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Flight 121

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Flight 121

I was sitting in the lounge waiting for the departure of American flight 121 from Paris home. The last twenty days in Paris had been hell. It started about four weeks ago in New York. My boss was supposed to go to Paris and help get our partner company there up and running our new system. A few days before he was supposed to leave, he comes to me and says, ?You?re going to Paris for three weeks in my place. The top guys think you know the system better and they want me here for other things. I have booked your flight already. You leave Monday. Now, the good news. I had two business class tickets booked so I could take my wife.? At that second, I was thinking that this could be just the thing I needed. My girlfriend and I had been kind of on the rocks for the last month. I was not quite sure why, but I figured that I could take her to Paris! What woman wouldn?t forget all her boyfriend troubles in Paris? My boss continued, ?So, I changed those two tickets over to one first class ticket for you. Have a good time?. Okay, so I would change it back to two business class tickets and still take her. An hour later, ?Sir, no, I?m sorry. I have asked everyone I could think of. The ticket cannot be changed. I can get you another first class ticket on the same flights. It would come to $8864.06? and that killed that idea. I did not have nearly enough money to buy a coach ticket, let alone a first class one. When I told my girl on that Friday night that I was going to Paris without her, she exploded. ?It is so indicative of our whole relationship. You never pay any attention to me. You don?t take care of me. You don?t spoil me the least bit. You?re a loser! Have a great time BY YOURSELF!? she screamed and stormed out the door.

I left for Paris on the following Monday. You would think that a twenty-eight year old American guy could have a good time in Paris, but, the people were rude. The people I went there to help were rude. The people in the hotel were I stayed were rude. The people in the restaurants, coffee houses, and even on the street, were rude. Because I could not speak a word of French, and because I was obviously American, they were rude. When it came time to go home, I was so ready. So, here I was sitting in the first class departure lounge waiting for my flight which didn?t leave for another three hours. I quietly sat and looked out the window, had some coffee, and watched the other people in the lounge. When the flight left for London, I was the only person in the lounge. Just great.

Fifteen minutes later, two people walked in. There was a man, older, say about fifty. He was all business. He had a cell phone glued to one ear and a handheld I his other hand. He sat down and talked to whoever it was on the phone. They were obviously discussing some sort of deal and it was very intense. The other person was a woman. I quickly realized it was his wife. She was maybe in her late thirties, long curly medium brown hair, and very pretty. She sat down and laid a coat across her lap. Since she was the only even remotely interesting thing around, I studied her closely. She had gorgeous green eyes that would drive men wild and the sexiest, full, pouty lips coated in a lustrous, glossy red lipstick. She was wearing a blood red satin blouse that buttoned down the front. After several minutes of casually studying her and trying not to get caught, I noticed that a button on her blouse had popped open. This woman was very well endowed, at least 34DD. The stress on that button as the red satin pulled tight must have been too much. Now, let me say that just looking at what I had seen so far had gotten me partially aroused. Perhaps that was because it had been weeks since my last sexual encounter. Never the less, a black lacy bra was now partially visible through the opening in her blouse. I always was a sucker for a woman in black lace lingerie, but this woman was really hot and wearing black lace lingerie. I tried not to stare, but it was impossible. I expected her husband to get up and come over and hit me any second, but he was in another world. Instead, she caught me looking and smiled. I was embarrassed. I smiled and turned away, but that didn?t last long. My eyes soon drifted back to her sexy mouth and those great, black lace covered tits! Oh my god! I was getting so terribly horny. The more I looked, the harder I got. I was sitting there in a pair of 501 jeans and they were getting small. She busted me again, and again, and again.

