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Eternal Passion

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The towel barely encircled the generous curves of her sumptuous body. The tucked towel end slowly began to slip loose from around her, but she grabbed tight and tucked in a larger section. It seemed secure now. She drew her fingers through her wet hair, the curls bouncing as she reached the tips. She bent forward, letting her hair fall loose toward the floor and quickly scrunched several sections of hair, attempting to force stronger curls into the golden locks. She pulled herself back upright with a bounce, flinging her hair back into place and then vigorously tossing her fingers through it, scrunching a little more. That’ll have to do.

She heard someone out in the kitchen. Leslie was visiting from Columbus to see Mel’s new residence. Mel had moved to California to take a big promotion her employer had offered her. It was a big step for her, but it was made easier when she discovered that the brother of one of her childhood friends lived out here and was looking for a roommate. She had moved in just a couple weeks ago, but it already seemed like home. Steve made it so much easier for her, helping with the move and giving her the master suite with its own bathroom. It was a large room and Mel was able to get both her bedroom suite and office furniture into the room. It was perfect for her.

Mel continued to toss her curls as she walked through her room. As she passed the mirror, she took another look at her hair and felt it needed more fluffing to strengthen the curls and make it fuller. As she opened the door to the hallway, she swung her head forward again, letting her hair drop toward the floor in front of her. As she walked down the hall toward the kitchen, her head still toward the floor, she tossed her fingers through her hair, attempting to promote more curling. When she reached the bar leading into the kitchen she vigorously flung her head back up, straightening her body with a jolt. Her damp, golden curls sailed through the air, sunlight from the large wall of sliding glass doors glistening brightly through the curls. She had thrown her body upright with such vigor that she was thrown off balance, being propelled forward. As she fell helplessly forward, she suddenly found herself being caught by strong, warm hands on her shoulders.

She came to an abrupt stop in front of a muscular, smooth chest dabbled with white grains of sand. She looked up into Steve’s surprised face peering down at her. A deep blush of pure embarrassment filled her body and she took a step backward, putting a little distance between them. Steve stood there only in his swim trunks, his golden California tan making the yellow trunks stand out in contrast. The breadth of his smooth, muscular physique displayed before Mel’s eyes. She felt herself becoming warm, a tingling sensation dancing through her body. Deep seeded emotions began to well in her gut as she let out a little gasp of surprise.

“Oh, shit… Hi… I thought you were Leslie.” She said meekly and with deep embarrassment. She was instantly aware that she was standing there in just a towel and her hand went immediately to the tucked end, which was beginning to loosen again.

“Uh, no, she left a little bit ago to go to the market.” He said awkwardly, gesturing toward the front door. He fidgeted nervously in front of her.

An awkward silence hung in the air, neither knowing what to say or how to act. Mel had secretly had a crush on Steve when she was a young girl and he still held a special place in her heart, being her first crush. She had always wondered what would have happened if they had been closer in age. Mel first met Steve when she was in middle school and he was already in college. During the breaks, she would occasionally see him at her best friend’s house, his sister. She had secretly dreamed of him and her together, but knew that would never happen. It had been years since they had last seen each other, but she would still think of him every once in a while. So, with this history, she had been concerned at first about moving in with him, but that was years ago and she was 26 now. Time had moved on and things were different. They both had their own lives. They were adults. No more crushes.

“That towel looks good on you.” Steve nervously said, breaking Mel from her thoughts. She blushed deeply and held tighter to her towel. “Uh, I mean, that color looks good on you.” He corrected himself, brushing his hand nervously across his upper lip, small beads of sweat forming on his unshaven face.

Mel looked down at the towel, now appearing embarrassingly small around her. She grabbed tighter to the towel to ensure it stayed in place and agreed nervously. “Yeah, blue’s my color.”

As she looked up, the grains of sand on Steve’s chest glistened in the sunlight. She instinctively reached out to wipe the sand away. “You have sand...” She began to say as her fingertips touched his smooth, warm skin. She felt the warmth emanating from his deeply tanned skin envelop her hand. Goosebumps began to form on the surface of his skin as she slowly slid her hand over its surface. Those deep emotions intensified within her, catching her breath.

