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SwingLifeStyle Free Erotic Stories are written and submitted by our members Sit back and enjoy "Galveston Bandb Escape, And Surprise Surfer, Revives My Wife From A Rough Week At Work".


Galveston B&B escape, and surprise surfer, revives my wife from a rough week at work

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Mmmmmmmm……was the delighted, relaxed noise my wife made as we woke up. We peeled our bodies off each other and headed to the shower. It was a sunny Saturday morning after an amazingly fun and wild Friday night!

Amy had a rough week at work that begged for a get-away from the usual suburban weekend chores and routine. So, on the spur of the moment we decided to leave town early Friday afternoon. It’s a slow time of the year in Galveston and that made it possible to get a room at a small B&B close to The Strand. This meant that we could walk to and from the night life easily.

My wife is smart, cute, and very witty; Shy, but chatty when comfortable. She’s the perfect woman, for me anyway. We have a great time both in and out of the bedroom, but since this is an SLS story I will keep it focused on her sexy side. For me it’s a real treat watching Amy flirt with guys - it really turns me on and she enjoys getting the extra male attention! She glows when she works her magic with her million-watt smile and dark eyes that dance with mischief. We have fantasized over the years about her bringing home a lucky guy but we never followed through. We haven’t been pushing for it to happen but if the right circumstance occurred we agreed to let it play out; whatever Amy wanted was cool with me.

We were tired but keyed up at the same time so chose a bar close to our place and walked over. We got appetizers and a couple of drinks and by the time they were gone Amy had forgotten the horrible week and was putting a week’s worth of anxious energy into being very flirty. The bartender was her main target and he paid her extra attention including an extra drink. She flirted shamelessly and with the last order pulled him close asked him to come home with us, right then. She was ready.

His eyes got big and then reality dawned that he was tending by himself and couldn’t just leave. He told her if it was just her and if his buddy had showed up to help, he would’ve dropped everything to be with her. Not long after he slipped her a note and his number. We both read it – he said to text her address so he could swing by later to pick her up and have some fun. We understood that he couldn’t get free and thought he might not be into an MFM, but he clearly wanted Amy and it didn’t matter she wasn’t single! Of course this turned her on and when we left a few minutes later Amy got his attention, grabbed the note and waved it as she gave him a wink and disappointed, pouty smile. It really turned me on! He mouthed ‘Sorry, please text me. She turned for the door and we headed home – I bet he was really sorry now.

Amy was disappointed he couldn’t come, but we were feeling good and she was still feisty from flirting. We held hands as we walked and decided to chill in the B&B’s courtyard hot tub while we drank a glass of port before heading to bed. Earlier the owner mentioned she was going to be off-site for the evening and therefore we thought we had the place to ourselves. Amy came out of the room in a skimpy bikini, walked to the hot tub very suggestively and lowered her cute little ass into the bubbling water with a little shake – the water was only warm, which suited us fine for a longer stay. We talked for 5 minutes or so and then Amy’s top and bottom came off as we made out and explored each other. The jets turned off and I moaned loudly as she grabbed my crotch and asked why was I still wearing trunks? I wondered the same and broke the kiss to stand and take them off. We were totally engrossed in each other so much so that we missed someone walking up. I looked up and saw a young surfer dude standing by the tub. ‘Mind if I join you’ he asked as he removed his shirt.

We were startled, to say the least, and more so at his confidence as he dropped his drawers and stepped in. I couldn’t believe it, especially with Amy being so horny and worked up for a good fucking. What luck! Here in the hot tub is a well equipped, good looking 30 year old dude obviously ogling my very turned on, naked wife. Amy and I parted as he entered the water and sat across from us. We asked how long he had been there, and he said, ‘The whole time’ and smiled. His name was Chip and he said he had really enjoyed the real-time porn show we were putting on. He was from Louisiana and had also decided last minute to come surf the big waves caused by an approaching tropical storm. Even though Chip and Amy were both nude, it was very chill and rather normal as we chatted like old friends hanging in a backyard hot tub.

