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Fantastic Loving Sexual Encounters With A Hot & Gorgeous Pisces Fish & A Loving Scorpio

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Our Story Tells You About A Fantastic Loving Sexual Encounters With A Hot & Gorgeous Pisces Fish & A Loving Scorpio. Her experience when with me in her own words.

(First Encounter)

At first glance a tall, slim man approaches me. He is handsome with a winsome smile, boyish looks, blue eyes and slightly graying hair. His smile is warm and welcoming. Confidently, he reaches for my hand, pulling me toward him. We say hello and are led to our table. I sit across from him, watching for clues; is he interested, does he feel the same chemistry floating around us? We make small talk, feeling each other out for a glimpse, a spark of interest. I notice how engaging his touch appears. We order macchiato cappuccinos, I watch as he adds four sugars thinking that he has a desire for things sweet. Slowly, he raises the cup to his lips. Savoring the smell, I notice the steam rises to envelop his face, the moisture settles on his lips making them glisten in the late afternoon light. As he lowers the cup back to the table, there is a small wisp of foam lingering on his upper lip, I long to reach over and gently lick the sweet foam off?. he asks me a question I didn?t even hear it; I am so engulfed in his essence. Looking into his eyes, I have forgotten time and place. I feel transported back to an earlier time in my life, I feel as if we have met before. I ask him where he has lived or worked. He mentions Minnesota, but the time line is off. I rake my brain for that memory; it is illusive. He brushes against my hand as he offers me a bread stick; I feel the energy pulse through every fiber of my being. I am so drawn to his aura; it is so strong and overwhelming? I am lost to it. His gaze settles upon me; there is no denying the attraction, his eyes fall upon my body as if reading every secret I hold within. We decide to continue our discourse in the comfort of his home. When we arrive, he offers me his hand, slowly drawing me toward his chest. His arms envelop me completely. The aroma of his cologne wafts around my head. His hand slowly raises my chin to meet his lips, they are warm and the softness of his breath falls upon my tongue. His kisses are firm and ardent, seeking fulfillment. His arms ease against me as he lifts my sweater above my head and removes my skirt, I push away and loosen his belt and unzip his jeans?our clothes are on the floor. Pulling me into the bedroom, he lowers me onto the bed, it is warm and has a gentle rocking motion; a waterbed?how divine! We are cocooned in its softness. He covers me with soft gentle kisses, lowering his cheek against my stomach and blowing a warm breath over me. Slowly he moves his fingers down between my legs twirling them expertly driving me wild with each touch. I press myself toward his firm touch, I feel myself reaching a heightened climax. He draws his mouth down over my clitoris, the warmth and firmness of his tongue finds the right rhythm as I move his hand downward, pushing his fingers inside me. His motions intensify and I climax again. A sexy little smile played on his lips as he raised himself upward towards my face. His lips found mine and we explored each others kiss with a new found hunger. He takes my breast in his hand, lowers his mouth over my hard nipple and gently caresses it with his tongue, sucking ever so slowly building the sexual tension inside me once again. I arch my back as I climax; he whispers as his hard cock presses against my thigh, ?Tell me what you want.? A low moan escapes me as I reply, ?I need you inside me now.? He rises above me, moves aside and grabs a condom from the nightstand. He slides the condom over his long, thick hard length. Slowly he lowers himself over me. His hands are strong under my hips as his cock slides inside me. I move upward to welcome his pumping thrusts. He teases me going only inside me halfway over and over, the waves of tension are mounting; I shudder as I climax again. He continues this motion while teasing me with his tongue over my mouth. The sensation is overwhelming as if he is still caressing my clitoris. It is amazing as he begins to bury himself deeper and deeper; I squeeze myself tight against his thrusts. I swivel my hips to feel every angle of him. He backs off, raising upward takes my hand and motions for me to rollover; taking me doggy style. In one smooth thrust he enters me deeply with long slow motions. The sudden pressure against my sensitive G spot caused me to cry out with each thrust. I tightened around him even more and in one smooth thrust he brought me to a cascade of climaxes. I can feel his pressure growing inside me. With each stroke, I squeeze my inner muscles feeling him respond until he tensed, going deeper as he leaned forward pressing his cheek against my neck and trembling with excitement as he climaxed. Breathing heavily, we rolled over entwined in each others arms exhausted and content. Slowly we untangled ourselves, glancing over at him I say ?Well I guess that was a decent attempt at trying to make me fall for you.? Laughing he replies, ?Judging from how loud you were I?d say it was more than decent.? I blushed, he was right of course!

