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Fantasy or Reality?

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Lets start with some kissing, I love kissing and maybe a little touchy feely... Then I'd like getting head but of course that would have to be after I had you sit on my face or should I say tongue. After 20 30 minutes of oral pleasure for both of us I'd like you to lay in my arms and kiss me long deep and with a great deal of passion....

Slowly turn you onto your stomach and run my hands along the inside of your legs, gently working my way to your hot wet pussy...While doing this kiss all along the cheeks of your butt, slightly spreading them to run my finger around that forbidden place...kissing oh so gently all along your back while working my way to your neck...

after much needed kissing and touching I'd like to start at your ears and kiss and whisper in your ears all the things I want to do to you...Then kiss my way down to your breasts, taking each nipple in my mouth and gently licking then slightly biting on them...all the while you'd have your fingers wrapped around my hot hard throbbing cock, stroking me as I work my way down your body kissing and touching you...ever so gently, I'd work my fingers into your hot wet love tunnel and gently, in small light circles play with your hard clit...making your pussy quiver with excitement...

Then I'd replace my fingers with my tongue and suck and nibble at your clit then your outer lips then your inner lips and lick you to the most fantastic orgasm....

Once again I am licking your sweet pussy, nibbling and sucking at your clit and pussy lips running my hands all over your ass feeling the softness...

I raise up now and again kiss you my fingers are gently rubbing your clit...I slip between your spread legs and take my ragging hard cock and run the head of it all along your pussy, being careful not to let it slip too far in, teasing you rubbing the tip of it against your clit.

kiss the back of your neck, nibble at your ears all the while whispering all the naughty things I want to do with you, run my hand along your body feeling all the soft, wet places...then I would have you turn over take you in my arms and deeply kiss you then I'd begin kissing my way down your body, playing with and kissing your breasts making them ache with excitement as I suck on them and finger your now hot wet pussy...

I want to work my finger slowly works in and out of your ass as you ride my hard throbbing cock and listen to your moans of passion?I have you lie down again on you back and again I start kissing you as my fingers run all over you pussy and clit, feeling the wetness the heat from our fucking?.I take your hand and place it along side mine and watch as your fingers probe and gently rub your clit, moaning and kissing me as you do?I love the thought of watching you play with your pussy, thinking about me making love to you, doing all the things I have written?.

Now I take your hand, with fingers slick from your wetness, I gently move them to your lips so I can watch you lick your sweetness from them?now I have you roll onto your stomach so once again I can kiss your neck, your shoulders, the small of your back eventually winding up at the top of your ass?

Gently at first then more firmly I begin to squeeze your ass running the tip of my finger against your hole?now I start fingering your ass, first one finger then two with gentle yet firm movements in and out in and out?my other hand is on your pussy feeling your wetness?.I slip a finger into your pussy, deeply into it and curl the tip so I can finger your G spot, again giving you an orgasm?.

I take my cock in my hand and rub it along the crack of your ass feeling the softness of it, bend forward and kiss you on the back of your neck and ears licking your ears gently as I rub my cock in the crack of that soft hot ass?.

I lie on top of you and continue to kiss you, reaching around with one hand and play with your breast squeezing and slightly pinching the nipple all the while my cock in being moved along the crack of your ass, wanting to get inside it, but only when you are ready?

Gently I grab you by your hips and raise you to your knees?then I slip my cock into your hot pussy again and begin to stroke you hard I reach around and rub your clit and again you cum all over my hot throbbing cock?

I rub my cock all over your ass while I try to calm down?still rubbing your clit with my finger, slipping two inside your pussy feeling the heat the excitement. Now I lean forward and begin to lick your pussy as you remain on your knees your soft beautiful ass in the air? you lay your head down on the pillow and I lick you to another orgasm?

Now I am ready, ready to cum inside your hot pussy, feel your muscles tighten as I shoot hot cum inside you?I begin fucking you again increasing the speed as I feel my balls tighten and the cum begin to boil from deep inside me?you are so hot your pussy is quivering, then here it is?I thrust deep inside you and cum as I have never cum before, grabbing your ass with one hand and reaching around to play with you clit with the other?it is so hot, you begin to cum as I empty my cum inside you?

Pages: 1

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