Chip was well spoken, clean and I could tell Amy liked his outgoing, happy-go-lucky nature and she visibly relaxed. She blushed bright red when Chip said, ‘You know, you are incredibly hot!’ I pretty much knew this guy was a slam dunk to fuck my beautiful wife if she was interested. He turned to Amy and asked, ‘Do you take your clothes off in public often? Better yet, how does hubby feel about showing off his sexy, naked wife?’

Amy wasn’t fazed and said ‘This isn’t public, silly. We thought we were alone for the night and honestly were getting around to screwing around when we looked up and saw you - but I am glad you showed up.’ Chip turned to check the hot tub’s settings and said, ‘Don’t let me interfere! Can I watch?’. As he turned Amy said ‘Tonight’s going to be fun!’ Oh, and hubby loves to show me off! It really turns him on to watch guys flirt with me.’ Chip said, ‘Well I was just trying to fit in and after seeing you naked I thought it only fair I strip down too; Are you guys swingers?’ Amy laughed and said ‘No, but we have fantasized about a threesome with the right guy. In fact, I tried to pick up the bartender earlier but he was on till late and we wanted to have an early night’. I couldn’t believe she was being so straightforward. She was turned on and must’ve really liked Chip - I got even harder thinking about her taking Chip right here in the hot tub.

Chip smiled at Amy and said, ‘I would love to join you guys. Well I guess I already have, but hey I would love to get to know you better, if you know what I mean’ . Amy tilted her head and said, ‘Hmmmmm, maybe tonight’s your lucky night’. He said, ‘Really?!?’. She said, ‘You certainly have my attention....and I’m dying to be fucked after all this sexual build up. Why don’t you get a drink?’ Chip got out and Amy followed his progress to catch another look at his lean body and erect cock. She leaned over and said. ‘I really like him, a lot!’ I replied, ‘Babe, You guys’ chemistry is a crazy turn-on; go for it!’

Chip returned with his portable speaker, water and a beer. Again, I noticed Amy staring at his naked body. He asked about music choice and Amy said she loved the 70s and 80s. Chip picked a playlist, started the music, pivoted to give Amy a full-frontal and slipped in. He smiled and said, ‘I don’t want to mess up your husband/wife private evening……’ and Amy quickly interrupted ‘Not at all, we are glad you came!’ As Chip settled in I felt Amy extend her legs toward Chip and could tell her cute little feet were going up his leg and getting close to his cock. He said, ‘Mmmmmmm…..Wow, feet are a huge turn-on and yours are so cute and quite talented’. He leaned further back pushing his groin her way. My swim trunks were getting really uncomfortable. Just then Amy turned to me and said, ‘We are naked, why aren’t you?’ and reached over to rub my growing tent.

I stood up, took my trunks off. Amy grabbed my cock and quickly put it in her mouth. I knew it was to get things started and a prelude to what was about to happen to our new friend. She continued for a minute while he enviously watched her talented, hands, lips and tongue. It felt so good, but I was ready to watch her explore Chip, so I gave her a little nudge and my cock popped free as she glided to Chip and gave him a kiss. I slipped back in as she moved her hands below the water and stroked his cock. They started to kiss more passionately and moan as each of their hands found new, unfamiliar skin. Amy broke the kiss and leaned her head back exposing her chest and nipples to Chip’s waiting mouth.

As she moaned she fell back and floated into my waiting arms, spread her legs and wrapped her ankles around Chip’s neck. She gently pulled Chip into her freshly trimmed pussy. Chip expertly moved his tongue over her clit as she made cute sounds. She relaxed and gave in to Chip’s oral treat. I moved my hands around her sides to lightly pinch her perky nipples just visible above the water. She gasped. After a couple minutes he pushed a couple fingers inside her and her eyes flew open. He sped up both his tongue and fingers as Amy’s breath got shorter and faster. Another few seconds and she shuttered in my arms as a cry escaped her lips and an orgasm rippled through her body. Chip pushed his face all the way in and flicked his tongue inside her several times tasting her new moisture. Amy looked up, smiled at Chip and went limp.

Chip pulled her toward him and as he did his body slipped a little further into the water. His cock was getting closer and closer to Amy’s pussy – She was really going to make this happen. As she glided up his legs she shifted slightly, and her knees found the bench. She turned to me, smiled and mouthed, ‘We good?’. Even if I wasn’t, I wasn’t sure she could have stopped at this point. Her pussy was begging to be fucked and a large, hard cock was an inch away. I nodded and as I did she put her hand in the water and closed her eyes as she started to lower herself. I saw Chip’s expression change and knew his cock was being buried in my wife’s pussy. She stopped as he completely entered her. They sat like that for a few seconds as Amy gave him a very intense kiss.

