chest. She began to direct me step by step and I did what she told me to do. She had me slowly slide my hands down my stomach and then rub them all around my thighs and abdomen. My cock was rock hard and I was aching to touch it but she wouldn?t let me. After a while she told me to take my cock in my hand and slowly stroke it. She had me use my other hand to massage my balls. She was very matter of fact about what she wanted and how she wanted me to do it. She would not let me move my hand fast and she told me that I could not, under any circumstances, cum. The desire to pump myself in my hand and cum all over my stomach was incredible but I did what she said. She moaned and cooed the entire time saying things like, ?Oh man? That?s so sexy,? and ?You?re so hard and so big.? I was really thinking that I might cum at any second when she told me the time was up and told me to stop touching myself.

I stopped and she said, ?That was the most erotic thing I have ever seen. You?re really hot.? I laughed and told her that I never considered myself hot before. She turned back to the computer and started another hand but said, ?I?m not sure I can even think straight right now.? I didn?t see the screen but she turned to me and said, ?I lost.? I knew exactly what I wanted her to do. No jumping on the bed or foot massages for me. I said, ?You owe me 1 minute. I got up from the bed and told her to lie down and close her eyes. She did as I said. I said, ?Your time starts now,? and told her to put her hands on her breasts. She did and I had her massage her breasts and nipples briefly. Then I told her to slide her hands down across her stomach and had her rub them all around her thighs and abdomen. I really wanted to see her touch her pussy and push her fingers inside but I was enjoying teasing her. Then I told her that the time was up and she had to stop touching herself. She didn?t stop at first and I told her again to stop. She reluctantly moved her hands away and opened her eyes. I sat at the desk and told her that I would play the next hand for her. She continued to lie on the bed.

I started a hand and I won. I told her that I had won and she said, ?You mean I won. You just won a hand for me.? I said, ?Nope, you owe me 2 minutes.? She said, ?That?s not fair.? I said, ?Do you want the game to be over now?? She said, ?Ok? what do you want me to do?? I told her to get on her hands and knees. She didn?t move at first and I told her again. She rolled over on her belly and I had to prod her to get up on her hands and knees. I told her that the time wouldn?t start until she was in that position. She pushed up on her hands and knees and I told her to put her head down on the pillow. She did and now her ass was up in the air. I told her to close her eyes and instructed her to move her hand down her body and up between her legs. I moved from the chair to the end of the bed while I was talking. I had a perfect view of her pussy and ass. Her pussy lips were parted and I could see wet pink. My cock was raging at this point. I told her to push her finger inside and she did. I was watching intently as she slid her finger in and out of her pink pussy. I told her to rub her clit and she did. I told her to move her fingers slowly and told her that she could not cum. She was moaning and moving her fingers over her clit and sliding it occasionally inside her pussy. I looked at the clock and it had been 3 minutes. I had gone over by a minute and I didn?t want to stop but I was enjoying the tease and build up of anticipation that this game was creating and I told her that time was up. She said, ?Noooo?? But I told her she had to stop. She stopped touching herself and laid down on her stomach on the bed. She turned her head to look at me as I sat back in the chair to start another hand.

I lost the next hand and told her she was a winner. She said, ?Good! Lay down on the bed on your back and close your eyes.? She was still on the bed but had sat up in the middle. She moved over to let me get on the bed and lay down. My cock was sticking straight up in the air and I was really hoping she was going to let me cum. She moved and then I felt her straddle my chest. I opened my eyes and saw her pussy inches from my face. She moved up and told me to stick out my tongue. I did and she lowered her pussy onto my mouth. She said, ?Your time starts now and you have 5 minutes to make me cum.? I was in heaven. Her pussy was so wet and warm and her juices were running over my mouth. I licked her pussy as she moved her hips on my mouth. I moved my hands up and I pushed one finger inside her pussy. She felt so warm and silky smooth inside. I began to concentrate on her clit with my tongue and fucked her with my fingers. She had her hands on the wall and was pushing her pussy down against my mouth and I felt her inner thighs trembling. She said, ?Oh my God!? and she was cumming. She pushed down harder against me and I sucked hard on her clit as I rammed 2 fingers deep inside her and swirled them around. I could feel her pussy tighten on my fingers. She suddenly stopped moving and stiffened up. I continued to suck her clit and move my fingers then suddenly she pulled up away from me. ?Oh fuck!? She screamed. ?Oh my God!? She had moved one leg up and was in the process of moving off of me but she had stopped half way. Her pussy was too far away from me to get to with my mouth and I had removed my fingers when she raised up. Her leg was raised in the air like a dog does when it pees and she wasn?t moving. She just kept saying, ?Oh my God!? and ?Oh fuck!? over and over. I was worried that maybe something was wrong. I asked if she was ok and she finally moved over and collapsed beside me. She started laughing and she grabbed my chin with her hand and turned my face towards her. She kissed me and her tongue shot into my mouth. My mouth and chin were covered with her pussy juices and she was kissing and licking them off me.

She said, ?That was the most incredible, intense orgasm I have ever had. I thought I was going to pass out.? She went on to tell me how she felt her normal orgasm building and then she started to cum but unlike she usually does, it didn?t end there. She said she felt like she was having one orgasm on top of another, on top of another. She said that even when I stopped touching her she continued to cum. She said it felt like she had 5 or 6 orgasms in a row. I don?t consider myself a great lover or a master of pleasing women but I was very happy to know I had done that to her. I happened to notice the clock and only 4 minutes had passed since she had straddled my face. I figured that it had been a minute since her orgasm and I said, ?Damn, and I still owe you 2 minutes.? She smiled and said, ?Good. You have 2 minutes to cum,? and she moved down between my legs and took my cock in her hand. She stroked it slowly a couple of times then she bent her head down and I felt her wet tongue flicking across the tip of my cock. I watched intently as she took my cock in her mouth and began to pump her hand up and down the shaft. Her other hand began massaging my balls and she was circling her tongue around the head of my cock as she moved her head up and down.