She was drawn toward him, reaching out with her other hand to examine his entire chest, forgetting the precarious nature of the towel around her body. A surge of energy flowed through her body and her heart began to race wildly. She drew in a deep breath as her body touched his, her fingertips glancing over his firm nipples. He let out a deep moan as she fully cupped her hands over his pectoral muscles and sunk her face into his chest, her breath enveloping her face.

He lowered his head beside hers, their cheeks touching. He deeply inhaled the fresh scent of her newly washed hair. His heart began to race, his temperature rising. His warm breath billowed into her neck, his breaths coming deep and urgent. He let out another groan as she opened her mouth to taste his tantalizing skin, her tongue ever so lightly touching its surface.

He placed his arms around her, pulling her closer to his body. His hand slid to the back of her head as he sunk his mouth, wide with passion, into her neck, sucking ardently. Mel’s legs felt weak. She felt weak. She was having difficulty breathing. She felt herself give in to his deep embrace as he began to kiss her face. Their lips met and he breathed deeply into her open mouth. Time stood still. There was no sound beside the rapid beating of their two hearts and the deep pants of their urgent breathing. He sunk his mouth deeply into hers, she meeting his passion with equal fervor.

Suddenly Mel felt the coolness of the wooden door on her back. Without realizing it, Steve had been guiding her backwards down the hall toward her room. He was now pushing the door open and gracefully guiding her into her room without missing a single deep, passionate kiss. The back of Mel’s legs hit the edge of the bed. Steve swept her up and placed her effortlessly on the bed, still maintaining full contact with Mel’s wanting mouth. She let out a little squeal as he laid his body against hers and placed his leg between hers. She raised her knee and placed it over his leg, holding it tightly between her legs. He passionately kissed her mouth and face, running his hand over her face… her neck… her shoulders… Her body tingled from his touch. She felt her blood boiling inside her. She wanted him so badly. She rolled her body closer to his, squeezing his leg firmer between hers and thrusting her crotch into his thigh.

Steve ran his hand down her arm and to her waist where he squeezed her between his strong fingers. He moved his face down next to hers, pulling her lower body into his. His deep pants echoed in Mel’s ear, a groan escaping from deep within him. He moved his hand down to her bare thigh and over her knee, which he grasped and pulled closer to him. His open mouth attempted to devour her shoulder as his hand worked its way back up her body. As he reached the top of her thigh, he realized the towel had fallen open on her lower body, exposing her stomach. He let his hand explore more of her body. He momentarily stopped at the crux of her leg, his thumb touching pubic hair. He gently squeezed her leg before continuing to move up over her waist and onto her stomach. Mel’s body ached for him to take more of her and she moved toward his hand, inviting him to help himself. He continued his upward exploration of her body, sliding his hand below the towel and toward her breast until he felt his fingertips touch its ample fullness. He quickly cupped its fullness in his strong hand, pinching her firm nipple between his fingers. Her body immediately responded with lightning force, a guttural yelp gurgling from her lips, her body arching toward his hand.

The towel fell open as Steve moved his mouth down to suckle her pink, luscious nipple. As he sucked and kneaded her full breast, Mel pulled his face into her with deep wanting. She had never felt such all-encompassing desire before. It exploded throughout her body. All she could think about was him taking her fully… him deep inside her… the two of them entwined together. She arched wildly into him, as he took more and more of her breast into his mouth. He pushed the other half of the towel off her, fully exposing both breasts. His mouth shot to the other breast and he wildly kneaded both breasts vigorously in his hands, desperately attempting to grasp as much as he could.

Mel flung her leg over his buttocks and pulled him toward her. She could feel his hardened member beneath his trunks. It attempted to punch its way through the trunks but was being held back. It pushed against her pubic area, sending a deep sensation surging through her body. She pushed her hand under his trunks, grasping his buttocks fully in her hand and squeezed with all her might. She pulled him closer, his member pushing harder against her. She moved her hand under his trunks to grasp his full, hard member in her feverish hand. It felt so hard and alive. She moved her hand up the full shaft to its head and circled her thumb around it, tenderly kneading the hole between her fingers.