It was incredibly hot watching Amy so turned on and sitting on a new cock. She started to rock back and forth and they both moaned. After a few minutes the water got inside her making it a little uncomfortable so Amy said, ‘I want to really Fuck Chip, we need to move inside to a more comfortable setting.’ He agreed it wasn’t the best setup and they separated. We both watched as my beautiful wife got out and dried off. Chip was next and Amy grabbed his extended cock and handed him a towel. She did the same for me and then took our hands and pulled us toward our room. We must’ve been quite the site walking through the courtyard stark naked – I wondered if the owner had the area under surveillance. If they, did they got some really good footage.

We got to the room and Amy wasted no time as she grabbed the edge of the counter and extended her arms. With her beautiful ass in the air she maneuvered Chip to fuck her from behind. This is one of her favorite positions. She rubbed him up and down and slightly in and then out to get her juices spread around after the water in the hot tub had made her dry. As soon as she finished and said, ‘Fuck me!’ Chip plunged his raging hardon into my wife all the way to his balls. Amy cried out as he put his hand on her back and moved in and out. She moaned and then he grabbed both her hips and started to pull her into him as he thrust – he was really pounding her and she was loving it.

Amy was yelling at Chip to speed up. He did, which I couldn’t believe, and Amy started a high pitched, but soft cry, that ended in a whispered gasp of ‘Yes, Yes, Yes, fuck me Chip, yes, yes, fuck me harder! Cum inside me! You’re so deep, cum inside me, now!’ This really turned Chip on and he started to gasp. After a few more thrusts his breath caught and Amy got what she wanted. He yelled and with a huge final push he buried his cock as deep as he could and held himself in as his cum flooded into my wife. He balls kept jerking and jerking as he continued cumming – I couldn’t believe how much he was pumping into her. It was the hottest thing I had ever seen! After several seconds Amy looked back and smiled as Chip started to shrink.

Chip was smiling but still had labored breathing as he pulled his limp, but still large cock out and backed away. Amy looked at me and wiggled her ass. As she did a stream of Chip’s cum dribbled out of her glossy lips. What a sight! She stood up and did a sexy strut into the bedroom with Chip’s cum slowly making its way down her leg. She collapsed onto her back in bed. I stood for just a second to admire my freshly fucked wife.

She pulled me down and we kissed as I slid my rock-hard cock deep inside her warm, freshly fucked pussy. She said, ‘Wow honey, Chip gave my pussy an incredible pounding - do you still want me? You literally watched Chip fuck the shit out of me. He pumped me full of his cum. Did you like how he took me from behind? His cock was sooo deep. I am leaking another guy’s cum. Does it turn you on? How does my pussy feel?’ I said, ‘I want you more than ever! You are so sexy and your pussy feels amazing!’ It really did feel incredible and more so knowing she had just given another guy complete pleasure with it. She continued whispering dirty nothings in my ear. Dirty talk was new and I loved it. ‘Baby, do you like seconds? Do I feel different after his cock exploded in me? He fucked me hard honey! I am such a dirty wife! Cum inside me honey! I want yours with his! I want to suck his big cock. Do you want me to spit or swallow? Honey, I came so hard! Fuck me baby! Cum inside me!’ She kept it going and I bit her ear as I continued to push into her with raging lust.

I couldn’t believe how this evening was going – totally unexpected and off the rails sexy! I thought Amy might be a little shy after another guy fucked her silly, but it cranked her up more. She smiled, French kissed me and whispered, ‘Babe, I’m just getting started!’. She looked up and saw Chip watching. He asked if he could take pictures and I was surprised when Amy said, ‘Yes, but no faces.’