(Our Second Encounter Together)

It is early afternoon around 1:30pm when I arrive at his house. He walks out to meet me as I step from the car. Reaching down for my hand, he pulls me from the car to him and kisses me hello. With my hand in his we go inside. The afternoon sun filters through the windows playing shadows on his face as we talk. His smile reminds me of our last time together, he jokes with me about my loud moans I, in turn, remind him of the torture he put me through! We laugh at the incredible chemistry we share. We decide to delay lunch and instead embrace, his arms pull me closer and the warm smell of him makes me melt inside. I reach up pulling his head towards mine, we kiss a long slow kiss, tasting each other; teasing with our tongues. We are hungry for each other, it?s been barely a week since we were together, but seems like months as he takes my hand, leading me into his bedroom. He slips my blouse off, slightly touching my breast. Drawing me closer, he reaches around and unclasps my bra, it falls to the floor; my skirt falls as well. With both his hands covering my breasts, I sigh; his touch is so soft and warms my heart. I cradle his head as he kisses each nipple. I reach over and remove his clothes. Tenderly he lowers one hand guiding it underneath my panties, his fingers press against my swollen clitoris, massaging it and I feel the tide of tension swell inside me. I caress his chest, his nipples are hard against my touch as I run my fingers down over his stomach and grasp his cock. Holding it firmly in my hand, I press it against my skin, moving it slowly across my panties. He gasps a low moan as I pull away. Quickly he lowers me to the bed, removes my panties and we fall into each others arms. His kisses heighten the tension I feel as they fall upon my neck. His embrace is strong and determined as his cock presses against my clitoris. Teasing me he slowly enters me, with firm long strokes the tension builds for us both. Within minutes, I am so close to climaxing; his cock hits all my sensitive spots sending me into ecstasy over and over. Like a waterfall cascading into a cool pool, each orgasm rushes through my body. I shudder with excitement; it is hard to catch my breath, his lovemaking techniques are so divine. Just as I begin to mellow out he moves me over to my side and begins to rub his cock slowly around my clitoris, barely entering me he goes back to massaging my clitoris with his cock. He continues this until I think I?ll pass out. Suddenly, he moves me more forward, enters me from behind and I begin to climax immediately like never before. I feel as if I?m squeezing his cock hard enough to push him out, but he pushes further in only intensifying my orgasms. His long strokes are deep and I feel all of him inside me as he quickens his pace, I?m still experiencing an extended orgasm as his cock swells inside me and he climaxes with me. We are both exhausted, as sweat falls from his temple onto my face the salty taste excites me. We lay entwined relaxing; realizing that over an hour has past since we began; how is he able to last so long?? He smiles down at me, winks and pulls me toward him as he kisses me then says, ?Well I guess that was dessert, since we missed lunch!? And I reply, ?The best dessert I?ve ever had!? I smile back as he pulls me up off the bed and I follow him into the bathroom to shower. Famished, we finally get dressed and make our way to the restaurant for an early dinner.

What this "Lovely Pisces Woman" also says about me after our beautiful encounters.

While we are somewhat different and have somewhat different approaches to sex; I am generally more emotional than your style, which definitely romantic, leans toward a more intellectual style. However, I find it so refreshing that we both place importance on the eroticism of beauty and romance. Your intimate play is stimulating and arousing for me, and you want to try different things, always quite willing to communicate about your urges and desires to me. I find our intimacy so mutually satisfying. Sharing these and other interests brighten my life and I love the passionate way you speak about issues and how true you are to yourself.

I wouldn?t want to change anything about you ever.

She sent me this mailing on site this morning ladies.

Wow...your wine is ready for tasting! Ready for the burning warmth to envelop all your senses and fulfill all your fantasies...just the thought of you knocking on my door makes me wet and you know how much I LOVE THE WAY YOU DO YOUR MOVES....yearning for your touch....

Six months and long awaited for; I have "Finely" found a wonderful "Pisces" woman that I swear is like a true Virgin!

I'm A "Happy Camper" Now!!!

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