It was starting to become a game. She looked down finally and I figured she would button her blouse, but she didn?t. Instead, she opened the only button above it and pulled her blouse a little further open. My cock throbbed in excitement and I swallowed hard. She smiled seductively and scanned my body. I was trying to hide my rapidly growing hard-on, but it was almost pointless. My jeans left little room for adjustment. Then she reached down, lifted her coat from her lap, and placed in the chair next to her. I was now getting a good look at the rest of her for the first time. She was wearing a skirt that came to mid-thigh. The skirt was a tight fitting, black satin skirt with a generous slit up one side. She had on black stockings and five inch high, patent leather, stiletto heel pumps. There was a matching black patent leather wide belt around her waist. She looked amazing! She sat there with her legs crossed and her outstretched foot lightly bouncing up and down. I drank her in and knew that my fantasies when I got home would all be centered on her. About ten minutes later, she uncrossed and re-crossed her legs in the opposite direction. When she did this, the slit opened enough to show me a black lace garter strap holding to top of her black silk stocking. That was the final straw. I was now rock hard. My cock was literally aching with pent up frustration and desire. I think I would have fucked her on the floor right there in front of her husband. I looked at him and he was turned away from her, talking intently on his phone. He had papers spread out on the seat next to him and was completely captivated by it all. Perhaps that was why he didn?t even move when she stood and walked to the bathrooms some fifteen feet away. The doors to the bathrooms were next to each other and set back. From where her husband sat, he couldn?t see them, but I could. I watched her walk away from me. That tight skirt looked incredible and showed off her outstanding ass. I could clearly see the outlines of her garter straps in the silky material. I also noticed the seams running down the back of her stockings! This woman was right out of my hottest fantasy. When she got to the doors, she turned and smiled at me seductively. The slit in her skirt was facing me and she moved one leg forward to emphasize it. I swallowed hard. Then she licked her lips slowly and went threw the door marked for men. I stared at the door. Did she really just do that? I must have imagined it. I waited. No, she had gone in the wrong bathroom. Was it an invitation? OH MY God! Could my luck have changed that much in the last hour? I stood and casually walked to the door. I was so uncertain, but I had to. I went into the bathroom, but she wasn?t there. I went over to the sink to wash my face with cold water. I was looking in the mirror when I saw the silk covered calves and high heels protruding below the bottom of the stall door behind me. I stared. She was moving a bit. Then a pair of black silk and lace panties fell around her ankles and shoes. She lifted her feet out of them. It was now or never. I moved to the stall door and reached down, picking up the panties. They were warm and damp. Their aroma made my cock throb in my tight pants. ?It?s open. Join me if you want.? A soft voice said. I quickly looked around and then opened the door. The stall was quite large. She smiled seductively again and reached out to me. She grabbed my skirt by the collar and pulled me into the stall. I went to speak, but she placed a single index finger on my lips. She sank down to her knees and caressed my stiff cock through my jeans. The feeling was exquisite. She opened my belt with a certain determination that gave me the impression she wanted this as much, if not more than I did. She grabbed my pants on either hip and yanked them down. My briefs definitely showed off my engorged cock. She smiled and caressed it again. A wave of pleasure shot up my spine. I looked down at those exquisite lips and only wanted to feel them wrapped around my cock. Her fingers lipped into the waistband of my briefs and slid them down my legs. My cock fell toward her and stood straight out at her, barely an inch from her mouth. She moved forward and kissed the tip of my cock. Then her tongue shot out from between her lips and flicked just the very end of it. She moved her head around the side and ran her tongue from the base, all the way to the tip of my cock. ?You have a really lovely cock. It is so much bigger than my husband?s? she said softly just before she began to kiss the sides and down the length of it. My eyes rolled back and I fought not to groan so loud we were discovered. I wanted this to go on forever. Finally, she slowly swallowed the entire length of my cock into her mouth. I had never had a woman take me down her throat before, but I was certain she was doing just that. The feeling was unimaginable. I looked down to see the sexiest lips I had ever seen sliding up down my cock. When my cock was generously coated with her saliva, she wrapped her fingers around it and began to stroke me in unison with her mouth fucking me. I was in no condition to last very long, especially since the absolute goddess of my fantasy life was sucking my cock! She felt my cock swelling and getting harder, and she increased her sucking and stroking. I felt it surging deep within me and I gasped, ?I?m cumming!? she sucked hard and I flooded her throat with my seed. She pumped down hard with her hand while her lips tightly gripped around the sensitive lower edge of the fat tip. My cock shot stream after stream of hot cum into her mouth and throat. I could feel her sucking and swallowing as she drained me. My legs were shaking as I bucked and shot my load into her mouth. Then, after what seemed like forever, I finally stopped cumming.