There was plenty of skin showing and she pulled her hair over her face so Chip could get all of her nakedness without being selective. Chip taking pictures was really turning her on! Who knew I had an exhibitionist wife?!? Chip moved around taking pictures as Amy and I gently fucked. This was too much for me and I cried out as I emptied my cock. She pulled me down and we kissed passionately. She whispered, ‘Thank you for a wonderful night…..I love you so much – we still good baby? I said, ‘Absolutely, you’ve never been more sexy or beautiful’. She said, I’m still so horny, sharing turns me on so much! Can we please keep going?’ I said, ’Baby, why stop now?!’ She smiled and looked longingly at Chip.

Chip was rejuvenated after watching us and as Amy turned around she saw he was ready and licked her lips provocatively. One small hand wrapped around his cock and the other cupped his huge balls. He moaned as he watched her hair fall around her face. His cock approached her beautiful lips and tongue flicked in and out briefly touching his head, all the while staring into his eyes. I grabbed my phone and took pictures of my wife being totally slutty. Her lips closed around the top of his cock and she buried him all the way.

With that scene I started video so we could enjoy it later. It was just her face and his cock and no-one would ever know it wasn’t the two of us having a little bedroom fun if it was ever found. He swelled with excitement and Amy had to back out as he pulsed and expanded inside her throat. He apologized as she popped his rigid cock out and said, ‘No worries, You are so big…….Is it all because of little ole me?!’ Chip said, ‘It’s all you! I have had a lot of sex, but this is the most incredible sex I have ever had! I have had lots of pretty girls but you are the most desirable, beautiful woman I have ever been with. And your husband watching us makes blows my mind! I want you like I’ve never wanted a woman before.’

She smiled and said, ‘This a first for both of us’ and with that she surrounded his cock again with her lips and he moaned. After a few minutes he started shaking as she bathed his cock in her soft, wet warmth. She felt him swell again and this time he delivered.

He gently held her head as his first pulse of cum went straight down her throat. She swallowed to get it all the way down her throat. As she moved further up his shaft he shot another load deep in her mouth. She held his fluid and his cock head just inside her mouth. She flicked her tongue back and forth as he finished with several more pumps. By now cum was starting to leak out between her lips and his cock. As she let him go, a string of white clung from his cock head onto her lower lip. She licked it with her tongue and then swallowed all he had given her. ‘Yum, you taste amazing!’ I almost came again listening and watching her swallowing another man’s cum without hesitation.

I stopped the video and said ‘That’s crazy amazing - I got it all on video’. She smiled and said, ‘That was tasty and fun – can’t wait to watch it later.’ We got some water and cooled down. The whole room smelled like sex as we sat on the bed chatting like we did this with Chip all the time. As we talked the discussion came back to sex and we shared past sex experiences. Amy grabbed our cocks as we shared stories about where, when and how we had screwed when we were younger. Chip looked down at her exposed pussy and commented about her matted triangle of hair and the big wet spot where she was sitting. Amy wasn’t being shy at all and said, ‘That’s all you guys. I am almost done but I want to do something totally new – I want you both at the same time.’ Chip said, ‘I have never done a sex sandwhich before’. Amy and I both replied, ‘Neither have we!’ Chip said, ‘Can’t wait to be your first!’ and Amy said, ‘Looks like y’all are up to it, literally’

Chip smiled as Amy playfully grabbed his cock and pulled him toward her. She described what she wanted, and Chip propped himself up with pillows and Amy seductively crawled up his body. She gave him a kiss, grabbed his cock and rubbed it between her soaking pussy lips. Amy let out a sigh as she lowered her hips and Chip slowly penetrated her. When she bottomed out she leaned towards him and pushed some of our cum out around his cock. I took the wetness and rubbed it around her tight, pink hole. She looked back with total lust and said, ‘Be gentile!’ I lined up my cock and slowly slipped my head into the center of the cum soaked hole. There was a little resistance and her eyes went wild, then she gave way to nothing but warmth and softness. Amy’s eyes were wife, her mouth was open and she was breathless at the new sensation.

I asked if she was good. She paused and barely replied as her breath came in gasps. She said, ‘Don’t move, you guys are huge!’ As she got used to 2 cocks at the same time she shakily leaned down and kissed Chip passionately. I could feel him pulse inside as Amy kissed and sucked his tongue. It was a real turn on to experience what my wife was feeling with Chip inside her. Amy started to slowly rock her hips. It was incredibly sexy realizing Amy was the one that was fucking both of us. Chip told her she was beyond hot – one of the most incredible things he had ever experienced and would never forget. Amy beamed with happiness because she always loved to fulfill her significant other’s fantasies. With new energy she started to increase her speed.