Steve let out a deep growl, his body trembling at her touch. His mouth was on hers, kissing her deeply. She continued to knead his member in her hand, moving to his testicles and kneading them with fervor. He opened his legs to her touch, desperately wanting more. His member, now free of his trunks, rubbed, wet and smooth, against her stomach. As she continued her investigation of his member, he pulled his trunks down off his buttocks. She helped him remove them completely and tossed them to the floor.

He fell back to the bed next to her and fervently kissed her full wanting mouth. Again, she rolled her body into his and threw her leg over his buttocks, pulling him into her. His member protruded between her legs, rubbing her vagina, its head touching her hot, wet opening. Oh, she wanted so much more! She screamed inside, More… More… take me! She feverishly kissed his mouth and face as her hands ran up and down his back and buttocks. He grabbed her buttocks and drew her deeper into him.

She gasped and couldn’t restrain herself anymore. “Please…” she desperately breathed into his ear.

He let out a deep, guttural breath and rolled her on her back. Rolling on top of her, he looked into her eyes and hovered momentarily above her. “Please…” she said with more urgency.

He slowly drove his pulsing member into her, keeping full eye contact with her, looking deep into her eyes. Her head arched back, eyes closed tight and her mouth opened wide as she felt it penetrate inside her. Her pelvis moved to greet him fully. He felt so good. Her knees flung wide and up, making room for him to enter her depths, inviting him into her. She moved her pelvis toward his slow, deep thrusts. She looked into his eyes as he thrust into her again, his gaze so urgent, so desperate, so enraptured.

She wanted more, deeper. She moved her pelvis with more urgency, squeezing him inside her with deep desire. His member hit the hot spot and a surge of ecstasy pulsed through her body. She let out a guttural growl and pushed her pelvis harder toward him. His member brushed the spot again sending her pulse skyrocketing. “Uhhh, there.” She wheezed through deep pants. He hit the target again with the next slow thrust sending her into a wild frenzy. She uncontrollably pushed her pelvis into him, forcing him deeper into her over and over again, rubbing his member over the sensitive spot. She felt herself get tighter and tighter as her body squeezed around his member. She grabbed his buttocks with all her might, holding him tight to her, locking him tightly between her knees. She thrust her pelvis into him as her body rolled with ecstasy at the wondrous sensations he was creating in her.

“There” she hissed through deep pants. “Yes… there…”

Her body writhed uncontrollably under him. The sensations and whirling emotions were stronger than she had ever felt before. They were engulfing her in a fireball and getting stronger with every thrust of her pelvis. He let out a long, deep guttural growl and began to pant deeper and deeper, holding his body still as she thrust herself under him. “I’m…. cum… cumming… there… yes…” she desperately muttered between gasps of air. “I’m…cu…” An overwhelming ecstasy swept over her body, every cell in her body exploding with ecstasy as the orgasm overtook her body and she began to climax. She held his pelvis tight to her as the climax waved through her body.

As the wave subsided she let out a long exhale, realizing she’d been holding her breath through her climax, and took a deep gulp of fresh air. Her body relaxed and she slowed to a slow, rhythmic movement. She opened her eyes and looked into Steve’s eyes. He was still peering deeply into her face, watching her react to her orgasm. His breaths were deep as he desperately attempted to maintain control, a stern, concentrated look on his face.

He resumed his slow, controlled thrusts into her. Her climax had heightened her internal senses and each thrust sent wondrous sensations throughout her body. She writhed under him, welcoming each thrust with a strong squeeze. She wanted more of him… deeper… She couldn’t control herself as she writhed below him, her hands scouring his body eagerly, her legs wrapped around him tightly. He felt so good. She thrust herself against him with deep passion.

“Please… stop…” he hissed through increasingly deeper pants.

She squealed in objection. He just felt too good. She couldn’t stop. She didn’t know how. She was so beyond the point of being able to stop.