I expected it was over, but she remained kneeling before me. Then she started to kiss and lick my cock again. It had softened a bit, but not too much. She apparently didn?t want it to do that. She kissed and licked it. Then she started to suck and stroke it again. The feeling was almost too much to bear. I thought that there was no way she was going to be able to suck me off again so quickly, but she had another idea. When I was once again rock hard, she stood up before me. ?My husband hasn?t fucked me in three weeks! I think he is banging the skinny Chinese slut he hired as an assistant. I really need to feel your cock inside of me>? she didn?t wait for me to say a word. She turned around, leaned over and hiked her skirt up around her waist. She had the sexiest ass I had ever seen. I mean a lot of guys told me my girlfriend?s ass was God?s gift to man, but this woman was a thousand times better. She spread her legs wide and pointed her ass up at me. It was perfectly framed by the sexy black lace garter belt she wore. The tops of her stockings were just inches below her pussy. She was amazing! I could not resist. I slowly rubbed my cock across her pussy lips and felt the warm wetness. She moaned softly. I pulled back and pointed my cock at her wet pussy, then, I slowly slid it in about two inches. She moaned louder. I pulled almost all the way back and pushed forward more. She gasped and moaned again. I pulled back again and then pushed forward even further. My body just barely touched her ass. ?OH GOD! That feels so good!!!? she uttered. I pulled back until I was barely still between her lips, then I pushed forward until my body slapped against her ass. She screamed. I didn?t care. Her pussy was not only hot and wet, but amazingly tight. The feeling was hundred times better than my girlfriend was even on her best night. I was already hooked. I pulled back slowly and then drove it in slowly. ?OH God! How did you know I love it slow? Oh YESSSS! Just like THAT!!!? she screamed and I felt her pussy clamp onto me. She was shuddering and her head was rolling back. A long low groan escaped her mouth and she was cumming really hard. I grabbed both hips and maintained the long, slow strokes deep into her. One after another, deep into her hot pussy. She felt absolutely heavenly. After ten or twelve of these strokes, she came again. Then, just as her orgasm subsided, we heard the bathroom door open. We froze in mid thrust. The voice was unmistakable. It was her husband. He was still on the phone with whomever. We heard him urinating and I slowly slid my cock in to her until I was hard against her exquisite ass. He flushed and went to the sink. He washed his hands and I slowly pulled out of her. He wiped his hands and went out the door. As the door closed, I rammed forward into her hard. She fought off her scream, but just barely. ?You?re so nasty! I love it! I love your cock!? she gasped. Our fuck continued, long and slow. She soon was cumming again and I was now feeling the beginnings of my own orgasm. As I felt it growing deep inside of me, my pace began to quicken. I couldn?t help myself. My hips were on auto-pilot. She wasn?t complaining as I began to thrust into her hard and deep, slapping my body against her ass. She begged me not to stop and I had no intention of doing so. I was getting close, so close. ?One more, one more, one more, yesss. That?s it! One more! One more! YESSSSS!!!!!!!? she screamed as she exploded into a very powerful orgasm. When I felt her pussy contracting, I thrust hard into her and exploded. I pumped into her harder and harder as my balls emptied everything I had into her. She was flopping around like a rag doll being fucked to death as our mutual orgasm drained us both.

Some time later, we both returned to the lounge area, one at a time. I was amazed at how well she had managed to clean herself up. I don?t think I was nearly as successful. Her husband never said a word to her. We resumed our previous seats and tried to act as if nothing had happened. I didn?t even know her name, but I did know her intimately. The memory of the smooth, firm roundness of her delectable ass would make me horny forever. The lounge was slowly filling with people. I barely noticed them. I was still staring at her. She smiled at me knowing where my thoughts were. She uncrossed her legs and the slowly, very slowly, crossed them in the opposite direction. Her legs were pointed straight at me as she did this. I was afforded a momentary view of her naked, still wet, pussy framed between her perfect legs and silk stockings. My cock ached.

I thought back to the events of several days ago. My friend back in New York had sent me an email. ?When the cats away??? it was titled. Inside was a picture taken with his phone and a brief message. ?Came out of my apartment and saw your girl leaving hers?.. not alone. I think you know the guy.? His apartment was across the street and about thirty yards down from hers. The picture was of her, on her front steps, with her arms around a guy, kissing him. His hands were up, under the back of her mini skirt, fondling her ass. The guy was my married boss. Now I knew why he had suddenly sent me to Paris a few days before. As I sat in the lounge now, I realized what I was going to do about it all. I pulled out my cell phone. I called her and left a message, ?We?re over. I?ll be back soon. I?ll drop your stuff by. Take care.? and hung up. I left a message for the friend who had sent me the picture. ?Thanks for looking out for me. You?re a good friend. I?ll text you an email address. Please send that photo and any others to it anonymously.?

After I hung up, I sent him a text message with the email address of my Boss? wife at her catering business. I looked at my mystery woman and smiled.

A half hour later, we boarded the plane for home. The woman and her husband were sitting two rows ahead of me on the opposite side of the aisle. She had the aisle seat which afforded me a nice view of her legs from time to time. I saw her applying lipstick in the mirror of her compact, but she was really looking at me in the mirror. I was thrilled.