Since I was on top I started to move in and out in time with her hips . This pushed her over the edge and she started cumming like never before. Tears rolled down her cheek as she let go and yelled. She kept moaning and moving; this was one crazy orgasm. Chip and I were just along for the rise as we shared her incredible ride of ecstasy and the joy of making her totally happy. Finally, she slowed and stopped and then kind of vibrated as she collapsed on top of Chip. As she came down from her high she said, ‘You guys are awesome! Now THAT was the best sex I have ever had!’

Chip kissed her hard and said, ‘Me too, Amy you are fucking amazing!’ I worked my way close to her ear and said, ‘Yeah, you are my fucking amazing, sexy baby!’ She replied, ‘ You too! Now I want you guys to make love to me and fill me with your cum.’ We were happy to do just that. I pulled out and went to clean my very hard cock and get ready to make love to my wife’s sweet, overflowing, very happy pussy.

It was fairly dark, so she agreed I could film them together. I free hand filmed for a minute and then put the phone on a stand to capture the action while I cleaned up. As I was leaving Amy started to ride Chip slow and easy. I stood in the door and watched her move and softly talk to him. When she’s on top she’s the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen. She threw her hair around and gave Chip a truly amazing ride. As they made love I was filed with pride to be married to such an amazingly sexy woman. I left the doorway to give them some time and to clean up. As I came back Chip had just started moaning and totally losing control. He yelled and the embraced as he exploded and pushed inside her with all his might. After his release it was his turn to go totally limp. They lay there for a minute or so and I stopped the video. Amy rolled off and took Chip’s completely spent cock in her mouth to clean him off. He couldn’t take much and he pulled her up for a kiss. Then he got up to get dressed.

He said, ‘This was the best sex I have ever had. You guys are amazing!’. Amy sat up with her legs crossed and this time it was just Chip’s cum draining between them. As she looked up she was simply the most gorgeous woman I had ever seen! Chip came over and pulled her in for a good-bye kiss. He said he would love to come back tomorrow night, but he didn’t have a room. Amy said, ‘Our bed is big enough for three – I’m counting on it!’, and she reached over to get the extra room key from the bedside drawer. Chip turned to me, ’Better hang on to her tight – a guy that has a night like this is going to want her in his bed, every night!”. I smiled and said, ‘No worries, she’s the best and all mine! So glad she wanted to share with you! I had a blast, thanks for fucking my wife – she loved it!’. With an Arnold Schwarzenegger drawl Chip said, ‘I’ll be back………for more tonight!’ and closed the door. He checked the key just to make sure it worked, smiled and closed the door again.

As he closed it I was totally insane for my crazy hot wife! What a wild night and it looked like a sequel for tomorrow! Amy said, ‘I am a very lucky girl!’. ‘The pleasure is all mine……and Chip’s as well!’.

With that I buried my cock in the warm wetness of my very hot wife! We kissed as I took in the amazing smell and sight of my beautiful wife as she lay totally spent and glowing with sexual energy. I took her with everything I had. We kissed, snuggled, hugged and fucked for another 5 minutes until we were both slippery wet and I cried out emptying the little cum I had left into her soft pussy.

Amy pulled me close and whispered, ‘This is the craziest, hottest, most sexy thing I could have ever imagined. I can’t believe it happened. Thank you so much for sharing me - it was incredible!’ With huge eyes and equally huge smile, she said, ‘Honey, we have been married for over 10 years and I finally just sucked and fucked another guy, and then you! I feel so alive, so dirty and so very sexy!’ I said,’ You were amazing tonight. I love my wife dirty and sexy. I especially like the dirty talk!’

We were both worn out, I got up and checked my phone for messages and realized it had been recording since I took the last picture, or what I thought was a picture. I told Amy and she was glad about the photo mishap – we couldn’t wait to watch what was captured after we got home. I got back into bed and fell asleep with visions of tonight running in my head as I buried my face in Amy’s hair. Our skin was sticking to each other and we were lying in a puddle of all three of our happy juices.

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