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Falling in Love

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I am a student of engineering 3rd year,priyanka is one of my classmates and we happen to be quite nice colleagues.

She is a short height thin girl,fair, black and silky hair,black and the most attractive eyes that I have ever seen,and no doubt inspite of having a school girl look,she is a head turner in college.

The day I am gonna talk about here was a rainy day, and I was one of the first to arrive at college followed by her,the rain got real heavy as we arrived, we were sitting and talking to each other alongside,her clothes were wet and she did not seem to notice that I was getting a pretty good look at her beautiful skin, my eyes gazed her, her shoulders ,her neck,her lovely smile and her eyes,her beautiful hand on the table,I knew no one was going to arrive in this heavy rain, so I purposely slid my hand across the desk and brushed her hand,the touch was electric,she now seemed to have an idea of what I was thinking,she held my hand,I raised her other hand and kissed it,I could see the fight between her hormones and her brain on her face. At that moment the lights went out and it became real dark with the dark clouds around, I quickly pecked her lips with mine.

Then I realized I probably did something wrong, n I apologized,she did not react too much, we waited for about half hour,no one came upto clg, so we decided to head back,hoping that the getting wet in the heavy rain would help us forget what just happened, we were walking along, after a while I had to head towards my house, as I said bye to her,she..said “ Y don you come over for some tea,there is no one at home today”. I was surprised but went along with her.

She prepared tea and served, she said she would be right back after changing here wet clothes. I waited for her to start with the tea.

She came back, dressed in a lovely light pink tshirt and white loose bottoms, so simply dressed, yet I realized that I had never seen her more beautiful than that ever before.

With a hesitating tone I said, “you look so beautiful priyanka”. She smiled and sat close to me. I took her hand into mine,raised it to my lips and kissed her lovely fingers looking into her eyes, she did not seem to pull away. I looked deep into her eyes and brought my lips closer to her soft and moist lips,our lips meeting,this time not to part, but sharing a deep warm long kiss,then our lips parted . . our tongues rolling with each other, my hands caressing her back wildly as we kissed.

We broke the kiss after a couple of minutes out of this world, I raised her hand to my lips,kissed it and said “You are so beautiful dear, I want you now”. She said I don think we should be doing this, hearing this I held her tight my toungue rolled wildly across her neck as one of my hands traced down her body and rubbed her panties over her bottoms. Soon her neck was wet with my saliva, then I asked her again, what do you think now?

She put her lips on mine and sucked my lips,her hands undid my pants and while I was enjoying the touch of her warm lips, I just felt her hands sliding my pants and my underwear down, then her hands caressed my dick, she bent down, kissed it slightly,that was the most wonderful touch I ever felt. Then to my surprise she said :”Want me? Come and get me!”, then she ran away, I chased her, my dick bouncing up and down as I chased her around the house following her from room to room, she was laughing and running around. I managed to get a hold of her tshirt, I pulled her, pressed my lips to hers and began raising her tshirt, she let her tshirt go and then ran again.

This was making me crazy, I was chasing her like a horny animal. I got a hand on her bra strap, it was broken in a split second as it could not take the strain of her pulling away.

I was breathing heavy, ohh it I was so out of breath , the testosterone and athletics working together, then something struck my mind. She had been circling round rooms of the house, this time when I passed a door, I shut it from the outside, then again went after her,coming up behind her, I was pleased to see her with her back against the door and no where to go. “ aaah! , got ya I said” and pushed her against the door, pressed my body to hers , sucked her lips and neck wildly, my hands rough on her white bottom, undoing them and they were down in no time.

I pressed her shoulders with my hands against the door to make sure she does not go anywhere, as I sucked her tits, wild and hard, she moaned as I bit her nipples slightly, I suckled her small boobs between my lips as my hands slid her panties down, I was determined to have her as miserable for me as she had me for her. I went down, my hands strongly pinning her legs to the door, and I darted my toungue into her beautiful young pussy, she was wet, I could taste her juices, I went deeper and poked my toungue in and out, I could feel the increasing wetness and the loudening moans.

I pushed in harder, in and out went my toungue, I realized that I no longer needed to pin her to the door, so my hands went up caressing her breasts as I sucked upon her pussy wildly, she was moaning and getting wetter, finally I had got her juices flowing down my face and her thighs and her fingers were in my hair, caressing my head. I knew she was weak now and would not run away. I slowly picked her up in my arms and took her to the bedroom, where I lay her upon the bed.

I once again looked at her beauty admiring each and every part of her as I undid my shirt. At that moment my eyes met her, the glow in her eyes, the way she was looking at me, around all the heat in the room I somehow just stared at her eyes, leaving my shirt on ,doing nothing. Her weak voice broke the silence , “hey, what happened”, it was at that moment that I realized that I should probably tell her something.

Gathering all the courage I said : “priyanka, I know this is not the greatest time to say this, but I have never wanted to fuck you, I always wanted to make love with you, take care of you, love you for a lifetime. I love you priyanka, and I am not going to force you into this.” I could not believe myself! I had just proposed a girl who was lying naked on her bed and me standing half naked in front of her with my cock standing straight up. Could’nt get more natural than this, I told myself. I was nervous.

She said: “Why do you think I let you do this to me? I love you too sweetheart, and I am not at all saying this because I am sexually aroused, I love you, saying that she spread her arms, and said, “ come dear, lets make love”.

The happiest and the sexiest moment of my life came together. I wasted no time in getting my shirt off and layin my body upon her.

I held her face in my palm, kissed her forehead, kissed her eyes, kissed her nose, kissed her earlobes, kissed her cheeks, kissed her lips, kissed her chin, kissed her neck , and kept on going, there was nothing to stop our love.

Taking her soft and sweet skin of her shoulders into my mouth, suckin them gently, suckling her breast one by one within my mouth, making her moan in pleasure, as her arms wrapping tight around me told me that she was enjoying this. I moved down around her navel and let my toungue go round and round as she let out moans.

I kissed down her right leg, covering every inch of her leg with my kisses, and moved up her body kissin her left leg all the way from her lovely foot to the thigh. My penis was now aching coz of hardness and I could see her pussy dripping. I knew it was time, I gently spread her legs apart and positioned myself over her and gently I slid into her,ohhhhhhhhhh that was the most amazing feeling I ever had, so out of this world.

I was in, I locked my lips with hers, and started pumping gently at first and soon the strokes became wild and hard, our kiss broke, we both moaned, it was really hard to hold the orgasm after such foreplay and while doing it with so much love.

I asked her with a sigh “Inside Priyanka?”. Yesssss she said moaning away, and then one final hard stroke and I exploded, absolutely flowed inside her as she burst into her orgasm all over my cock. We screamed together and I lay over her.

We lay there naked together, for hours there after. I hugged her tightly as we talked and planned our future having little laughs for hours and hours.

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