About five hours into the flight, the plane was quiet and the lights were dim. Most of the passengers were asleep. Since I can never sleep on planes, I was sitting there with headphones on listening to music with my eyes closed. My hand was dr*ped over the arm rest and dangling into the aisle. I suddenly felt the unmistakable feeling of soft silk and warm skin against my hand. I opened my eyes and found my mystery woman standing there looking at me. She smiled seductively and nodded her head toward the back of the plane. She walked in that direction and I turned my head to watch her. She went to the bathrooms at the back of the first class cabin and went into one of them. What was it about this woman and bathrooms? I waited a moment and then I followed her. I softly tapped on the door, making sure that no one was watching. She opened the door and let me in. ?I just can?t stand it any longer. I have to have your cock in me again. Now!? The one thing I had never known until that moment was that the bathrooms in first class were a bit larger, and much nicer, than the ones in coach. We kissed passionately for the first time. Her mouth was so incredible. My hands quickly found her large, sensuous breasts. They had so perfectly lured me to her in the first place. Now, my hands were finally caressing and squeezing them. They were so big, so soft, and so warm. I opened her blouse quickly and my face immediately dived into them. She moaned softly into my ear as I bathed them with kisses. I pulled the cups of her sexy bra down and found her erect nipples calling to my mouth. I began to suck them and flick my tongue across them. ?Ummmm, yes! That feels so good. Bite them! Please!? she whispered. I bit my teeth down onto her nipples lightly and then pulled it. I felt her body tense and tremble as she fought off a groan. ?Oh please. We haven?t much time. Fuck me with that hot cock of yours.? She pleaded. I sat her on the edge of the wash basin and lifted her legs up. She spread them wide and I stood between them. As I dropped my pants and briefs, she hiked her skirt up and placed her feet on the wall behind me. I guided my cock to her wet pussy and slowly slid it all the way in. She grabbed a handful of towels and bit into it to keep from screaming. My hands caressed her silky thighs as I slowly fucked my cock in and out of her. All the way in until I was flat against her, then all the way out until just the very tip of my rock hard cock was wedged between her pussy lips. She was leaning back against the mirror; each hand now had an erect nipple pinched between her index finger and thumb. She was rolling and pulling them as I slowly fucked my cock into her. One about the tenth stroke, her suddenly rolled back and she bit into the towels extremely hard. I could feel her pussy gripping me and knew she was cumming. Her head began to roll from side to side as I continued to fuck deep into her. Her body was contorting as she came incredibly hard.

As her orgasm subsided, I continued to fuck her, but at a slowly faster pace now. I wanted her to enjoy it, really enjoy it and she was. I had had enough to recuperate since our earlier session in the airport. Now, I was ready to fill her again. Deep into her I slid, then out. Now in again, but a little faster this time, and out. My thrusts were deep and firm. My speed continued to increase. I could feel her beginning to tense as my cock began to stiffen further and swell. The look in her eyes was saying, ?I know you are about to cum and I will too.? Now quickly, in so deep and then out. A second later, in all the way so fast this time and then out. I was fucking her so hard and fast now that we were making a soft thumping sound like someone knocking on the door. I couldn?t stop. I was seconds away. In so deep, out, in, out, in, out, in?..yessssssss!!! I exploded at the exact instant that her pussy grabbed me. Her whole body tensed as she came and my cock shot cum into her. The head of my cock was hammering her cervix as I shot cum into her. She hooked her arms under mine and ran her sharp finger nails down my back. The pleasure was a hundred times greater than anything I had ever felt.

When we had both stopped cumming, she whispered in my ear, ?I have never cum like that!? We heard a soft noise outside. I quickly pulled my pants and briefs up into place. She stepped to the floor and pulled her skirt down. I was helping her button her blouse when a voice said from beyond the door. ?Are you okay in there?? she replied. ?Yes, fine.? We both cleaned up as best we could. She sprayed some cologne on herself and then slipped out the door. I waited a moment. I smelled of sex, but there was little I could do about it. When I stepped out, there was a flight attendant standing some eight feet away. She was blond and attractive. She gave me a knowing smile and turned away. I went back to my seat.

When our plan landed in New York, I sat there and watched as my mystery woman got ready to leave. But while her husband fiddled with his things, she stepped over and handed me a card. ?Cynthia DuBois 555-6969? was printed on it in gold letters. She had written on it, ?My private number, call me so we can get together again.? I looked at her, smiled, and said, ?I?m Jack?. She smiled and shook my hand, then left with her husband. I gathered my things to leave. Just then, a hand touched my shoulder. It was the blond flight attendant. She smiled and hand me a cocktail napkin, then turned and went back to her duties. The napkin read, ?I hope you saved some for me. Tracy 555-2469?. Suddenly, my trip to Paris had not been all bad.

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