I was as hard as I have ever been in my life and I felt as if I was about to explode in her mouth but for some reason I didn?t. I could feel the familiar stirrings deep inside me that I always feel before an orgasm but as she sucked and pumped my cock those stirrings remained the same and the orgasm didn?t happen. For at least 5 minutes she gave me the wettest, most passionate blowjob I had ever had and the entire time I felt like I was riding a wave of orgasmic bliss. But the orgasm itself didn?t happen. It?s hard to explain the feeling. I have never felt anything like it before or since. But whatever it was, it felt incredible. Like my entire body was involved in one long, drawn out orgasm but without me actually ejaculating.

I was completely enjoying what she was doing to me but at the same time I wanted my mouth on her again. I pulled her up and she slid her body up over mine and when her face was up near mine she kissed me passionately. Her tongue darting inside my mouth the same way it had darted over the head of my cock. I kissed her deeply while my hands moved over her ass. She was grinding her hips against my hard cock and I squeezed her ass in my hands. I broke away from the kiss and told her I wanted to taste her again. She pushed up on her hands and moved her body up until she was straddling my face. Then she turned around and positioned herself so that she was still over my face but facing the foot of the bed. She bent down and took my cock in her mouth again as she lowered her pussy onto my mouth.

Within no time I was back on that wave again, feeling as if I would explode at any second but just staying right on the edge. She was moaning on my cock as my tongue worked in and out of her pussy. She was wetter than I ever knew a woman could be. My mouth and chin were totally soaked from her pussy juices and I could feel wetness on my neck. I moved both my hands up on her ass and moved one finger over her ass hole. I gently rubbed my finger back and forth over her ass hole and she moaned even louder. As I did this she began to do the same thing to me. I felt her finger rubbing up and down over my ass, too. I have never had a woman do that to me before and it felt incredible. Suddenly I was craving her finger in my ass.

She was really working my cock with her mouth and hand. No woman had ever given me such a passionate blowjob before. She was absolutely making love to my cock with her mouth and it felt so incredible. I could feel her inner thighs trembling against the side of my head and I knew she was going to cum again soon. I began to really concentrate on her clit and as I did I slowly slid the tip of my finger inside her ass. She let out a long, low moan as I did this and I could feel her thighs trembling even more. Suddenly I felt her finger push into my ass and my whole body began to quiver. It was all I could do to focus on what I was doing to her. I had never felt a finger in my ass before and the feeling was mind blowing, to say the least. I pushed my finger deeper into her ass and began to move it in and out, fucking her with my finger. I felt her finger go deeper in my ass and she began to push upwards inside me.

Then it happened? My whole body convulsed as I started to cum. As the first shot of my cum erupted in Kali?s mouth she let out a deep moan. She pushed her pussy down hard on my mouth as I was letting out my own moans. Her legs were trembling and I could feel her ass tighten hard on my finger. Her finger was working magic inside my ass and as she seemed to be moving it in time with the pulse of my orgasm. I shot stream after stream of cum into her mouth. And then she pulled her mouth away and continued pumping me with her hand while her finger stayed in my ass. He pussy was covering my mouth and I think I might have been screaming but it came out as muffled cries. She was moaning just as loud as I was. I felt wave after wave after wave of cum shooting out of me. I had never felt such an intense, complete, total orgasm as I was feeling. My entire body felt as if it was on fire. It felt as if every muscle in my body was devoted to pushing the cum out of me. It seemed to go on forever and the entire time Kali was cumming on my face and chin. I felt the convulsions on my finger that was still buried deep in her ass.

At some point I was aware that Kali was moving off me. My cock was still in her hand and she was gently stroking it. I still felt as if I was rock hard in her hand. She turned her body and laid down beside me. My eyes were closed but I felt her mouth on mine. Her face was wet and sticky from my cum. She was kissing me deeply and pushing her tongue into my mouth. I had never tasted my own cum before and until that moment I had been repulsed by the thought of it. But at that point in time it was the most erotic thing I had ever experienced. The taste and texture of my cum mixed with the taste of her pussy was heavenly. I knew she was tasting the same thing I was tasting and that made it even more erotic. Her hand was slowly stroking my cock and I could feel my cum all over me there, too.

Suddenly, as she was kissing me, Kali burst into tears. She pulled away and I immediately felt terrible. I had just had this incredible sexual encounter with the wife of my cousin and now she felt guilty to the point that she burst into tears. I started to console her telling her I was sorry, etc. But she looked at me smiling and said, ?No! I am not crying because I feel guilty!? I asked her why she was crying. She said, ?I don?t know. Probably because I just experienced something more intense and more incredible than anything I have ever felt.? She was laughing, even though she was crying. She bent down and kissed me again. This time I tasted my cum, her pussy juices and her tears all at the same time. She continued to stroke my cock slowly in her hand and I realized that I was indeed still rock hard. I couldn?t believe that I had just had such a powerful orgasm and I was still hard. Suddenly I felt like a real porn star. Suddenly I felt the urge to fuck Kali senseless. Suddenly I was on fire.

I will tell you the rest of the story in part 2.

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