His breathing increased in intensity and his thrusts came quicker as he began to lose his own control. He passionately kissed her mouth and his intensity grew as she continued to writhe beneath him, driving him closer to his own climax. He let out a loud, deep growl of frustration, quickly losing control. Soon he was unable to control himself, wildly thrusting into her, arching his back and striking her deepest insides. She squealed at his fervor. She lay still and tight beneath him, letting him thrust deep into her, squealing in delight with each thrust. He let out a very long, gurgling growl as he climaxed. He gave two final deep thrusts as the wave overtook his body, draining his last ounce of energy. As the climax diminished, a cool wave of exhaustion passed over him and he slowly sank his body down on top of her, breathing deeply, trying to catch his breath.

Mel continued to softly writhe below him as he lay heavily on top of her, completely drained of energy, having released everything he had into her. Between writhing and gentle pelvic thrusts, she would let out little squeals of frustration. She too was attempting to catch her breath and slow her deep pants. But, her urges for more of him were not diminishing. With him still inside her, her body continued to want to squeeze around him, wanting more of him. Uncontrollably, she gave a little squeal and a quick, tight squeeze of his drained member.

He jolted as she squeezed, the sensation surging painfully through his body. He weakly raised himself off her and gazed into her eyes. She looked up into his face with desperation at not being able to calm her passions down yet. He closed his eyes and slowly began to withdraw from her. She shuttered and let out a little gasp as he pulled free. He fell to the bed beside her, completely drained.

Mel continued to writhe beside him, her hands pushing against her skin, desperately attempting to calm the sensations rolling through her body. Her body was still teeming with sensations and emotions. She shuttered periodically as the sensations continued to bombard her, taking deep gulps of air to slow her heart rate down. She felt as if all these sensations and emotions were bottled up inside her, bouncing off the walls of her skin and she wasn’t able to release them. She gasped for more air as she slowly began to regain control.

She rolled to her side, wrapped her arms around his arm and kissed his shoulder. He rolled toward her, taking her into his arms. He passionately kissed her still eager mouth. He continued to kiss her face and down to her neck. As he kissed her neck, he whispered, “Thank you.” gently into her ear. “That was more than I ever imagined.” This touched her deep inside and stirred unfamiliar emotions into the already intense mix of emotions consuming her body. She was unsure if he meant he’d imagined this happening between them or if he meant it in general with anyone.

He continued passionately kissing her neck and shoulder with slow, gentle, mouth-wide licks of her warm skin. She caressed his strong arm and back, running her fingers up into his hair, pulling his head closer into her neck. His breathing began to increase again.

“I’ve wanted you for as long as I can remember.” He whispered into her neck as he took another deep suck of her neck.

This gentle whisper sent a shockwave of emotion through her body. It exploded more intensely than all that had come before it. She felt it welling to the surface.

He lifted his head and gazed deeply into her eyes, waiting for some type of response. He drew close to her face, their lips ever so lightly touching. He gently grazed her lips with his, searching desperately into the depths of her eyes. She caressed his lips with hers, feeling his warm breath on her face, flowing into her open mouth. Her eyes began to fill with tears.

“Since the first moment I set eyes on you.” She breathed back, deeply exhaling. He continued to peer deeply into her eyes, desperately trying to process her response. After a long, still moment, as he continued to peer deeply into her eyes, she realized he was unsure of her sincerity. She reached up and took his face into her hands and drew his mouth to hers. She engulfed his mouth with hers, desperately needing to taste his mouth, his tongue. A taste she had imagined for so many years. Sweet nectar of the gods flowed between their mouths as they kissed one another with increased passion.

He pulled slightly away from her and looked into her eyes again, a giant smile filling his face. He let out a loud laughter of joy and began to fervently kiss her all over her face, neck and chest. She giggled at this outburst of boyish glee.

Suddenly there came a release and she felt all the bottled up emotions come flowing out of her. At first, she began to slowly sob, as she attempted to maintain control. But, she could not control the flood and it quickly turned into a full cry as the emotions flowed freely from her.

This outburst of crying startled Steve and he peered, concerned into her eyes. She smiled through sobs and said, “Tears of joy…” He leaned into her and kissed her passionately.

They made love again. Slowly this time, both with a growing love of the other that would last for all eternity.

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